Top Ten Stories Of 2016

For whatever reason, the spanking stories that I write are one of the most popular features on this site, and I rarely get the chance to write anymore. I really should because every day the stories are read dozens of times. Maybe you have an idea for a story that will give me inspiration? Feel free to leave a comment if you do.

My blog has been running for ten years now, and every year the story of the first spanking that I ever gave was the most read story by a country mile. That changed this year though, and not only changed, but the story didn’t even hold onto 2nd place. I’m guessing by now that everyone has read it. So here are the top ten most read stories of 2016, based on how many times each story was clicked on.


Number of times read: 6968

Three girls are about to celebrate the birthday of one of them, but before they leave the house a girl hints that he father should spank her friend. He duly obliges, but it is the other friend who isn’t getting spanked that is turned on the most by this. How long will it be before she gets a spanking?

It’s amazing when you think about it that she dressed so modestly, because there was nothing modest about it when she was over his lap and her panty clad bottom was sticking in the air, knowing that her friends, neighbors and cousins were all being treated to a wonderful sight as they all laughed while she lay there red faced and praying for things to be over. It was never that simple though, he would do this little talk about how he had spoiled her and perhaps how he should have done this a long time ago, her face a deep scarlet with the knowledge that a bunch of eyes were probably transfixed on her upturned bottom as he talked. By the time he was done she was almost begging for the spanking to start, and oh boy did he spank when it finally did start. Read more…..


Number of times read:6621

This story details how ellee and I got to become friends after meeting at a party. There is a review of the first spanking that I gave to ellee and then a much more detailed account of an elaborate roleplay that the pair of us did. During this account ellee gets spanked, then gets the hairbrush and finally she is caned. There are 12 super hot pics in this story so be sure not to miss this one. Read More…


Number of times read: 4932

We all had to start somewhere, and my first experience took place in 1979. The spanking may not have been a classic, but it is very memorable and resonates with me to this day. My girlfriend was wearing white nylon panties that day and it is an image that has proved everlasting, even though I have probably spanked another 100 girls the same way, it never gets old and is a big trigger for me. Read more…..


Number of times read: 4799

Another real life spanking tale, this time done at a spanking party. The title is slightly misleading, however, it did take place in the middle of a room, albeit a room of spankos. Another first time spanking between friends. Read more….


Number of times read: 3734

Living with a summer camp director and his wife for the summer, Jane playfully teases when the director suggests a birthday spanking for her. It is a little more than she bargained for, but she didn’t mind, in fact the following morning she was getting a repeat performance. It was probably a long summer. Read more…..


Number of times read: 3601

I’m just a playful guy who loves to spank the bottoms of naughty little girls. Sometimes though, albeit very rarely, things take a darker side. In this story I spanked three girls back to back, and circumstances being what they were and the planets aligning correctly, each one of the three girls cried their way through the spankings. There was nothing really harsh, and I have rarely if ever spanked a girl to tears, but this was one Saturday where emotions were running high. ellee and I have a private recording of her spanking and she sobbed throughout the entire event. On playback, it is just about the hottest thing ever, especially as it rook place in a library room. Read more….


Number of times read: 3489

Coming of age birthday spankings are something that I very much enjoy writing about, a hint of playful innocence combined with an exploration of the spanking lifestyle. The formula to this story is the same as the others, but of course with a twist. A girl walks in on her mom and the neighbor having coffee, but being the brat that she is she makes all types of innuendos to embarrass the neighbor. When she makes a sassy comment about what he will give her for her birthday, he suggests a spanking. Unfortunately for Laura, her mom only encourages it. Once the spanking is over and the two adults are talking on the phone, it would appear that the neighbor just threatened to spank Laura’s mom as well. Read more….


Number of times read: 3349

A different type of story to those that I normally write. In this one a young man knows that the girl next door gets spanked. When they are alone he playfully agrees to let her spank him. It is during their game they are interrupted and now it is the woman next door gets to dish out the spankings. His curiosity is now more than satisfied as he leaves with a well spanked behind listening to the sound of the girl next door having a hairbrush applied liberally to her bottom. Read more….


Number of times read: 2766

Nothing but a sexy spanking here between two neighbors. Things get so hot that he carries her upstairs after where you get to let your imagine run wild. This story is very short, but hot. Read more….


Number of times read: 2226 

The weeks of contact had seemed like an eternity, each email or phone call just increasing the desire to be spanked, each one feeling like additional torture. She had even practiced placing pillows on a chair and laying over them like she was OTK, looking at his picture on her computer screen as she lifted her skirt, blushing as she imagined how it would feel for real. Then inserting her fingers into the waistband of her panties and drawing them all the way down to her knees. My God is this going to be embarrassing, she thought to herself, as she tried to clench her cheeks to protect her modesty. Emily laid there for ten minutes trying to imagine the scene unfolding, looking behind her to try and see what view he would have.


Part 2…..

Part 3…..



The Top Ten Of 2016

It’s that time of year again where I present to you the top ten posts of the year. The results of this are never manipulated, I don’t put what I want to put in the top ten, these results are taken directly from my analytics report. The popularity is determined by one factor and one factor alone, how many clicks a post received throughout the year. This is something that I have done for many years now and I have no issue with anyone  “Piggybacking” my idea.

Now there are a couple of posts that are always in the top ten as they are landing pages, so I discount them as they are years old and are pages that search engines choose as a landing page. Classic Mother And Daughter Spanking Pics is one such page. If you are a reader who likes to read from the most popular list in the sidebar, then that one is always at or near the top, even though it was posted in 2011.

So what were the most popular posts on this website in 2016? To save room I have reduced the photo size but if you want to see the full sized photos either click on the link to the relevant post or just click on the photo itself.

Number 1:

Every year there is always one post that has significantly more views than the post in second place, and this year is no exception. This generally occurs when more than one website/blog has credited me as a source of the material they are posting, and that in itself is a true reflection of the quality of the post in question. It doesn’t always happen, there are some of my findings that appear in multiple locations with nary a link back, and sometimes I’m like, darn it, that would be an awesome top ten post. Like I said though, I give you the honest results, not the made up ones.

Public Deb Number 1:

This was the top post of 2016, Brenda Joyce getting a spanking in the above named film. What is unique about this is that there has always been a famous spanking pic from this film, but what I managed to dig up was what I believe to have been an unseen photo to the spanking community. Read More….

Number 2:

Ironically, the second most popular post of 2016 was the top ten list of 2015, lol. So if you are keeping count then I guess that should be second, but as that post is about posts in 2015, I am going to skip it from the list.

Windsor Wednesday Classic  – 97:

Only the clarity of the photo is stopping this from being an all time classic, though it is still pretty good. Everything about it is a classic, the doubled over pose, bent over one knee, the leg in the air, the 1950’s, if only the photo was clearer. Never mind though, most everyone else agrees that this is a classic photo. Read More….

Number 3:

Wednesday Special  – Sara Fields

The photos were taken in 2013, but I didn’t share them on here until last year. I did so to promote Sara’s new spanking blog that coincided with the release of her first book. If I was to put a list together of my top ten favorite spanking pics that I have taken, this one would definitely be in there. There are more pics in the link. Read More….

Number 4:

Windsor Wednesday Classics  – 95

As you will probably get an indication as this is the third one in a row, my Wednesday spanking series is probably the most popular on the blog, aside from the stories. There isn’t much to this one, and I certainly wouldn’t have put it in the top ten myself, however, these are the results. This is a spanking pic from the 1969 version of the play, Little Acorns. Read More….

Number 5:

Book Covers:

This is where I probably cut my own throat a little bit. Posts like book covers hold very little interest to me, so I generally get to a point where I have a batch of them and I stick them all in one post for people who do like them to enjoy. As you can tell from its position, more people enjoy them than the effort I put in to post them. Anyway, click the link for a potpourri of spanking book covers. Read More….

Number 6:

The Wittiest:

This one is part of my collection of senior superlatives photos where two teenagers will strike a spanking pose in the 1950’s or 1960’s for the school yearbook. When I started out in this world of ours this is part of the vision that I had, what I term as  “The innocence of spanking”. While others talk of bare bottom blisterings until there is blood, I’m personally just as happy with a playful spanking. Read More….

Number 7:

Two Books And A Knick Knack:

See what I mean about cutting my own throat in regards to popular spanking items? Yet another top ten entry featuring spanking book covers, and I will be very surprised if these two posts that made the top ten weren’t the only two spanking book cover posts that I made in 2016. Read More….

Number 8:

Revisiting Juke Joint:

This is the only video entry in the list this year, and you are going to have to click the link to watch the video. It is a blaxplotation film from 1947 and it is a very unique one. A young lady gets a LONG spanking from her mom on the seat of her panties with a hairbrush!! Very unique indeed!! Read More….

Number 9:

Windsor’s Sunday Candids  – 48:

Possibly the worst idea in the spanking world, an electric spanking paddle!! I mean seriously guys, just take that paddle off it’s contraption and apply liberally to that young lady’s jean clad fanny. Better yet, flip her over your knee and spank her for Pete’s sake!! Read More….

Number 10:

Interview With Ophelia De Haviland  – Part 1:

Part of my audio interview series, this was the first section of three that I posted with an English spanker on one of her trips to the United States. Unfortunately this is yet another project that I have yet to finish as I still have about 5 more sections to edit and post. I’m so far behind on finishing what I need to finish. I’m going to get to them though, hopefully sooner rather than later, I just need to get my backside in gear. It really was an awesome interview so if you have time you can listen to it below. While only part 1 made the top 10, I will include parts 2 and 3 as well should you wish to listen to them.

Interview with Ophelia De Haviland:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Top Ten Classics And Stage Spankings 2015

This section is somewhat unique being that I believe these type of pics are what I am most known for. They are unique because despite their popularity in filling up other blogs and Tumblr sites, it is an extreme rarity that they are ever linked to directly. So virtually all of my Wednesday classics and Sunday stage spankings are based on raw hits. So while they are lower down on the hit list for the year, as they are my most popular series of pics I decided to put together the top ten for the year. In fact because they don’t get linked, these results are about as genuine as they come as these pics are viewed solely on the value of the content.

So until I look at the numbers, not even I know which ones were the most popular, so this will be as much fun for me as it will be for you.

Number 1:

Wednesday Classic 88

This one I held out on posting for the longest time, so to see it at number one means that it was enjoyed as much as I enjoyed it. A genuine birthday spanking from 1974. Read more….

terryville 74

Number 2:

Wednesday Classic 84

The spanking scene from the 1956 production of  ‘Child Wonder’ from my VARIOUS SCHOOL PLAYS folder. A classic OTK with the feet off the ground and an audience watching on. Read more….

Child Wonder Appleton ME 56

Number 3:

Sunday Candid 33

I feared for a moment that the top ten was going to be made entirely of Wednesday Classics. Here is the first Sunday entry, a 1972 stage production of  ‘We Dude It’, which is also from the WE DUDE IT folder. Read more….

wedudeit fairfax 72

Number 4:

Streetcar Sundays 42

The first entry from my collection of MEN ARE LIKE STREETCARS spanking pics. This entry is from 1953. Read more….

Swissvale pa 53

Number 5:

Sunday Candids 24

This post is worth clicking on because not only does it contain this SENIOR SUPERLATIVE, it also includes contains another dozen vintage pics that I had posted that particular week. Read more….

elizabethton TN 59

Number 6:

Sunday Candids 29

Here is the second entry in this list from the stage play WE DUDE IT. This time the Female/Female action is from 1962. Read more….

wedudeit oakley 62

Number 7:

Back To The Fifties

This was a Wednesday Classic, but it was a classic that wasn’t numbered. Due to the excellent rare find I made a special post for this vintage KISS ME KATE spanking find. It goes all the way back to 1954 and has to be one of the first Kiss Me Kate spanking depictions. Read more….

findlay oh 54

Number 8:

Sunday Candid 35

Well now I am officially surprised. The THIRD entry from the stage play WE DUDE IT to make this list. As I have another dozen or so of these that are unposted as of yet, I have a feeling that I will post the rest pretty soon. This one is from 1979. Read more….

wedudeit dewey 79

Number 9:

Wednesday Classic 78

This particular picture I am not finished with yet. While I discovered this version of the spanking pic, Harry sent me the complete collection of this entire photo play. So some time in 2016 I will post this in its entirety. Read more….

$_57 (1)

Number 10:

Sunday Candid 38

Rounding out the list we go back to 1955 we have a depiction of an OTK switching. Now that is something that is very rare indeed. Not the best pic in the world, but it is a reminder of how normal some things were in the 1950’s. This pic is from my SUNDAY CANDIDS collection. Read more….


There is still more to come this week. I will have the top ten stories, a reprisal of the spanking scene from the movie Juke Joint. This is a video that I have had on youtube for three years now and I actually own the film in my DVD collection. As I recently posted the new version of the lobby card spanking from the film, and as it is not posted anywhere else in the spanking world, why not give it a second running. The movie clip features a lot of off screen spanks, but most importantly it also includes a good number of hairbrush spanks to the seat of the spankee’s panties. It probably hasn’t been posted elsewhere yet as the clip has my website address on it. That will probably be posted tomorrow.

The Top Ten Of 2015

Let me preface this by stating that I don’t  “Stat whore”. By that I mean at only one time of the year do I look to see how many people came to the blog for the preceding year, and of course that is this week when I present the top ten of the year.

My goal has always been to present the positive aspects of our chosen lifestyle, it has been very rare that I have sounded off about anything. A couple of years ago I used to get pretty annoyed that all of my labor and time was being plagiarized, and that my efforts were being used to make other sites more popular, but I was finally able to get around that. The whole idea after all is to present to the world something really unique, and as my goal is for people to see it, why does it matter where they see it? There are of course ethics involved, but you can only control how you act.

I’ve always wanted our spanking lifestyle to be seen as a positive which is why I take great efforts to bring enjoyment to people. With the reach that this blog has and the amount of viewers it gets, I could of course use it for nefarious reasons, but that isn’t who I am as a person. That perhaps is the number one reason why I left Fetlife, it got to a point where the hatred and the nasty commentators became too much. I’m 52 years old, it is just something that I simply do not understand, how anyone can use the protection of the Internet to act like a fucking asshole. I just don’t get it, never have and probably never will. In my wildest dreams I couldn’t possibly imagine using this blog to publicly shame someone in the community. Just as well really, because I write stories and I could spin a yarn as good as anyone and I could make people world famous 🙂

A few years ago there was some guy who used Twitter to besmirch my character, even though we don’t know each other. Now I’m okay with that on a personal level, I have thick skin. Of course I didn’t see the purpose behind using the Internet to try and elevate ones self by putting someone else down, but whatever. Anyway, that same year I went to Shadowlane, saw the man in question as he walked across the room, so I stopped where I was which was in the line of his path. I waited the 30 seconds or so until he reached me and guess what, nothing, nada, zip, he had fuck all to say to me in person.

In a nutshell, I think that is why I took such a long break from the spanking community. Ever since I was young, spanking has been an enjoyable event, the happy place away from the stresses of daily life. It has always been about fun and the great people we meet. I’m not saying that I like everyone, and I have no doubt that the feelings are mutual in certain instances. The thing is though, we are a small community, but it is big enough for everyone to coexist and have a place in it.

What you have to do as a person is find your niche in the spanking world. Much like a blog, you find the area that is most suited to you and that is how you present yourself. Some of the biggest problems can normally be attributed to ego issues. Guys not wanting to feel inferior when it comes to their level of play, and likewise, girls wishing they could play like other girls.

So let me fill you in on a little secret.

In terms of spanking play, I’m not a hard player comparatively speaking. So why do I get to play with so many people? Well think about it. Girls know that when they play with me, I’m not looking to one up anyone. There is nobody that I have to, or need to impress, only the girl I am playing with. There are a lot of girls who crave a hard spanking, and this is the secret that I have for you. As much as they crave it, they don’t crave it every single time they play, they don’t crave it the first time that they play with someone new, they don’t crave it the very first night of a party, and let me repeat, when a girl is at a party, she doesn’t want every experience to be the old fashioned spanking from hell. Why do I get to play with so many girls? Because I give them a simple hand spanking, fun in nature and something that will give them a rosy glow.

There are girls who I play harder with, there are girls I have spanked to tears, and yes, there are girls who I have spanked very hard indeed. I learnt long ago though, that doesn’t have to be the goal every time I play, in fact far from it. Those times should be when the girl has a long established relationship with someone she knows and trusts. Just because a girl can take it, doesn’t mean she has to take it from you. That’s just friendly advice.

So much for the top ten of the year, eh? 🙂

Okay, before I get too carried away, let’s jump into the top ten posts of the year. The rule for this is simple, the top ten is decided by how many individual hits each post received in the past year. I do exclude what are known as  “Entry pages”, these are pages that Google designates as entry points on my blog. Other than the homepage I have two of these pages from years ago that always have triple the amount of other page views, simply because they are in Google’s list.

Because I had only one spanking experience in the past year, (well, prior to December anyway, I played more in December than I have in the last two years combined)  this years list is pretty devoid of personal experiences which normally top the list each year. Though the one spanking session that I wrote about this year does make the top ten. Surprisingly the list this year is heavily dominated by the rare newspaper articles that I have shared with you all. So here is the list of the Top Ten Posts Of 2015

Number 1:

An Older Woman Spanked

It wasn’t my favorite post of the year by any means, but this list isn’t about my favorites, it is about what people came here to see. Normally one post each year is so far ahead of number 2 on the list that it is in a league of its own. That wasn’t the case this year, the results were much closer but this one came out first. Read more….


Number 2:

Tell Me Whom To Kill

Second this year is one of those rare Ebay pics that I tend to find every so often. This one is a movie still from the film named above. Read more….

Tell Me Whom To Kill 65

Number 3:

Pageant Magazine 1953

This one was one of my favorite pics of the year, so I was very happy to see it make the list. One of those pics that was found due to my tenacity and flipping through books for hours upon hours. Read more….

paegant magazine 1953

Number 4:

Spankings For Wives

Yet another newspaper clipping, are you starting to see a trend here? This one goes back to 1948. Read more….


Number 5:

The Real Beverly Hillbillies

Coming in at number 5 is another of the Ebay entries from the past year. Though I don’t have the details, such as who is getting strapped and why, it does have all the makings of a birthday spanking. What do you think? Read more….


Number 6:

Pretty Dancer Spanked

Yet another newspaper cutting from years ago, 1925 in fact. This is one of my more in depth posts so I would recommend clicking the link to read the whole story and to see all of the pics accompanying this story. Read more….


Number 7:

A Different Time

On a personal note, this was my favorite find of the year. In fact it was only posted in November, so there is a pretty good chance that had it have been posted earlier in the year, it might well have been the most viewed post on the site for the year. As it is though, it at least makes the top ten so that we can get a second showing of it. Read more….


Number 8:

Hanging With Pixie

So my only real life tale from 2015 made it into the top ten, which I am thankful for because it is a one of a kind pic, a spanking with the Empire State Building in the background. I will be surprised if another one exists anywhere. This is another post where you should click the link as this is a story of the day that Pixie and myself spent in New York City. Pixie is just about the very best that the spanking world has ever produced, as any of you who have EVER had the fortune to meet her will know, even sweeter and warmer than her on screen persona. She is definitely one of the nicest people I have ever met and I am so fortunate to have her as a friend. Read more….


Number 9:

Are You There

Once again, another picture of what I believe I am most famous for, the ultra rare, never before seen spanking pics. This time it is an old movie still which to my knowledge was a new entry to the screen spankings category. Read more….

Are You There OGLA BACLANOVA Spanked

Number 10:

A Collection Of Movie Spankings

Only posted two weeks ago, but already seen by nearly 3000 people  (not including those who enter through the main page)  in that short time. This is another post that you should click the link on as there are 7 spanking pics in total that are included in this post. Once again, all rare copies of which many will be new to you. By the time this one is done it will have over 5000 individual hits, so there is a potential that this post might make the tail end of the 2016 top ten as well. We will see how it goes. Read more….


So there you have it guys, one more year in the books of bringing you the rarest spanking pics that I can find. As I enter my tenth year of blogging be sure to hang around. I already have enough rare pics to post for years to come, and I always find more than I can post every year as it is anyway. Plus, I am back in the spanking fold having attended the SSNY Christmas party and a private party on New Years Eve. In a few weeks I will be going back to Las Vegas where I hope that I can grab a couple of spanking pics to share with you all from the 50 freaks weekend. Then of course we have the BBW weekend in April and there is also a certain friend of mine who has an appointment with the hairbrush outside of the parties, and I think that you all know who she is 😉

Thank you for all of your support this past year as with years previous, a happy new year to you all and I look forward to sharing my collection with you again in 2016.


The Best Of 2014

It is that annual time of year again where I present to you the top ten posts on this site from the last 12 months. These results are based on one simple criteria, how many page views each particular post gets in the last year. None of these are a personal choice as I am sure my favorites didn’t even make the top ten. There is no inflation of stats either, these are the posts that made the top ten as they are.

I certainly hope that you have enjoyed the last 12 months and the entirety of fresh spanking pics that I bring to you. It is something that I have mentioned before, this is a hobby of mine and I take great delight bringing you new material through the many hours of my searches. There is some cost involved, which at this point runs around $100 a year, but occasionally I do get a little recognition for my efforts which makes it worth it, and I know from the feedback that I do have a handful of readers who are always courteous enough to let me know that they appreciate my work. I’ve never been one to beg for comments, people are free to do what they please, but as Chross mentioned in his Love Our Lurkers post, there are times when one finds something amazingly good and it receives not a single comment, which as he stated can be quite frustrating and disappointing at times. We could all do with a little recognition for our efforts from time to time.

That said though, I will persevere with my efforts to bring you unique and rare material every week. Mine isn’t the biggest blog out there, not by a long shot, but if the numbers are anything to go by then I think that this blog has a place in the spanking community. It is now eight years old and I think that I have enough material to keep going for another eight years. Just keep in mind that no matter what I post, I generally find more pics each week than I actually post, so I have quite the archive of pics yet to be seen.

So on to the top ten posts of 2014. If you are only a semi regular reader then you might find something new here, and if something is new to you then there will be a link contained within each post where you will be able to find my archive of pics for that particular category. So here we go…


The most viewed post on this site this year was, and it kind of sucks because unfortunately Youtube pulled the video, but the most viewed post was this one, my finding of a spanking scene in the movie INTA HABIBI. Now while it is no longer on my site, Chross took the video and added it to his database so you can go and VIEW IT HERE (just search down the list) if you want to watch it. It is a good one so it is worth watching. Obviously you can also watch a whole bunch of movies on that link, a portion of which I have either contributed or supplied the movie stills for. This particular post was number 1 by a long shot! Every year there always seems to be one post that blows everything else away.


This was the most viewed picture on this site in the last year, though only just. This post had only 48 more views than the 3rd most viewed post on this site in the last year, 5,324 to 5,278. You can read the WHOLE POST HERE, but I have a little treat for you, I found a copy of the pic of Anne Shirley being spanked by James Craig on the set of The Devil And Daniel Webster without the horrible watermark at the bottom, which I present to you now. So while you can view the original post, this copy of the pic is bigger and doesn’t have a watermark on it. Just click the pic for the full sized version.

$_57 (14)


This was a most pleasant surprise this year and I was delighted that it became the third most viewed post on this site for 2014. In 2012 I wrote THE CHI OMEGA STORY which became the third most viewed post of 2012. If there was ever a post on this site that I devoted the most work to it was that post in 2012, and I was thrilled that it was enjoyed by as many people as it was. That particular story was the one that was sent to me by Mr. P and pretty much started my journey in collecting SORORITY SPANKING PICS for your enjoyment. So you all have Mr. P to thank for steering my in this direction. Well anyway, earlier this year I managed to find a copy of the original magazine from 1941 that featured The Chi Omega Story, and I purchased it so that I was able to scan the best quality I could of the famous spanking pic that is shown below. Just one of my purchased gifts for you. I no longer have the magazine anymore though!! Thanks to Mr. P’s kindness in sending me a photocopy of the paddling pic, I thought why not return the kindness. So I packaged the 1941 magazine up in an envelope and sent it off to Mr. P so that he could have it for his personal collection. If you want to read about the magazine along with pictures you can do so RIGHT HERE…

20140727_083732 a


There is much debate about this picture online, which I believe is why it is the 4th most viewed post on this site for the year. When I found it in a yearbook it does say that the paddling is taking place, but you don’t always have to believe what you read. Just because something is presented as being real doesn’t make it so. However, I just reported what was said and there is a lot of discussion as to whether or not it is a real paddling. I created a new folder for all of my PADDLING PICS, but if you want to read about this post alone, you can do so RIGHT HERE…

Roc 66


My WEDNESDAY CLASSICS POSTS are a very popular feature and they are represented throughout the top ten this year, and this entry from DAMSELS IN DISTRESS was a very worthy entry in the top ten. This is one of those plays where there are only a few spanking pics available to view. So far I have posted 5 of them, but with the discovery of two new ones this week I still have three left to post. To read all of this entry you can click RIGHT HERE…



If I am really honest, this pic from my STAGE SPANKINGS collection would never have made my own personal top ten of the year, but, like I said, I don’t manipulate or inflate numbers on this website, this was the 6th most viewed pic so number 6 it is. This was a promo pic for The Girl From U.N.C.L.E and features Stefanie Powers getting a spanking, and I’m sure that you have heard of her getting a spanking in a more famous movie, eh? To read the whole post go RIGHT HERE…



Yet another of my WEDNESDAY CLASSICS comes in at number 7, and this is a much better spanking pic (click on the pic for the full sized version). One of my better finds that is now circulating around spanking blogs and Tumblr sites. There is no doubt whatsoever that this is a genuine spanking, and I dare say quite a painful one at that. To read the whole post CLICK HERE…

Minot 1964


Finally, A BIRTHDAY SPANKING!! On a personal note, this was one of my favorite pics of the year. Of course it can be a whole lot better, but the angle is my favorite and there is a lot to like about it. Lying over a table while being held down by three people, and the spanker wielding a yardstick. It even appears that she might be pleading for him not to spank her too hard…. silly girl 🙂 You can read the whole post RIGHT HERE…



Here is a delightful entry that just makes the top ten, a classic SCREEN SPANKING featuring John McIntire spanking Deborah Walley in Wagon Train –  The Nancy Styles Story. Without a doubt a classic spanking picture and due to my post, Chross set out to find the actual clip containing the spanking which you can watch here. To read about the find simply CLICK HERE…

John McIntire spanks Deborah Walley Wagon Train Nancy Styles Storya


Now am I cheating with the last entry into the top ten most viewed posts of 2014? What actually came in tenth was my real life story of THE FIRST SPANKING I EVER GAVE. The thing is though, I posted that story in 2006, lol. Yes, even today, eight years later, the story is constantly read (3,254 times in 2014) as it has been for eight years. As it wasn’t posted in 2014 though, I will stick to the tenth most popular post of 2014, and it just so happens to be one of the best. From the school play ACT YOUR AGE, this pic just snuck into the top ten of the year. To read the whole post CLICK HERE…


So there you have it, yet another year in the books and yet another collection of the most viewed posts on this site for the previous calender year, I hope that you like them. For my previous top ten lists you can click the links below to view each one, starting in 2011.





The Top Ten Of 2013

First of all I would like to wish you all a happy New Year, no matter where you are in the world I hope that the upcoming year is a fruitful and joyous one for you. I’m not one for resolutions, I just hope to better myself as a person in the next year. 2013 saw a lot of changes, I attended more parties than I have ever done before in a calender year and I found happiness. The happiness came at a cost, but I don’t regret any of it.

I’m a bit of a strange cat in this department, but there are things that hold great importance to me. This year I was able to see them both positively and negatively, and that is why I am content with myself and I’m at peace as well.

Now before I get on to my top ten posts of 2013 I want to point something out to you. On this blog practically everything that I post is original material. When I say original what I mean is that almost everything that I post is unique to the spanking world save for a very few select collectors. That is my mission, if a spanking site has posted something before me then I don’t consider it to be unique. My goal is to bring new items to you with every post.

As you all know by now, my collection of material is vast and I have enough unique material to post for at least another couple of years, and of course I discover new material all the time. Over time you will find the material that I bring to the community posted on various other spanking sites, forums and picture sharing groups, but the chances are you will never be told where it comes from. If you wish to never miss any of the unique finds that I share then the answer is simple, just sign up below to receive my postings in your email box every time that I post something new. Over a hundred people already do this. Now you don’t have to worry that you are signing up to a mailing list, you are not. The ONLY email that you will get is when I make a post to this site, and instead of missing the post and perhaps finding one of my pictures 6 months from now on another site, you will get it delivered to your email the same day that I post. The email group has never been used for anything other than receiving my posts in your email. Poke around my site to see the type of material that I post and decide for yourself, you will see that you probably don’t want to miss any of my updates. The 2013 top ten is below the email sign up.

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And now, here are the top ten posts on this website for 2013 based solely on the number of hits each post received. You can click either the title or the ‘read more’link to read each post in full. As you will see, many of the posts will have more than one picture in them.


This was part 4 of my continuing story from my trip to Las Vegas in February of last year. In fact you will see that this particular weekend accounts for three entries into the 2013 top ten, that’s not only a testament to how good the weekend was, but also how popular the stories were from that weekend.

In this particular episode I tell the tale of caning ellee, spanking and caning Missy, spanking LostKitten and Sara Fields, caning Missy again and finishing off by caning ellee once more. There are a total of seven pics attached to the story featuring ellee, LostKitten and Sara Fields.

This post was the number 1 post by a long shot with seven thousand views alone. By comparison, the second highest view count for a post was 5,500 views. Obviously more than seven thousand people saw it as most people read it through the homepage, but seven thousand people clicked on the story itself. If you want to read the full story and see all of the pics of the girls getting spanked then just follow this link. READ MORE…..



It is kind of ironic really that this post was the number two read post of the year, and I’m thinking it is because it showed up on Blogger sites in the sidebar as a free video. The reason that it is ironic was because despite the large number of readers, only a few dozen people requested to get a free digital download of the movie. As the post made not only the top ten, but was actually the number two post of the year, I will make the video available once again for another week or so if anyone wants it. Just read the post to see how you can get it. READ MORE…..



Being a bit of a wrestling fan I stumbled across this clip while watching clips of some old USWA Texas wrestling shows. In this clip you get to see Miss Texas bent over a table and Laura Davenport gives her 15 licks with the belt over her tights and panties. READ MORE…..


This is the start of four in a row from the Wednesday classic series. It is probably the most popular feature on this website and every Wednesday my hits spike from people coming to see the Wednesday Classic for each week. It is hard to measure fully because my Sunday Men Are Like Streetcars pic of the week could be just as popular, but for whatever reason nobody ever links into the Sunday posts, therefore it doesn’t build as much of a casual audience for people to come back to each week. I’m sure it would be as popular but that’s what it is. maybe in the future it will catch up. Anyway, this was the 44th entry into the Wednesday Classics series and is from a Taming Of The Shrew rehearsal, at least I think that they were rehearsing 😉



Part of the appeal of my Wednesday classics series are the VARIOUS SCHOOL PLAYS that I have collected over the years that have a spanking in them. So far I only have 8 different plays listed in this folder, but I have dozens more to share for this feature in the upcoming year. Of course I also use the Wednesday post for the plays that have many spanking pics from them such as “Act Your Age”and “Mind Of Her Own“. In this particular Wednesday classic it featured a pic from the 1945 play “All American Family”as contributed to this site by Will@Gotham56 and a pic from the 1959 production of “Spring Journey”. READ MORE…..



Part of the fun of posting the Wednesday Classics, and perhaps the reason why the post is so popular each week, is that the spankings aren’t just devoted to School Plays. I have a vast collection of all sorts of spanking pics from different scenarios. In this particular one we have a girl being paddled for fun at a kangaroo court. These pics were moved to the new folder “WINDSOR’S SUNDAY CANDIDS”and the folder iks well worth checking out. READ MORE…..

Charles M Russell High School 1966


A complete run of four straight Wednesday classics in the top ten, and this one is a beauty. From the “VARIOUS SCHOOL PLAYS”folder, we have a very sultry looking young lady being spanked in “How To Handle A Woman”. READ MORE…..

new trier 62


We head back to Las Vegas for the 50 freaks party for the 8th most popular post of 2013. This was a day after I arrived and it is where the spanking started in earnest. There is a full recounting of my exploits that night and all of the girls who I spanked, plus six pictures of me spanking 3 adorable girls, Alex ReynoldsErica Scott and Ten. READ MORE…..

photo 4


And once more we go back to the Wednesday Classic series for yet another pic from the “VARIOUS SCHOOL PLAYS”folder. This time it is a spanking pic from the play “Susie And The F.B.I”. This pic actually started the various school plays folder and continues to hold the position as the first pic in that folder. There is another pic from this play in the folder linked above so check it out. READ MORE…..

susie and the fbi huntingdon 64


Rounding out the top ten posts of 2013 we go back to the Vegas party for the third time, what an amazing party this was. This time you can get to read part 2 of the party experience where for the very first time I spanked ellee for real. Her comments to me kept building and despite numerous warnings, she continued to express her opinion. So in this post you can get to witness me expressing my opinion on her bottom. There was no play to this spanking, and that was a first for ellee and I, in this spanking I turned her over my knee and gave her a sound spanking with my hand until I was satisfied. Once this was done it was Alex’ turn for a spanking, and while she hadn’t actually done anything to earn it, a spanking she did indeed get. If you want to see all seven pics featured in this story just click the links to do so, it includes one of my absolute favorites of ellee where, upon seeing the displeasure in my face, she dove under the table to hide with her butt sticking up in the air. I guess if she couldn’t see us she probably thought that we couldn’t see her. It is one of my favorite pics 🙂 READ MORE…..


So there you have it, the top ten posts made on this site in 2013 based on the number of hits each post had. Remember, if you don’t want to miss anything that I post, and I post nearly all unique material to the spanking world, simply enter your email address above. Have a great 2014 everyone and I look forward to another amazing year.

Richard Windsor

Top Ten Posts Of 2012

Today I had planned to post the story of Ellee and her Uncle Richard, but I don’t like how the story has turned out so far so I need to do a bit of a rewrite. It will come later on in the week though, probably Thursday or Friday.

One thing that I do each year is the top ten posts of the past year. Now these results are based on one thing only, number of pageviews that each post got for the year, in other words the ten most popular posts of 2012.

1: Vintage Spanking Photos

This post features four vintage spanking photos and a newspaper article. One of the pics I won on Ebay and I now own, and another (the one shown here) I was outbid on. Read full story.


2: Spanking On The Lawn

While the title of this post was for the first picture of an outdoor spanking, I think this post was popular for the newspaper clippings that it features. Read more here.


3: The Chi Omega Story

I really wanted this one to be the top post of 2012, because to be really honest with you it was the one post that I spent the most work on this year. Still, in only 6 weeks of blog time it managed to become the third most viewed page and had it have been posted a month earlier I have no doubt it would have been the most viewed. This post has not only the famous spanking pic shown here, but every other pic from that magazine article along with yearbook photos of the girls involved. Read full story.


4: On Stage in Finland

I don’t really need to post an extra link to this page as this picture was the only thing seen on it. There is a brief back story about how I found the pic but because of how unique it was at the time I found it, the picture itself was what made it popular.


5: Clean Up Hitter

Surprisingly this post is just a collection of 5 random pics, though 2 of them were new finds. It does feature me spanking Kat St. James though 🙂 Read more.


6: Sorority Pledge Paddles Sorority Mom

This was shortly before I started Sorority Spanking Sunday’s, and perhaps one of the reasons that I started the feature. Two girls playing with paddles, who wouldn’t be interested? Read more.


7: Look Magazine

There was some dispute over the origin of this pic, so I went out and purchased the original 1963 magazine and scanned the photo from it. 1963 was the year I was born by the way, yes, I will be 50 this year 🙂


8: Wednesday Classic 2

One of the early Wednesday classic posts featuring a school production of That Glorified Brat.

phoenix hs 1954

9: Sorority Spanking Sunday’s 4

This wasn’t just popular because of the sorority pic, but I also had one of Judy Garland giving a swat to Liza Minnelli. Read more.

Judy Garland spanking Liza

10: Wednesday Classic 12

And to round out the top ten most popular pics of 2012, how about one of Little Bo Peep getting a spanking in 1954.


The Top Pics Of 2011

As I wait for the Superbowl I decided to collect some more top tens of 2011,I was trying to decide which one to share but let’s face it,everyone loves spanking pics 🙂 So here are the top ten most viewed pics of 2011. What did surprise me is that all of them were from my personal spanking photos,I guess you,the viewers,prefer my actual pics to random ones. Maybe later in the week I will do the top ten pics for each year of this blog.

Number 1:

This is only a screencap from my movie,Ten –The Sassy P.A,but it was a pic everyone loved. (click the link for ten more pics from the film) This was the most clicked on spanking pic in 2011.

Number 2:

When I was at Shadowlane I post all of my spanking pics in blocks,which I think had something to do with the results. This pic was taken in 2010 with the lovely Sarah Rocks.

Number 3:

Also features a pic from the same set,CLICK THIS LINK for the entire set of spanking pics with Sarah Rocks.

Number 4:

We are going way back into the archives for this one and I imagine that this pic will be in the top ten for previous years as well. Seriously,that has to be just about the most perfect bottom to spank,isn’t it? It is of course none other than Pixie who is about to get the strap.

Number 5:

It is Pixie once again,this time from a promo video that we shot for Boardwalk Badness Weekend. I am such a lucky guy,aren’t I?

Number 6:

From my best selling video,Amber Grey –Schoolgirl Blues,here we have a still of me applying the hairbrush to Amber Grey. Click the link for more pics from the movie.

Number 7:

It seems pretty clear that people loved the set of pics that I took with Sarah Rocks. In this one she gets to keep her panties up.

Number 8:

The third one from one of my movies,and it is yet another screencap. The one is from Sarah –The Bratty Niece and once again,click the link for more pics from the movie. This really is a great angle,thanks to Dr. Lecter for that.

Number 9:

One of the really older pics that keeps resurfacing. Can you believe that this was the very first spanking that I ever gave to Amber Grey? Yes,this was long before I lost all of the weight as you can see.

Number 10:

Rounding out the top ten,and I was delighted this one made it in as it is one of my personal favorites. This pic was taken at a private party with my very dear friend,Munchkin.

Be sure to click the tabs below to see more of your favorite girls. Now before I close,at Boardwalk Badness this year,Dana Specht and I are going to do yet another interview. The theme this time is going to be “Dana Specht –Bedtime Stories”. We are both going to be in our pajamas,sipping wine,and listening to Dana talk about some of her favorite stories. Now it is early,but closer to the date I am going to post this again,but if you want to get in early you can fill it out now. It is bedtime spankings related,so what would you like to ask Dana?


Tagged That Ass

My little project is finished,all 754 posts have now been tagged,but what does it mean to you? If you look to the right ——->you will see a whole bunch of tags,some larger and some smaller. What is means is the bigger the tag,the more posts there are on that subject. People have been using them already as I am about to show you. Basically if you have a favorite subject,let’s say “OTK”,you click the tag ‘OTK’ and every post that features otk spanking will be displayed while cutting the others out. Give it a shot,either click a tag to the right or select one from the following list. These are the ten most clicked on tags in the last 12 days,and the results were pretty suprising to me,they also help me to know what it is that people like to see.





5) OTK


7) F/F 


9) M/F


The Top Ten Of 2011

First of all,I am proud to bring to you what I believe is a brand new spanking pic that I found on eBay last night. We have all seen the original spanking pic of Fanny Brice and Hanley Stafford,but have any of you seen this version of Baby Snooks’papa using the hairbrush on her bottom? Up until yesterday this was a brand new spanking pic to me. You’re welcome 🙂

Now the Internet is full of affiliate driven top lists and award shows,but you won’t get that with my top ten list. I’m not trying to get anyone to buy anything,my list is based on cold hard stats. Now my tags and pages get the most hits,but this list is made up solely of the top ten most popular posts that were made on this site in 2011. Using google analytics I was able to see which individual posts were viewed the most,and here I present to you the individual posts that had the most viewers in 2011. You can click on the name of each entry to go directly to that post,or click the line “Read more”at the bottom of each entry to go and see for yourself what people viewed on this site in 2011. If one of the entries was a video I will post the actual video as opposed to the link. So here you go,the most viewed posts on this site in 2011 are………

1) Media Clippings

This one surprised me really,all it is,is five media clippings taken from either Life magazine or the Weekly World News. But with almost 10,000 hits it comes in as my most viewed single page of 2011. My guess is that it was the first two clippings from Life magazine that have drawn people to this post.


2) Ella Gets Pulled Over

The first video on the list and it isn’t mine 😉 Here we see Christopher taking Ella over his knee and delivering a proper,no nonsense bare bottom spanking. If you like what you see in this video then please click the following link to visit Christopher and Ella’s video page. A really great video for sure!!

3) Naughty Freckles Meets The Holy Belt 

Coming in as the third most viewed page on this site this year IS one of my own videos. At number three is the memorable belting that I gave to my darling little niece,Naughty Freckles this year in Chicago. I will be honest,I have watched this one countless times myself 😉

4) Janus Worldwide 

A member of the Janus team has been a person who I have kept in touch with over the years. This year has seen the launch of the Janus Online website,something that was sorely needed and is something that I am very much looking forward to. My friend,RT,sent me three pics from my favorite Februs series that were never published in the magazine,so they were seen on this site as an exclusive. If you know Houndog by now,these pics HAD to include a girl getting a spanking on her white nylon panties. This series strongly evoked memories of the first spanking I ever gave.


5) Erica Scott –Late Bloomer

Another video,this time it is the promo video that Erica Scott and myself did at Shadowlane this year as a promotion for Erica’s book. In this video you get to see me spank Erica playfully in a scene that I created,and Erica gets to talk about her book as I nap 🙂 Also included in this post was my Cheeky Babysitter video and if you want to see that one then go directly to the post. Read more…..

6) Eleven For Eleven 

This was my first post of 2011,and was aptly named Eleven for Eleven. The premise for this post was simple,a potpourri of 11 various spanking pics. In my usual style I tried to mix them up and there is no theme,they are all different types of spanking pics.


7) The First Spanking 

By far my most popular real life story. This story was re-ran just last month,and despite only being on the site for 45 days it STILL made the top ten list of most viewed items on this site for 2011. It could be that it is so popular because I sprinkled in some pics from my films to enhance the spanking of my girlfriend on the seat of her panties,so even if you have read the story you might not have seen the pics 🙂


8) Six Of The Best

More spanking pics that made the list,and I can understand why this one is in the top ten. The first pic in this six pack of pics was yet another Windsor exclusive,the ORIGINAL Chase an Sanborne pic posed by two college students for ad executives to use for the real one. If for nothing else,follow the link to see that one pic.


9) Latest Ebay Finds 2

It would appear that my readers love looking at my pics,eh? In this set of eight pics you will find some very unique ones that were posted on this site for the first time. All of these pics were found on ebay and feature,amongst other pics,a dad taking his belt to either his wife or daughter in the kitchen,a really great pic.


10) Spanking On ‘The Talk’

And finally,the tenth most viewed post on this site for 2011 is a mainstream clip from the TV show ‘The Talk’. In this clip you get to see Holly Robinson Peete spank Leah Remini. Unfortunately the video was removed from youtube so there is no point following the link,it was however the tenth most viewed post until the video was yanked. That’s it for 2011 guys,I will be back on Sunday,be safe and have a great time.

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