Public Deb Number 1

I’m at a spanking party right now so this has to be really quick. We have all seen the public spanking pic of Brenda Joyce in Public Deb Number 1 which is the second pic here,  but I also have an alternate take of that spanking in the first pic which I don’t believe has been posted anywhere before.

Also,  I am doing my 7th annual spanking interview with Dana Specht but we don’t have much of a structure yet,  so if you have any thoughts or ideas for our interview on Sunday you can check THIS POST out,  or fill out one of the two surveys below,  leave your thoughts and get access to 100 vintage F/M pics that have never been seen before. DANA SPECHT SPANKS or THE WOMAN NEXT DOOR.




5 thoughts on “Public Deb Number 1

  1. yes I don’t believe I have seen this picture anywhere before and it is great. Although I did have to wonder about all the press at a restaurant that was not really an A-list establishment and how a waiter with his views would have taken the job there anyway, but then there would not have been a story and a spanking so I have to go with the flow as it is one of my 1st spanking scenes that I saw and what started me on my journey to look for spankings in movies. Great find and thanks for sharing it. Have a great day.

  2. – I bought some movie dvd’s last year from a site called “loving the classics” and got a copy of PDno1 – quality is pretty good (couldnt be worse than the online clip) – the “aftermath” of the scene we see is that the “waiter” ends up in jail, but the “heiress” decides(for reason of bad publicity/whaddever) to drop the charges- when asked the reason she grins ruefully and says “well i guess that spanking must have opened my eyes” to much hilarity in the room.

  3. part 2 – re the PD no1 DVD copy-Ive checked the site & there are 4 copies left – $14.99 – I had to wait about 3 weeks for delivery to the UK
    btw it seems that the system allows these dvds to be played only – there is no option I can see to download/burn whatever – otherwise I would have tried to share scenes to this site etc – Im no techgeek – do you/anyone know if this can be overruled ?

  4. part 3 -PD no1 – I think reason this film hasnt appeared over the years on TV is that the plot later has the waiter collude with a barman to slip a drug in the heiress drink & he then abducts her while passed out & takes her to an abandoned hotel..yep..and once there…he then chains her by her leg to an iron bedstead so she can’t escape while he goes off to right some wrong…still she forgives him by the end..just the sort of wholesome storyline which would go down well today – I can see Richard Curtis writing it into one of his romcoms…

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