A Genuine Birthday Spanking?

Occasionally I will find one of those pictures that just grabs me and it immediately goes into my file of Grade A spankings. The picture itself is dynamite, but what makes it even better is that it looks like it is a genuine event that is taking place. The picture is currently up on Ebay and it is at $25 on the first day, so I am probably going to be priced out of it. Here is the thing though, the image is mislabeled as Louis Hayward spanking Nancy Gates from the movie set of “Search for Bridey Murphy”.

That didn’t wash with me and I ended up having to watch most of the movie in order to find the correct details of this image. The character of Bridey Murphy only appears as a flashback, and the person who played the older Bridey was the actress Eilene Janssen. Now here is where it gets tricky. On IMDB it says that Eilene Janssen plays Bridey Murphy at 15, but it also says her soon to be film husband was 17. He was actually 19 in the film which would make Bridey 17.

Are you with me so far? In 1956, the actress who was playing Bridey Murphy turned 18. Now as you can see on the table, the strategically placed birthday cake says that “Bridey turns 18”, but here is the question, just who is getting spanked? Is it the character of Bridey who is getting her panties warmed on her 18th birthday, or is it Eilene Janssen who is playing Bridey who is getting her own birthday spanking on the set of the film? My money is on it being Eilene Janssen’s birthday and it is indeed her getting the time honored birthday spanking.

I just love the fact that her dress has been pulled up for the spanking, though I can’t work out if she is wearing a slip with panties underneath, or if she is wearing bloomers? Even though it might look like bloomers, in the film there doesn’t seem to be any call for them, so I would take a guess that it is a slip that she is wearing. By the way that she is holding onto the chair legs though, I wouldn’t be surprised if Ms. Janssen had adopted that position previously đŸ˜‰ What are your thoughts on my summarization.

You will probably agree with me though, that this is one of the best spanking finds that I have made. Isn’t this an awesome photo? There is no spanking in the film, not for the older Bridey anyway, the younger one gets a few swats, but below the spanking image I have included the older Bridey getting her hand smacked in the film, and also an image of Eilene Jansson as Bridey in what I believe to be the identical dress to the one that she is getting spanked in.

This will take pride of place in my WINDSOR’S BIRTHDAY SPANKINGS album.

7 thoughts on “A Genuine Birthday Spanking?

  1. It’s funny, Richard, but I remember the case of Bridey Murphy – the real one, which was quite famous during the 50s but is today pretty much forgotten – and didn’t even know they had made a movie about it, much less that the leading actress got a spanking! I ran into it in a book on psychology many years ago. It involved a woman who, during psychological therapy, related a story about a supposed past life in the 19th century as someone named “Bridey Murphy”.

    I don’t remember how old Bridey was, but I think your conjecture that it’s the actress, Eilene Janssen, who turned 18 and is being spanked on that account, is correct. Great picture, by the way – notice the decoration on the cake of the woman on the psychiatrist’s couch, which I hope makes sense now.

    I can’t help thinking now of the several Humorama cartoons of a shrink spanking his female patient. Not an approved method of therapy, and of course it wasn’t used on the woman in the real Bridey Murphy case, but Janssen certainly made a fine spankee!

  2. Yeah I ended up watching most of the movie because Bridey only appears in it as a secondary character. Of course once I heard about the story it sent me down the rabbit hole of reading about the real life person who had the visions of Bridey. This definitely goes right up there as one of my favorite finds, what an awesome image, eh? Just the simple fact that her skirt has been raised can tell a whole lot about the generation of the time. This is already my screensaver, lol.

  3. Theo,

    I already made this my computer background image, lol. It blew me away when I first saw it, and I am going to take a guess that there is a second spanking picture out there somewhere. I already have another image from this set where she is kissing her screen husband and giving him a slice of cake, and it looks like there are 5 images in the set.


  4. I know right, isn’t this image the bomb, Colin. One of the best finds that I have ever made.

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