Into A Far Away Place

Part 1

Yanina sat in her bed engrossed in the literary classic  ‘Tom Brown’s Schooldays’.

Yanina,  an American Latina,  had developed a strange desire for anything remotely resembling English heritage,  certainly anything pertaining to schooling in the olden days. This fascination stemmed from her obsession within the world of domination.

There seemed to be no logical reasoning for this fascination,  sure there had been spankings growing up,  probably more than average,  but nothing to substantiate the desire to be dominated by a strict man. The only thing close to this experience as an adult was really of no consequence,  a few smacks here and there from playful boyfriends,  and one very prolonged birthday spanking from a landlord with whom she had developed a sexual relationship with soon after,  and while that came close to a proper spanking,  it was still done in fun and her modesty was protected by her underwear,  even if they felt nearly invisible for the most part.

Yanina had read of Tom Brown’s caning over and over again,  the description and the strictness of the event stirred her emotions into a fantasy playground. She sank further and further under the covers and read the part one more time,  drifting off as she once again imagined the swish of the cane coming down. Very soon,  Yanina had entered deep into her sleep and the land of her unconsciousness took over what was to be an exciting dream filled night.

Yanina strolled through the sweet smelling meadow holding a fresh flower to her face,  swishing her dress as she walked,  how beautiful England was. The further she walked the closer the old school came into view,  SCHOOL,  oh no,  I don’t want to be late. Yanina broke into a run,  trying to gather as much speed as she could,  her mind full of the dreaded punishment that awaits any boy who arrives at school late. BOY,  but I’m not a boy,  but I can’t be late, I mustn’t be late.

She was running as fast as possible,  why are these other boys walking so slow,  don’t they know what will happen,  I can’t be late. I look such a mess,  my shirt is hanging out,  doesn’t look like I have showered in a week,  my satchel is dragging on the floor as I run,  and where on earth did these horrible looking shorts come from?

Looking behind her,  Yanina watched her pretty dress fly away into the meadow,  pausing for a moment as she marveled at the beauty of the scene,  then she heard the bell ring. Her mouth opened and she realized that that was the first bell,  when it rings again she needed to be sat at her desk. There was no way she could make it. Yanina broke into a sprint to make the second bell. The faster she ran the less she seemed to be getting anywhere,  her heart pounded as her mind ran over the consequences that awaited her for sure.

It seemed like an age before she arrived,  but finally she reached the side of the old schoolhouse,  peering up the side of the old building,  the schoolhouse seemed to be about 50 foot tall. Yanina ran her hand across the wood as she slowly walked up the side of the building before coming to the corner,  she turned the corner and her heart sank. There,  stood at the door,  was the old schoolmaster with his handlebar mustache. Her eyes met those of the red faced man and then to his side at the crooked handled cane he was holding.

The schoolmaster pulled the watch from his pocket and gazed at the approaching boy with a stern glance. Yanina approached with her head held low,  shuffling her feet as she went. It what seemed to be the loudest voice she had ever heard,  the schoolmaster bellowed at her  “WE DO NOT ACCEPT TARDINESS AT THIS SCHOOL MASTER URTEAGA,  I AM GOING TO MAKE AN EXAMPLE OF YOU TO THE WHOLE CLASS”  and with that she felt her ear being tugged as she was led at lightning pace into the school classroom.

The first thing Yanina thought of was the deep musky smell of old wood as she floated into the classroom. There was dead silence in the room,  as she now stood at the head of the class all alone. She looked at the faces of all the young boys and her heart went out to whatever unhappy state they lived in. Not one of them looked healthy and the fear was spelled on each tiny face. The tiny circle she stood on seemed to be illuminated from everything else. Out of the corner of her eye she saw another group of people,  they were sat in what looked to be a jury box. In the forepersons chair was her Mother,  shaking her head and sniffling into a tissue,  Yanina felt such shame for her Mother to see her like this. Also in the box were her Brothers and Sister,  neighbors,  even the storeowner from the local deli.

Right at the very end of the bench,  in what seemed to be an attached seat,  sat her old landlord. With her head slightly bowed she blushed at his gaze,  this was the Man who last year had stirred emotions within her that she had never experienced before. He was not a real handsome Man,  but her heart was with him as she fondly recalled when she half heartedly struggled over his lap as his hand came down over and over again on the seat of her underwear.

SWISH………… Yanina’s gaze left her landlord and turned into an open mouthed fear as she watched the schoolmaster begin to swish the thin cane through the air. Her legs went to jelly as her arm was grabbed and she was led to the master’s desk. With her back to the rest of the class,  the schoolmaster roughly pulled the suspenders off of her shoulders and yanked her britches down. His big hand pushed her between the shoulder blades all the way over the desk. Lying down,  Yanina reached for the far end of the desk and held on tight to the fraying wood. The schoolmaster then stood behind her and reached for the hem of her shirt,  Yanina buried her head into the desk as the master raised her shirt to reveal the pristine white tap panties she wore. As this happened the classroom of boys began to giggle heartedly at the sight of this boy wearing such dandy underwear. The schoolmaster fumed “SILENCE,  IF I HEAR ONE MORE WORD FROM ANY OF YOU AND YOU WILL GET TWICE WHAT MASTER URTEAGA IS ABOUT TO GET”

Yanina laid there prone,  turning her head to her left she looked squarely at her Mother who was still sobbing. Yanina tried for all her might to apologize to her Mother but no words came,  she just lay there feeling ashamed.

The thin rattan cane now rested across the seat of her tap panties,  turning away from her Mothers look,  Yanina placed her forehead on the desk. Not a sound could be heard as the room went eerily quite. The cane left it’s target and WHOOSH,  came down with lightning speed across both buttock cheeks. The fiery burn startled Yanina as she clenched her butt cheeks tightly together to try and fight the fiery sting coming from her nether regions. Her eyes clenched tight as she prepared for the next stroke,  SWISH,  down it came again and Yanina’s right foot left the ground very slightly,  this time,  not only her butt clenched,  but also her right ankle and foot seemed to fuse into one as it tightened. The third stroke came down,  SWIIIIIISSSSHHHH,  this one caught her by surprise,  catching the lower part of her bottom,  her right heel came off the floor all the way to her scorching butt as she shouted out loud “OWWWWWWWW”. Trying to rock her body from side to side only made her tap panties move over the raised lines across her rear,  causing her great discomfort. SWIIISSSHHHHH,  the 4th stroke opened her tears as her body began to go limp over the desk.

With eyes now a puffed red,  Yanina swiveled her head to her left as the 5th stroke landed,  SWIIISSSHHH. Greatly aware of the fire behind her,  she looked through tear stained eyes directly at her landlord,  she shook her head softly and murmured  “Why have you done this to me”. As the tears flowed her eyes transfixed on his as the last hard stroke landed,  SSSWWWIIIISSSHHHH. It was over,  her landlord seemed pleased as the schoolmaster helped her to her feet. With a body sapped of strength she struggled to pull up her britches and fix her suspenders.

Yanina looked at the class and they all had their heads buried into there schoolbooks. She turned back to her landlord who was now sat at the bench by himself. As she rubbed her butt very gently her eyes dropped to his hands,  there he was smacking HER hairbrush into his palm. She didn’t need to hear his words,  his actions spoke very clear,  the next birthday spanking young lady,  is going to be a lot longer,  and we will be using this wooden brush as well.

Yanina’s eyes never left the slapping of the brush into his palm and the schoolroom went pitch black,  with only spotlights on the pair of them,  SNAP,  Yanina shot up in her bed sweating profusely.

What a horrible nightmare she had just had. Almost instinctively,  she reached behind her and rubbed her hand over her butt to make sure it was a dream,  it was. With a trembling body,  Yanina wrapped her arms around herself and headed into the bathroom. Re-emerging,  she sipped at a glass of water as her body shook with a chill. Walking over to her dresser she caught sight of herself in the mirror,  cold,  shaking,  with sleepy eyes she put down the glass and rubbed her body warm with her hands. From the bottom of her eye she caught sight of it. Now her dream began to come back to her as she reached down and picked up her wooden hairbrush. Holding the brush there was only one image on her mind,  the image of her previous landlord holding the brush,  smacking it into the palm of his hand. For the next few weeks,  whenever she brushed her hair in the morning,  the same image kept replaying itself over and over again in her mind,  her old landlord,  holding her brush.

Part 2

Three weeks had passed since Yanina had her vivid dream,  and not a day had passed where she didn’t picture herself face down over her old Landlord’s lap,  getting her bare bottom spanked.

Many a time a cold sweat came over her as she relived that dream,  it was all so real,  yet it was so far away. She knew one thing,  if she didn’t act upon this dream now,  she would probably never act upon it. Easier said than done though,  how on earth could she possibly approach this subject with Mr Robinson,  her old Landlord. What if he was to laugh until his ribs hurt,  how could she live with that shame?

One thing that hadn’t crossed Yanina’s mind as of yet,  perhaps he doesn’t even live in that house anymore. These were the thoughts going through her mind as she drove up the street upon where she once lived. Slowly pulling to the side of the road opposite the house,  a ream of butterflies went through her stomach as she spotted his car in the driveway,  he did indeed still live here.

Time had stood still for the young girl,  she had barely realized that it had been nearly half an hour that she was sat there daydreaming. All the time she kept telling herself how stupid it was for a 24 year old young lady to have these desires,  a complete mixture of emotion,  some sadness,  some excitement,  even a little bravery. Could she at least go and knock on the door and say hi? He wouldn’t suspect a thing and was sure to be happy to see her.

Perhaps it was because she had taken such a long time to get dressed that day,  perhaps secretly knowing that she wanted to see him prompted her to dress so seductively on this day. Whatever it was,  a sudden urge of bravery saw her open her car door.

Like she was in a dream again,  Yanina found herself standing outside her car feeling vulnerable,  straightening imaginary wrinkles out of the white summer dress she had chosen to wear. Within a few seconds she had convinced herself to stop being so silly and at least go and say hi,  she hadn’t come all this way for nothing. Even though nothing was going to happen,  her imagination would be racing after talking to him again.

Confidently, Yanina bounded towards the front door,  pausing just slightly before ringing the bell. The 10 seconds it took for him to answer it felt like ten minutes to her. And there it was,  the door opened and a shocked Mr Robinson smiled with delight at the young girl he hadn’t seen for nearly two years.

Giving the girl a hug he remarked  “Yanina,  what brings you here?”

With a friendly smile in return she replied  “I was just in the neighborhood so I thought I would take a chance and see if you were in”

“Well come on in my dear,  it is a pleasure to see you again”

They both entered the living room and hugged once more before Mr Robinson went to the kitchen to make some coffee. Yanina was pleased at her decision and chastised herself for being so foolish in the first place,  of course everything was going to be okay.

The atmosphere was very relaxing now,  the two of them sipping coffee and catching up on both old times and new. Everything was perfect until Mr Robinson chose an uncomfortable memory,  one that immediately had the girl blushing,  the memory of the birthday spanking he had given her.

Mr Robinson chuckled at the colour of the young lady’s face and kind of revelled in her embarrassment. “Come come Yanina” he said “there’s nothing to be embarrassed about,  it was only a little birthday spanking”

Yanina tried to put on a brave face,  knowing what she was feeling inside,  “I know Mr Robinson,  but it was a funny position to be in over your lap an’ all,  I’m just glad it wasn’t a proper spanking”

Oh my,  the breath just left her body,  did she really just say that,  the hot feeling of flushed cheeks descended upon her once more and she looked down.

“Well I don’t think I ever had a reason to give you a proper spanking,  did I?”

Yanina’s cheeks were hotter than ever,  now all she wanted to do was change topics,  and quickly. “I don’t suppose so Sir”  What was she doing? SIR,  oh geez,  she wished that internal voice would stop interrupting.

Mr Robinson chuckled once more but decided to tease her a little  “Then I hope you don’t give me a reason to anytime soon”

Yanina was beside herself,  almost to a point of tears,  so close and yet so far. Is that sentence the end of it,  does she press on,  will she die of embarrassment in the meantime?

Part 3

Yanina needed a break. A break from the embarrassment,  a break from the excitement,  sheesh,  just a break just to clear her head a little. Still blushing madly,  Yanina excused herself to the bathroom. Walking slowly across the room she smiled coyly as their eyes met,  then subconsciously put both hands on her butt as she passed him. Mr Robinson smiled with a nod of some unknown approvement as he watched the young girl scurry by out of the room.

It was in the bathroom that decision time was fast approaching,  what did those eyes mean as she passed him? Did he know? Is he thinking the same thing as she is? Even though her mind was not made up,  she was certainly taking her time in front of the bathroom mirror making sure she was looking her best. What holds in store when she returns to the living room,  is it over with,  or is it just beginning?

Yanina began the slow walk down the stairs and headed towards the door to the living room,  upon entering she was slightly shocked to see Mr Robinson standing. This was unexpectedly intimidating to the slight girl to see his huge frame in the middle of the room. Peering out of the corner of her eyes at him,  she headed towards where she had been sat,  nervously. Mr Robinson watched her scurry by again and once more grinned at the minx.

Mr Robinson noticed the young girl sat fidgeting and walked towards her,  waiting for her to look at him,  which of course she was flatly refusing to do. He remembered now how Yanina used to be,  how her shyness seemed to almost be like a game to her,  there was always something so wonderfully appealing about her.

Looking down at her,  Mr Robinson asked  “So why was you holding your bottom a few minutes ago when you passed me,  Yanina? Did we miss a birthday or two?”

Yanina now sat not knowing where to look. This is where she wanted to be for so long now,  but could she go through with it,  what was holding her back. It wasn’t perfect,  she wanted a proper spanking,  but would have to settle for a birthday spanking instead. Is it worth a final shot?

“I guess so”  she replied timidly  “Amongst other things”

Mr Robinson’s eyebrows raised intriguingly  “And what other things would they be Yanina?”

Yanina slumped into the couch wanting to pour her heart out,  almost on the verge of crying. “I don’t really know Mr Robinson,  just sometimes I don’t know if my motivation is what it should be. I spend days daydreaming when I should be focused on my work,  I just don’t know if I can cope with the pressure anymore”

“Young lady,  you are 24 years old with the palm of the world in your hand,  what pressures can you possibly have”

“I don’t know,  I just never focus on what I should be doing and I get really depressed and stressed when I fall behind”

“So you need to get motivated so that you can focus on what you should be doing,  eh? Is this the real reason that you came to see me today?”

Yanina sat there silently,  feeling slightly ashamed at herself.

“I asked you a question Yanina,  is your lack of motivation the real reason that you came to see me today?”

“I guess so”

“So how do you propose that I can help you with your motivation?”

“I’m not sure really”

“Oh I think you are fully aware young lady. Perhaps that is why you were holding your bottom a few minutes ago”

Yanina felt herself sinking further and further,  she wanted to scream yes but was now really ashamed. “I don’t know”  she replied.

“Well I was about to give you a birthday spanking,  but something is telling me that perhaps I should go a step further,  is that what you want?”

Yanina sat there,  unable to reply to his question,  instead just offering a shrug of her shoulders. Mr Robinson nodded his head,  even though she was not looking at him,  and walked to the other side of the room to pull a straight backed chair into the middle of the room. Yanina pouted as she watched him from the top of her eyes,  still with her head bowed low. Mr Robinson sat down and looked at the shameful girl.

“Yanina,  come over here please”

With her stomach in knots,  Yanina stood slowly and pigeon stepped her way to Mr Robinson with her head remaining low. She finally reached his side and stared down at the huge lap beneath her tiny frame. Mr Robinson reached up and lifted her head from underneath her chin,  staring intently into her eyes. “This is nothing to be ashamed of Yanina,  by the time we are done you will feel much better about yourself”

Even though it is something that she had hoped for,  Yanina really had no idea why. It wasn’t as if she was necessarily looking forward to it,  but just looking at him almost reassured her that this was the right thing to do. Slowly Mr Robinson took her by the hand and guided her over his lap,  guiding until her feet left the floor and she grabbed one of the legs of the chair,  while her other hand grabbed his ankle.

Even though she was 24,  at this moment she felt no more than 10 years old as his hand rested upon the seat of her summer dress,  gently patting the small bottom it encased. Yanina looked down at her hand as his hand descended downwards towards the hem of her short dress. Her face grimaced as he slowly drew it upwards,  slowly exposing the seat of her pink satin panties. The grip tightened around her waist and she felt his hand leave her bottom,  Yanina grabbed on tightly to what she was holding just as his huge hard made contact with her bottom,  she gasped at the sudden sting and then again shortly thereafter.

Very rhythmically,  Mr Robinson began to firmly spank the young charge under his control,  alternating his hand from one cheek to the other. Yanina concentrated on the warmth he was generating on her bottom and occasionally raised her right leg when the smacks rained down. After perhaps a minute,  Yanina was starting to squirm under the relentless smacks raining upon the seat of her panties.

Mr Robinson paused with the firm smacks and rested his hand upon her hot bottom,  gently caressing the pinkening cheeks. “I am going to help you regain your focus Yanina,  and hopefully this is something that you will think about in the future”

With that,  Mr Robinson inserted his fingers into the waistband of the girls flimsy underwear and slowly drew them downwards towards her knees. Yanina just let her head hang low at the sudden embarrassment of her bottom being exposed for the first time. Once more, she felt the grip around her tighten and prepared herself for what was to come,  little did she know that it was going to hurt a lot more than she had thought it would.

It took only 8 firm spanks on her bare bottom before her head started to move from side to side,  her legs now beginning to involuntarily move with the motions of the spanks that were landing. Little noise had appeared by this point,  but now they were beginning to hear the little whimpers emanating from her mouth,  punctuated with the occasional ‘ow’.

Steadfast in his approach,  Mr Robinson picked the pace up. He could already see her bottom turning a delicious shade of dark pink,  and he watched as she attempted to squirm from side to side to avoid his hand. The noises coming from her mouth were now loud ones and he had to hold her tightly. Still,  he continued to give the girl what he thought it was that she was missing. As her bottom burned under his hand,  Yanina began to gently sob. Mr Robinson was aware of this and finished spanking her with a few well placed spanks.

The spanking was over. Mr Robinson ran his hand over the flaming cheeks then aided the girl to her feet. Yanina’s shoulders dropped as her hand went to her eyes to cover her tears. Mr Robinson pulled her close and sat the crying girl on his lap,  embracing her as she sobbed. Yanina buried her head into his broad shoulder and wrapped her arms around him,  allowing Mr Robinson to rub and soothe her burning bottom as she hugged him.

They sat in this position for several minutes,  neither one wishing to let the other go. Finally,  Mr Robinson eased the girl back and offered a reassuring smile to the red eyes that looked back his way. After gently patting her bottom,  Yanina stood up,  reaching for her falling underwear as she did so. Gingerly,  she eased them up and grimaced as the elastic slid up her sore bottom,  both of them smiled at this. One more hug and the pair of them headed back towards the couch. Mr Robinson offered Yanina another cup of coffee,  to which she replied  “Yes please”

“Good”  he said  “I think you and I need to have a talk”  and then he left the room. Yanina watched as he left,  then felt the catharsis escape from her body. Boy did she need that,  she could only hope that the conversation that he wanted,  was the same one that she wanted. A discussion about future events,  and what the consequences would be should her focus wane from time to time in the future.

4 thoughts on “Into A Far Away Place

  1. Mr. Richard,

    I really liked this story, especially the details, such as her feet not able to touch the floor once she is over her Landlord’s lap.
    Please write a few more parts….
    About the Hairbrush, Corner Time, send home without her panties etc…
    Have a great weekend,


  2. I hope this is just the beginning of this young lady returning to her old landlord. In the next visit I think Yanina should express improvement but still lacking
    in motivation. Mr. Robinson will hopefully offer more severe punishment and provide several options. The young lady can then choose which option she thinks she
    needs and deserves. Next time perhaps more clothing can be removed and a paddle or hairbrush can be used. Mr. Robinson can be more forceful and tell Yanina to remove
    certain items and expect her to fully disclose her desires!

  3. To be honest I hadn’t thought about doing a follow up to this story, however, I wouldn’t totally rule it out. The person who is the inspiration for this story I haven’t seen in nearly 20 years 🙂

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