10 thoughts on “Windsor Wednesday Classic – 220

  1. This is certainly new to me. I assume it dates back to the fifties as I can not imagine such a splendid picture being compose today. I have no idea what ‘fraud in the laundry basket’ is referencing.

  2. Sam,

    You are correct, it is from 1956. You know what is funny though, I just skimmed through the very short story and there is no spanking in the story whatsoever, lol. So whoever drew this decided that a good spanking would likely catch the attention of the viewing audience 🙂

  3. Thanks Richard, I wondered about the story – so this drawing was like those spanking lobby boards for films containing no spanking, just there to lure people in!

  4. Another good find, Richard! The style of the art is typical of advertising art of the period, and of course in the 50s spanking your wife or was (correctly) thought of as being perfectly natural.

  5. Theo,

    That is correct!! You can search the title of the story and you will find it on Google. In fact if you do that you will also find a much better version of the image on a spanking Tumblr site.


  6. web-ed,

    I concur with you and that also means that there are likely many hand drawn spanking images still to find, even if the story doesn’t (like this one) actually contain any spanking in it.


  7. Go back and reread a little more carefully. You will find the inspiration for the spanking illustration not to far into the story.

  8. Sweetspot,

    Just an FYI, your comment was number 5,000 on the blog 😉 My response will be 5,001. You are correct!! I will be honest, I barely looked at the beginning of the story because I didn’t expect to see a spanking reference in the first few paragraphs, I completely missed it. Thanks for pointing it out to us!!


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