The Top Twenty Of 2019

Yes,  I realize that I normally do a top ten each year,  but as I was tallying page hits this year it wasn’t long before I said to myself  “Just as well make it a top 20 at this rate”. Do you know what is funny though? I am writing this post yesterday as it is going to take a long time to do,  and already in one day there was a position change. So while I am writing this on the 31st,  I will have to check on New Years Day to make sure the tally is correct. I’m a perfectionist when it comes to telling the truth and my OCD will drive me nuts if I have two posts in the wrong position.

As I have mentioned many times on this blog,  my stories every year dominate the views. This year is no different,  the top two positions are stories and not only that,  but the top post comes close to equaling the total views of all of the other posts on the list combined. Anyway,  I won’t delay any further as this post is going to be massive,  here is the top twenty posts of 2019 in terms of individual page hits.


It’s not even close!! This post has four times more views than the post in second place,  and almost has as many views as the other 19 posts on this list combined. Obviously I should write more stories as they get viewed in droves on this site,  and to that end I will write a third part to this story soon.

In this chapter,  Elaine’s best friend,  Bri,  is coerced into taking a birthday spanking from Elaine’s mom. After Tim and Bri think back to past spankings it is time for the big event. Nobody expected Elaine’s mom to flip up Bri’s dress,  least of all a blaspheming Brittney who was rewarded with taking the lords name in vain with a short,  sharp shock. Tim was beside himself watching the action and he quickly developed a BIG problem. The only goal he had was to try and get out of the house before anyone noticed his obvious excitement. READ MORE….


Hard to believe that I wrote this story in 2003,  yet only posted it to my website this past year. The story in no way resembles what I wrote in 2003,  back then I couldn’t write a lick. But the hub of the story remains as I edited it and added to it.

Stephanie’s boyfriend is a carpenter who has made a spanking machine for a client. When he goes away on a business meeting his naughty girlfriend tries the spanking machine out for herself,  and then invites a friend over to also join in the fun. A wonderful time was had by all,  that is until the machine malfunctions and is broken. What is Sal going to say when he finds out? READ MORE….


The first non story to appear on the list is,  well,  I guess it is a story,  but it isn’t one of mine. In this newspaper article from 1925 an 18 year old flapper writes in to discuss her mother’s recent deployment of her wooden hairbrush to her unspanked bare bottom,  not once,  but twice. Even back in 1925 I suspect that we are dealing with a gender bending author here,  or perhaps an employee of the newspaper who was good with the written word. However,  the article did appear in the newspaper and what’s more it is the third most read post on this site in 2019. READ MORE….


This is a rare post in the sense that for once I posted something that had been posted on another site. While I had my own copy to post,  I made sure to acknowledge that another site had posted the same material,  albeit a different version. This spanking was from the British comic book called  ‘Tammy’  and it features a headmistress spanking one of her charges over her knee. READ MORE….


Last week when I returned form Japan I made an anniversary post where I named this as the most viewed non story on the site in 2019. Clearly I had some jetlag going on because it turns out it was the third most viewed non story of 2019. The post contains four spanking photos from the 1980’s that I personally scanned from my private collection of spanking magazines. READ MORE….


I have to be really honest with you,  I wanted this post to be the most viewed post of the year. In fact I’m really disappointed that it is only the 4th most viewed non story post on the list. It was by far my favorite picture find of the year. The image looks like it is from the 1970’s or 80’s,  though the story behind the image is yet to be determined for sure. You get to decide who the Chrissie Evert lookalike is. READ MORE….


Every year we get one post that is nothing more than a weekly picture that makes the top ten list. This image is from 1943 and from what it appears a young actress is about to get a spanking from her brother. Not only that but her dad is stood right by complaining about something. One is only left to assume that he is referring to a mischievous thing that his daughter has done. READ MORE….


This post was in honor of my 56th birthday and features 6 unique pictures,  not only that but I also did a video giveaway as a way of saying thanks to the continued support on this blog. Thirteen years strong already,  hoping to get to twenty. One of the images is of myself and Ten in a bathtub  🙂 READ MORE….


Unfortunately there isn’t too much going on in this post. This post was made to give everyone an update as to what will be included in part three of the MOTHER SPANKS series. I flipped in a single photo into the post but because it had the term MOTHER SPANKS in it,  it got picked up by search engines and therefore made number 9 on the 2019 list. READ MORE….


Perverts of the world unite. This post was made after a short break and to get back into the swing of things I posted about my favorite topic,  spankings given over panty clad bottoms. There are 6 photos in this post including this one of me spanking Sarah Gregory at a spanking party. READ MORE….


Right now this post is sat in the 11th position,  but that may change by the time that I post this on New Years day. It is actually tied for number of views with The Saturday Spanking Picture Show,  so you will see when you read this whether or not the positions have changed. This is an awesome image which I provide in the post along with other images that provide the synopsis. In a nutshell though,  this was from a charity event where fellow students bought spanking rights for one of the teachers to spank one of the students. This shit wouldn’t happen in 2020,  would it? READ MORE….


Tied in 11th position at the time of writing,  it may move into 11th by itself by the time that I post it. We will see when I do a Midnight view count. There are a grand total of eight spanking photos in this post,  all of them being old time movie lobby cards. Whilst many of them have been seen before,  the versions that I have posted were new finds,  so the quality of some of them may be better than what has been posted on the Internet before. READ MORE….


Yes,  this is a true newspaper clipping from 1937 talking about the creation in Iowa of W.O.M.M,  the wives of modernistic men. Now I am pretty certain that it is a flight of fancy,  though I do believe that the Mailbox was a genuine one. My belief is that the woman who ran the club was actually a man who was looking to solicit letters to feed his interest. My reasons for thinking this was because a year later a new club started up,  The Daughters Of Spanking Parents. Woulodn’t you know that the president of the new club was the same president as the other club,  with the same mailing address  😉  Still,  it is a fun read. READ MORE….


This was something just to feed my own personal spanking preference,  and of course it is also something that I am known for,  therefore it brings fellow lovers to my site. So it is no surprise that this post made the top 20 of the year,  a lot of my readers come to this site specifically for material like this. There are a total of 6 pictures in the post. READ MORE….


Six more photos are in this post,  all from the Swish magazine from between the years 1978 – 1985. The reason that I posted this is because on the Wiki page that someone created for me,  they state that I may have been involved with the publication of the magazine back in the day. I can assure you that I wasn’t involved with it,  other than as a customer. READ MORE….


This is a subject that I have written about several times,  the spankings of Natalie Wood. There is quite a bit of evidence to suggest that she was one of us and I am in no doubt that more material will surface as the years go on. In this post I have collected every image and article related to Natalie Wood and a spanked bottom. It is well worth a view. READ MORE…. 


Over the years whenever I stumble across a book on Ebay that has a spanking cover,  I save it and add it to my archive. Of course I rarely post them so in this post I grabbed 10 spanking book covers together and made a bumper post out of it. It isn’t any more than that,  but there are 10 spanking photos for you to look at that adorned book covers. READ MORE….


As the first 80’s post that I made in 2019 was so popular I decided to piggyback off of those views and add another post about the 1980’s. There are only two images in this post,  the first of which actually depicts 5 spanking images in one. I also included this Blushes photo which was wildly successful on Twitter with many likes and retweets. READ MORE….


While this post came in at number 19 it isn’t exactly my shining moment. I spend a lot of time talking about losing every member of my family and my need to rid myself of most of my spanking material. My interest isn’t what it once was and I lose faith by the day as the years go on. I will still play from time to time,  but most of my focus now is with world travel. It comes with a drawback because I can’t share that with my family,  which is why I spend so much time sharing it with my friends. The image below was a scan that I made from my personal collection and that is shared with two other original scans.

Not for nothing,  but I have a feeling that the image below may be Tim’s fate in the third installment of the MOTHER SPANKS series. READ MORE….


And to round out the top 20 posts in terms of views in the year 2019,  we have only the second Wednesday Classic to make the list. It’s quite ironic really that I am known for my unique postings on a Wednesday and a Sunday,  and yet only two of those posts (#6 was the other) made the top 20 for the year. Now this could be simply because all of the posts are labelled the same with only exception being the number at the end of the title. That will mean with the search engines that no single post is distinguished above the others.

Without being mean spirited towards the image below,  I can assure you that I have posted many photos that were far better than this one from 1975. However,  as I have noted several times,  I don’t lie about the results and I certainly don’t embellish my blog numbers. What we get is what we get,  whether I prefer something else or not. READ MORE….

So there we have it,  the top 20 posts of 2019 in terms of page views. Which one was your favorite? Coming up I will also do the top ten stories of 2019 as I do every year as well,  and then we will see what posts start to get popular in 2020. Happy New Year to you all.



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  1. My friend just simply amazing recap of your work and writings never mind the endless searches you do for pictures. Freakin awesome review and love it as well as all the lovely panties. Thank you for this post.
    Kind regards

  2. Thanks, Ron,

    The picture searching is a hobby that I love to do, I get such a thrill finding a new picture that has not been seen before. There are always new archives being shared online so I have no doubt that there are still hundreds of pictures for me to find.


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