3 Girls – Part 1

Three Girls Part 1 – Tina’s Spanking

(Part 2 is now posted, *NEW 8-12-21* Nicole’s Maiden Spanking)

The three girls had gathered at the house where Becky grew up,  she had been raised by her aunt and uncle due to a bad family history and her new family was her own. Uncle Jim and Aunt Susan never had any children of their own so Becky was all that they had,  and they spoiled her rotten. Not that she was a bad kid or anything,  and she loved her adopted family more than anything. Even after the divorce she stayed close to her Auntie Susan,  though she remained with Uncle Jim once they finally separated and her Aunt remarried.

That early evening the noise in the house was absurd,  there were three girls all trying to share one bathroom to prepare themselves for an evening out to celebrate Tina’s 22nd birthday. Jim was busily counting down the clock and praying for the time that he could finally get some peace and quiet,  it couldn’t be long now he thought,  they have been up there for hours.

The clock had reached 7.30pm and it was at that time when the three girls appeared in the living room,  finally ready for an evening of fun. Jim looked up from his paper and shook his head at the sight,  clearly the days of a girl dressing modestly had long since passed. His own niece was perhaps the most conservatively dressed with a flared skirt that came to mid-thigh,  Tina and Nicole though,  well,  they would make a nun blush,  each of them clad in tight black miniskirts and more make up on than a pharmacy would own. Still,  his indignation didn’t cross his mind for too long,  he was about to have the house to himself and for that he was eternally grateful.

Ever the concerned guardian he even gave them a little speech “Now don’t drink too much girls,  and I am going to be home all night so if you need me for anything you just give me a call and I will come and get you. And please,  watch out for each other”

Tina almost rolled her eyes and looking at Becky she said “He sounds just like my Father”

Becky laughed “Just be thankful that he’s not,  otherwise you would be going out tonight with a tingling bottom following your birthday spanking”

Tina’s eyes lit up and she laughed out loud,  along with the other girls.

Becky smiled at her uncle and the memories came flooding back,  it had been a tradition in this house for as long as she could remember. Other than a quick swat here or there,  Jim and Susan never spanked her,  save of course for that dreaded birthday spanking,  he always had to make a big song and dance over it. It didn’t matter how old she was or who was present,  every birthday she would find herself face down over her uncle’s lap just like she was a naughty girl. She even blushed at the thought of his routine,  over the knee,  a few pats to start with and then the horrible sensation of her skirt being lifted. It was the most embarrassing thing in the world and she never knew exactly when it was going to happen,  therefore she had no control over who was going to be present during this time. If she didn’t know any better she would have guessed that he always seemed to do it when he could make as big a performance out of it in front of as many people as possible.

It’s amazing when you think about it that she dressed so modestly,  because there was nothing modest about it when she was over his lap and her panty clad bottom was sticking in the air,  knowing that her friends,  neighbors and cousins were all being treated to a wonderful sight as they all laughed while she lay there red faced and praying for things to be over. It was never that simple though,  he would do this little talk about how he had spoiled her and perhaps how he should have done this a long time ago,  her face a deep scarlet with the knowledge that a bunch of eyes were probably transfixed on her upturned bottom as he talked. By the time he was done she was almost begging for the spanking to start,  and oh boy did he spank when it finally did start.

Maybe he just didn’t know any better,  it could be that he had never heard of playful pats. As Becky thought this through the truth finally hit her. Nah,  he never spanked her during the year,  that was the only chance that he had to make an impression,  plus he had an audience to play for,  so every swat landed soundly and just seemed to increase in intensity until a well spanked girl was standing in front of him rubbing a scorching bottom by the end of it.

Tina’s laugh turned into giggles as she looked at the handsome man “It’s been quite a number of years since that has happened” she said as she playfully rubbed the seat of her mini skirt “I think we had better get a move on before your uncle does something he might regret”

All three of the girls had a twinge of excitement in them,  the giggles had turned into broad grins,  almost begging for a response from Jim.

Jim’s patience had been worn thin from listening to three screaming women for the last two hours,  and while he wasn’t mad by any means,  he was feeling very masculine. He put his paper down on his lap and met Tina’s gaze “Trust me,  young lady,  the only person who will have any regrets will be the spoiled,  sassy brat rubbing her well spanked bottom by the time I am finished”

His words sent flutters not just in Tina’s tummy,  but in Nicole’s as well. Just the thought of it excited Nicole like crazy,  though she wasn’t really sure whether or not she wanted it to happen,  but the exchange just then between Jim and Tina excited her very much.

Tina looked at Becky with a hopeful grin,  but Becky simply put her hands up in the air “Don’t look at me,  you got yourself into this mess”

Tina faked an open mouthed look and responded “I bet you would like nothing more than to watch me get spanked” Tina then looked back at Jim and said,  in a tone somewhere between hesitancy and hopefulness “Seriously”?

Jim folded his paper and winked at her “It’s the Wilson family tradition”

The wink was almost reassuring to Tina,  and if the truth be known the thought of a birthday spanking from Jim was pretty exciting. With a nervous laugh she responded “You people sure have some weird traditions in this house” and then,  to make sure that she could let him make the next move she added “Fine,  whatever,  clearly we are in the twighlight zone or something”

Nicole’s mouth remained open during this whole exchange,  surely Tina isn’t serious,  there is no way that she is going to let Jim spank her. It was all unwinding so quickly that she could hardly catch her breath,  the excitement level was at fever pitch and now more than ever she secretly hoped that he would follow through.

Jim patted his lap “Well,  come on then Miss Smarty Pants”

Tina said nothing,  she put her hands up and outwards and cocked her head to the side,  then tentatively made a slow bee line to the waiting man. Nicole’s stomach was in knots,  she hadn’t been this excited in years. When Tina finally reached Jim’s side it was funny,  even now she wasn’t really sure if he was going to do it or if he was just teasing her and she added “You’re seriously going to spank me”? As his hand reached behind her to push the girl over his lap it totally broke the ice,  as Becky and Nicole roared with laughter as their friend found herself looking at a carpet pattern with her bottom up high,  clearly Jim WAS going to go through with it.

Jim wasted little time with formalities and landed a hearty smack on each cheek protruding through the thin cotton material of her tight black mini skirt. He almost ignored the other girls as he looked at the back of Tina’s head and said “I dare say that a good spanking is something that you are long overdue anyway”

Tina feigned indignation “Hey,  I resent that” she replied,  as she scrunched her nose once the sting of those first two swats settled on her bottom.

What happened next caught two girls by surprise,  but not Becky,  to her it just seemed normal. In what seemed to be less than a second,  Jim had grasped the hem of the mini skirt and pulled it clear of Tina’s bottom. Not that it was difficult at all,  he only had to lift it about 8 inches after all. This time Tina was genuinely shocked,  and had he not been holding her down she would have bolted upright. “Hang on now,  that’s not part of the deal” she cried as she tried in vain to pull her skirt back down or crawl off his lap. Neither one was any use though as she was pinned tightly.

The look on Nicole’s face was perhaps the most priceless,  her doe eyes were as big as saucers and her mouth was open. Her tummy flipped knots knowing that if that was her,  she would be dying of embarrassment right about now. As much as she had been trying to hide it,  there was a part of her that was actually jealous of Tina as she watched the exchange between the two participants. Not now though,  holy cow no. All she could think of as she looked at Tina’s lily white bottom covered by a pair of the thinnest pair of light blue nylon panties known to man,  was that she was thankful it wasn’t her. Perhaps that was the final straw that would wipe those silly thoughts that she was having out of her head,  or maybe, just maybe,  those thoughts would now be enhanced tenfold in the weeks to come.

It was as if Tina had said nothing at all,  Jim didn’t even acknowledge her words. Looking towards his niece and her friend he addressed them “Twenty Two is it”

Becky gave a wicked grin “And don’t forget the one for luck and one to grow on”

That snapped Tina out of her state of shock,  though her response was somewhat delayed as she gathered her thoughts “Hey you,  who’s side are you on”?

Becky studied her friend’s current plight,  she looked just like that of a naughty teenager who was laying over her daddy’s knee about to get her panty clad bottom soundly spanked. Oh Becky knew whose side she was on,  and it certainly wasn’t on the side of the girl who was about to get a spanking.

So now we were left with the current situation. A fifty one year old man is holding a twenty two year old birthday girl over his knee. Jim looked down at his target,  the cute bubble butt that was half naked,  the only protection being a flimsy pair of bikini panties that left much of the lower half of her bottom bare. His natural instinct was to give this bottom the sound spanking that it probably deserved,  it was certainly begging for it. Tina on the other hand was in a position that she knew all too well. It had been many years,  but her bottom had been spanked more times than she would have been able to count over the years.

Jim tightened his grip around the girls waist and spoke directly to her,  but also indirectly to Becky and Nicole “I would brace yourself if I was you,  I only get to spank you girls once a year and I want to make sure that it counts”

It wasn’t the girl whose bottom was sticking up that these words resounded with the most,  nor was it the girl whose bottom had already received more than a dozen birthday spankings that she could actually remember,  the words stuck the most with the smallest of the three girls,  the one who was probably the most excited out of all of them as it was. Nicole watched intently as Jim raised his hand for the first time “He’s going to spank me as well”? Were the words that flashed through her mind. She didn’t think to protest the decision,  to challenge the morals of it,  or even to tell him that it wouldn’t be happening. When it was her birthday there was one thing that she knew,  he just indirectly told her she was going to get a spanking as well,  she figured it was a done deal already.


Everyone’s attention was quickly gained at the sound of Jim’s hand firmly landing on the thinly covered right cheek of the now wincing birthday girl,  and another quickly followed to the left cheek. A wicked grin came over Jim’s face as his hand bounced off her bottom which caused her panties to ripple in the most delightful fashion. His arm tightened around Tina’s waist and she sensed it,  perhaps even sensing what was to come as she gripped the bottom rung of the chair,  bit her lip and lowered her head in deep concentration.

She didn’t have to wait for long that was for sure. It wasn’t really a hard spanking by any means,  but it was definitely firm,  Jim’s hand went up and down alternating from one cheek to the other. Each swat caused Tina some discomfort and they definitely stung,  that’s for sure,  but then again he had intended for them to sting. By the tenth smack her bottom had already started to show some color and the spanks were just going to get worse. Yet they still came down,  one after the other,  Tina tried to squirm away,  tried pushing up on his knee,  all to no avail.

Nicole’s eyes were transfixed on the spanking,  her mouth suddenly dry. She watched as Jim’s hand would bounce off one cheek and then the other. Tina’s panties covered only half of her bottom so Nicole could quite clearly see the color enhance on her bottom at each smack,  she just as well have been spanked on the bare bottom for all that it mattered.

Sixteen swats into the birthday spanking and Tina once more felt herself being re-positioned. It wasn’t so much that her position changed,  it was more that Jim’s right knee seemed to get higher. Murmurs of discomfort had already started to come from her lips,  and when the 17th swat landed the first real “Ouch” left her lips,  it was the start of what was going to be a few more as her spanking drew to a close. By the time the last spank landed Tina’s bottom glowed,  Jim was more than satisfied with himself. He looked down at what appeared to be a well spanked bottom,  glowing hot pink. At the start of the spanking the scant protection of her panties had covered a reasonable portion of Tina’s bottom,  but through all the writhing around and the manly palm landing on them,  they had become all bunched up to a point that she was practically bare bottomed.

“Just the one for luck and one to grow on” Jim announced,  and he felt Tina’s whole body weight sink. These last two of course were to set her on his way,  so he targeted the fleshiest part of each cheek and gave each of them a very resounding spank,  this time Tina yelped for real,  those two stung like the dickens.

It was now all over,  Tina rose and immediately rubbed her scorching bottom and fixed her panties,  it took all of 15 seconds for her to realize what she was doing as she hopped around. For the first time that night she concerned herself with her own modesty,  blushed and quickly pulled down her skirt. She now rubbed the seat of her skirt,  turned towards her friends,  and with a sarcastic tone in her voice she bellowed out “Well that SUCKED” and all three girls broke out in a fit of laughter.

Becky looked at her Uncle and the two of them exchanged grins,  then she quickly pushed her friends gently in the back in a playful manner and announced “I know that look,  we had better get out of here before he spanks all of us”

Once the girls were sat in the car Tina gave them a show,  from the back seat she lifted her skirt and all three of them admired the hot pink glow showing on her tender bottom. Nicole grinned from ear to ear and stated “I have needed one of those for a long time”

Tina’s grin couldn’t have been more in evidence as it was now either,  and she answered “Me, too” and all three girls once more roared with laughter.

Becky started the engine and grinned “Be careful what you wish for girls,  because it might just come true”

Nicole’s birthday wasn’t for six weeks yet, the poor girl, and that was forty two days that she would have to wait.

(Part 2 is now posted, *NEW 8-12-21* Nicole’s Maiden Spanking)

21 thoughts on “3 Girls – Part 1

  1. “Three Girls – Part One” is an enchanting story about an uncle who gets to give one of his niece’s girlfriends an over the knee spanking, with the niece and another friend witnessing.

    The really superb thing about this story is that, although the spankee is turned over the uncle’s knee and her skirt raised, she then gets a full-on “birthday” spanking that is, to this reader, one hundred per cent CLEAN.

    There is nothing in this story that can be considered salacious; it is simply a tale of a caring, protective uncle who seemingly enjoys spanking pretty girls, but does so without guilt. To me, that is a win-win situation. You can spank a girl’s bottom without regret, and even be thanked afterwards. As I say, Win-win.

  2. I’m an uncle to four nieces and two daughters, all of whom bring their friends around. I’m jealous of Uncle Jim.

  3. Very good story and entirely plausible. At the end of josy i am going to give my “little girl” a birthday spanking in a bar that she frequents. She loves/dreads the idea of a public spanking. I told her that her skirt will be lifted up and she better be wearing panties that leave her butt mostly bare of those will come down. The bar is a neighborhood bar and it will be on a Sunday so there won’t be much of an audience but it should bring a blush to her cheeks to be spanked publicly outside of our usual spanking parties.

  4. Brilliant story Richard..I loved how the girls enjoyed watching Tina’s spanking even though they knew they would eventually get the same treatment. I agree with Dan’s comments…this spanking is clean, fun and entirely plausible!!

  5. I am not sure it matters but the title is gone from the top of the page. Or at least in this browser it is.

    I like your pic yesterday as well. 🙂


  6. Hello Mr Windsor, I’ve finally been able to sit down and read one of your stories (the others will be read soon, I promise) and enjoyed it very much. A comment earlier said how the story was very believable, I was very fortunate to be in a similar situation a few years back, although I wasn’t an uncle. I had gone with my then girlfriend to her friend’s house to help her do a chore, if i remember correctly she was earning extra money for stuffing envelopes for a adult mailing site. My girlfriend at the time was into smoking wacky backy and her and her friend were in the other room smoking it. The friends daughter then came in and also went to the kitchen to help them out. By this time I was sitting in the living room watching TV. My girlfriend had told her friend about how I had started to spank her and how much she really enjoyed it, and I could hear them giggling in the other room. Anyway, later that evening, the daughter came into the living room and asked for me to spank her as she wanted to know what it felt like. I originally refused saying that it was out of the question and also that her mum was in the other room. She promptly called out to her mum who answered back that it was fine, I couldn’t believe my luck. I only did a light spanking, and not even on the bare, I was hoping that would happen on later visits. Sadly, a few weeks later me and my girlfriend had split up and I never saw the daughter again. On occasions I pass the house and think if she is still there, but I never go and knock on the door. She probably wouldn’t even remember me or that night, but who knows!!
    I will have to find time to read some more stories, I really enjoyed reading “Three Girls – Part One”. Maybe to continue the story Richard, the girls arrive back from the party a little bit worse for wear through drinking and act a little bit rude to Uncle Jim, whereby he promptly spanks all three of them and maybe even uses an implement, like a leather strap or tawse for their behaviour, just an idea.
    All the best
    Mr Black

  7. This is a fantastic introduction into an evening of naughtiness. I would love to hear a bit about the night on the town, but more importantly: what happens with them and any new friends after last call. Surely three 22 year old girls are not going to end the night when the bars and clubs close…

  8. I thoroughly enjoyed the story. It would make a great video and I could make some suggestions for some well known females to take the lead parts. Of course I would volunteer to be Uncle Jim but I guess Richard would probably pull rank

  9. I’d love to read a sequel about Nicole’s birthday spanking. Maybe she could have a new boyfriend with her when they’re getting ready to go out, and even though she’d been so excited at the thought of being spanked when Tina got it, she was distracted by her crush and it slipped her mind that Jim had threatened to give her a spanking when they stopped by Becky’s house. Luckily, Becky remembers. Nicole is suddenly just as thrilled as before, but also incredibly embarrassed – she’s going to get her birthday spanking in front of her boyfriend. Seeing her cute buns turning red, upended over Jim’s knee might give the boy a few ideas about what to do with her later in the evening, too.

  10. Richard, the story is well-written, from someone who truly “gets it.” This story has all the erotic allure that a good spanking story needs. It is especially enhanced by the two peers as witnesses and the anticipation that they will receive a spanking in the future. Can’t wait to see what happens. Thank you.

  11. An excellent story! It’s obvious that you’re “in the know” about this sort of thing – their wickedness and naughtiness is quite well written indeed. I’m looking forward to the continuation of this story, thank you!

  12. Great story. I esp. liked the names. I am an otk spanker and love stories with otk. This did deliver. Great story Thank you. Look forward to all of them getting spanked. Have a great day.

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