Mother Spanks Daughter - The Best Friend

This is probably one of the longest short stories that I have written and it took me the best part of the day to complete and edit. Even then it is only 6,250 words long,  but it felt like I wrote 30,000 words. You have the opportunity to leave feedback if you want. At the end of part one of this story I left a form for users to submit their ideas as to what they wanted to see in part 2. Many of you will see that I have included some of those ideas as best as I can. Once you read the story,  if you feel like leaving feedback or making a suggestion for part 3 then I will welcome it all,  whether positive or negative.

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There are always bits of real life that are added to stories and the reason that I chose the year 1986 was because of a film that came out in 1983. 1986 was chosen because it was the year before I moved to America. In the 1983 film,  Joysticks,  Joe Don Baker tells his fully grown daughter,  Corinne Bohrer,  that she is not to old for a spanking. It was really hot and it spoke to me of a different time. So before the story,  know that a quick one liner gave me some inspiration,  and when you picture the scene described,  here is an image from the same film of the type of panties that girls wore in the 1980’s. Now onto the story,  I hope that you like it. To avoid any confusion Brittney and Bri are the same person,  likewise Elaine and Lainey are also the same person.

Before you read the story does include a lot of memories of spankings since past,  these include M/F,  F/F,  F/M and M/M. If that is not going to interest you then just look at the panty covered spankable bottoms below and move on  🙂

Mother Spanks Daughter  –  The Best Friend

Back in 1986 it was a different time, especially in Texas. It was long before a more liberal movement started to emerge regarding the use of corporal punishment, indeed, in this particular town if you weren’t subject to spankings growing up then you were one of the unusual ones. Sparing the rod and spoiling the child was as common as hot dinners.

The fact that Elaine’s mom still spanked her at 18,  going on 19,  wasn’t entirely unheard of at all,  especially considering that Mrs. Ferris had received her last strapping at the hands of her own mother when she was 20 years old. The old premise was more common than not,  as long as you are living under this roof you will follow my rules,  and the consequences for breaking those rules would be carried out the old fashioned way.

It wasn’t the same for everyone,  it had been four years since the F bomb had dropped out of Bri’s mouth. Four years since she was last staring at the carpet as the Paternal hand stopped the spanking to draw the last remaining piece of protection down over an already well spanked bottom,  and four years since she had to carry her father’s strap to the shed with him in tow to enforce to his charge that it would be the last time she ever dropped the F bomb in his house.

Even to this day she remembers walking to the shed with tears running down her cheeks,  hoping against all hope that nobody in the neighborhood was looking out of their window as she did the walk of shame. Fourteen well placed swings of the belt later on her bare bottom had her dancing all over the shed and promising that she will never again utter a curse word. She wasn’t just promising her dad,  she was also promising herself.

Four years had passed,  and even though she was about to turn 19,  she also knew that if she ever dared mutter so much as a single curse word in front of her Father then she knew exactly where she would end up,  that much was a guarantee. The strap still hung in his room,  even though it hadn’t been used at all for nearly three whole years,  and Bri would only have to glance at it sideways for her stomach to start flipping knots. It’s not like the spankings themselves weren’t something to be afraid of anyway,  but when the strap came into play and either herself,  her brother or her sister had to carry it to the shed with their father walking behind them,  the whole process took on a whole new psychological torment. Just the mere thought of carrying the strap that was going to be applied to her own bottom would make her go weak at the knees,  and even now just catching a glimpse of it would make her blush a deep red.

The fact that Elaine still got spanked was never really spoken about,  but Bri was fully aware,  just as she was aware of all of her other friends who were still subject to some parental discipline,  so it wasn’t unusual in that aspect. So when she called Elaine’s house two days later to make plans and her mom informed her that she was grounded for breaking curfew,  it was with a sympathetic nod that Bri mentally accepted that she was grounded on a spanked bottom. With her birthday just two weeks away to the day she very meekly asked how long Elaine was grounded for. Mrs. Ferris was as astute as a fox and she knew the reason behind the question,  so she simply replied “As long as I come to an understanding with Elaine,  she will be able to attend your birthday plans,  Brittney”

Once the phone was placed on the receiver Brittney let out an audible sigh of relief. Her birthday was on a Sunday so that meant a Sunday brunch with her family,  church,  and then a rather conservative gathering with extended family members. It’s not that Bri would complain about any of that,  but she did want to spend the day before her birthday with Lainey and a few other friends. There was no guarantee that Elaine was going to be at church today,  but past history in any family where discipline was involved would generally mean that going to church would be the one social outing that was accepted and allowed. Bri was hoping deep down that she would at the very least get to briefly speak with Elaine later that day at church,  even if that was in the presence of both sets of families in a cordial environment.

It is worth pointing out that the discipline of the time was common place,  nobody considered it unusual and it wasn’t conducted in a spiteful manner. Each family had a lot of love involved with them and the belief was that the installation of traditional family values helped to steer a young ward into the right direction in life. Most practitioners of discipline were themselves once a recipient of the same set of traditional family values,  and they were all deemed valuable members of society. Whilst it wouldn’t be commonplace,  it also wouldn’t be completely unheard of for a girl in her early 20’s to get a good strapping in the barn should she consider herself a bit too big for her britches. There were many different variants of old horse straps and bridles which continued to serve a purpose long after they stopped being used on the horse in many a barn across this quiet town.

Punishments were almost exclusively conducted within the same family,  it would be very rare for it to take place outside of the home,  though of course paddling was still employed with gusto. In fact most of the kids growing up had also heard of the rumor that the church minister himself was the owner of a school paddle in his office,  a rumor that grew into an urban legend.

Twenty five to thirty years ago the urban legend was more than just a rumor,  the most trusted member of the community was indeed a man whose services were required by many families. Christian discipline was,  and in fact still is,  thought of as a necessary component in a family’s life,  and in the 1950’s it wasn’t unusual for the minister himself to spare the rod at the request of a parent,  normally in their presence. It became a practice that slowly disappeared over the years to a point that it only became a rumor,  and then became an urban legend. Nobody knew if it was really true,  except perhaps for the older folks who grew up during those formative years,  and they were not people who would ever entertain discussing such a topic.

Yes,  while in this small town everybody seemed to know their neighbor’s business,  there were in fact some secrets that were never spoken about. There wasn’t a single person who ever admitted that they were once paddled or spanked by the minister,  and there was likely to be the same amount of people who would never confess that their  “Have to meet with the minister”  proclamations over the subsequent years were far from being meetings to discuss the latest church fundraiser. The legend started thirty years ago,  the secrets of many an adult remains until this current day.

Elaine and her mom were ready in their Sunday dress to make their way to church. Elaine was very mindful of her situation and she would never want to disrespect her mom,  so she was a little apprehensive when she clasped her hands in front of her as she looked at the floor and meekly asked her mom a question in a little more than a whisper. “Mom,  I know that I am grounded until next week, but would it be okay if I ask Brittney what she wants to do for her birthday”?

Mrs. Ferris was a strict mother,  but she was also a warm,  loving person who valued friendships. She had no intention of restricting Elaine from speaking with Bri at church,  and in fact she appreciated that Elaine had respected her enough to ask for her permission first. With a warm smile she said that she could,  but also warning her not to abuse her freedom at church today. A very happy Elaine suppressed her happiness and politely replied  “Yes,  Mama”

Tim was also going to be at church today with his own family,  but unlike the two girls who wanted to talk with each other,  Tim on the other hand was decidedly in favor of minding his p’s and q’s. His goal was to wait for Elaine to call him and if he was able to make eye contact with her at church for a quick smile then he would see that as a victory. It was mostly based on his desire not to get Elaine in any more trouble than she was already in,  even though the process was a bit of a foreign concept to him that he didn’t fully understand.

The environment that Tim grew up in was vastly different to that of his girlfriend and Brittney,  he grew up in a very progressive family who did not believe in corporal punishment. His experiences in that field he could count on one hand,  well,  after overhearing Lainey getting spanked he had now started on the second hand. He was aware of friends getting paddled at school,  and while his parents did not allow that for him it actually wasn’t even something he had ever given more than a second thought to. He had only ever been spanked once in his life and that was during a sleepover by his best friend’s mom. He had often wondered if his friend’s mom had told his parents about it,  he certainly hadn’t. Tim was embarrassed about the whole affair and the only reason that he wouldn’t tell his parents was through the fear of disappointing them.

He could only look back at the incident with some humor. Despite being in the unusual position of staring at a carpet for the first time in his life,  he distinctly remembers a joke that he made to himself as his friend’s mom pulled his pj bottoms down. The silly joke being that if he hadn’t worn underwear then he would have had his bare bottom showing. The joke was fleeting of course,  it was soon replaced by the unbearable sound and feel of a maternal hand landing on its upended target. Tim would have sworn that it went on for half an hour,  but it lasted less than a minute as he howled and squirmed with all his might. He then had to watch through tear stained eyes as his friend got the same treatment,  though it was significantly longer and harder than what he himself had got.

Then there was the time that his friend,  TJ,  had got the belt from his dad the previous night before. The reason that this was memorable was because TJ quite happily pulled his shorts down to show all of his friends what his bottom looked like as if it were some type of trophy. Tim sat there in awe at the slightly faded red lines that seemed to adorn every inch of his friend’s hind end. He had also seen another friend very briefly dance a merry tune as his dad swung the belt,  but in that instance he was petrified and ran away as fast as he could after watching the thick leather belt land two times.

The most memorable spanking that he was a witness to was one that was forever etched in his mind that had happened many years ago. It was the only time that he had ever witnessed a full on spanking to that day,  and he wasn’t likely to ever forget it.

Tim was with a group of friends when one of their gang,  Micheal,  gleefully joined them. The reason for his joy was quite apparent very quickly as he announced with a tremendous amount of satisfaction that Kimberly,  his older sister,  was going to get a spanking. Tim had a huge crush on Kimberly and as his friends started to leave he hung back slyly before slowly scooting off,  his intended destination being the Smith household. It seemed like a no loss situation,  he could amble around the property and if he was caught he had an easy out,  he was just looking for his friend Michael.

Upon arriving at the house it didn’t take very long at all for him to hear that something was about to happen. All he had expected was to hear the sounds of his crush getting a spanking,  he had no idea at that time that where the spanking was due to take place was in the basement where the laundry machine was. He discovered that by listening to the scolding that was taking place and following the sound of the single voice that he could hear. When he arrived at the final location where the voice had led him to,  his mouth flew wide open as he crouched down and realized that one of the small windows to the basement would allow him a birds eye view to the scene that was just about to commence.

He had missed the part where Kimberly was pulled over her mother’s lap,  he also missed the pulling down of the white shorts that now sat puddled at her ankles. He joined the proceedings as Kimberly’s hand was firmly planted on her bottom trying to protect the seat of her way too thin sky blue nylon panties. He kneeled there peeking in through the edge of the window as the battle of the loose hand commenced. Kimberly’s mother won that battle easily and soon the offending hand was tucked under Kimberly’s own body being held there solidly by the hand of her mother,  which was also tucked under her body holding on to Kimberly’s only defense.

What happened next is something that Tim will never forget. Apparently out of nowhere,  as if Kimberly’s mother had pulled off some kind of magic trick,  a stout wooden backed hairbrush was in her hand and it was heading down as fast as lightning upon Kimberly’s barely covered fanny. Tim kneeled there in awe as the hairbrush rained down at a steady,  rhythmic pace covered every single inch of Kimberly’s bottom. He could not forget Kimberly frantic attempts to avoid the smack of the brush as her legs kicked wildly and her pleas of forgiveness got louder by the second. His eyes transfixed on the thin nylon rippling at every smack that the brush landed upon them,  and how her frantic gyrations would cause those panties to ride up and up until the hard backed brush was striking nothing but bare skin as the spanking progressed,  repeating the same pattern of covering every inch of the scarlet bottom several times over before all was said and done.

The very instant that the brush stopped descending on the well spanked fanny,  and a tearful Kimberly started to stand up,  Tim scarpered like Carl Lewis out of fear that one of them would look up and catch him spying on the spanking.

When Tim overheard his girlfriend being spanked it was the image of this particular spanking that kept running through his mind as he tried to picture Elaine getting spanked. Man,  he remembered every time he ran into Kimberly from that day forward whenever he was with Michael,  he could barely look her in the eye. However,  whenever she left them alone his eyes were transfixed and never left the bottom that he had watched getting a spanking. It was perhaps his best day ever when Kimberly left for college,  he no longer had to blush at the mere sight of her.

He was sheltered in his life from spankings,  but the sight of Kimberly getting spanked and the sound of Lainey getting spanked were two events that he could quite happily relive in his mind until the cows came home.

Everyone was at church two days after the event in their Sunday best,  once the service was over it was time for the families to socialize and catch up with one another. Tim stood close by his parents and their time at the post service gathering was going to be very short,  perhaps only ten minutes had passed before they were all in the family car heading home. That was the only time that Tim actually saw Elaine during the service,  as he was leaving,  but she didn’t see him. Elaine had seen the back of Tim’s head in the church but their eyes had not met.

As the church service attendees milled around talking to one another,  Elaine and Brittney pulled off one of their best stealth modes as they expertly inched their way step by step closer to each other. Like skilled tacticians they had soon maneuvered themselves from a small gathering into a place where there was just the two of them. They talked as quietly as they could and Brittney tried to offer up some comfort to her friend. “I’m sorry your grounded,  Lainey” she said in her best pouty face.

While Elaine had no intentions of passing the buck for her own lack of responsibilities,  she did make it known in a backhanded manner that she did have some displeasure with her friend. “If we hadn’t have stopped off for Pizza I wouldn’t be” she replied in the most non accusatory manner that she could muster.

Brittney looked like she had been stabbed with a needle. “I’m sorry” she pleaded with her friend.

Elaine let it pass and soon they were on to the fun subject of talking about the plans for the Saturday,  the day before Brittney’s birthday. The first port of call would be for Tim to pick up Bri,  and then the two of them could drive over to pick up Lainey before the three of them headed to the mall. Later that afternoon they would all meet up with other friends for an impromptu picnic in the park. The two of them didn’t have long left with their brief conversation as most of the church goers appeared to be wrapping up,  so Bri asked Elaine  “Does everything sound good”?

Lainey smiled as she was delighted to have something to look forward to,  but the little devil inside of her still wanted to pass some of the blame onto her friend for her current predicament. So before they broke up she teased Bri. “It sounds great,  Bri,  there’s just one question that we haven’t answered yet”

Bri perked up,  trying to think about what she may have missed,  before asking  “Which question is that,  Lainey”?

The devilish grin widened  “We haven’t decided who is going to give you your birthday spankings yet”

Bri chuckled and playfully punched her friend on the arm as she replied  “Uh,  like,  nobody,  HELLO”

Elaine winked as she stepped back towards the oncoming parents  “Alright,  I’ll ask my mom to spank you on Saturday morning then”

“The heck you will” a playfully alarmed Brittney said as she chased after her friend. Just before they met with their respective parents Bri grabbed Elaine’s arm and whispered in her ear  “Don’t you dare,  brat, I’m warning you”

The parents arrived and Elaine greeted her mom,  full of joy. “Hi Mom,  thanks for letting Brittney and I discuss her birthday plans in two weeks’ time,  I’ll be sure that you get a chance to wish her a happy birthday before we leave for the day”

Brittney blushed and grew feisty,  not only did her friend get the upper hand on this day,  but as she was also grounded for the next ten days she couldn’t even get a measure of revenge on her in any way possible. If looks could kill.

That night Brittney sat on her bed,  pained that she couldn’t call her best friend. Not just because of what had transpired,  but also because it was going to be an awfully long ten days not speaking with the person who she normally spoke with several times a week. However,  the elephant in the room still took over her thoughts,  much to her despair. The first thought of course being  ‘I’m glad the brat got spanked’,  but those thoughts were quickly replaced by what Elaine had suggested.

Mrs. Ferris wouldn’t spank her she thought, then quickly corrected herself with a silent laugh, actually, she probably would. She even went one step further by admitting to herself that she probably deserved a spanking anyway for the small part that she had in Elaine being grounded in the first place. Brittney quickly shook her head,  trying to erase the foolish thoughts that were swimming around in her mind. The seed had been planted though,  and try as she might it was unavoidable that she would picture a vision of herself lying over the lap of her best friend’s mom while they all laughed. The same vision was sure to appear several times over the coming week.

Day after day had passed and Bri desperately wanted to speak with Lainey. It wasn’t through any fear at all,  it was just the apprehensiveness of the unknown,  did Elaine actually say something to her mom? That question was burning Brittney up. The funny part was though,  Brittney acted as if she had no say in the matter. After all, she was an adult and she could flat out say no and move on if she wanted to. Unfortunately for her though that wasn’t how her mind worked,  she just needed to know whether Elaine’s mom planned to spank her or not for her birthday,  she just accepted it.

Elaine had virtually forgotten all about that playful conversation until the Thursday that she was no longer grounded when she went downstairs for breakfast,  two days before the Saturday in question. Elaine reached the kitchen and kissed her mom on the cheek as her mom stirred the scrambled eggs. As she headed to the table Mrs. Ferris said to her daughter that Brittney had called several times that morning already and that she wanted Elaine to call her back. As Elaine sat down at the table she jokingly announced  “She’s just worried because I told her that you were going to give her a birthday spanking” she said as she laughed.

Mrs. Ferris spoke as a matter of fact “That girl doesn’t need a birthday to get a spanking”

Elaine’s eyes bulged at what her mom said,  and she gleefully continued  “I agree mom,  so you will give her a spanking then”?

Mrs. Ferris grasped the wooden spoon that she was cooking the eggs with and playfully waved it in the air “Like she was my own daughter” before breaking out in a laugh.

It was only a playful suggestion by Elaine,  she really didn’t think about what she had said for the week prior to that morning,  and even just now it was no more than a flippant remark. She had no earthly idea that for ten days straight Brittney had pictured the scene in her head several times a day. When the two of them finally got on the phone Brittney was dying to ask Elaine if she had said anything to her mom,  it was only when the conversation was coming to an end that the topic even come up,  and it was at Elaine’s doing,  not Brittney’s. They finally confirmed their plans for Saturday and as Elaine stated that she would see her friend on Saturday morning she was sure to teasingly add  “Oh,  and mom was waving a wooden spoon this morning saying something about how you need a spanking,  just so that you know”

A thrill of excitement washed over Brittney’s body as her mouth opened,  before she spoke loudly back to her friend “There is NO WAY your mom is going to use a wooden spoon to spank me”

Elaine made a clicking sound with her mouth and finished with  “You had better be nice to her then”

Come the Saturday morning a completely unaware Tim drove over to Bri’s house to pick her up. He watched as she came down the driveway,  her ponytail bouncing behind her tied in a white ribbon,  her knee length blue summer dress flapping in the wind,  tied at the waist with a white sash. The whole ensemble complimented by her white shoes and white ankle socks that had a few rows of ruffles at the top. Thankfully she had Tim with her for the ride to keep her mind active.

When they arrived at Elaine’s everyone took their shoes off and sat at the table as Mrs. Ferris served lemonade. It became apparent to Bri pretty quickly that it had all been a ruse,  a prank played with her as the victim,  she was sure that she had nothing to worry about based on how everyone was acting. The conversation itself was somewhat mundane as they were all discussing the different things that they may do that day.

The table that they were all sat at was against the back garden window with Mrs. Ferris sat with her back to the window,  Brittney was on her left and Tim on her right with her daughter sat opposite her. As the conversation wound down the three friends all stood up to say their goodbyes,  but Elaine moved her chair a few feet away from the table. She smiled at her mom and said that they are all going to get going now,  she then turned to Bri and with a big smile added “Once Bri’s had her birthday spankings of course”

Brittney’s face blushed a deep red as she turned to face Mrs. Ferris,  and while the feeling was nowhere even close to the feeling that she used to have when she would carry her father’s strap to be used on her,  a spanking is still a spanking. She was genuinely embarrassed and wished for any potential spanking to be over with as soon as was humanly possible. Mrs. Ferris stood up from her chair and chuckled at the blushing girl  “19 today is it,  we had better get started then”

Brittney simply retorted  “Yes,  Ma’am”  as if getting spanked by your best friend’s mom was a normal everyday occurrence.

Elaine eased past Brittney and sat in the chair that her friend had just vacated while a bemused Tim sat back down as well,  completely oblivious to the back story of what was about to occur. I mean,  birthday spankings happen,  he just wasn’t expecting one to happen right now.

Mrs. Ferris sat down in the chair that her daughter had so thoughtfully moved out for her,  straightened out her skirt and then beckoned the birthday girl over. Brittney’s face was the color of a ripe tomato as she looked at the wagging finger calling her,  and without hesitation she moved forward and put herself face down over Mrs. Ferris’ lap like she had done so many times before growing up.

Mrs. Ferris put one hand on the small of Bri’s back as Bri gently grasped the bottom rung of the chair with both hands,  quite happy to let her ponytail fall over and cover her face to conceal her acute embarrassment. As she peered at Tim’s socks out of the corner of her eye she quickly bolted upright as she felt Mrs. Ferris flip the back of her dress high up onto her back,  her hand flew back and she yelled  “JESUS”

With the expertise of a seasoned pro,  Mrs. Ferris caught the flailing hand and securely tucked it into her side all in one motion,  and without hesitation unleashed eight very sound smacks upon the flimsy light blue nylon material covering Brittney’s fanny. A chorus of sounds accompanied each smack “Ohh, Oww, Ouch, Ow, No, Oww, Ouch, Oww”

Mrs. Ferris stopped as Brittney gyrated her bottom,  trying for all her might to eliminate that wicked sting permeating from it. With a very stern tone of voice Mrs. Ferris stated “We DO NOT take the lord’s name in vain in this house,  do you understand me”?

A well chastised young lady was quick to apologize  “Yes,  I’m sorry,  Mrs. Ferris,  you just,  err,  surprised me. I didn’t expect you to do that”

Almost rhetorically Mrs. Ferris responded  “You didn’t expect me to pull your dress up,  what type of spanking would that be”?

It was second nature to Mrs. Ferris,  it wasn’t even a flippant comment,  it was a genuine statement. Having been the recipient on many an occasion herself growing up,  she was fully aware that the exposure of ones panties in front of a group of other people was almost as bad of a punishment as the spanking itself was,  so it was a perfectly natural thing to do.

Taking the role of educator for a moment though,  Mrs. Ferris decided to impart some wisdom on her daughter’s friend. “If that was a surprise to you then I apologize,  Brittney,  in this house however the least you can expect is a spanking over your panties whenever you get a spanking”. Mrs. Ferris then dished out a wisecrack as well  “Lucky for you, you are wearing such cute panties today”

Brittney buried her head in embarrassment as she heard all three of them all chuckle at that comment.

One thing about Mrs. Ferris was that she was a firm believer in her daughter being responsible for her own behavior. Nobody could be assigned blame for the choices that Elaine made. With that said,  three days after that dreaded last spanking Mrs. Ferris had a meeting with her daughter and they had discussed in detail what had happened on that fateful Friday night and why she had missed her curfew. For a fleeting moment before the birthday spanking itself began,  Mrs. Ferris looked at the bubble butt staring up at her and she felt like dispensing Brittney’s share of the blame for Elaine missing curfew upon those upturned cheeks. Missing curfew was Elaine’s responsibility though,  and while both Brittney and Tim had shared in Elaine’s decision making that resulted in her missing curfew,  the responsibility was ultimately Elaine’s. Mind you,  it was just her caring maternal nature to think that both Brittney and Tim would both benefit from the same spanking that she given to her daughter for their respective roles in the event,  and she would also be more than happy to be the person delivering those sound spankings,  so she felt not an single ounce of guilt for the spanks that she had given Brittney for taking the Lord’s name in vain,  in fact there was a little catharsis to it.

Mrs. Ferris placed her hand on the thin nylon seat and asked “Are you ready”?

Tim sat there with his mouth opened and Elaine beamed from ear to ear as Brittney replied  “Yes,  Ma’am”

Tim watched the hand slowly go up and then followed it down until,  just like what he observed years before,  it came smacking down and he saw the joy of her bottom bounce and her panties ripple like it was a trip down memory lane. That was one smack,  there were eighteen to go plus one for luck and one to grow on. Tim had a problem,  he had no idea how he was going to make it through watching the entire spanking and what was worse,  even less of an idea as to how he was going to hide his own embarrassment when it was all over and they had to walk to the car. He had seen Brittney in a bikini many times but this was vastly different,  he had full view of her panties and the little ruffled ankle socks he could see kicking in the background excited him more than he could ever have imagined.

Tim hadn’t thought of spanking as something erotic up until that point,  even if he had masturbated many times over the memory of Kimberly getting the hairbrush,  he hadn’t put two and two together that the two acts were related. However,  being that he was now perhaps only five feet away and listening to the sound of a spanking up close,  and also watching that part of the female anatomy bounce and jiggle and gyrate right before his very eyes,  it was a huge turn on for him. No matter what he could do there was one thing he couldn’t do,  and that was hide the sexual excitement he was getting from watching Brittney get spanked.

Elaine didn’t seem to notice,  she had her own birds eye view of her friend’s bottom getting a spanking and it was pure delight for her. She dare not say anything,  but man did she wish her mom would spank her a bit harder. Brittney just wanted it over with,  she was praying that Mrs. Ferris would just get on with it and hurry up and finish. She had been spanked before in front of others,  indeed just like now there had been more than one occasion when visitors were watching the seat of her panties as she was spanked,  but for some reason this seemed a little different. Is it perhaps that she was older now and it was more embarrassing to get a spanking at that age,  or was it perhaps that she herself had felt some responsibility for Elaine getting a spanking and she had felt deep down that she deserved a spanking as well?

Brittney would never admit to anyone that the latter was closer to the truth than any other excuse that she could come up with,  it was something that she had ten days to think about and perhaps that was the reason why it never crossed her mind to question that her friend’s mom was going to spank her. That was a secret that she would keep to herself. It was much the same as the feeling that a lot of the older women in the small town would encounter from time to time,  and just like Brittney it was a secret that none of them would ever share with anybody. The urban legend of the Minister with a paddle in his office was an actual secret shared by a good number of women in this sleepy town,  and each of them was happy to play along that this story was just an urban legend. It was like their own little secret society. The real truth of the matter is that the feeling of repentance is something that sticks around inside of a person until it can be released,  and some of the townsfolk had personally known the most trusted man in the town for up to 30 years,  from back when their own parents would seek out the disciplinary help of the Minister,  to the secrets of today where those same people could still seek out the help of the same Minister,  only under their own terms now.

“And one for luck”

That was the pronouncement that the maternal palm had landed on the pretty blue nylon panties for the last time. A total of 29 spanks in all when you count the eight seat scorchers that started off the spanking. Luckily for Brittney the other 21 smacks were delivered at nowhere near the intensity of the first eight,  however,  the first eight did satisfy her curiosity as to how bad it could be. She wouldn’t dare confide anything that was troubling her with her father,  could she with Mrs. Ferris though?

Brittney stood and smoothed down her skirt as Mrs. Ferris reached in to hug her,  Elaine also sprang to her feet to join in the hug. Ever the opportunist,  Tim saw a window of opportunity and in a nanosecond he bolted out of his chair towards the front door,  talking as he went that he was going to start the car. He wasn’t going to respond to anything that was said to him,  he was effectively deaf,  dumb and blind at that moment. The only person who could potentially see him as he bolted from the chair was Brittney,  but he had to take the chance. If she saw the tent protruding in his shorts then he would live with it,  just as long as Mrs. Ferris didn’t see it.

When Brittney and Elaine got to the car,  Brittney made a dramatic sound of anguish as she sat down,  it was purely for comedic reasons. She loudly went into Valley girl mode and staring at her friend she stated “I am SO going to get you back for that,  just wait until your birthday”

Elaine mocked her and replied  “WHAT – EVER”

Bri turned to Tim as he began to pull away and said to him “Please spank her for me,  Tim”

Elaine laughed and put her hand on Tim’s thigh,  far too close to the problem that he was still trying to repress,  and said “You wouldn’t spank little old me,  would you sweetheart”?

Elaine left the subject right there,  she had seen more than enough as she removed her hand to know that he probably would spank her.

End of part 2

So there you have it,  if you wish to leave a comment you can do so by leaving it at the bottom of this post,  or,  alternatively,  if you would like to make a suggestion for part 3 of the story then by all means do so by using the form below. Even if that is to offer some criticisms. I put a lot of work into writing this story so I would like to get some type of feedback for it.

As you will see in the story,  I have left a lot of open ended scenarios for readers to think of a suggestion.

Elaine of course has her mom,  but her friend has also suggested that Tim spank Elaine,  and Elaine seems to know that the idea would excite Tim.

Brittney of course has admitted to herself that she actually needed a spanking,  does she want to follow up with Mrs. Ferris,  or will she fall afoul of her father and slip up with a huge NO NO cuss word?

Then we have the minister and the secret society of parishioners who have secretly visited him,  some for up to 30 years,  to receive their repentance. Who are these people? Is Mrs. Ferris a member of the Minister’s secret society?

And finally we have Tim as a wildcard, whose girlfriend seems to know that he might spank her. I also received many responses the last time as well suggesting that Tim spank the mom. However,  he is also under the spanking radar of his girlfriend’s mom,  and hopefully Kimberly and her mom never found out what he did.

The choices are yours,  and based on the last time that I ran this questionnaire the responses will be a combination of all of the various scenarios described above.

Birthday Spanking In Pajamas – WWC 131

I’m off to Iceland today guys, I will have my iPhone and iPad with me so I should be able to post updates from Iceland. Also, my intention is to book my trip to Vegas today for next month as well. As mentioned in a previous post I will be doing my annual interview with Dana Specht and I’m seeking questions to ask her. In return for asking a question you can get 56 vintage F/M pics that don’t get posted anywhere if that floats your boat. SEE THAT POST HERE.

Today, for my Windsor Wednesday Classic number 131, we take a trip to one of my favorite topics, birthday spankings. This is a great one as well because it leaves a lot to the imagination that allows you to create your own scenario.


What do you suppose is playing out here? A daughter on the way to college getting her final birthday spanking in front of her friend? Or perhaps, and this is my favorite, her friend has stayed over to help her move and it is the friend getting the birthday spankings from the dad? The upstairs neighbor coming to borrow some milk, AGAIN!! Or perhaps a niece is staying over?

Which scenario do you think is playing out? Most of the time I get very few comments, but I think a lot of that is because people don’t know where the comment box is. So I have made it easy, just click on the YOUR COMMENTS image below and you will be taken to straight to the comments section.

For you older folks out there like me, how many of you also thought that maybe this is Chrissie Evert’s tennis coach giving her some final early morning instructions 🙂

This will be added to my WINDSOR’S BIRTHDAY SPANKINGS collection.

Click on the box above to leave a comment.

Grace's Bedtime Spanking

You should all know by now,  I am very picky about I like in a video. While I might subscribe to a website every now and then,  I’m almost exclusively doing so to support the person running the site. Many years ago I would join all of the sites periodically,  find what I like and skip past what I didn’t like. As time has gone on,  and this isn’t a knock on websites,  they have to do what sells and pays the bills,  but as time has gone on I find that there is less and less tailored for me.

I’m relegated now to purchasing individual clips on sites such as clips4sale. I’m not into spanking scenes where the focus is actually on the vagina,  I don’t get anything from the ABDL scene,  and if I’ve seen one naked shower spanking I’ve seen a hundred. Like I said,  people have to produce what sells and I wish them luck on that.

Occasionally though,  I stumble across something that really strikes a cord with me.

What I was going to do was make a post on  ‘Triggers’  but I will leave that for later in the week now. Today I will focus on this video from SPANKING SOULMATE who has given me permission to post this. Be sure to click the link to go to his page and check him out,  there is a contact page on the site if you ever imagine yourself getting a spanking like the one shown below.

Why does this video reach me? It’s quite simple really,  it checks a number of boxes. First of all it is a roleplay,  something that you rarely see online that it is being presented as a roleplay. The camera angle is just where I like it,  though I will be honest it could have been raised six inches. Grace is wearing a silky nightie,  oh how I wanted to spank her myself,  portraying a girl who thinks she is too old to be told to go to bed,  and no doubt feels that she is too old for spankings as well!!

She is wearing panties underneath the nightie,  something that I believe some people have super strong opinions on both for and against,  and the actual spanking itself,  in my opinion of course,  is just about perfect!! Not over the top,  but a good sound spanking nonetheless. The key to following how good it is,  is by the expressions on Grace’s face and her body movements. You can tell that she fully appreciated the difference between some protection,  and by the distress on her face how that compared to a bare bottom spanking.

Top notch stuff!! There are a couple of little bits that I would have changed,  but overall this is one of those ten out of ten videos for me. The most important part is the interaction between the players,  if you get that right then you have a head start from the get go. Good job guys!! Be sure to check out SPANKING SOULMATE for more and feel free to share some love in the comments section for the participants in this video.


Top Ten Stories Of 2016

For whatever reason,  the spanking stories that I write are one of the most popular features on this site,  and I rarely get the chance to write anymore. I really should because every day the stories are read dozens of times. Maybe you have an idea for a story that will give me inspiration? Feel free to leave a comment if you do.

My blog has been running for ten years now,  and every year the story of the first spanking that I ever gave was the most read story by a country mile. That changed this year though,  and not only changed,  but the story didn’t even hold onto 2nd place. I’m guessing by now that everyone has read it. So here are the top ten most read stories of 2016,  based on how many times each story was clicked on.


Number of times read:  6968

Three girls are about to celebrate the birthday of one of them,  but before they leave the house a girl hints that he father should spank her friend. He duly obliges,  but it is the other friend who isn’t getting spanked that is turned on the most by this. How long will it be before she gets a spanking?

It’s amazing when you think about it that she dressed so modestly,  because there was nothing modest about it when she was over his lap and her panty clad bottom was sticking in the air,  knowing that her friends,  neighbors and cousins were all being treated to a wonderful sight as they all laughed while she lay there red faced and praying for things to be over. It was never that simple though,  he would do this little talk about how he had spoiled her and perhaps how he should have done this a long time ago,  her face a deep scarlet with the knowledge that a bunch of eyes were probably transfixed on her upturned bottom as he talked. By the time he was done she was almost begging for the spanking to start,  and oh boy did he spank when it finally did start. Read more…..


Number of times read: 6621

This story details how ellee and I got to become friends after meeting at a party. There is a review of the first spanking that I gave to ellee and then a much more detailed account of an elaborate roleplay that the pair of us did. During this account ellee gets spanked,  then gets the hairbrush and finally she is caned. There are 12 super hot pics in this story so be sure not to miss this one. Read More…


Number of times read:  4932

We all had to start somewhere,  and my first experience took place in 1979. The spanking may not have been a classic,  but it is very memorable and resonates with me to this day. My girlfriend was wearing white nylon panties that day and it is an image that has proved everlasting,  even though I have probably spanked another 100 girls the same way,  it never gets old and is a big trigger for me. Read more…..


Number of times read:  4799

Another real life spanking tale,  this time done at a spanking party. The title is slightly misleading,  however,  it did take place in the middle of a room,  albeit a room of spankos. Another first time spanking between friends. Read more….


Number of times read:  3734

Living with a summer camp director and his wife for the summer,  Jane playfully teases when the director suggests a birthday spanking for her. It is a little more than she bargained for,  but she didn’t mind,  in fact the following morning she was getting a repeat performance. It was probably a long summer. Read more…..


Number of times read:  3601

I’m just a playful guy who loves to spank the bottoms of naughty little girls. Sometimes though,  albeit very rarely,  things take a darker side. In this story I spanked three girls back to back,  and circumstances being what they were and the planets aligning correctly,  each one of the three girls cried their way through the spankings. There was nothing really harsh,  and I have rarely if ever spanked a girl to tears,  but this was one Saturday where emotions were running high. ellee and I have a private recording of her spanking and she sobbed throughout the entire event. On playback,  it is just about the hottest thing ever,  especially as it rook place in a library room. Read more….


Number of times read:  3489

Coming of age birthday spankings are something that I very much enjoy writing about,  a hint of playful innocence combined with an exploration of the spanking lifestyle. The formula to this story is the same as the others,  but of course with a twist. A girl walks in on her mom and the neighbor having coffee,  but being the brat that she is she makes all types of innuendos to embarrass the neighbor. When she makes a sassy comment about what he will give her for her birthday,  he suggests a spanking. Unfortunately for Laura,  her mom only encourages it. Once the spanking is over and the two adults are talking on the phone,  it would appear that the neighbor just threatened to spank Laura’s mom as well. Read more….


Number of times read:  3349

A different type of story to those that I normally write. In this one a young man knows that the girl next door gets spanked. When they are alone he playfully agrees to let her spank him. It is during their game they are interrupted and now it is the woman next door gets to dish out the spankings. His curiosity is now more than satisfied as he leaves with a well spanked behind listening to the sound of the girl next door having a hairbrush applied liberally to her bottom. Read more….


Number of times read:  2766

Nothing but a sexy spanking here between two neighbors. Things get so hot that he carries her upstairs after where you get to let your imagine run wild. This story is very short,  but hot. Read more….


Number of times read:  2226 

The weeks of contact had seemed like an eternity,  each email or phone call just increasing the desire to be spanked,  each one feeling like additional torture. She had even practiced placing pillows on a chair and laying over them like she was OTK,  looking at his picture on her computer screen as she lifted her skirt,  blushing as she imagined how it would feel for real. Then inserting her fingers into the waistband of her panties and drawing them all the way down to her knees. My God is this going to be embarrassing,  she thought to herself,  as she tried to clench her cheeks to protect her modesty. Emily laid there for ten minutes trying to imagine the scene unfolding,  looking behind her to try and see what view he would have.


Part 2…..

Part 3…..



Editing Time

My hope is that wherever you are in the world that you had a wonderful holiday celebration with your family. I held on to my gift right until Christmas day,  just for old times sake. I was one happy man when I opened it,  that’s for sure. Pixie had sent me a lovely collection of treats from a British shop,  and I was all out of Branston Pickle so I was chuffed to bits that there was a jar of that in the goodie box. There were even some Jammie Dodgers in there and I haven’t had one of those in decades 🙂

So this week I am preparing the 7th annual interview that Dana Specht and I conducted back in April. Yes,  another of the casualties from my busy year was not being able to edit the video up until now. Thankfully though,  despite my procrastination,  Dana tweeted a pic this week,  and I guess I should be thankful that I didn’t make her naughty list 😉

Speaking of naughty lists,  did any of you make the naughty list this year? If so I sure hope that you got a good spanking for it. Talking of Christmas spankings,  if you go to David Pierson’s TWITTER PAGE,  you can find a whole series of spanking videos that I recorded with Punished Brats back in the day where I got to play Santa. Just click the highlighted link and enjoy,  there is lots to watch. And be sure to pay a visit to Punished Brats as well.

Enjoy the rest of the holidays my good people.


Windsor Wednesday Classic – 100

I’m being a bit smug here,  but it is hard to come up with something that is extra special for the one hundredth post in this series. Virtually everything that I post is going to be new to almost the entire spanking community,  which is what I want to be known for. I don’t claim anything that I post,  I only claim to have put the effort in to bring it to you rather than rely on the artistic creativity of someone else’s work.

So as every Wednesday post is unique anyway,  what I will do as a special treat is post three pics for you this week that hopefully you will enjoy.

First up is a pic that has already been added to the database that Chross collects. He already has a copy of  this spanking pic,  though the version he garnered has more of a sepia tone to it and it is slightly distorted. What I have is a black and white version which is a much clearer copy. This is Olive Borden in the 1927 film,  Pajamas.

olive borden pajamas

Next up we go back to 1954 and an older couple have some spanking fun. Of course there is no description as to what is going on,  that is for you,  the viewer to decide.

s-l1600 (3)

And finally,  back to 1941 and what appears to be a nurse or a maid getting some playful spanks. If you look closely it appears she might be getting her own licks in as well.



No ‘Gina Pics

I’m pretty sure that there is a touch of prudishness in me when it comes to spanking pics. I tend to believe that it all goes back to the origins of how one first develops there interest in spanking,  at least for me it does. The picture below captures in essence EVERYTHING I like to see in a spanking pic,  hell,  even a movie. The angle itself is my favorite angle to witness a spanking from,  and you know what,  after watching the trailer for this film I went and purchased a subscription to the website SOLELY on what I saw in one pic and a video trailer. Now I could have purchased the film for a few dollars less,  but if I liked that film and was getting it anyway,  why not get the whole site for basically the same price?


Here’s the thing,  I like this angle for two reasons. First of all,  the angle is delicious and reminds me of spankings I could have seen growing up. I simply love seeing the curves of the bottom from this angle,  the pronounced division of the cheeks,  and always with the one visible cheek showing the marks of a spanking. In this particular pic it doesn’t hurt that you are also able to see the spanking hand clearly in motion.

During the Boardwalk Badness party this weekend I got into quite a conversation about the topic of pictures that I like compared to vagina pics,  and one person I was talking to really summed it up for me,  there is still a mystery there,  an allowance to let you use your imagination. Obviously that is a huge reason why I love vintage spanking pics,  it is because they generally tend to be PG and allow you to envision what is actually happening and what may follow.

Before I continue I have to say that this is not a knock on anyone,  or any producers or individual posters,  this is solely my view. After all,  we are all entitled to our own thoughts,  right? This pic above excited me,  but obviously for one pic I am not paying out money (other than the pics I buy for you guys). Being an experienced blogger though I knew where to look to see whether there were other like minded pics through the affiliate program. There wasn’t any more on the FHG for this set,  but the video trailer sold me. After joining the site,  for this set alone I was able to get more than a dozen pics of what I consider to be a list spanking photos,  you know,  that special folder of mine where MY favorite pics are stored.

I’m a rarity,  a total rarity,  I find vagina pics in spanking pics and videos to be a complete turn off. In my world and my world only,  the more vagina that is advertised,  the less likely that I am to join that site or buy those films. It is just a personal preference,  I don’t like to see a vagina and anus in spanking pics,  period. Obviously when watching a spanking film that isn’t being deliberately made to show as much vagina as is humanly possible,  there will be times where you see more than is intended,  and that doesn’t bother me,  mainly because my focus isn’t there anyway. This also plays a huge part as to why I have no problem if a spanking is totally given on the panties because let’s be honest,  most of the butt is bare anyway,  lol.

I’m very particular about what I like in spanking and I would have to say,  with deliberate irony,  that the pic above is The Perfect TEN 🙂 For angles alone the video itself is something that I will watch many times,  especially the hairbrush session which again captures a pleasant voyeuristic plethora of angles. I even have to say that butt cam spanking over the pajamas is really classy and for someone like me it is very hot to watch. I know that I’m not going to have a lot of support in what I like,  but I can at least share a great movie for you that DOES encompass what I like if you view spanking the same way that I do. If you want to see the film that I am talking about which is on mommaspankings then click the link below to the Sarah Gregory Pass for both sites. There are a lot of pics that appease me on the sites so it was well worth the money. I do have to say though,  pajamas,  silky panties,  an angle from the head of the spankee and a hairbrush,  it honestly doesn’t get much better than that for me!!

The Mona Freeman Collection

Yesterday I posted a recent find of Mona Freeman in Dear Brat,  one where she is actually smiling during a posed spanking. Having seen some of my previous Mona Freeman finds made into a collage,  I decided that I wanted to get all of the originals together in one post should anyone search for them in particular. Also,  I have a titload of work coming up in the next few days which will mean some long nights,  so just in case I don’t get to post you will at least have something new. Idle hands are the cause of the devils work!!

The first two are from Dear Brat,  one smiling and one non smiling.


The next three pics are from Dear Ruth. Now what happened originally was that I had the spanking pic,  and then one day while searching Ebay I found two non spanking ones which seemed to be telling a great story. Interestingly as well,  the non spanking pics were listed independently of each other,  which was a lovely coincidence. This,  to me,  is very reminiscent of original mainstream spanking pics. There is a story to be told,  but just what the story is can be as wild as your imagination is. What do you think Mona is saying to Edward Arnold? Seems to be a fanciful tale whatever it is. She seems so pleased with herself in the second pic. Unfortunately the spanking pic isn’t as high quality as the non spanking pics.

$(KGrHqYOKnME3b9WZyBEBN+N)y,yfQ~~0_3ruth2dear ruth

Pajamas And Birthdays

Unfortunately there is no Wednesday classic this week,  I was in Boston all day yesterday and now I only have a few minutes before I go to work so I need to cook something up quick.

On MOMMA SPANKINGS I noticed a new video that they have up and as someone filled out the bedtime spankings survey as well yesterday,  why not see what your thoughts are. On Friday I will post the entire survey results but for now it seems like most people think that panties should NOT be worn under pajamas.

Here is the survey followed by a couple of pics from Momma Spankings. BEDTIME SPANKINGS

005 009


Coincidentally,  it also happens to be Dana Specht’s birthday today,  so obviously you can go to her site to wish her a happy birthday,  but if you want to let your fantasies go,  here is also a fantasy survey on birthday spankings with Dana Specht where you get to choose whether one of the two girls get spanked,  or you get spanked,  or your friend gets spanked,  or guess what,  everyone gets spanked!!


Ellee's Story

It has been a while since I last told a tale of a real life spanking that I have given. There was one that happened recently though that has brought me out of a bit of a spanking funk and has renewed my excitement about the future. One area of spanking that I have put on the back burner for many years now is the art of roleplaying,  and this special person has helped me to realize just how much that I love to do it. Often I have talked about quality over quantity and this solidifies my view on that because this has the potential to be a very special event for me. Actually I should say that it has already been special and my hope is that it continues.

Just to give you an idea,  there are many different scenes on spanking sites on the Internet that you would have seen that I have devised and created. Creativity is something that stimulates my mind and nothing makes me happier than to be asked for my input in creating a spanking scene for a company.

At a previous party a girl by the name of Ellee had approached me to tell me that she had been reading my writings for many years now. We chatted for quite a while and my immediate thought of course was to ask her to play,  but that is one area that I’m not so good at. When I meet someone for the first time at a spanking party I hate being one of the folks who immediately says  “Would you like to play”,  it just seems so impersonal to me. From my past experience I have to chat to people first,  and if a play session is meant to happen then it will probably do so the next go around. It might be an approach that I need to change,  but I have always been the type of guy to actually want to know someone first. From the first interaction I certainly wanted to,  but at the same time I didn’t want this to be the only interaction ever between us. I wanted a mutual connection on some minor level. Being that I am always super careful with someone who I don’t know during the first spanking,  it might have been a disappointment for Ellee had we played that night anyway.

The following week we got to meet up again at a different party,  and as usual the nerves were there for me as they always are at a party. This time there was spanking going on and my desire to play with Ellee was high. After some milling around,  Ellee came my way to chat,  though if my inkling is right I think she was also saying  “Here is my dance card,  would you like to play”?

This is one area that has always been a struggle for me. Now I know that the onus is on the guy to do the asking and I have no problem with that of course,  but just walking up to someone and saying  “Would you like to play”  without any interaction at all is something that I struggle with. This is where the girls can play a key role by showing some interest in playing with a guy,  to allow the guy the opportunity to pop the question,  by letting him know that she is okay with it.

I think that I am fairly blessed in knowing who wants to play with me and who doesn’t and generally I can get a good read on people. You don’t really need to be a genius to be able to work this out,  you just have to be honest. Obviously I never go short when it comes to playing so perhaps I am more in tune with myself. There are a lot of girls who show eagerness to play with me so that tends to be my focus. That is a different topic for a different day though. Ellee had made it well known to me that she wanted to play with me so it allowed me the opportunity to play the game,  to propose a play date. I guess I am a little old fashioned that way.

This time the pleasantries with Ellee would also include some spanking talk as we chatted,  and when the time was right I asked her if she would like to play. Now my memory isn’t something to be proud of,  in fact I can forget what I did yesterday pretty much,  but the words that came out of her mouth I remember very clearly  “I would like that very much”  were the words that she said. While I may be known as the ultra popular top,  those words were like music to my ears,  it sounded beautiful. Despite popular belief,  I am ALWAYS really honored when someone truly wants to play with me.

So I wanted to avoid jumping straight in and I told her that I would be looking for her,  which wasn’t going to be that long I can assure you,  a little anticipation can go a long way in my eyes. When I returned to set up the play date she was gone!! It’s a spanking party after all,  so this time I stayed where I was and I waited for her return. That isn’t something that I normally do,  wait around for someone,  but I wanted this to happen as much as she did. Once she did return I allowed for the recovery time and after Ellee and I made eye contact,  with a nod we knew that we were both ready and I gave her a playful  “Go up to your room young lady”. I’m not even sure if she heard me say that,  I sure hope that she did.

Now I’m not sure if we had talked about it beforehand in the earlier conversation,  or whether it happened on the spot,  but we both discovered that we liked to roleplay. So I was very quick to come up with a reason why my niece needed a spanking,  it was a real reason,  and Ellee began to plead her case. The first thing that I discovered was that this is one very smart girl,  she could think quickly on her feet and had me tongue tied. By the end of it I think that I was holding on to the flimsiest of reasons to spank her,  but then the magic happened. When I asked Ellee what I said I was going to do to her based on a previous discussion,  she lowered her head,  thumbed the hem of her pretty dress and simply said quietly “A spanking”. It is moments like this that define spanking for me. Seriously,  girly girls drive me insane and Ellee couldn’t have looked any more girly than she was at that point,  so vulnerable and dare I say it,  cute. If you have read about me for a long time you will pick up on the things that enhance a scene for me,  Ellee had just done one of those things.

The alpha male adrenalin surged through my body. Now I knew that mistakes were going to happen during this play session,  it was the first time after all and it was to be a foundation for the both of us. Ellee went over my knee on the bed and for as long as I could manage from that position,  I warmed her up through her dress,  then the slip that was attached to the dress and then finally the treat,  the cutest unicorn panties you ever did see. By the way,  the whole time that this was happening,  Ellee had the smaller of my ivory hairbrushes on the bed in front of her.


Of course I really wanted to have Ellee otk,  but there was no chair for us to use,  and with the bed not providing my body with any support we had to change positions for her to go over one knee. Once the hand spanking was over I asked Ellee to pass me the brush. It was something that I happened to notice,  but she didn’t give it to me straight away,  instead she studied it first. One of the scene breaks happened during this time as well. I’m a party veteran after all and Ellee is fairly new to the scene,  but that doesn’t mean that I have to forget my manners. Stopping the scene as I delivered the hairbrush to the seat of her panties I had to pause and ask her  “Are you okay with your panties coming down”?  It presented no problem for Ellee,  other I think than her thinking that it was an unusual question for me to ask,  so I resumed the spanking,  and when the time was right I told her that she was now going to be spanked on her bare bottom.


Now this wasn’t a hard spanking by any means,  nor was it meant to be,  I wanted to learn about Ellee here. The little nuances that I could play off for future events,  her demeanor,  her fighting spirit,  her resignation. It may surprise some people but that is something that is very important to me,  I want to know what works for the person that I am playing with and I hope that they afford me the same courtesy. It all added up to one wonderful scene. When all was said and done I pulled up her panties while she was still over my knee (always do that to be respectful guys) and yet another error occurred when I pulled the panties up so well that the left side gave her a huge wedgie,  lol. Afterwards Ellee sat on my lap and I noticed straight away,  mild spanking or not,  her butt was on fire. This was a getting to know you spanking and I couldn’t be happier,  I knew right there and then we could produce some good chemistry going forward.


Later on Ellee had stated that she wanted to try my Malaysian cane,  and of course I would be delighted to give it to her. As the night drew near I waited for an opportunity for our paths to cross for what seemed like hours,  before coming to the conclusion that it wasn’t going to happen. Everyone had gathered from upstairs to say goodbye and I rued a missed opportunity,  it was something that I had built up in my mind and I was a little disappointed that it wasn’t going to happen. Before Ellee put her coat on though,  she looked at me and said as she smiled  “I would like to try your cane one day”. Well this isn’t my normal style at all,  but I had been waiting for a good part of the evening to do this,  and as everyone was putting their coats on I got very toppy and said  “Good, let’s do it right now”


Now I know what Ellee is capable of taking from having looked at her pictures,  but that is never my goal in life. There is an old adage that I always apply,  just because a girl has been known to take it,  it doesn’t mean that you have to give it. When I play with someone I do so as I would with anyone,  the first spanking will never be a serious one,  nor perhaps will the second one be. The level of the spankings increase as time goes on. This could be one of the reasons that I am successful in finding play partners,  by building up a trust between the two parties from the get go. Ellee will find out what most girls find out as time goes on,  when it is time to be serious then it will be time to be serious. The friendship is more important to me first.


As Ellee’s husband took the pics I had decided on giving her six medium strokes with the cane. Once again,  I’m careful with a cane,  but I could tell right away that Ellee could take what I was giving quite easily. So as her husband complained that he couldn’t get the right shot I increased it to twelve strokes. Unfortunately it was super late and people wanted to leave,  so after stroke 9 we had to cut it short and I said that I would give her one more. Knowing it was the last one I picked my favorite spot,  right on the underside of the cheeks,  something that I had hoped would make Ellee shift uncomfortably in her car seat. Once again there is one of those little things that I adore that happened. After the hug,  without a care in the world Ellee held her dress up and started to rub her bottom through her panties. That type of thing makes me smile a lot and I quickly snapped the camera up from her husband and grabbed a pic of it happening.


After this evening our friendship picked up via email. We shared ideas and thoughts,  put together a roleplay where we would both be in character throughout,  and I even bought her a pair of white nylon panties to wear with her uniform. It was going to be months before this happened,  but it was something to look forward to. Whenever I do a roleplay with someone I try to put in as much effort as I can because it is the intricacies of a scene that could make or break it for someone. It is certainly the case for me so I assume that it is the same for others. In fact the more that I think about it,  even if I am giving someone a serious spanking I put as much effort in. Ellee’s friend Alex will find that out soon.

Just after Christmas something happened,  Ellee had emailed me to ask me if I was going to be somewhere on New Year’s eve,  just imagine my delight when I found out that she was going to be there as well.

The roleplay that we have set for later on is safe and I didn’t want to ruin that special occasion, but the moment that I knew Ellee was going to be at the party I devised a new plan. We have a school scene planned for the future and my creative juices started to flow,  perhaps we could do an Uncle/niece scene as a prelude to the schoolgirl scene. All I did was give Ellee the basics of her being sat in her bedroom in her pajamas waiting for her Uncle to arrive,  she had no idea of how much work I was going to put into this scene.

The first thing that I did during our email exchanges was to create a template of a school letterhead and type a letter from her headmaster to her Uncle. This was something that I did that was based on our conversations and by reading her profile,  to try and find the little things that I thought might work for her. The scene that I played over in my head was of a girl who still gets spanked sitting in her room reading a letter from her school detailing her misbehavior. Try and imagine yourself in that position as you are waiting for the inevitable,  there was no way in my mind that I thought that this trick would fail.

Ellee had no idea about any of this until the day of the party itself. To tease her I had let her know about the letter during the party and at one point she flat out asked me with an anxious look  “Do you really have a letter”?

My response was wicked,  with a grin I replied  “Oh yes,  and you will have some explaining to do”

That was the time when I produced the letter from my bag to show her that it existed,  only to show her there was a letter mind you,  she was still going to have to wait for it. That is part of the preparation that I had planned,  I wanted her to think about this letter,  to be able to get her mind in the game,  and I think that it worked. Once she saw the letter she acted a bit frantic and you could almost hear her tummy rumbling.

Now all week leading up to this event I had played things over and over in my mind,  what I was going to do,  what I was going to wear,  what I was going to say,  all the little things designed to make her squirm. When I got to the party there was no Ellee,  and hours went by where I felt a little deflated having spent so much time putting in the thoughts that I had done. It was at a time where I had assumed that she wasn’t coming when I overheard someone say that she would be there at a certain time. Oh man,  now I was pacing,  running the thoughts back over in my head,  my excitement level was at a fever pitch. When Ellee arrived she was already in her pajamas which just increased my desire to act this scene out with her.

It is a party and I didn’t want to rush anything,  I never do. I bide my time and decided that after midnight,  once the New Year was upon us,  that was the time when we were going to do this. I could sense the excitement in the girl,  she wanted that letter more than you could imagine and made mention of it several times,  that is why I kept delaying the scene itself,  to keep her on her toes. Like I said,  we are now in character,  and the moment that I start we are going to remain that way. It is difficult being at a party but I scoped out a room,  grabbed the letter and then it began. When I approached Ellee she was smiling,  it told me that she wanted to be a part of this event.


In the sternest voice I could muster I said  “Ellee, I received this letter from your school today and you have some explaining to do. Now you take it upstairs to your room,  read it,  and you think about what you have to say to me”

Ellee was gone,  I have never seen a girl run upstairs that fast in my life. I will be damned though if someone hadn’t grabbed the open room while I was preparing the scene. The empty room was the one I wanted,  the one with a vanity at the end of the bed that I could sit on and put Ellee over my knee,  but that was the one that had just been taken. We had to step out of character a little bit as we waited for a room,  but shortly afterwards we had one and I just turned around so that Ellee could go about her business.

The letter was long,  but besides that I was going to make her wait anyway. I wanted her to read the letter,  digest it,  and think of what she was going to say to get out of it. As eager as I was I had already played this out in my mind over and over,  to get inside of her mind I needed to give her the time to spend on her own. I was to find out that later on that it had indeed worked. Ellee had read the letter twice,  even concentrating on certain sentences more than that.

Now before I go on,  earlier in the evening I had given her the white nylon panties and a part of me wanted her to put them on for the scene. This should give you some idea as to how important the schoolgirl scene is to me though,  I want that one to be really special,  and the panties are a part of her uniform,  so that thought left my mind quickly. I had already seen earlier in the evening that Ellee had on a very small pair of red panties,  and though she didn’t know it at the time,  her pajamas were coming down from the get go so they seemed perfect for this purpose.

The details are so important to make this work. I picked up my brush and walked up the stairs,  just like that famous picture of the girl with the covers pulled up to her chin as her dad stands in the doorway holding the hairbrush. I don’t know if Ellee had heard me or not as I was coming up the stairs,  but soon I knocked on the door. I heard no answer so I walked straight in to see Ellee sat sideways on the bed toying with the letter next to her,  almost like she was wishing it away. She didn’t look at me at all,  Ellee looked squarely at the brush that I was holding and with a pout and a deflated sigh she looked away. Placing the brush down on the dresser I asked her while standing with both of my hands on my hips.  “So,  what do you have to say for yourself”?


There was a shrug and then she began,  every excuse that she could think of was coming out of her mouth and at one point she almost had me. I’m telling you,  this is one smart girl here. Nothing was going to let her talk herself out of this one,  as much as she tried. Allowing her ample time to give an explanation I decided that the time was now right. Walking over to Ellee I grabbed her by the upper arm (I pay attention to detail also) and told her to stand up and it was now that she realized that it was going to happen  “I’m sorry I lied”  she said as she twiddled with her fingers,  hoping that this admission would somehow suffice but quickly asking as well  “Do I have to get a spanking”?

“Yes,  you most certainly do young lady,  and what’s more,  it is going to be a good sound spanking at that”

Ellee hadn’t given up totally though,  there was some fight left in her as she contradicted herself when she mumbled  “I didn’t really lie,  technically”

Man do I wish that I had a chair at that point,  in retrospect I should have made her wait for a while as I got one. I’m 5’7” and sitting on a bed to give a spanking just doesn’t work for me. There is so little space for proper arm movement and the back is unsupported. So it was over one knee again and the pajama bottoms came straight down. My goal had been to spank her soundly with my hand from the start,  but the position I was in wasn’t conducive for me,  it certainly wasn’t as thorough as I had wanted it to be. So I did the best that I could for a couple of minutes before telling the naughty girl  “Now I want you to stand up and go and bring me that hairbrush”


Like any good top I watched her red bottom glide over to the dresser as her feet tangled up in the pajamas at her ankles,  and then I got the treat of the last act of defiance when Ellee picked up the brush. A foot stomping girl making a declaration  “This is so not fair,  I don’t want the hairbrush”. Yes,  right before she was about to get spanked with a hairbrush she had a little tantrum.

With a pout to sink a battleship she reluctantly brought the hairbrush over to me,  carefully studying the back of it as she did. Taking the brush from her I then gave Ellee a lecture about her behavior,  and then a decision that I had made for the future  “Now I spoke to Mr. Windsor at your school and I have given him my permission to punish you as he sees fit from this day forward. Not only that,  but if you get punished at school you are also going to get punished when you get home”

There was more pleading,  Ellee was frantic for me to reconsider my decision,  these were words that Ellee didn’t want to hear,  but my decision was final and I took her back over my knee. She was playing the game to a tee.

“I promised you a good sound spanking young lady and that is exactly what you are going to get,  and that spanking is going to be on your bare bottom”

The panties quickly descended to her knees and I took up the brush. Now again,  while Ellee may disagree,  my use of the brush was methodical and firm,  it wasn’t hard by any means. My goal was to make it sting but to keep the element of surprise for later. My words were what I had hoped to use to drive the message home. Now I have no doubt that it stung a lot and at one point her hand came back as well. Perhaps I could be wrong here,  but I believe that Ellee was offering me a little piece of submission by doing this,  a silent  “Hold my wrist please”

The hairbrush spanking went on for a while and it wasn’t long before her legs began to kick. As I had a hold of her wrist I thought why not,  and I locked her legs between mine as well. The girl was now pinned. I will tell you this though,  the feeling of her little legs trying to kick in between mine was the most awesome feeling in the world.


Her bottom was peppered for several minutes with the brush but as I mentioned already,  it wasn’t the worst spanking she will ever get. There is a method to my madness,  one day soon Ellee will know the difference between a proper hairbrush spanking from her Uncle and the reminder one that I gave her on New Year’s Eve. If the playing status continues as it currently is then it is a feeling that I believe will not only be noticeable for her,  but it will be something that she will appreciate as well. It is my firm belief that when you leave something in the tank it increases the stimuli for the next go around and just makes that scene even better.

When it was almost over I gave Ellee some positive encouragement with my words and by rubbing her back,  but we had to finish with a round of harder spanks to drive the message home. Once her panties were up she sat on my lap and I told her what I expected from her for the future. My words perhaps didn’t carry the exact message that she wanted to hear so she flat out asked me  “Am I forgiven”.

Of course I reassured her that she was forgiven and that produced a smile on her face,  and dare I say a little sass as it was at that point that she decided to ask me a question  “If Mr. Windsor spanks me for this same reason,  will I still get a spanking at home”?

The little brat,  of course I can’t spank her for something that I have already spanked her for.

She thinks that she is a wily little girl though? I have tricks up my sleeve for her let me assure you. Her uncle can’t spank her for what she has been spanked for already,  and that is what her headmaster will be spanking her for as well. What Ellee doesn’t know yet is that she is being caned by the headmaster for a different reason,  and that is a reason her uncle hasn’t spanked her for. It is a pretty bad reason as well and I have a feeling that Ellee has just talked herself into another spanking,  and her Uncle’s belt will come off for that one. This is the first that she will be hearing of this. For the later scene Ellee is going to be given a punishment slip by her headmaster,  and on that slip will be the reason that she has earned the cane. If she is getting the cane then it must be for something serious,  and trust me,  it is all planned out already. Ellee had once confided in me that she has never been spanked for this reason before,  so there will be a definite air of realism involved. Ellee will be able to work out what the reason is from this story,  and from this day forward she will now have to think about how bad the consequences are going to be for her actions!!


Once it was all over we walked out of the room,  still in character,  but crossing the threshold she couldn’t contain herself anymore and Ellee’s character left her. Bouncing up and down on the floor and throwing her arms around me she declared  “That was so awesome”. We talked about it for a while,  all the things that worked and how important the letter had been for her. I felt very proud I must say,  all of the effort that I had put in had proved successful,  there was a content girl and if she was content,  you can bet your bottom dollar that I was as well.

So to me the story builds. I wanted a couple of play dates with Ellee first to learn about who she was,  to pick up on the little things that I think work with her and what doesn’t,  and I think that I have that now. It was also very important for me NOT to spank Ellee the good old fashioned way just yet. This is all about getting into someone’s mind and building a character and building trust,  because the next spanking that she has coming will be the worst from me yet. It won’t be the hardest spanking she has ever had,  but if I play the game the way I intend to,  then it will seem as hard if her mind is in the right place. The preparation and the anticipation are going to be meaningful,  I plan to make sure of that,  right down to the smallest detail.

The caning that Ellee got at 5am on New Year’s Day is further evidence of that. She told me that the cane I was using on her was much worse that the last cane,  but do you think that was on purpose? That particular cane that I used on Ellee on New Year’s Eve at medium force is the same cane that her friend Alex is going to feel very soon. Perhaps it is something that Ellee should think of in preparation of the next event where she will get twelve of the best from her headmaster. The cane that will be used for that scene has only been used once before that I remember,  and I remember it clearly because of the sobbing that it induced from the recipient.


There are methods that I have used before with other people that I will use again in the next scene that we do. Ellee will find herself in the corner holding her skirt up showing her red bottom to the world,  but before the cane,  some things are going to happen. All Ellee will be able to do is stare at the wall with an open mouth and listen to me as her bottom burns. Ellee is a big part of what we are setting up for the third part of the scene,  but the magic wand is in my hand. My intent is to make this a memorable event for her.

We have discussed everything,  even the minutest details about what we are both wearing. Ellee is going to be a schoolgirl and she is going to wear the nylon panties that I bought for her as per my request,  she even told me they are the right size and fit perfectly so that makes me even more excited. I am going to be dressed as you see me in the pic below. The panties are important for this scene and there is a reason that I chose not to ask her to wear them for the Uncle scene. They have been purchased specifically for the schoolgirl scene and Ellee knows that. There is a thought that I have in my mind,  any time that Ellee selects those panties to wear from this day forward,  it will be with the hope that as she puts them on,  it will remind her of the scene that we did,  I have a feeling that it will.


I’m going to be seeing Ellee next month so this will be happening soon. Unfortunately I can’t give many details ahead of time because certain things are designed to catch her off guard. The only thing that I will say is that when Ellee goes over my knee her skirt will be coming straight up,  but the real spanking won’t begin until she hands me the item that will be lying on the floor on a cushion just inches from her nose. Now she only has to wonder how long I will spank her for before I ask her to hand me that item and how long she is going to have to look at it while she is getting spanked. Word has it that it is the stingiest item that I own. This spanking is going to smart,  that’s a guarantee!!

I’m not going to underplay the Uncle scene that we did,  that was a very special gift that Ellee gave to me and it is something that I will remember fondly. The next scene is something that I hope the pair of us will remember for a long time,  in fact I am very confident that it will be. In just six weeks there is going to be a naughty schoolgirl over her teacher’s knee for a really good spanking. The magic wand will come out as she is stood in the corner with a well spanked bottom on display awaiting the cane. I still have some planning to do!!

Because of the events of the last few weeks my enthusiasm has returned and my excitement level for the coming year is sky high. I turn 50 years old this year and I plan to make it the best year ever. Dare I say it,  but roleplay or not,  when I spank someone for a real reason it gets my adrenalin going. This year I will be focusing on this area with the girls who are serious about doing this with me,  and including Ellee I already have three of these set up for the year with different girls,  with many more to come I am sure.

So a big thank you to Ellee for providing me with such a wonderful memory,  and I sincerely hope that we make a few more this upcoming year. As much as I wanted to play with Ellee on that first night,  I’m even happier now that we didn’t. Ellee is a very special person and I am glad that I got to know who she was first, before we played.


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