Streetcar Sundays – 169

It has been nearly a year since I made a Streetcar Sunday posy, and yet I still have over 70 Streetcar spanking pics that I haven’t posted yet. What I might do is go on a binge, post something like 10 a day for a week and the close the project. During my birthday posts last year I included three additional Men Are Like Streetcars spanking pics so I have posted over 170 of them already.

If you have been following this blog this past week you will see that I talked about a spanking pic that I found on Twitter. I dropped Miss Iceni a line and she gave me permission to use the image, so I will post that this coming Tuesday.

5 thoughts on “Streetcar Sundays – 169

  1. I not only love this pic, but the thought that so many High Schools did the play and so many young ladies were probably in the same position all over the country! Could you imagine that play being run now? Thanks for the latest gem!

  2. Jim,

    The one thing that makes me keep the series open is that there are still likely dozens of images that have yet to be found. At one point I started to go through every book, state by state, and I kept a spreadsheet of how far I was into each state. During this time I found a handful of Streetcars pics that weren’t even marked, I literally stumbled across them during my searches. So even now there are likely a few dozen that have no search criteria that are waiting to be found.

    Unfortunately the site that I was using to search these books changed their search engine. Before I could enter say “Abilene, Texas”, make five clicks to register the location and then I could open 100’s of books from that location. But they changed it!! Now you have to make the five clicks, open a singular book, and then have to make 5 more clicks to get back to the start. It slowed the process down tenfold.

    We also have to be aware that many books aren’t even online yet, there are still thousands to be scanned so there is as likely as many unknown Streetcars spanking pics as there are known ones.


  3. And that is exactly why we appreciate what you do and when you share each pic it truly is a well-mined gem. Priceless and shared by you. Thank you!

  4. From this still, the quality of the acting goes from excellent, ‘stubborn, angry girl over a knee’ to OK, ‘awkward guy managing to look stern’ to poor, ‘why am I even here?’

    Your search efforts are truly legendary, Rich!

  5. Theo,

    This one I wasn’t sure if I had posted it before, and I know that it has been posted online before. I remember because I was surprised to see a posting where images weren’t taken from my blog, lol 🙂 The look on her face is quite something, isn’t it?


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