Saturday Spanking Picture Show

Are you likely to find anything new here today? The answer is no,  all of the pictures shown here today have been posted in one form or another either on this blog or on other spanking blogs over the years. What I do present to you though are new copies of these already known spanking images.

Like any collector out there I spend a lot of time researching spanking images and many times I am fortunate enough to find improved copies of known spanking photos,  or alternate presentations of said photos. What you need to do to get the full version of each picture is to click them individually and they will open up to their full size,  you can then download them for your personal pleasure. Like I said,  none of them are new finds other than the fact that they are different versions of known spanking photos. Some of which as you will see are very clear in their definition.

These will all be added to my WINDSOR’S STAGE SPANKINGS album where I collect all mainstream spanking finds that I discover.

First up we have Walter Abel spanking Shirley Temple in the lobby card for the movie Kiss and Tell. There was no spanking in the film. This is a new and improved copy of a photo already out there. Click THIS LINK for other images that I have previously shared of this spanking pose along with various articles. Click on the image for the full sized version.

Another updated spanking image,  this one of Susanna Foster getting a spanking in the lobby card for A Hard Boiled Canary.

George Murphy spanking Gloria De Haven in a promotional photo for Broadway Rhythm.

An Argentinian movie magazine cover featuring Elvis spanking Jenny Maxwell in Blue Hawaii.

Walter Pidgeon spanking Rita Johnson in Stronger Than Desire.

And finally,  a spanking scene that I love in the movie itself. Robert Benchley warns his daughters that he will spank them if they don’t stop interfering,  with both girls replying  “Yes Papa”. Within seconds Ann Gillis is leaning out of her bedroom window gossiping to the men below. Her father comes in and without saying anything he heads to Ann who is already stating  “I’m sorry,  Papa,  I didn’t mean to”  in lieu of the spanking that she knows is about to be delivered. One of the oldest PAJAMA SPANKINGS that you will find.

I think what I like about it is that the window is not closed,  therefore the guys that she was gossiping to probably all heard the subsequent spanking  🙂

Windsor Wednesday Classic – 146 Part 2

Are you feeling spoiled yet? Stick around and check in every day,  chances are there will be something new on this website every day during the month of June. I’ve got too much material already and I always seem to find more photos than I actually post every week.

Yes,  I know it isn’t Wednesday,  but hopefully you won’t mind me doubling down this week to post the second image from the play that I discovered entitled  “Merry Christmas,  Mr. Baxter”. Let me emphasize once more though,  I’m not claiming that it is an unknown play containing a spanking scene,  just that it was unknown to me when I found the pics. Below the spanking image I have also included the synopsis that was attached to yesterday’s photo.

Before I get to that though,  I asked a friend today to do a quick keyword check on my site and she found two errors. The first being that one of my biggest hits is the term  ‘Spanking stories’,  but I lose traffic to other sites because I don’t use the term  ‘FREE spanking stories’. So that has to change today,  all of the stories on my website are FREE SPANKING STORIES. There are two collections of them,  firstly my FICTIONAL SPANKING STORIES,  and secondly my REAL LIFE SPANKING STORIES. So moving forward you can expect to see the term  ‘free spanking stories’  used a lot  🙂

The second error is a little trickier,  the other keyword favorite for the second error are the variations of the term  ‘Mother spanks daughter’. While variations of that term bring traffic to my site,  I still lose traffic to other sites that use variations of the phrase  “Mother spanks daughter bare bottom”. The reason that it is trickier is because most of the spankings that I write about are not on the bare bottom. The direction for part 3 of the  “Mother spanks”  series is pretty much set and isn’t going to involve the Mother,  but I have a feeling that Mom is going to have to dish out a few bare bottom spankings come part 4 of the series.

Right,  now time for part two of the photos that I gathered from the play,  Merry Christmas,  Mr. Baxter. This photo which is from Vicksburg,  MI in 1959 will also be added to my VARIOUS SCHOOL PLAYS spanking folder. Click on the highlighted link,  there are some awesome photos in that folder. Below the spanking image there is also the synopsis from the previous image which denotes the adapted screenwriter’s name.

Spring Cleaning

Hopefully what I am about to write translates well to my audience and people don’t get wiggy about it. You have probably read already that my interest in the active party scene has dwindled to an almost non existent state. Spanking still interests and excites me,  but the truth of the matter is that real life events have had an affect on my mental state. A lot has happened over the last few years in which I have evolved a great deal. I’m not always saying that it is for the best,  but I have evolved. In the last ten years I have lost both of my brothers at a very early age and also my mother during that time. This is on my mind because this week it will be a year since my last brother died,  and my father also died 20 years ago this week as well.

The reason that I bring that up is because one can’t help but think about their own mortality as well. Now don’t get me wrong,  I expect to be around for at least another couple of decades,  but my focus for the time that I have left has changed to a point that all I am looking for in life is positiveness. I bear no ill will or malice towards anyone,  in fact quite to the contrary,  I wish nothing but joy and happiness to everyone. At the same time my last days of giving a fuck have also long since departed. There are goals that I still want to achieve,  spanking scenes that I still want to do,  and people that I still want to meet and become friends with. You don’t realize just how short our time is until someone important in your life is no longer there.

Despite what I have said above though,  I am okay. There are still days where I get sad,  and there are days when I feel incredibly lonely. I’m not saying lonely from a physical point of view,  just lonely from the mental aspect where the most important people in my life are no longer there for me to reach out to in any form. It is also why I can’t look back though,  and I have to plan ahead for what is to come. I can’t change any of the events that have happened,  none of them,  nor do I want to. There is still so much ahead and I’m looking forward to it.

Obviously you have seen my travel exploits so far over the last year,  New York,  London,  Tokyo and Reykjavik,  and there are probably even more to come in the next calendar year. I’m 56 years old now,  why wallow in misery when there is so much excitement ahead,  this is probably my last shot at doing it all so I am going to take full advantage of it. This year I have two trips planned where I am going to visit 4 countries,  but as of yet I don’t know which countries are going to be paired with each other. More than likely it is going to be various cities in Japan combined with a trip to Taiwan,  which will also include a few days in Busan,  South Korea. The other trip will be to Hanoi,  Vietnam with a stopover in Seoul on the way back. There are other countries in Asia that I would like to go to but if I’m honest my plus sized body won’t cope well in tropical climates.

This brings me onto the topic at hand though,  Spring Cleaning. You know that one thing that I have thought of? If anything happens to me then I have nobody left to take care of my belongings,  and as any spanko will be aware,  that contains a ridiculous amount of spanking material. I’ve got a box of toys of which many have never even been used,  spanking mags all over the place,  and more DVD’s that you could shake a stick at.

When I first started blogging,  virtually every spanking website out there would send me DVD’s to review online,  I mean a stupid amount of DVD’s. Plus I have a collection of my own,  but the toys,  holy moly there is a pile of them.

What I am going to eventually do is give everything away. Some of the items I might be able to sell on eBay like the magazines shown below,  but not until I have scanned them all first. Below is just a sample of the vintage ones in my collection.

The next photo which is in the magazine that is second to the right,  is a photo that has been seen online before,  but hopefully I will be able to add updated versions to the Internet. While I initially thought that a great many people have had this vision of the boyfriend getting spanked by his girlfriend’s mom for part three of MOTHER SPANKS DAUGHTER  –  THE BEST FRIEND,  I also asked myself the question  “Am I the only person in the spanking world who notices the rotary phone in the photo”?  LOL.

As I am going through the spanking magazines it has also occurred to me that many of the photos in these magazines aren’t online yet. Like I said,  what you see in the image is just a sampling of the collection that I have. I’m going to have to put a block of time away where I can start to scan everything for online preservation.

I would like to continue but the Champion’s League final is on soon. Maybe I will expand on this tomorrow,  or perhaps for my Sunday classic I will scan some pictures for you!! At least you will have something to look forward to over the coming weeks. I wanted to write more but I have run out of time so I had to truncate this. Keep your eyes peeled though,  I’m going to be giving a lot of stuff away this year.

Vintage Birthday Spankings

Currently I am working on part five of my QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS series which I should have ready for tomorrow,  so to fill the void I have dug up six vintage birthday spanking pictures. These aren’t exactly top drawer spanking images,  however,  every image affects each person individually so I hope that you all find something that you like. I’m pretty certain that you won’t find these on any spanking blog….. well,  after today you will I am sure  😀

The images are from various decades from the 1950’s on up. While we are on the subject of birthday spankings I also frequently write on the subject,  in fact it is one of my favorite genres to write about. Click on any of the links below if you want to read some birthday spanking stories. I like to call them birthday spankings with a kick.







Now for the images. All of these will be added to my WINDSOR’S BIRTHDAY SPANKINGS album.

Windsor Sunday Candids – 82

Today I am going to bring to you my collection of military spankings that I have collected over the years. Some of these photos I posted a decade or more ago,  others are brand new. Let me just assure you though that every photo in this collection was an original find of mine at one time or another,  that goes for the mainstream photos that may have been seen before,  I just presented a different version of the known copy. Of course most of these now get circulated,  but at one time or another someone needed to find them. That is all except the last photo in the set which is from an old spanking magazine  🙂

This isn’t all of my collection,  these are just the ones that I can currently put my hands on. They were a lot more on my Vintage site but that is currently down,  and I don’t know if I can get it up again. The problem is,  the company that I have my site on switched owners many years ago and I was Grandfathered in,  but the problem that I have is that I am the ONLY adult site on that network. They simply don’t allow it,  but as I am a long term customer they allowed me to stay. In a nutshell though I can’t push them too hard,  I have to mind my p’s and q’s.

Today I am going through one of my vast archives,  one that has a collection of photos that is absurd in number. I’m actually looking for one photo in particular.

Many years ago there was a photo sharing site and as I was searching it a new photo went up. The photo was of this woman’s mother back in the late 70’s/early 80’s who was a high school senior at the time. The image in the photo was in the school yard and the mother was being paddled by the principal. On the remedial phone that I had at the time I took a quick screenshot,  then 15 minutes later I went back to get the address of the image and guess what,  the image had been removed never to be seen again. It was up for less than 15 minutes,  which was 15 minutes too long by Windsor’s standing  🙂

So it is yet another photo that I have that has not been seen before,  plus,  I also came across the photo collection that I once bought from an estate. The photos were from Long Island and I did what I thought was a community service by buying the lot. By community service I mean that obviously the owner of the photos had passed away,  so I did the neighborly thing and acted as his porn buddy to protect him and his play partners. I’ve had the scanned images for about 15 years now,  and they are all probably ten to fifteen years older than that,  so we might be getting to a stage where it might be safe to release them,  at least with the faces blocked.

Anyway,  please enjoy this collection of Military spankings,  just be aware that there are two M/M group photos in this lot for those who enjoy that genre of our scene.

56 Years Old Today

Don’t worry,  there won’t be any links to gift registries,  quite the reverse actually,  I’m going to be giving YOU stuff to celebrate my 56th year. Okay,  for the video I ask simply for a question,  but that is all that I ask for,  and in reality I actually ask that so that I can give you even more moving forward.

It has been a tougher year this year without a doubt,  it is the first birthday that I have had since my last family member passed away,  but I’m not going to dwell on any negativity,  today’s post is about giving. So there is going to be a free video  (for the cost of a question),  some nice rare photos,  and links to birthday related stories that I have on my site. So before we get on to the pictures,  let’s start with the video.

The video that I am giving away today is stored in my Google drive,  you simply send me your email address in the form below and I send you a link to the video. Don’t worry,  I don’t keep the email addresses nor do I use them for anything,  they are used to send you a link to the video,  that’s it.

The video that I have chosen is one that I put together and it features 23 minutes of spanking over panties. You have heard from me a hundred times on this topic,  I’m like the anti genitalia Colonel in the spanking world. So as it is my birthday and as I have a deep rooted preference for spankings being given over panties,  as opposed to bare bottom spankings with gyno cam,  that is what we are going with today. If that doesn’t interest you then no harm,  no foul,  we all have our own interests in the spanking world. The 23 minute video is a compilation taken from all of MY SPANKING FILMS,  and most of the clips of course involve WHITE NYLON PANTIES.

Below is an image from the movie which also shows the timestamp,  and below the image is the form where for simply asking me a question,  I will provide you with a link to the spanking film. Keep in mind that all questions asked will be used in future posts when I do a Q and A,  and don’t worry,  your question will be posted anonymously,  guaranteed. If you are not interested in the movie,  not to worry,  just scroll past the form where more stuff awaits.

That’s not all though,  this is a celebration of my 56th year and as I am frequently reminded that I bring content to you all that people haven’t seen before,  then why should today be different. First up is one of my favourite recent spanking finds. The guy is holding a wicked looking carpet beater,  and while there is never any information provided on these photos as to whether or not they are real or staged,  I’m going to take an educated guess judging by the look on the woman’s face and by the fact that the carpet beater is in motion,  that this spanking is probably more real than it is staged.

The image is from 1961 from an unknown location and this will be added to my PLAYFUL SPANKINGS folder.

You have heard of paddle boards right? Ever wonder how they got their name? Click on the image for the full sized version.

If I could have a spanking wish right now then I think that this next image would sum it up quite nicely. It would be so nice to hop into a time machine and replace the guy in this scene. You know,  my name really is Richard,  it isn’t just a stage name,  so that could be me right there with that girl. Her outfit is just about the hottest thing out there,  and that type of outfit would get my spanking interest back in a heartbeat.

For some reason,  I just don’t believe her  🙂

You of course have to excuse my obsession,  but seriously,  is there any finer site that seeing a red bottom shining through the panties? First picture is from PUNISHED BRATS,  second picture is of the model TEN who is also featured in the video above..

Well I hope that you have enjoyed the photos as a part of my birthday celebration,  also don’t forget that I frequently include birthday spankings in my stories. Rather than linking them all individually though,  here is the page to my FICTIONAL SPANKING STORIES where you can peruse at your leisure.


Windsor Wednesday Classic – 144

Ordinarily on a Wednesday I reserve the day to post a classic picture from my collection,  and I normally do it later in the day. There is one simple reason for this,  I’m giving some protection to the work that I produce for you all. By posting later in the day it reduces the chance that another website/Tumblr site is going to steal my audience by posting my findings on the very same day that I post them.

So for today a few things will change. First of all I am posting super early,  like 2am New York time,  secondly,  I’m not really giving you classics this week. I’m going to save my Grade A material for a week from now and play catch up with some of my other findings. The photos presented today are distorted or abstract in one way or another,  and to be honest the likelihood that I would ever post them as their own separate post in the future is very minimal. That’s mainly because I discover new material all the time and photos like these always get bumped down the list. So for today I will give you three vintage photos early,  and if they are pilfered straight away then at least it isn’t my best work that is being taken.

There is a reason for the early post today of course,  and that reason is because it is my birthday tomorrow. Yep,  I turn 56 bloody years old tomorrow,  holy smokes. As I do every year,  I always share something a little special with you all to celebrate my birthday,  so I wanted to get a post up early today so that I can also share an early post with you tomorrow. Now what I am going to do for you for my birthday I haven’t worked out just yet. Most of my movies I have stored online so I might give everyone access rights to one of my movies,  or perhaps I will delve into my personal archive and share photos of mine that I have yet to share. I will think of something though,  and I am sure that you will all be happy with it.

Before we get to the spanking photos,  here are two more photos from my trip to Japan in November. It won’t be long before I head back there for another visit so I’m also getting pretty excited about that. The first photo is from Yoyogi Park,  and the second photo is a statue of the loyal dog,  Hachiko. If you are not aware as to why Hachiko is the most famous dog in Japan,  then you should READ THIS,. Every day for 9 years the dog would leave its house and loyally wait for its owner for hours each day to return home from work,  not knowing that his owner had passed away many years previously. It is quite a moving story.

And now onto the second rate spanking photos. While they are not classics in the true sense of the word,  hopefully they will reach you all in some way or another. They are still spanking photos after all.

Flashback To 40 Years Ago

Picture lovers should be in for a treat today as I take you back to the era of 1978-1985. Now I don’t have the exact dates of these images,  though I am sure that I could get them, but the magazine that they are from covers the dates named above. BTW,  if you ever find my Wikipedia page,  I am not,  nor have I ever been involved in the publication of Swish spanking magazine. I’m not that old,  I only turn 56 next week  🙂

*Disclaimer  –  And I hate that I have to add one,  but most of what is written below is supposed to be tongue in cheek,  some literary licence so that people can have a bit of a laugh.

First up,  imagine Richard Windsor spanking his girlfriend in 1979. Yes,  a spanking did indeed happen that year,  and the photo below is a pretty good example of the panties my girlfriend at the time was wearing. Perhaps not as see through,  but the style and covering is pretty spot on. If I had my wish then every single spanking that takes place would at the very least start on a pair of nylon panties just like these ones seen here.

Now once that the seat of those panties have been thoroughly warmed,  we need to take the next step and that is lowering them to the appropriate place. This guy here has the right idea,  just clear of the stocking tops so that the access is clear for those necessary thigh spanks that all girls seem to need. Always change it up to keep them on their toes.

On my LATEST STORY there is a feedback section at the bottom where people can suggest the next phase of the story. Of course there are a good dozen suggestions that involve Mrs. Ferris spanking Tim,  however,  there are also a few suggestions that Tim spank Mrs. Ferris instead. Perhaps this image can give you an idea of how that spanking would look. She is too tall for him,  so instead of OTK our young man here has gone for a bent over spanking in a standing position.

You here many a tale of the old spanking leg lock,  but you know personally I am quite the fan of kicking legs. So how about a compromise,  why not try and adopt the body lock instead!! Look at it,  in my estimation this position seems just as effective as the leg lock,  the guy is in total control. My apologies to any spankee’s whose top adopts this method,  the suggestion is purely unintentional  🙂

Notice how I said in picture two that the guy had positioned the panties to the right place? The more that you spank a girl the more wise she becomes. Notice how our spanked maid here put her frilly knickers on first and then put her stockings on over them? That way they can only go down so far and protect those ever so tender thighs.

Why,  it just so happens to be Friday!! I think that Friday night is an awesome night for spankings,  so what are you all waiting for? Get to spanking those bottoms right now,  it’s maintenance spanking time!!

This Is The Life

I’m going to do something a little unique on this blog today,  and that is to post a well known,  seen many times before spanking pic. Obviously there is a little Windsor twist,  but I wouldn’t be unique otherwise.

Normally I try my best on this blog to bring you nothing but brand new material that has rarely been seen in the spanking world before outside of avid collectors. Or I may post my own photos or stories etc,  but I try my darnedest to be original in my presentation. Of course many of my finds serve to make other spanking blogs/photo sites popular,  which is fine,  that’s part of why I bring my collection to you all,  for it to be shared. The only times that I get annoyed is when I’m not linked back,  or,  the photos fall into that mysterious category  “I have no idea where these came from”. The reason for the annoyance is that while I am providing the material for other sites to become popular,  when there is no link back what the snafflers are actually doing is denying their audience the wealth of material that is on this site. That one really gets to me as it comes across as pretty selfish. There are sites that became very successful that virtually lifted every single photo that I have found and posted,  and they then took the plaudits off of the back of my work with barely a mention anywhere as to where that work was created.

Anyway,  enough of that,  I get myself wound up from time to time over the lack of respect and courtesy sometimes. In fact I am making this post today instead of writing my  “State Of The Spanking Union”  address,  lol. My plan was to write about where I currently am,  what my future plans are,  and probably most importantly,  how I gave my last fuck years ago. Something happened a few years ago where someone texted a spiteful comment to me,  and that was the last time that I was to tolerate being treated in a disrespectful manner. My approach has cost me many friends over the last few years as I don’t meet their expectations of who they want me to be,  so the address should be fun reading for you all. It isn’t something that I regret either,  I’ve lost my entire family now,  all that I have left is to enjoy the rest of my life with the people who want to enjoy it and share it with me,  I have not a single fuck left to give,  my life is all about happiness and pleasure moving forward. Perhaps I will have that post up tomorrow.

So my photo from today,  while it is not a new find,  this  ‘version’  of the photo should be. The reason that I say this is because yesterday I was looking through my vast archives for a private video that Pixie and I made in 2011,  and while I have yet to find the video,  I opened up one of my envelopes and realized that I had actually purchased this particular photo many years ago.

So again,  it isn’t new,  but,  I was able to scan the photo and make a copy that is 2724 x 2167 in size. So what you need to do is click on the image below for it to open up,  then right click on the image and save it to your computer. If you are like me and you like to analyze photos,  this copy will allow you to blow it up to full size and examine every pixel in high quality. For the record,  I also have other spanking photos that I have purchased.

Remember to click on the image above for the full sized version. From there you can find your favorite portions of the image to view. For me personally,  that is the defined posture of  Susanna Foster as she awaits her birthday spanking from Donald O’Connor.

Another item that I find particularly appealing in old spanking photos,  especially when there is an audience present,  and that is the looks on the faces of the women who are watching the spanking. This is one of those little tidbits that I like to study in depth. Many times people will cut out of the image the observers to the spanking,  which is a personal pet peeve of mine,  but it is hence why I like to find my own photos,  I want the whole story told.

When I see the faces of the three girls here who are watching the spanking,  well I could pretty much write a story on that alone  🙂

All In The Family

Now nobody needs to run and report me to the spanking police,  I’m not claiming anything here,  no literary licence for a bit of fun. Here are the clear cut facts. This is 1943,  23 year old Jennifer Holt is bent over the knee of her brother,  Tim Holt. Standing next to them is their father,  Jack Holt,  showing Tim an unidentified object that is making him smile. Jennifer is already smiling,  reason not known as to why she is smiling. There is no mention of spanking,  the only writing along with the photo is that the family is clowning around.

**Edited** Harry from MAINSTREAM SPANKINGS has notified me that the date provided was incorrect,  it was actually 1943 and not 1942 and this is on the film set of Raiders of San Joaquin (1943). Thanks for the correction,  Harry. Being that I found this on Facebook of all places I spent an awful long time last night trying to confirm the date.  (I actually found half a dozen yearbook photos on FB last night that I had not seen before). Be sure to check Harry’s site out for a unique look at Mainstream Spankings.

It is important for the right films to be identified so I have completely removed my guess. It reminds me of that image of Natalie Wood from years ago that was labeled as being from  “The Burning Hills”  for many years. In fact I’m pretty sure I know who initially took the literary licence with that image because they also reported a  “Famous”  image that is supposed to exist of Natalie getting spanked on the bare by the King Of Rock and Roll. That was the one and only time I ever heard such a thing and I would be 99.9% certain that it is not true. As a huge fan of Natalie Wood,  and also being one of the first spanking bloggers,  I was able to correctly identify the Natalie Wood image as being on the set of The Girl He Left Behind,  and I’m happy to report that since that day it has been correctly reported. Ironically,  Natalie does get a birthday spanking on the set of The Burning Hills by her studio boyfriend,  Nick Adams.


I do appreciate the correction. Previously I have done it myself when I saw an image being presented as being a rare find from a neighborhood newspaper. In that instance I actually owned the mainstream,  NATIONAL publication from the 1960’s that the image appeared in. I do own a small collection of rare spanking images and that one happened to be in it.

**Disclaimer  –  The writing below is purely speculation**

What do you readers think is happening? I’m going to take a speculative guess that young Jennifer has been a little naughty and is about to get her bottom spanked,  what do you think? Would you agree with my speculation that a spanking may be imminent? I consider myself to be somewhat of an expert in the arena,  both from an observing viewpoint and also from a practical standpoint as an active player. It would seem to me,  Dear Watson,  a family tradition is about to continue.

Let me make sure I put the literary licence in the correct section. A reader on Twitter last night suggested that the Dad is handing his son a can of whoop ass,  that one made me laugh  🙂

You may all be happy to know as well that I have started part 2 of my MOTHER SPANKS DAUGHTER  –  OVERHEARD story. My hope is to have it finished and ready either by Saturday or by Monday. I’m really happy with the direction that I have started with for part two,  the focus for the opening of the story so far has been on Bri and Bri alone. I’m getting the feeling that Lainey’s best friend Bri is not likely to last the entire story without getting her bottom spanked. In fact when I stopped writing everyone is about to head to church on the Sunday,  and I’m about to introduce the rumor that the Minister has a paddle hanging on a hook in his office. I’m happy with what I have written so far and I hope that I am able to keep in this direction because I think that the story is likely to be a good one,  focusing more on people’s thought rather than the actual spanking.

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