Meeting Amber ‘Pixie’ Wells

Meeting Amber Pixie Wells

It was the first time I had ever done anything like this, and I really wasn’t sure what to expect on this particular Saturday. Even as a lifelong spanko I had never used the resource of the internet to search for play partners. All of my play had happened with romantic partners or through clubs, which is kind of ironic really because now all I ever seem to do is find spanking partners through the internet, or at spanking parties. So who was the lucky girl who was going to share this memorable experience with me? Why it was none other than the dynamic Pixie! If memory serves me right, this was also Pixie’s first time meeting with somebody through the online community; in fact she even talks about the experience on her video interview with spankedsweeties. That let’s old Richard Windsor stroke his ego a little bit.

Pixie and I were both members of the online discussion forum and had exchanged a few private messages here and there. The dialogue really started when she invited me to come to the brat board, a place I hadn’t really visited as I generally stuck to the stories and the general discussion boards. She made it pretty easy for me on the brat board by making sure I was kept on my toes with her sassy comments.

Now Pixie didn’t live a million miles away from me, so the possibility of meeting and playing was certainly there, though at the initial contact it actually wasn’t something that I really thought about, that concept was still very foreign to me. At what point that all changed I’m not sure, but I did know one thing, this girl needed to be spanked, and spanked bad. We would start to have conversations on yahoo messenger and had a couple of phone conversations as well; the deal was sealed when we exchanged pictures of each other through email. The pic came through and my jaw dropped, okay, I also probably salivated as well if the truth be known, but oh my God, I had an outside possibility of spanking this beautiful little minx? The only problem I had was how to approach the topic without sounding pushy and ruining what had become a really nice online friendship.

Now even though everyone knows Pixie through her modeling work, what sometimes people aren’t aware of is that she is a really true spanking enthusiast. My delays in asking her if she wanted to meet were just that, unnecessary delays, of course she wanted to meet and play, the girl loves to be spanked. So we decided on a town that was roughly halfway between us, I just had to hop on the train and she had a brief car journey, the date was signed, sealed and delivered.

The night before the event I was a little bit nervous, one of my thoughts was what if she got cold feet the following day; I really didn’t know how all these internet meetings went in reality. So I chatted with her on the phone and she seemed to be excited about the following day, it was quite reassuring to hear that, though her final cheeky comment to me made me just as nervous as before when she said “Just don’t go chopping me up and leaving me in the woods, okay?” We both laughed at the comment but it did kind of remind me to just be a complete gentleman when she arrived, because I’m sure she was far more nervous than I was. Remember, this was something new to her also.

The Saturday came and I was now on the train heading towards my destination, I had a copy of the New York Daily News with me but I wasn’t really reading it. I would read a paragraph then picture that cute girl in the photograph, am I really going to be lucky enough to spank such a cutie? Before long I was to find out, not only that but I was to get a lesson about the vibrancy of a complete and utter brat.

The hotel seemed pretty quiet, I did have a little fear that we would make too much noise and the cops would be called, but we were on the second floor and I saw little activity that afternoon. I was there about an hour before the scheduled meeting time and I must have worn a hole out in the carpet as I paced back and forth. A normally casual smoker I found myself going up and down the stairs several times for a quick puff. The funny part was, as I stood outside the side door of the hotel, there was in fact a wooded area behind the hotel. During one visit outside a car had pulled up in the distance, now there weren’t that many cars in the parking lot on this cold Saturday afternoon in January, so I waited to see if it was Pixie. Problem was, nobody got out of the car. So now I’m thinking that she has seen this old rocker standing there in his leather jacket with those chin length sideburns, and is debating turning around again. Thankfully I had a jacket on; if she had seen the tattoos she would have been out of there for sure.

I went back to my room and waited, very shortly the phone rang from the lobby, I had a visitor. My body was shaking with excitement as I walked down the stairs to meet little Pixie, it was pretty nerve wracking to say the least. As I approached the lobby I spotted her, standing there dressed in a catholic schoolgirl outfit, I rolled my eyes and didn’t dare look at the lobby desk, I’m too polite to even mention what I muttered under my breath. They have some guy dressed as some type of a James Dean impersonation, and a hot looking girl dressed as a schoolgirl, lord knows what they must have thought of us. For some reason I didn’t think that they thought that she was my long lost daughter.

This moment was probably the most uncomfortable for the pair of us as we scurried down the corridor to the elevator, small talk sucks royally. It was uncomfortable because neither of us had done anything like this before and even though we had spoken several times, we didn’t really know each other from Adam. As the elevator arrived I extended my arm to allow her in, the thought crossed my mind to swat her as she entered but I remembered to just act nice and cool and allow her time to settle in. The first thing we did in the room was to sit down and talk, sitting on either side of the bed. The TV was already on and it was my job to make her feel comfortable, I wasn’t going to rush her into it, even though I wanted to spank her right there in the lobby for showing up at the hotel dressed as a schoolgirl.

My appearance could be described as pretty rough, I’m a big guy, I obviously come from the wrong side of the tracks and my arms are covered in tattoos. In front of me I have the demure and petite Pixie who was as sweet as can be; I wanted to show her that despite the exterior appearance, I was actually a really nice guy. The conversation went pretty well but the problem now was how do we turn this into a play session? Maybe it’s not my proudest moment but it was actually Pixie that got the ball rolling in that department, I probably should have taken charge but I let her let me know that she was ready. So in a pause in the conversation she looked at me and said “So, are you going to spank me or are we going to watch ice dancing all afternoon?” Let the games begin I thought to myself. The room was pretty sparse and we agreed to use the bed as opposed to the straight backed chair, little did I know at that point that we were going to need as much space as the room had.

As with every other girl that I spank does this, Pixie comes over to where I am sat and before she puts herself over my lap she fixes her underwear very nonchalantly. It actually made me smile because it told me that she was at ease and I was just dying to spank the little minx. You never know someone’s tolerance level so I figured I would start out nice and slow and play it by ear and my hand came down onto the seat of her skirt. Pretty quickly I got the idea of what her tolerance level might be as she asked if I could pass her a nail file to give her something to do. This is said as my eyes are piercing the back of her head and I start to spank harder. Not that it mattered really as she described the performance of the skaters on the TV; this was one heck of a brat I thought to myself. If I’m not getting any reaction then this little school skirt must be made out of wood, it’s time it came up. Grabbing the hem of the skirt I raised it up to reveal the white nylon panties that Pixie had on, as per my request of course. Now I’ll get through to her for sure! Yeah right, my hand starts coming down on her little panty clad bottom and her hands make a bee line straight for my shoelaces. Pixie was incorrigible, it didn’t seem to matter how hard I spanked her, she was determined not just to untie my shoelaces, but to pull the both of them through every shoelace eye on my sneakers. I tried to reprimand her, I spanked as soundly as I could, and no matter what I did my shoelaces had been threaded through the top eye of each sneaker and knotted several times.

It’s time to get serious now I thought and I pulled her little panties down to finally reveal the pinkening bottom beneath me, now she was going to get a bare bottom spanking. I tried for all my might to pin both her legs as she struggled, but for the next five minutes all I could get was one of the buggers as I tried to light a fire on her rear. To say I was working up a sweat was an understatement as I battled this little mite who clearly weighed about 150lbs less than I did. At one point as I leaned over her to grab a firm hold on the squirmer, a bead of sweat dropped from my head and onto her bottom. “Ewwwwww, grosssssssssss!” She shouted, much to my embarrassment. I think my reply was something like “Well if you stayed still I wouldn’t be sweating so much”. By this point Pixie had gone from an otk position to one where her top half was on the bed, I knew I was going to have to towel off but I also didn’t think that the spanking should stop right then. As I continued, Pixie obviously charted her next course of mischief. During the battle I guess that my shorts had slipped slightly, she had a perfect view from her end and it was all the opening she needed. She reaches into her mouth and pulls her gum out and inserts it right into my plumbers crack, I was stunned as she giggled away like a naughty schoolgirl. I reached behind me for the sticky substance and my first thought was to give her a taste of her own medicine, but in a split second decision I decided I needed a break anyway. I’d been spanking her for about 20 minutes and I was beat with sweat pouring from me.

With an announcement that I was to regret, I told Pixie that when I came back I was getting my toys out and went to grab a towel. When I returned from the bathroom I went to my bag to get the couple of small wooden implements that I had brought with me, and surprise surprise, they had been pilfered! Now this hotel room was very modest, but for neither love nor money could I find the bloody things. At one point I just figured that she tossed them out of the window, so as I couldn’t find them it was spanking time again, I would have to spank the info out of her. There was no otk this time, on this occasion it became a wrestlefest on the bed, I needed to pin this brat down and spank the tar out of her. So after about 3 minutes of fighting (and a serious loss of male pride) I finally managed to get her half pinned down, well, I’m pretty much laying on my back and I have one of her legs trapped between mine, still, my upper half has her pinned and I can still spank her. I could get her skirt up but from that position I couldn’t get her panties back down, nonetheless I was able to get in a good number until she had to safeword. Oh, no, she didn’t safeword from the spanking at all, she had to safeword because I was now pretty much lying on her and I was crushing the poor thing. So we rearranged and the battle continued again, but by now I was in need of a little break. At one point I lost my balance and was suspended in animation, a quick spin by Pixie was all it took and I flew off the bed right onto my back, the first of two trips I would make to the floor. That was it, I knew she didn’t mean it, but this little horror was getting my little wooden paddle if it was the last thing I did.

After a towel off session and a brief break, Pixie went to the bathroom and the toilet flushed. My forehead furrowed, she was only in there for two seconds, why did she flush the toilet? She came back out grinning from ear to ear as I looked at her puzzled, “I just flushed your glasses down the toilet” she said as my mouth dropped. “The little shit better not have done” I thought to myself as I frantically rushed to the bathroom, hoping to capture my glasses in the bottom of it. Coming back into the room she was all giggles as she held my glasses out for me, whew, I actually thought she had flushed them, I really did. At this point I think Pixie took mercy on me and told me where she had stuffed the paddle, it was at the head of the bed firmly wedged between the mattresses, I was elated. I held my prize out in front of me and told her that now she was going to get it. ‘Snatch’ the paddle left my hand as quick as I had grabbed it and she held it to her body. From this position I was able to get her otk again over the end of the bed, I knew I would get the paddle back so we just as well prepare the target. I flipped up her skirt and the room went silent, before Pixie burst out in laughter. What caused her to laugh? The brat had taken the pair of underwear I had in my overnight bag and had slipped them on over her panties. If that’s how she wants to play then so be it, I spanked her over my underwear first. When I got her down to the bare we once again fought for control of the paddle, we were halfway across the bed when I finally got hold of it “Now, you little horror, now you’re going to get it” I said. I still only had one leg trapped but the actions of the other leg told me that this paddle was what we had been missing. As I spanked her the free leg of hers ended up pointing at the ceiling, yes, for the first time she was probably feeling like she was getting her bottom spanked.

The time just flew by this afternoon, we were having so much fun but there is only so much a girl can take. I made like my tenth visit to the bathroom to towel off and Pixie pulled her panties up for the tenth time, we still had time for some more fun though. When I returned the final time Pixie was sat upright on the bed, her legs out in front of her apart, she looked just like Linda Blair in the exorcist. My energy had been sapped as I tried to move her from that position; you have no idea just how strong Pixie is until you try to move her and she doesn’t let you, it wasn’t long before I had to abandon the task. We chatted for a little while and she said she was going to have to leave soon as I cooled off, but before she left she said she wanted another spanking. Thankfully I didn’t have to work for this one, when she was ready Pixie climbed over my lap and I quickly bared her bottom. There was no fight this time, Pixie laid there and grasped the blanket as my hand and then the paddle gave her a proper start to finish spanking, and then soon after the play session had ended. She came there to get spanked after all, so of course she wanted a good one before she left.

Pixie arose from my lap and pulled her panties up, the joy evident in her face, the joy a girl gets when she knows she has had a spanking. I sat there happy for myself as Pixie walked towards the bathroom, my eyes checking out her tush as she did so. What happened next has been my lasting image of Pixie to this day. As she reached the full length mirror on the wall, Pixie turned sideways to me and reached behind her, taking the hem of the skirt in each hand she flipped it up and looked over her shoulder into the mirror to check out the color of her bottom. She beamed from ear to ear and after dropping the skirt she near skipped as she went to grab her coat. Through all that happened on that day that smile on her face is what stuck with me. It was also the beginning of a friendship that has lasted, I refer to her as the little sister that I never had, and on an almost daily basis we either exchange emails or catch each other on one of the online messengers. She of course insists that every time I shoot with her that I am set up in a couple of scenes where I am spanking her.

By the way, in the ‘Pixie’s Fantasies’ DVD I play the role of Father Christmas who spanks naughty Pixie. In the film I ad-lib a line and remind her of the time she stuck her gum down the back of that young boys pants, and duly spanked her for the said event. It was time to escort Pixie to her car, we waited for the elevator and got in and I had her hold her skirt up while I spanked her flaming red bottom until the reached the bottom floor. It wasn’t the last time that I would meet up with Pixie before she became a model, and I dare say she has more spankings to come from me in the future.

Richard Windsor.

11 thoughts on “Meeting Amber ‘Pixie’ Wells

  1. Very nice story. thanks to share it with us. I really enjoyed reading it. You acted as a gentleman and she, definitely, like a naughty little brat. Smiles.

  2. thank you too for schare this.
    i heared that Pixie is married now. If you meet here, i wish her all of the best.

  3. This essay remind me how much I miss Pixie (aka Amber Wells). As far as I am concerned she was the most sincere spanking model in the business allowing herself to burst into tears in front of the camera when she was really into the scene being recorded. This happened twice with Dallas, and once each with Jack Tanner and Chelsea. In my opinion if they awarded Oscars in this genre these four would be awarded trophies. Strangely enough in the dozens of videos she made with Punished Brats she never got beyond a single tear in any of them. I also miss the Ask Amber videos she recorded for her much missed blog. I hope she well and happy.

  4. Mike,

    She was a wonderful addition to the spanking scene, not only as a model but as a decent human being as well.


  5. Very nice and wonderful story Richard. I would love to this day to meet Amber, and if the opportunity to spank her arose, I would be so elated that I would probably die in my pleasure. As far as ai am concerned, Amber is probably the best Spanking Actress I have ever seen!! One last thing. I am looking for a film of Amber and Your’s I believe. You were a school principal, and she got spanked in your office with a wooden paddle. I think the basis of the story, was that Amber was a schoolgirl.

  6. David,

    Indeed, I have a strong feeling that meeting Pixie when I did helped to shape me in a positive way. It was an awesome introduction to the lifestyle and it was such a wonderful experience. I know the video that you are talking about, I believe it was called ‘Bubblegum brat’. Unfortunately any such copies of what I might have once had I no longer have, and as Punished Brats seems to have closed I don’t think I will ever get them again. I may still have a DVD with the scene on it, but I haven’t looked through that box in such a long time.


  7. It has been many years since I’ve read such a story but this made me laugh out loud a few times. Thanks for sharing this happy memory. Wishing you both the best.

  8. I know this isn’t the place, but I have to send Kudos out to another Spanking Hall of Fame Titan, Miss Audrey Knight, Like Pixie, your work was not only groundbreaking and breathtaking, but helped mold so many of us who were blessed to see your work on both sides of the spanking!

    How I would have loved to be a fly on the wall when two TITANS of spanking, you and Dallas had your meetings of the mind, if you will. Did anyone ever actually win that battle beside us the viewers?

    Thanks so much for all you did and gave the community! Like Richard, you are truly a legend!

  9. Audrey,

    What a wonderful surprise when I logged in today to see a comment from none other than yourself. I have such wonderful memories of the interactions that we had over the years, and I recently found an outtake on an external drive from many years ago when we did the Christmas scene. In the outtake you open up the door to let the winter air in, and you stick your bottom out to cool it down 🙂 Wonderful to hear from you!!

    Richard Windsor.

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