Windsor Wednesday Classic – 246

Unfortunately I have been out of commission for a week as I have gone and put my shoulder out. It is a rotator cuff injury and hopefully surgery won’t be needed. The pain though, Christ, if any of you have had a shoulder injury then you will already know about the pain whilst trying to sleep. In a nutshell, you can tolerate any pain during the day as nothing more than a discomfort, but the moment that your head hits the pillow, as we say in New York.. Fuggetaboutit!! Within an hour you will be doubled over in agony and slapping on the ice packs.

This went on for a whole week, an hour’s sleep here, an hour’s sleep there, it was really affecting my mental health. On the 7th day though something happened, I fell asleep during the football on Saturday morning and slept for an hour, and I was astonished not to experience that searing pain that morning. Then that night I slept like a baby for the first time in a week.

It isn’t over by any means, the shoulder is still very painful, but other than having to wear a shoulder brace all day and avoiding the use of my left arm as much as possible, it is ten times better than where it was. No more night pain which is the biggest plus.

Anyway, enough whining 🙂 Just letting you know why I haven’t had any motivation to post lately. I will respond to comments later tonight.

The image this week just sold on Ebay for like $28 or so. Figured I would let the auction end first before sharing it with you. There are no details on the image but it looks to be late 1950s/early 1960s to me, and it is one of those images that you can write a story around. There are no details provided with the image so it could be anything, that will be for you guys to decide. The one thought that I had was “One of those sandals are just begging to be taken off of her foot” 🙂

This will be added to my “PLAYFUL SPANKINGS” folder. Click on the image itself for a much larger version of the photo.

6 thoughts on “Windsor Wednesday Classic – 246

  1. Hi Rich, sorry to hear about your shoulder, I hope you can get it sorted.

    This is such a good picture, it made me wonder who was taking it, given the angle and quality.

  2. Glad to hear you are doing better. Hopefully you don’t think that you need surgery.I hope you have a reclining chair as a friend who had the badly sprained rotator cuff did say he slept better in a chair than he did in bed . Sorry about your injury and at least you can write now I am sure that finding something to do that was a part of your routine was quite an adjustment. Thanks for the beautiful spanking is outstanding.Thanks and take care of your arm.

  3. Sorry for your pain, guess you’ve taken your last wicket for a while. The pic is wonderful, based on her position it looks like the guy is at least putting some sting in it. I’ll go with “burned the roast the first time she cooked for the in-laws”.

  4. Theo, the angle is great, isn’t it? A color photo as well which is so rare for the era. I subsequently found out that the image was from 1961 so I had the dates right.


  5. Jim,

    As you may have read I had Shingles which is what caused the shoulder pain. One of the signs of Shingles is that it can mimic a rotator cuff tear. Unfortunately I have suffered nerve damage so my arm is locked, however, if it is permanent then I can live with it. My arm still works, it just doesn’t raise higher than my chest. If I have a girl over my knee then I should still be able to hold onto her, lol. As for the sleeping you are correct, but for the first 6 days sleep was brutal. Right now I can sleep for about 4 hours before the pain wakes me, but if I am really tired then I will just fall back asleep without a problem. It looks like I am going to need physical therapy to get some range of motion back in the arm.



  6. Warmhand,

    Isn’t it a great pic? So rare to get one in color from 1961. I dare say that this spanking isn’t staged either, even if it is just a playful one.


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