Windsor Sunday Candid’s – 145

What in the darnation is going on? Richard Windsor pilfering a spanking pic from another spanking blog? Yes, it’s true, for the first time in all likelihood in years, I have swiped a pic from another resource for spanking material.

What is funny is that the spanking that is depicted in the film is teaching the young lady some etiquette. So now I am going to teach you guys some spanking etiquette.

This is an image that I was delighted to see because I have long loved the scene in the movie. On a side note, a connoisseur once went ballistic on me for liking the spanking scene in this film. It was one of those times where I was like dude, calm the fuck down, I am only saying that I personally like the spanking scene. He treated it like I had shot his dog.

Spanking etiquette. Whenever another site poaches images from my site and they don’t link back, they are denying their audience the wealth of spanking material that I have posted on my site. If you believe that your audience will like what you have taken from my site in secret, there is an almost certain chance that they will like the rest of my material as well. By not linking back you are actually punishing your audience by not giving them another resource for rare images.

Based on that assessment, it would be fundamentally wrong for me not to link back to the spanking resource that provided this wonderful image. Because like I said above, the chances are you are going to love the rest of their material that they have posted.

From a personal perspective as a long time collector of spanking material, this particular site has posted dozens of rare spanking finds that I have never seen before. Obviously they also search through newspaper archives as I do, so there will be many clippings that they have posted that I have also posted over the years.

So do me a favor, as this site has provided me with a wonderful spanking image to share with you today, do yourselves a favor and head on over to SPKCOMICS to view hundreds of rare images just like you will find on this site. While it has “Comics” in the title, it isn’t just spanking comics that they post, they have a wealth of mainstream spanking material for you to enjoy. Now the image is on Ebay UK, selling for 90 quid, but that isn’t where I originally found the image. I found it on the above named blog and it would be unfair of me not to link back to them. Besides, like I said, my motivation for doing so is to allow you all the chance to enjoy all of their material.

I will add this pic to my WEBSITE CONTRIBUTIONS folder. Unfortunately there are only a handful of pics on that page because as I have told you a million times already, I prefer to post my own spanking finds rather than piggyback off of the work of other spanking resources.

The movie in question is “The Girl Who Couldn’t Quite”, which features a spanking scene between Bill Owen and Elizabeth Henson. This is the same Bill Owen who became famous playing the role of Compo is ‘Last of the Summer Wine’. A show that I personally hated btw, but my father loved it so we all had to suck it up on a Sunday night, lol.

Coincidentally, I also have several spanking images from the stage version of this film that I will post at a later date.

Make sure that you click on the image for the full sized version.

And to add a little extra to the post, here is the actual spanking clip from the movie.

10 thoughts on “Windsor Sunday Candid’s – 145

  1. Glenmore,

    I really liked the scene a lot, and the image to boot. As I mentioned, one time I made a comment that I loved this scene and this guy went off the deep end, lol. Apparently he didn’t like it as much as I did, lol. BTW, I have added a link to your site to reciprocate the one that you have up for me on your site. Devlin’s blog seems to have been taken over since his passing so I replaced that link with yours.


  2. Thanks Richard.
    I have actually moved most of my material to Patreon where it is doing very well and I have quite a few loyal patrons so don’t update the original blog much.
    There is a link to the Patreon site.
    Great stuff here which I look forward to seeing.

  3. Yes one of my favorites as well.I did love her positioning otk and the location of the spanking was outstanding.thanks for the new link and all you share. Yeah I know the guy that blasts mainstream spanking as not being a spanking because it wasn’t bare and also don’t like him much either as I feel spanking is in the eye of the beholder and my preference is going to be different than the next person. Enjoy your day.

  4. Glenmore,

    Far be it for me to tell anyone else what to do, but I would have that Patreon link in a pinned post at the top of my blog if that was me, lol. I mean you told me about it and even then I had a hard time finding it. I didn’t realize that I had to scroll down. I will update the link for you.


  5. Jim,

    I’m not aware of who you speak of, though I have encountered more times than I have had hot dinners the “It ain’t real unless it’s bare” crowd. The person who flipped out on me for liking this scene is one of the leading sources for mainstream spanking and has been for likely more than 30 years. He was doing mainstream spanking long before the Internet existed. In fact he is one of the originators (if not the originator) for compiling mainstream spanking films for people to watch. However, his feedback towards this scene was tame compared to when I suggested that there was an off screen spanking in the Judy Garland film “Presenting Lily Mars”, that one really made his blood boil, lol. Though I still stand by what I said, it is heavily implied in ‘Presenting Lily Mars’ that Van Heflin’s character spanked Judy Garland’s character off screen.


  6. I know who you are referring to Richard and know him well .
    Great guy and a true pioneer on the mainstream movie spanking scene but he does insist that a spanking only exists if he can see the actual contact.
    I don’t agree but he gets quite agitated if you like perhaps an off screen spanking scene which I happen to really enjoy .
    For example Champagne for Caesar.
    To each his own.

  7. I should work on that Richard.
    Once in a while I make a post plugging my Patreon site and make sure the link is front and centre.

  8. Yes,his contributions were outstanding, but his reaction to some spanking scenes like the scene you mentioned or some of my favorite mainstream stills did not endear me to him.. I like to think there were spankings in several movies anyway (I would swear there had to be a spanking in one of the Tarzan movies albeit offscreen, but it was still a great fantasy especially whenever I saw the actress that played Jane).enjoy your day.

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