The F/M Collection

On polls that I have conducted on this website something like 1 in 4 people state a preference for F/M pics. In my archive I have over 500 F/M pics,  many of which have probably never been seen before. So this page is for those of you who prefer a Maternal approach to spanking đŸ™‚


25 thoughts on “The F/M Collection

  1. Hey there…I love the photos and I like f/m spanking. I tried to fill out a survey but the link is broken. Is there anything I can do to look at the pics? Thank you.

  2. Wonderful pictures. It would be great to have some pics nowadays recreating those times.

  3. Richard: I have followed your website from the beginning. You are unique and the best.
    Please give me the link to the f/m collection

  4. Hi Richard
    Great site! I am a spanko as well and loved the F/M collection. I do F/M spanking art and was wondering if you could use some of them in the F/M section
    Bottoms up to you

  5. Mr. Windsor. First and foremost, as I fellow spanko I salute all your hard work and documentative efforts in what amounts to one of the better repositories I’ve seen around in the better part of a decade. Lately, and thanks to my loving girlfriend and fellow enthusiast I’ve begun to develop quite the taste for F/M scenarios, something that I would have believed unlikely a few years back, given my fondness and natural inclination towards F/F and M/F pairings. A few days ago I did complete your survey on “Good Neighbors” and I was wondering If you may be so kind as to send me a link to the folder in question, as long as you deemed the answers I gave juicy enough, of course.
    Thanks for everything and my sincerest regards.

  6. Just came across this site (love it, lots of fun) but I can’t seem to find the surveys this post refers to.

    Am I going mad or are there links that are hidden? Any other ways to access the photos which look fascinating?


  7. Thanks for letting us know, Lumasoc, I am sure a number of my readers will be happy to see your site.


  8. Most of the vanilla stuff is M/F so it’s a nice change to see this as my wife is not switched on by receiving as I am. One feels a bit easier when you know other men like it as well.

  9. It isn’t something that I personally post a lot of, but I also know that a lot of my readers do enjoy this genre, so the least that I can do is give it some attention with a few rare pics that I find.


  10. but i dont know how i’m 67 and would love for my wife or her female friends to spank me. i have ask, demanded and bagged but no good HELP

  11. Thanks for the effort in collecting these photos. Funny how it looks like all the guys being spanked are having a good time.

  12. This is a really nice collection! You can see in the eyes of some of the school-aged spankers that this is in fun, but she’s having a lot of fun spanking him. I will definitely be checking back.

  13. Joe,

    I have been collecting M/F and F/F vintage pics for years, but I always came across F/M ones as well. So at one point I decided to start collecting them as well as I was sure that there would be a lot of people who wanted to see them. I was correct of course because this page is now by far the most visited page on my website.


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