The F/M Collection

*There are currently 100 vintage F/M spanking pictures in the folder*

These are pics that are not posted on this site but as something like 1 in 6 readers prefer F/M spanking pics,  I created a folder on my Google Drive for those people who are interested in seeing my vintage collection of F/M spankings. These pics will not be shown on this site.

The reason that I have a page for them is simple,  it is to drive traffic to this site. I also use it though for my annual interviews with Dana Specht so in return for the pics,  I ask that you fill in one of the two surveys below. The surveys are used to create the interviews as we take ideas,  thoughts and questions from them when creating the interviews. So for the few of you who put (Yes,  no,  yes,  now give me the pics) as your answers,  all I ask is just for a small effort for a rare collection that I mostly paid for.

Below is just a selection of the pics available,  there are actually more in there than what is shown. When you fill a small survey out you just leave your email address on the survey and I send you the link.



zi Clipboard01


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