Elvis Is In The Building

Tomorrow I leave for Chicago for the annual Crimson Moon party. This will be my first Crimson Moon party and while I am excited about it, I can’t say that I am actually ready yet. I have been so busy lately that I don’t know my right arm from my left and I am very much looking forward to a break. Today for whatever reason I just feel down in the dumps a bit, perhaps it is the anxiety of going to a new party where the amount of people I will actually know is very limited. Just as long as I don’t start to pack at 1am then I should be fine. Of course I will have my cameras with me in Chicago so hopefully I will have something to share with you all from there.

Now then, many moons ago I discovered a new spanking pic of Elvis spanking a smiling Jenny Maxwell which had this huge watermark on it. Chross helped me clean it up a bit, actually, I should say that he cleaned it up, but I still wasn’t satisfied. So you know what I did? I actually went out and paid 15 bucks for a copy of the original picture. I must be mad, right? Anyway, here it is, for what I believe to be the first time on the Internet, the unedited version of Elvis spanking a smiling Jenny Maxwell. Now this pic I did put my website address on, but as I actually own this picture I think I have a right to do that. Anyway, here it is, and it is followed by some other pics 🙂

Hope that you enjoyed the pic!! Now here is a selction of other spanking pics.

First of all, how many of you have, or had, a naughty chair?

Likewise, during your exploration period, how many of you tried your hand at self spanking?

Just the other day I was thinking about Audrey Knight. I wonder how that little sweetie is doing?

Staged as it may be, I had to deliver a good swat to get the ripple effect.

And finally, it is ‘Caption Me’ time. What is it do you think that is being said here?

Hey look, one site down already, just three to go, I’m already ahead of the game 🙂 If it please

4 thoughts on “Elvis Is In The Building

  1. Great. Well that Elvis/Jenny Maxwell pic is a classic for sure. Glad you’ve posted this better quality version. Thanks Richard.

  2. He is saying, “Now put on your scarf and coat before we go outside or I will put you across my knee and you won’t enjoy sitting through the play at all.”

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