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The Last Day Of My 50s

This is it, the very last day that I can say that I am in my 50s!

Obviously I’m not going to sugarcoat it, I’m not really enthused with the knowledge that I am now turning 60 years old. It just sounds so damn old, doesn’t it?

In case you missed it, though I wouldn’t see how being that I have repeated myself over and over for weeks, for the next twenty days you will get twenty posts, one for each day. Each post will contain three spanking pictures (a couple of days with four images) and each one is going to be based on a different theme. For example, the theme tomorrow, being that it is my actual birthday, will be Birthday Spankings. Included in tomorrow’s set is a cracker of a pic, a female tennis player getting a birthday spanking from her female tennis coach. It should be a real treat for many people in the spanking community because a female tennis coach/player being the spanker has long been a feature of spanking stories.

60 spanking pics, one for each year of my age.

The twenty posts have already been made and scheduled to post automatically, but that doesn’t mean that I will have nothing to add over the next twenty days. You see each post that I have already made contains very little dialogue, the whole purpose being that I want to share rare spanking images with you. If I have anything to say on any given day then I can just edit those posts before they go live. There’s plenty of room because like I said, the posts have very little narration by me, the spanking is going to do the talking. Of course I will check in daily to respond to messages should there be any.

If you want to ask me a question or send a message you can do so here. If I get any questions then I can add the answers to the upcoming scheduled posts. The form is anonymous, you don’t need to submit anything in order to ask a question, other than the question itself. So if you have this dying need to act like a Qunt then you can do that as well, anonymously, fill your boots. If you see your email address in the form below just know that I won’t see it. Still cautious? Open this page in an incognito window and then you won’t even see your email address in the form.

Not every spanking image over the next twenty days is going to be brand new to the community, but I would hazard a guess that the majority of them will be. It is my personal reward for all of the hard work, the graft, the effort, and in some instances the finances that I put in to be able to bring these to you. The fruits of my own labor so to speak.

The birthday present to myself this week was slightly annoying to be honest with you, I feel like it is a bit of a waste of money and I’m not going to get much bang for my buck. The goal is to find 35 worthy spanking entries, but I am going to struggle to find that many. I am digging up some wonderful rare finds though, spanking images from British plays that to my knowledge haven’t been shared in the spanking community to date. As of the time of writing this I have around a dozen unique finds now, plus about an equal number of images that are already known. As these images are from local papers there will of course be a new take when it comes to the headline/synopsis etc. on established pics.

There is quite an issue with the search engine though. For example, I could stumble upon an image that has “Screen actress gets a spanking” in the title. Next I will put those exact quoted words into the search engine and literally nothing shows up, lol. The search engine is a bit of a cow so a lot of this effort is going to be pure luck. I’m hoping for 35 new finds to cover the $35 that I paid for three months access, and it will be close by the end. What I have found so far is very good.

So where do I stand in the spanking community now that I am 60 years old tomorrow?

Well quite honestly I don’t stand anywhere, other of course than being a prolific blogger of our lifestyle. I’m not going to say that I will never play again, the chances are I will at any given point each year, but in regards to spanking parties and the scene, my time there is over. I’ve burned the candle at both ends and now I am burned out. In fact I don’t even have any contact with literally anyone in the community anymore, not since leaving social media, I’ve entered the abyss of ex-spankos who have fallen by the wayside, haha.

In my 40s and 50s I had the time of my life, getting to play with an untold number of wonderful women during that time. If I could put a measure on what my expectations were going in, and what I got out of the scene in return, then there is no comparison. I got to experience particular scenes that I could never have dreamed that I would take part in as a younger man. It truly was a magnificent journey and I got to share some time with some very special people. That is how I wish to remember spanking parties and thankfully much of it I have documented on this blog.

Most importantly I have no regrets whatsoever, even for the situations that were horrible to encounter. I firmly believe that adversity makes you stronger and as sick as it may sound, I’m actually thankful for the negative situations that I had to deal with. It has made me a much stronger person because of it.

If you treat people with contempt and disrespect, then you can’t really fault them for treating you with an equal measure of contempt and disrespect in return. You make your own bed and lie in it, and I suffer no fools. Respectful behavior is paramount in my book.

My door is always open though, if you need a link, if you want your clips4sale page added to my promotion page, if you sell spanking equipment and want a mention, just give me a shout. I have never asked for anything in return and nor will I, it gives me a great deal of satisfaction if I can help someone along.

My email address is richardwindsor@richardwindsor.com, it couldn’t be easier to remember.

In a blogging sense 2023 is going to continue to be a wonderful year. I have so much material that I have collected over the years and I need to post as much as I can this year. Many of these images are going to be new to you, which is just the way that I like it. I take pride in bringing unique material to the spanking community based on the hard work that I put in.

After the twenty birthday posts have completed I will almost certainly have a brand spanking new fictional story to share on June 12th. This is something that I want to work hard on as well this year, writing more spanking stories. The one that I will post in a few weeks’ time was originally written 20 years ago, and obviously I will need to rewrite much of it, but the basis for the story is there already, it just needs to be reworked.

So that is all I have for you on the last day of my 59th year. As of tomorrow I will be as old as dirt and more of a curmudgeon than I already am now. Most of my last fucks have already been given, I have very few fucks left to give anymore. From here on out I want to give you guys as much of what I own as I can, it ain’t going to be no good sat on my hard drive when it is my time to go. Obviously that isn’t going to be for a long while, but circumstances do change so you never know what tomorrow holds.

Please be nice to each other out there and treat people with dignity and respect.

I Have A Confession

This morning I was watching the football from the UK and while I was doing so I decided to do my bi-monthly check of other spanking blogs. As I mentioned recently, I can hardly complain about a falling audience on this blog because I don’t personally look at other spanking blogs anymore myself, save perhaps for once every six to eight weeks.

When I did so today I felt a little bad about what I saw. The reason being is that a spanking picture that I faked has been reposted as real. Now I can’t find the original post that I made, only a post where I posted the image a second time without any qualifying information. When I originally posted it I clearly stated that the image was fake.

Now before I show you this image I do want to state, I am not claiming that this pic was taken directly from my blog. The copy that was posted was of such poor quality that it was likely taken from this blog ages ago and renamed. However, whoever took it originally did take it from this blog. How do I know that? Well it’s simple, I was the one who faked the image, lol.

Here is the image in question in its original form.

Like I said, I can’t find the original post where I posted a few fakes and stated that I had done so, it is likely on my dormant Spanking Pics site as I haven’t searched that site yet. As noted, the image was probably taken from this site years ago, renamed and then circulated for years. As you will see from the copy that I have posted, the quality is far superior so it just makes sense that it has been through the mill for years, lol.

I’m just confessing though, it is a fake that I created and I feel a bit bad about it now. However I think that it is important to confess so that the correct information is out there.

In the same blog post the image below was also credited as being from the 1990s. It’s not, it is from Tulia, TX in 1973 which I POSTED IN 2016. Once again though, it is an image that was likely taken a long time ago from this site, renamed and recycled, and then found elsewhere with a different image name. Once again though, I think that it is important that I provide the correct information if I have it.

By the way, the above image comes from a whole host of spanking pics from the same town over a several year period.

This reminds me of the research that I did in regards to Natalie Wood all those years ago. For the longest time the spanking community was led to believe that the famous Natalie Wood spanking pic was from a film called “The Burning Hills”. Now do I think that I know where that rumour started? You can bet your bottom dollar I do. Long before the Internet I saw the image in print with “The Burning Hills” title, so I firmly believe that I know exactly where it was mislabeled and by who 🙂

Now even though I brought this mistake to the spanking world a long, long time ago, and informed everyone that the image was actually from the set of “The girl he left behind”, I’m not foolish enough to fail to acknowledge that this information would have eventually been realized and talked about anyway. I’m in possession of the original magazine that it was posted in and many other collectors would have known this information already.

It has been a few years since I last posted about Natalie Wood, that was when I found a brand spanking new copy of a long lost Natalie Wood spanking pic. A dreadfully poor copy of the image had circulated online for years, but three years ago I found a copy of the original on Ebay and I purchased it.

So if you ever see THIS IMAGE, know that I own it!! As in I paid my hard earned green to bring it to the spanking community and the original is in my personal spanking folder of items that I actually own.

Now let me finish off with some fun.

As the football went on this morning I booted up my oldest external drive because I wanted to find the original image in this post. I was pretty sure that I knew where to find it, and I was indeed correct. It was found in my old “Webshots” folder on my external drive. Do any of you remember the website “Webshots”?

Well in that folder I have literally hundreds of spanking pics dating all the way back to 2003. In fact the three images below have been sat on my hard drive for 20 years and have never been posted. That is yet another folder that I need to go through to sort out some long lost spanking pics.

And one other thing, I also found a story that I wrote in 2004 that I never posted. Now I will still need to rewrite the bulk of it as my writing is much better nowadays than it was 20 years ago, but that is something that you can look forward to once the 20 birthday spanking posts have been made.

Now here are the three images that I have had in my possession for 20 years already.

The Scantest Of Protection

The times when a spanking over the panties isn’t really a spanking over the panties at all. Let’s hope that she got dressed in her fishnets for the special occasion because I am sure it would have been uncomfortable walking around in that attire all day long. The wedgie Olympics!!

Yesterday I had a very lucky day in terms of finding new spanking pics for you all. Some days I can search for hours and only find one or two really crappy pics, but yesterday, for whatever reason, I struck gold and found over a dozen pretty good ones.

I have started to prepare for my 60th birthday blitz of spanking pics, and I think what I am going to do is post three pics a day for twenty days straight. Each post being on a different topic. For example right now I have three birthday spankings, three act your age pics and three Kiss Me Kate pics. I just need to come up with seventeen more themes.

Several times I have mentioned it in the past, but I think that a small amount of pics is the way to go where they will be fully appreciated. With three pics I feel that people will observe them each individually, whereas if I posted all 60 images in one shot then the viewer is just going to skim through the lot and maybe only study one or two that stand out.

Two of the spanking pics that I found yesterday are birthday spanking pics and both of them will be posted on May the 23rd, my actual birthday, along with an additional birthday spanking pic. One of the images that I found yesterday is an absolute corker.

Many times in spanking stories you will read that the spanker is a former tennis player, obviously to build up the idea that she has a powerful spanking arm. Well guess what, that is EXACTLY what I found yesterday, a female tennis coach giving a birthday spanking to one of her students.

The picture is really clear, from the 1990s, and it is taken from the rear side of the spankee. She has her tennis outfit on (as does the coach) and the short skirt barely covers her knickers. If for nothing else it would make for a great image to build a story upon. You know that old saying “A picture is worth a thousand words”. It is a really awesome mainstream spanking image.

Anyway, my plan is to run three spanking images a day for twenty days each with their own theme. If you have an opinion on that or any suggestions then I will happily entertain them. BTW, another thing that surprised me yesterday was that almost all of the finds that I found yesterday were from Texas. Perhaps I need to go old school and search the thousands of Texas books one by one for images that won’t show up in the search window. That’s how I find most of my images, without the help of the search engine.

Very Little Protection

This picture takes me way back to my early years in the spanking world, and in fact the location is not too dissimilar to the place where Richard Windsor delivered his VERY FIRST SPANKING to the white nylon panty clad bottom of his then girlfriend. A much simpler time.

I don’t believe in regrets, I’m one of those people that believes that everything happens for a reason, whether good or bad. I will say this though, I do wish that back in the early 80s I would have known then what I know now. My early 20s could have been really magical. With that said though, had I been super greedy back then, would I have had the experiences that I obtained later in life. Probably not is the answer, and I wouldn’t change what I got to experience in my 40s and 50s for anything.

The 1980s were a time where years in a spank free zone would pass, but I guess that makes the less than a handful of experiences during those years much more special.

So let me indulge myself as I remember the life changing memory of a thin white pair of nylon panties 🙂 This could also serve as the inspiration for yet another birthday spanking story.

The Top Ten Of 2022

It is a week later than I would normally make this annual post, but here is the top ten most popular posts on this website in 2022. The list is made up solely of posts that were made in 2022 and are arranged by how many hits each post got.

1: Her Best Friend’s Dad

This happens every year that I post a new story without fail. Each and every year the new story, or stories, will dominate the top spot by a country mile, and this year is no exception. This story contains a playful birthday spanking that is just the start of three spankings by her best friend’s father. The last spanking brings her to tears. READ MORE…

2: An Expensive Spanking

Due to the many retakes that the spanking scene in Public Deb No. 1 required, it cost the studio $16,000 for George Murphy to spank Brenda Joyce. READ MORE…

3: Windsor Wednesday Classic 237

A nice old school spanking from the 1950’s. Is there anything better than seeing a woman in stockings and suspenders along with a pair of full coverage nylon panties? READ MORE…

4: F/M Friday 40

It is a strange occurrence, especially as for 16 years my blog has been almost exclusively an M/F and an F/F spanking site all of those years. But, outside of the stories which account for a massive amount of this site’s traffic, the top page that is viewed on the website is the F/M COLLECTION page. Again, it’s not even close, that page dominates the folder views. This image is a cartoon and it depicts a young man who doesn’t seem to mind the spanking very much at all. READ MORE…

5: Group Spanking

This was one of my favorite images of the year. Now I can’t say if it was the favorite, once I am finished with this post I will review all images from the year and if need be I will post my personal favorite at the bottom of the post. I don’t know why, but this French finishing school drawing really caught my eye. A picture is worth a thousand words. READ MORE…

6: Sexy Shrew Getting Tamed

Hubba-Hubba, can I change my mind? Maybe this was my favorite pic of the year 🙂 Can you just imagine how much her bottom is going to sting for ‘Biting’? It is one of those pictures that remind me that spanking used to be a fun activity, back in the days when the spanking was the main focus rather than the spitefulness and ugliness. READ MORE…

7: Cartoon Knickers

This is a drawing that is over 200 years old, and yet this 1799 art piece still makes the top ten of a spanking blog 223 years later 🙂 It’s perhaps not the best image on the market, but enough people liked it for it to appear as the 7th most viewed image on the site last year. READ MORE… 

8: Six Of The Best Spanking Comics/Cartoons

There seems to be a bit of a theme here, viewers tend to enjoy spanking artwork!! Maybe I need to find some more older pieces of art. I’m pretty sure in my folders I have some regionalized drawings from old books that would have barely been seen in the spanking world before. I will take a dig through the folders and see what I can come up with. Had this post been made in the early part of 2022 rather than in December, then it would have almost certainly finished in second or third place for the most viewed posts of the year. READ MORE…

9: Excellent Spanking Video

Once again, yet another shining example of what I love about the spanking world. This is the type of spanking that we used to get back in the late 80s/early 90s, extending into the 2000s. Over the years I think that the spanking focused has changed more towards an erotic projection, not completely of course, but there are far more ‘Exposure’ videos nowadays than there ever was before. It also seems that spanking is being included in secondary fetishes more nowadays. Now I’m not saying that there is anything wrong with that at all, just from a personally standpoint a traditional (genital free) over the knee spanking video are the types of videos that I crave to see. Check this one out, it is a classic OTK spanking. READ MORE…

10: F/M Friday 46

As noted in number 4 on this list, the F/M spanking Friday’s post that I occasionally make on this website are very popular indeed. Thankfully for those of you who enjoy F/M spanking I still have tons of unseen spanking images that I have collected the last couple of years, certainly images most of you would have never seen before. READ MORE…

Now then, that was the list of what you guys liked in 2022, now I am going to review the images of the year and see whether I have a favorite or not to add to this list that never made the top ten. I’ll tell you one thing, that sexy shrew pic is going to be hard to beat 😉

Okay, I went through the new images posted throughout the year and the Sexy Shrew in position number 6 would have definitely been my favorite spanking find of the year. If I was to select one that never made the list then it would probably have to be this one, an image that is just begging for a story to be written about it.

Merry Christmas Everyone

The title simply reflects the posting date of December the 25th, if you celebrate a different holiday or no holiday at all, I wish you all well.

Yesterday was the 16th anniversary of this blog but to be honest with you I couldn’t be arsed to write my usual yearly summary. Dwindling viewership, limited interaction and lack of enthusiasm prevented me from posting, but perhaps I will give the yearly update later in the week.

As it is Christmas there may be many of you out there all alone, so maybe a good spanking story with whet your whistle and provide you with some entertainment. I’m actually thinking of subscribing to Dreams of Spanking because I do love a good audio story. Pandora has an F/FFF one entitled “Aunt Gillian’s Hairbrush” that I have wanted to listen to for a while now.

I could buy the clip on clips4sale, but why not pay a few extra bucks and view the whole site instead. I’m sure that there are other audios that I would enjoy listening to. Anyway, here is my list of stories and I will be back soon with some rare spanking pictures.

Six Of The Best Spanking Comics/Cartoons

This isn’t something that I do very often, and even when I do I always direct you to the CHICAGO SPANKING REVIEW website as that website is the premier source for spanking comics. As always the website is welcome to take anything that I post if it is an addition to their collection. The review has always been very generous in linking back whenever they use material that I have posted and I appreciate their ethical approach to sharing with the community.

Now when it comes to comic books/cartoons, I’m not always very studious when it comes to writing the publication name on the image, but most everything that I find has been found on Ebay so it should be easy to get the information.

So let’s start in 1948 with The Two Gun Kid #5.

And here is the two page spread for those who enjoy such things. Click on the image for the full sized version.

Next up, unfortunately I do not have the name of this publication. Ah, the romance of spanking. I guess this is what they refer to as the good old days, right? Lol.

When I was growing up in the UK the holiday resorts were always chock full of saucy postcards such as this one. In fact for some of us this was the only exposure that we would get to any spanking related material. Long before the Internet. Click on the image for the full sized version.


Here is another one that unfortunately I do not have the details on, but I am sure that someone will recognize it.

The next image is from 1928 and is currently on sale on Ebay. You can find the auction using the search of Pep Pulp Magazine 1928. Based on early bidding this one is probably going to sell for a good price.

Finally, this image actually came from Tumblr. But the appearance of what appears to be white nylon knickers is always something that will capture my interest 😉

Hope that you enjoyed the cartoon spanking collection. I’m going to try and write a Christmas spanking story. The idea that I have in my mind is a take on the ghost of Christmas past, present and future. My idea is slightly different though in that a former spanker appears, then the current one spanks and finally the future of her life takes the woman in hand. I’ve got a lot of work to do but I am excited to work on this.

What A Girl Wants

I have this little sneaking suspicion that this young lady knows exactly what it is that she wants!! The old St. Trinian’s dress that is way too short, a straw boater, nylon knickers, stockings and high heels. She is not too subtle when it comes to how high up her bum is in the air. I remember those days back in the 1970s and 1980s where the St. Trinian’s outfit was a go to costume for many young women, I wonder if people still own them? I haven’t lived in the UK for 35 years now, so maybe the modern woke society has banned them?

Anyway, a picture is worth a thousand words, and I’m already thinking that there must be a story that can be written from this picture. I’m almost betting that she “Tripped up” and fell over his lap 😉

Her Best Friend’s Dad


The last story that I posted I believe was the longest short story that I have written to date coming in at more than 6,200 words. Well I just surpassed that with my next story which comes in at a whopping 6,451 words. Once I started editing the story that I recently found I came to a realization, I don’t think that I ever have posted this story anywhere because it wasn’t finished. The initial concept had come from a story that I once read a long time ago on the Spanking Classics discussion board, and it has sat dormant for more than a decade. So yesterday I edited it and added the final 2,200 words or so.

It was very tempting to do a word play on the real Mr. Rogers, lol, you know like naming the story “Welcome to the neighborhood” or something like that, but I wanted to make sure that I separated the two characters and didn’t post anything cheesy. I’m also in a bit of a story writing mood so I might just begin my next story which would be part 4 of the Mother Spanks series.

So here is the new story, all 6,451 words of it. If you have feedback at the end of the story, both pro and con, then I would love to hear it. Because stories like this take hours to write, it is always comforting to hear words of encouragement and acknowledgement for your efforts.

Her Best Friend’s Dad:

Chapter 1:

Today was Amanda Vines’ 21st birthday, it was a day that would be very special to her and it would be a day that she wouldn’t soon forget. Now I wonder why that is?

The morning had come and gone, Amanda had arisen nice and early and was soon enjoying a lovely shower. As she dressed a smile had come to her face as only it could when somebody had a birthday. Breakfast with the family was a joyous affair as she got to open her presents soon after, mostly they were items she had requested so there was very little in the way of a surprise, though of course she was delighted with the new gadgets that she received.

Her day had already been planned, she was going to go to her friend Julie’s house, and later on in the afternoon they were meeting up with the rest of their little group for a day at the mall. Amanda wasn’t totally happy about the mall trip being that she was not exactly the cool kid amongst the group, she wanted the day to be about herself but she knew that Elizabeth would command all of the attention and would somehow bring the day around to being about her. She tried to shake the thoughts though because until the afternoon, the day was about her and she joyfully made the trek over to Julie’s house.

When she arrived at the Roger’s household it wasn’t long before she was in Julie’s room opening what she considered to be her best gift of the day. The gift itself was under no circumstances the most expensive gift she had received that day, nor again was it a complete surprise, but she loved Julie dearly and just the fact that it had come from her made the present very special indeed, in fact the wrapping itself must have taken half an hour to do, so much so that she didn’t even really want to ruin it by opening it. Open it she did though and the new hello kitty shirt couldn’t wait a single day to be worn, she quickly took off her white blouse and put the hello kitty shirt on, tucking it carefully into her short light blue flared skirt, heck, even the colors matched like she knew what skirt to wear that day, which of course was something that she fully well knew.

Soon enough it was time to get a bite to eat and the girls headed downstairs. When they stepped into the kitchen they were met by Julie’s dad, immediately Amanda began to play with her hair, her crush on him more than obvious now than it had ever been to anyone watching. When he asked them what they were up to today, Julie told him how it was Amanda’s birthday and that she was treating her to a day out. Mr. Rogers’ smiled at the blushing girl and said that he hoped that she would have a wonderful birthday, but then totally took her off guard when he said “Did you get your birthday spanking already?”

Amanda’s face could not have gotten any redder than it was the moment that he said that. Why couldn’t he have asked her that when the two of them were alone, she would have been over his lap with her panties down around her knees in a nanosecond if he had. Her face wasn’t red with embarrassment at the indignation of his suggestion, it was red from the embarrassment that she would have secretly loved a spanking from Mr. Rogers.

There was this one time about a year ago that Mr. Rogers playfully threatened her with a spanking, and while it wasn’t carried out Amanda would be lying if she said that she hadn’t thought about it long and hard afterwards. Despite her blushing she at least managed a cheeky response, perhaps with a secret long shot hope that maybe she would get a spanking. “Not yet Mr. Rogers, but here’s hoping”

Julie giggled at this playful exchange and said “Perhaps you should spank her daddy”

Trying not to be obvious, Amanda slapped her friend on the arm “Julie, you just stop, your daddy wouldn’t spank me”

Perhaps sensing that Amanda was being a little coy, Mr. Rogers pulled out a kitchen chair and sat down “Oh I wouldn’t eh, why don’t you come here and find out whether I would spank you or not”

A rush of excitement swept through Amanda’s body, had it not been for Julie being present she would have practically flown over his lap, but with Julie there she wasn’t giving up so easy, turning to her friend she said “Now look what you’ve done, maybe you should be the one getting the spanking”

Julie replied “It isn’t my birthday, is it Daddy?”

To which her father responded “No darling, only Amanda has a birthday today”

Amanda scrunched her nose up and went a little closer to Mr. Rogers “Fine, whatever” she said “Just don’t spank me too hard”

“And how old are we today”?

Oh boy, such a tough question. Amanda’s head tilted from side to side as her mouth moved as if she was trying to say something. In her mind she was pondering ‘can I get away with saying I am 260’? Obviously she couldn’t, but she could add a little sass to her demeanor “I’m 21” she replied “You know, so I’m clearly old enough to know right from wrong”

Mr. Rogers reached out his right hand and took Amanda by her hands and moved her next to him “So that is 21 spanks plus one for luck and one to grow on”

Amanda pressed her thighs against his and smiled sexily at him, Mr. Rogers smiled back and placed his hand on her lower back and guided her over his knees. Amanda felt totally vulnerable bent over like this with her bottom sticking up high and she quickly reached back to make sure her skirt had stayed down. Mr. Rogers watched her display and waited for her to put her hands back in front of her, then as quick as a flash he whipped the skirt all the way up. Amanda jumped and her hand flew back once more, first to grab the skirt that was now up her back and then to place her hand on her panties. Julie jumped for joy “Ooh, Daddy’s going to spank you on your panties”

Amanda scorned at her laughing friend “You are going to get such a spanking from me later, mark my words”

Mr. Rogers comfortably took Amanda’s hand and held it by her side, he looked down at her little bottom now encased by a tiny pair of pink nylon panties, the tone of which almost matched her skin tone, and patted it firmly half a dozen times. Looking at his daughter he said “Look at your little friend here, bent over my knees like a naughty little girl with her bottom sticking up in the air, seems to me she has been needing a spanking for a while now”

Julie laughed once more “Oh yes daddy, spank her good”

Amanda gave her friend the evil eye once more, feeling the warmth from Mr. Rogers palm resting on her bottom. She wondered whether all these pats were the actual birthday spanks or not as he patted her bottom several more times, her mind switching between embarrassment and excitement. One thing was for sure, he was certainly taking his sweet little time over the proceedings. Even Julie was wondering what the delay was as she eagerly awaited the spanking of her friend.

Mr. Rogers studied the target beneath him and picked his spot, he raised his hand a foot from the target and brought it down firmly on her right cheek. Amanda jumped at the impact and emitted a vocal sound from her mouth, quickly followed by “What the hell was that? That stung”. Mr. Rogers smiled and repeated the measure with five more steady spanks, alternating butt cheeks as he did so to the bucking woman beneath him. Amanda had scrunched her face up, the spanks were a lot harder than she thought they were going to be, though at the same time she would have been disappointed had they not been hard enough for her to feel them. As Mr. Rogers had paused in the spanking and as the warm glow started to build in Amanda’s bottom, she looked over her shoulder and said “I thought I said not to spank me hard”

Mr. Rogers caught a faint glimpse of the smile on her face and replied “I can spank you a lot harder if you want” to which the girl replied with the word no several times in a row. Now in a teasing mode, Mr. Rogers quickly snapped the hem of her underwear and said “Perhaps if you wore more sensible panties you would have a bit more protection back here”

“They are sensible, it’s not like I am wearing a thong or anything” she replied, then reached back to prevent them from riding up any further. “Besides, you have no right to even be looking at them”

“Well they are very pretty” Mr. Rogers added and patted her bum several more times.

Amanda looked over her shoulder and looked straight at Mr. Rogers “Look, can we just stop talking about my panties and get on with the spanking already”.

Mr. Rogers smiled and replied “As you wish my dear” and he delivered six more solid rapid spanks to the upturned bottom. Amanda bucked and twisted at each swat, thinking how fruitless it was to try and straighten her panties as they rose once more.

“How many is that?” he asked

Amanda was incredulous “Probably about sixty by now”

“No, that was twelve, and this is thirteen, and fourteen and fifteen and sixteen”. Mr. Rogers was spanking firmer than before and he watched with delight as each cheek started to glow.  Aiming at the bottom part of his cheeks he landed one more to each cheek, before delivering the last three right across the center of her bottom. He then announced “One to grow on” and delivered a real stinger to her left cheek, and finally one for luck as he did the same to the right cheek.

Amanda quickly got up and started to rub the seat of her panties as she walked back to Julie. Mr. Rogers grinned and thought to himself ‘For a young lady who was so concerned about me seeing her panties, she sure is showing them a lot now’

As Julie laughed both girls headed out of the kitchen, once at the door Amanda looked behind her and smiled at Mr. Rogers. Amanda didn’t stop rubbing her bottom for five minutes afterwards and both girls studied her pink bottom for quite a while longer. Before long the birthday spanking was forgotten and the girls talked about their day ahead, though not both of them had totally forgotten about the birthday spanking, it played over and over in Amanda’s mind. Yes, it did sting an awful lot, but Amanda loved every minute of it. Within the hour the girls headed back downstairs to leave for the day, but before they left Julie said she was going to get them some water to take with them. For a brief minute Amanda was alone with Mr. Rogers in the living room. He smiled at the blushing girl and asked “How is your bottom?”

Amanda just grinned back and replied “It’s tingling, but it is a nice feeling” then she winked at him.

Mr. Rogers enjoyed the sass and replied “You really must be a naughty girl then”

To which Amanda replied “I guess you were right, I have been needing a spanking for a while now”

As she said this Julie came back in and soon the girls headed towards the door, as Julie went through Amanda looked back at Mr. Rogers and flipped her skirt up with both hands “Thank you for the birthday spanking, Mr. Rogers” she said as she headed out of the door.

Chapter 2:

In the weeks that followed, Amanda had seen Mr. Rogers at least half a dozen times. Every time that she saw him her mind went back to her birthday spanking, yet Mr. Rogers made not one reference to it, even when she teased him there was no threat of a spanking nor an attempt at a quick swat, something that he had done numerous times in the past. The mind of the twenty one year old girl took over and she wondered what it was that she had done wrong, did she frighten him when she teased him by lifting her skirt and telling him that she had been needing a spanking?

As Amanda sat with Julie she felt really nervous and apprehensive that she had done something wrong, as if the spanking wasn’t embarrassing enough, she now felt like she had also humiliated herself with her parting comments. The phone rang, cutting off her thoughts, and she listened to Julie greet her Mom. If she wasn’t feeling lonely before, now she was going to have to sit here and listen to Julie talk to her Mom for half an hour. Not that she blamed her of course, if her Mom no longer lived with her she would want to talk to her all the time as well.

As the conversation went on Amanda excused herself to go and get a drink, Julie asked for a soda for herself when Amanda came back up. Making her way downstairs she was startled by Mr. Rogers in the kitchen, blushing like a bride she opened the fridge and took out two sodas. Mr. Rogers was of course his usual cheerful self and greeted her as she bent to retrieve the drinks. Amanda said hi in return and felt her face get even redder, something that Mr. Rogers noticed and he asked her if everything was okay.

Amanda stuttered as she set about her reply “Well Mr. Rogers, I’m a little embarrassed”

With a strange look on his face Mr. Rogers said “Why are you embarrassed, Amanda”

With her face still blushing, Amanda went into her explanation “Well Mr. Rogers” she said, taking a long pause as she did “The other week when you gave me my birthday spanking, I made a silly comment as I left that day and ever since, every time I see you, I’m embarrassed that I think I might have embarrassed you as well by saying it”

All Mr. Rogers could do was laugh “Ah, I see, you think I was embarrassed when you said that you have been needing a spanking for a while now?”

“Yes, Mr. Rogers”

“Not at all, Amanda, I wasn’t embarrassed one little bit”

A relief came over the girl like a big burden had just been released “Thank you Mr. Rogers”

“Not at all, now where is Julie?”

“She is on the phone with her Mom”

“I see”. Mr. Rogers grinned and sat on a kitchen chair, just like he had a few weeks earlier. He gazed at Amanda and once more she felt a flush come to her cheeks. “As Julie will be on the phone for a while, perhaps now is as good a time as any to give you that spanking”

Amanda’s mouth opened “You can’t be serious”

“Oh I am serious my girl, why don’t you put those drinks down for a minute and let’s take care of this little problem, shall we?”

Amanda’s face was as red as it had ever been “I was only playing with you”

“Put the drinks on the table and come here young lady”

As nervous as she could be, Amanda put the sodas down and slowly walked to the smiling Mr. Rogers. Probably resigned to her fate she was happy to know that she had a pair of jeans on as she approached him. Before she was able to go over his lap, Mr. Rogers stopped her in her tracks. Telling her that she knows he isn’t going to spank her over her jeans, Amanda stood there unable to move as he reached out to unbutton them. Every instinct she had was to stop him from doing it, but at no point did she try to stop him, in fact when he undid them he told her to pull them down the rest of the way.

As she peeled the jeans down over her plain white cotton panties she asked him “What if Julie comes down?”

“I’ll just say that you teased me into giving you another birthday spanking”

For some reason Amanda thought that was a reasonable solution as she tried to maximize the thin material of her panties behind her. Mr. Rogers put his hand around her waist and guided the young miss over his lap. A wave of excitement went through Amanda yet again as she felt her bottom raise up in the air once more as she was lowered over Mr. Rogers’ lap. Once in position she felt Mr. Rogers pat her bottom several times like he had done before. Mr. Rogers in turn knew a sassy little minx when he came across one and studied the cute little bubble butt beneath him straining against the thin material of her panties.

Mr. Rogers asked her if she was ready, but all Amanda could do was utter a vague sound to show that she was. Pulling her in tight around the waist, Mr. Rogers began to spank his young charge.

Now the spanking wasn’t hard by any means, but it was firm and it was steady, vastly different to her birthday spank. Mr. Rogers spanked from one cheek to the next quite methodically, admiring the girls cheeks bouncing beneath her thin panties. Amanda writhed over his lap like an eel, her legs kicking in the air, still though, it wasn’t unbearable, but she could definitely feel her bottom getting very hot. This time around Amanda made no attempt to fix her panties as the spanks continued to come down, even though she could feel that the left side of them had risen up so much that she must be getting spanked on the bare bottom on that side.

Perhaps a hundred spanks had come down when Mr. Rogers paused in the spanking and began to rub her bottom through her thin underwear “I guess after this your slate is clean, Amanda” he said

Amanda’s face began to flush once more as she replied “I guess so”

Smiling broadly he continued “At least until next time” and once more he began to spank the now pink cheeks. This time Mr. Rogers began to spank just a little bit harder, making sure to cover every inch of her bottom. Amanda gritted her teeth and tried in vain to keep still, something that of course she couldn’t do as the spanks rained off her bottom.

Once he was satisfied, Mr. Rogers patted the young girls cheeks and said “Now that is one well spanked naughty little girl”.

Amanda rose very slowly and began to rub her bottom vigorously in front of Mr. Rogers. Once she was comfortable that the sting had subsided she reached down and pulled her jeans up, not even bothering to straighten out her disheveled panties when she did so. With the jeans snugly in place, ensuring that the warmth in her bottom would stay for a while, Amanda reached over and picked up the sodas. For a brief moment she thought of Julie and wondered just how long she had been over Mr. Rogers’ knee. The uncomfortable silence was broken by Mr. Rogers when he said “Now then, I hope that you feel better after that”

Like a broken record the young lass blushed bright red one further time, yet she managed a cheeky reply “Well I am no longer embarrassed about what I said, but I might be a bit embarrassed to go back upstairs to Julie knowing that I am sporting a bright red bottom”

Mr. Rogers laughed “Don’t be too embarrassed, Julie has had her fair share of warm bottoms over the years.

Amanda got really sassy this time around “Yeah, but I doubt if she enjoyed them anywhere near as much as I did” and she winked.

Mr. Rogers shook his head “I can tell that this won’t be the last time I have to spank you”

Turning to leave Amanda muttered out loud “Not if I can help it” as she giggled.

It was a very surreal feeling as Amanda sat there listening to Julie finish talking to her Mom, especially knowing that 15 minutes earlier Julie’s Father had actually been spanking her. When the conversation finished, Julie was delighted to tell her friend that her Mom was planning on picking her up this weekend to take her away for a couple of days. Amanda of course was a little sad to hear about this as it meant that she wouldn’t have her friend around this weekend, however her evil mind plotted as she thought to herself “If Julie isn’t around, that must mean that Mr. Rogers will be alone this weekend”

Chapter 3:

It was Saturday morning and only one thought corrupted Amanda’s mind, can she find a way to get a third spanking. It wasn’t going to take her long to find out, regardless of how ridiculous an excuse she could make to pay Mr. Rogers a visit. All of these thoughts were running through her mind following her shower as she agonized over what pair of panties she would wear today, she even grinned at one point wishing that she had a pair that said ‘Spank me’ on the rear. Silly thoughts engaged her mind as she tried to select a pair and finally she decided on being a bit risky. Mr. Rogers had spanked her over a pair of pink nylon panties and a pair of white cotton ones, let’s shoot for the stars this time she smirked.

The reason that the move was so daring was because this particular pair of panties were cut higher than the others, in fact she rarely wore them for that reason alone because when she did, she was always having to try and find a way to fix them when they worked their way upwards no matter how she moved. A short skirt of course was in order as well, something that would be very quick to flip up should she find herself over his knee again, like there was any danger that wasn’t going to happen. So the skimpy white silk panties now adorned her bottom complete with a rather daring red plaid skirt.

Checking herself in the mirror and smoothing her skirt out, Amanda spun around and flipped it up to see what Mr. Rogers was sure to see that day. In literally any other circumstance she would never pair this skirt with these panties, if she did she would barely move at all from the fear of an accident happening, or a sudden inappropriate gust of wind.

Content with how she looked in her sexy outfit she headed out of the door and started the short walk to her friend’s house, still unsure exactly what her excuse was going to be for paying Mr. Rogers a visit. As she approached his house a wave of excitement came over her, even though she knew what time Julie was leaving she was going to pretend that she had hoped to catch her before she left, what a genius idea she thought.

A big smile came to her face as she rang the doorbell, while she waited she fussed over her clothes until finally Mr. Rogers appeared with a quizzed look on his face. “Is Julie home” Amanda asked joyfully.

“Um, no Amanda, Julie is with her Mom today”

“I thought she was leaving this afternoon”

“No dear, her Mom picked her up this morning”

“Oh drats”

An uncomfortable silence then came as Amanda waited for Mr. Rogers to say something, he of course was at a loss until he politely asked “Can I get you a drink or something?”

She was in, Amanda tried to stifle her grin as she quickly accepted. She followed him into the kitchen and he asked her what she wanted. Trying not to be too eager to ask for what she really wanted, she asked for a diet soda instead. Mr. Rogers was totally oblivious to any plans that the girl may have had and he handed her the drink. She asked if she could sit down to which Mr. Rogers graciously pulled out a chair for her. As she took the seat she could contain herself no longer “Makes a change to be able to sit in this seat”.

The penny had still not dropped for him when he responded “How do you mean?”

Amanda grinned from ear to ear “Well every time that I am anywhere near this chair I somehow find myself bent over your lap getting a spanking”

Mr. Rogers laughed “Oh right, yes, you have had a couple of trips over my knee, haven’t you?”

Amanda was a little perturbed that he seemed so blasé over it, like it was of little importance to him. Since her birthday spanking it was the only thing that she thought of morning, noon and night. Of course the second spanking had just sent her into overdrive and she frequently spent many a night under the covers thinking about it. Still, she wasn’t here just for him to blow her off, she had come for a spanking and she was determined to get one. So picking up on his last comment she began to manipulate herself over his lap.

“Yes, and the last one was so uncomfortable having to sit there in front of Julie knowing that I had a red bottom under my jeans”

“Well you did ask for it”

“From what I remember I didn’t do much asking, all I remember is you unbuttoning my jeans, putting me over your knee and then spanking the seat of my panties until my bottom glowed”

“It certainly was glowing, I could see the areas that your little panties didn’t cover”

Amanda scrunched her nose up “It’s not right for an old man to spank a young woman on her panties”

“I agree, that was wrong of me, I really should have spanked you on your bare bottom” he retorted with an evil smile.

Amanda’s mouth opened, she hadn’t planned on that, she was almost speechless until she was able to blurt out “I would die if you did that”

Mr. Rogers smiled “I doubt if you would die my dear, but you sure would have a very red bottom”

“Suddenly a spanking on my panties doesn’t sound so bad”

Mr. Rogers studied the 21 year old sat in the chair and finally the penny was beginning to drop “That’s a rather unique outfit you are wearing today, Amanda, is that your old school skirt”?

Despite wanting another spanking, all of a sudden some nervous butterflies entered her tummy when he started to lead the conversation. She responded with “What, this old thing, nah, I just grabbed any old thing this morning”

“Let me get this right, you show up hours after Julie has left, and I’ve never figured you to be the type of girl who isn’t very smart and alert to their best friend’s moves. You’re wearing what can only be described as a schoolgirl skirt and, Amanda, and you mention spanking no sooner than you walk in here. Something tells me that I’m going to need to spank you again”

“I think you are being awfully presumptuous to think that you are going to spank me again”

“And I think you will be lucky to leave this house today without getting another spanking”

All of a sudden there was an uncomfortable silence as Amanda blushed slightly.

Mr. Rogers finally broke the silence when he asked Amanda a question “Does Julie know that you were coming to see me today”?

Mr. Rogers was actually surprised at her answer, he thought for sure that Julie would know about this, but Amanda simply blushed and shook her head ‘no’.

There was yet another uncomfortable silence, only this time Julie’s dad was actually weighing up what he was sure was being requested of him.

When Mr. Rogers began to talk it was surprisingly of reassurance to Amanda. Rather than flat out refusing, or even taking the approach of hiding a little secret from his daughter, he talked quite frankly and with great understanding to her. In fact what he was saying was giving her the opportunity to form her own excuses should she need to with Julie.

“Obviously you need some help, Amanda” he began as Amanda guiltily blushed “This can’t be a regular thing because I think what you are looking for is a little bit more than something that is playful. However, if on the rare occasion I can help one of my daughter’s friends out then of course I am always happy to help them, do we understand each other”?

Amanda was trying to process all of his words to make sure that she understood everything that he was saying, yet Mr. Rogers wasn’t finished as she sat there thinking of his words.

Almost as if he was relieving her of any sense of guilt he added “I would never want to do anything behind my daughter’s back, but sometimes there are situations where I can do something to help people out. If a date doesn’t have a tie, do I need to tell my daughter that I gave her date one of mine? If a friend wants to buy her a birthday present but doesn’t have enough money, do I need to tell Julie that I put my hand in my pocket to make up the difference? If I see a friend of hers who is drunk, does she need to know that I drove them home? Sometimes a Father can show kindness to a friend that will actually strengthen the bond that the person has with their offspring”

Amanda had no idea how wise Mr. Rogers was. A father can do something for a friend that strengthens the bond for their daughter. His wisdom resonated with her, but she hadn’t spoken for several minutes now, and she still found herself listening as Mr. Rogers took full charge of the conversation.

Once more he began to talk “So my guess is that I was actually correct on that first day, that you really do need a good spanking. If that is correct then I can certainly give you one, but only as a favor, it cannot be a regular event. I’m fully aware that there is a certain catharsis attached to getting a spanking, and if getting one means that you get to spend more quality time with my daughter, then I would be foolish not to help that friend out as I would in all of the other scenarios that I mentioned. Just remember though, this is just a temporary fix, not a long term solution”

Amanda, now feeling completely relieved and relaxed finally spoke “Wow, you are just so smart, everything that you said makes perfect sense. It’s probably foolish of me to even think this way in the first place, my loyalty should always be with my friend first and foremost without any qualifying criteria”

And before she could go on and perhaps convince herself to go in a different direction, Mr. Rogers cut her off at that point.

“Which is a pretty good reason for a spanking in and of itself, even if I do say so myself”

The atmosphere was completely different this third time around, though not entirely in an unpleasant manner for Amanda. To her it felt like she was joining the big leagues. Mr. Rogers had spoken in such a way that he had not only convinced her not to feel guilty, but also gave her confidence in herself. In fact maybe she didn’t need a spanking after all.

Amanda sighed “Sometimes it is hard to break fantasy from reality, I really should know better, what you just said has helped me clear my mind, I guess that is all part of growing up”

Mr. Rogers stood up and took the two steps towards Amanda, not that he needed to, he already had a chair that he was sat on. He was purely doing this for the psychological effect “So let me have my chair if you please, there is something else that is also a part of growing up”

Amanda was actually flustered, she had gone around for a spanking, he had helped her convince herself that she probably didn’t need one, and now he was going to spank her. What type of a messed up universe is this?

Mr. Rogers sat down and patted his lap and it was actually funny to see Amanda’s reaction. The young woman who had specifically gone around for a spanking, now all of a sudden wasn’t sure that she wanted one, and that in and off itself was such a powerful sensation.

Suddenly a very authoritative voice rang out “If you need this spanking you had better get a move on, I don’t have all day”

Amanda pigeon stepped her way towards him and as soon as she arrived he wasted no time in pulling her firmly across his lap and flipping her skirt up in the same motion. Everything went silent for more than a few seconds as Mr. Rogers looked at what was beneath him. He delivered six stinging blows on the layer of silk covering her bottom and then said “Clearly you came prepared for a spanking today so I won’t disappoint you, but I also told you that you were getting a spanking on your bare bottom”

For the first time in their interactions Amanda actually gave a genuine plea as she halfheartedly struggled and tried to suggest that it wasn’t necessary. But to no avail, her panties were soon at her knees, and then at her ankles seconds later as the slippery material fell all the way down.

Mr. Rogers placed his hand on her right cheek and addressed her “You are not going to like this, Amanda, but I am determined to give you exactly what you need, and I am not going to stop until I think that the message has got through to you”

Poor Amanda was frantic, she had wanted a spanking for so long now, and now that she was actually about to get one she had all of the apprehension of someone who didn’t want to be spanked. The hand had left her bottom and before it even landed she just knew that it was going to sting like crazy.

She was right, she yelped out and within seconds was struggling and bouncing over his lap as his hard hand went to work all over her bare bottom. High, low, side to side, across both flanks, there wasn’t an inch that Mr. Rogers was going to miss. He wasn’t playing either, this was an honest to goodness bare bottom spanking, relentless in its application and methodic is its severity.

For two whole minutes Mr. Rogers spanked her bare bottom soundly, like he was a musician tuning his implement. Amanda’s bottom was literally red all over, there had been no preliminaries. Around the two minute mark he paused very briefly as Amanda continued to kick her legs, almost as if she was on an automatic pilot. The pause was indeed brief, Mr. Rogers said “As I told you, this is not going to be a regular occurrence, but if I feel that it is necessary you will be right back across my knee”. He didn’t even wait for an answer, he simply resumed from where he left off and Amanda wailed away as she received the very spanking that she had wanted for a long time.

By the time Mr. Rogers had finished Amanda was a crying mess. Yes, genuine tears, she had always wanted a good hard spanking and by heavens she got one, and then some. She had never dreamed that she would be sat on Mr. Rogers’ lap being comforted as she cried on his shoulder, her panties halfway across the kitchen where they had flown off several minutes earlier. It was indeed cathartic, even though the spanking was 5 times worse than she had ever imagined it would be. And as stupid as it sounded at that very moment because her butt was on fire, it was like she instinctively knew that she really did need a spanking just like that.

Within ten minutes Amanda had gathered her panties and was slowly pulling them on as her puffy face gave the last of the sniffles following her post spanking cry. Then like two responsible adults the pair of them talked in all sincerity. Mr. Rogers was genuine with his thoughts, Amanda wasn’t to use him for some type of flirtatious game, and that this spanking had been outside of the norm as a favor to her just like he would do a favor to any of Julie’s friends. It was kind of like a last resort situation, however, the option would always be on the table for her if she really needed it.

Somehow Mr. Rogers thought that after the spanking he had just given her, she wasn’t going to want another one for a long time to come. Amanda felt the same way funny enough, especially right after the post spanking phase, her bottom was literally on fire. She didn’t like the spanking one little bit, at least the physical aspect of it. The emotional aspect however, that was an entirely different story.

Amanda was fully aware of Mr. Rogers’ opinion on the situation, and through his words and actions he definitely imparted his knowledge onto Amanda. Her focus was on her friendship with Julie from that day forward, but she knew, she knew deep down that the option was always on the table for her. Indeed it wasn’t going to be a regular event, but it didn’t mean that it would never happen. In fact both of them were fully aware that it probably would happen again at some point in the future, it was just a matter of how long it will be before the next time.

Richard Windsor.


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