OTK Spanking Pics

As decided by the poll in the post below, the winning choice this go around was for OTK spanking pictures. I have selected 10 pics for your enjoyment, and right at the very bottom you will find a video starring Judy Garland and Van Heflin which includes a threat and an off screen (implied) spanking.

Let’s start you off with the first pic.

This one I got from Flickr and it actually features the same woman in the roles of both spanker and spankee!! It is an amazing photoshop job and basically describes her inner child. She has a series of pics where she appears as both ’40’ and ’10’.

Next up is some Shakespeare festival pic. I don’t have much info on the pic other than the fact that it was posted by the bitch who has taken my personal pics in the past and has claimed them to be of him. So therefore I have no shame in posting this one uncredited đŸ™‚

Third pic is a repost from a long time ago. Just happens to be perhaps my favourite OTK pic and therefore makes the cut for this post.

Now then, Christmas is just around the corner and I am beginning to put together all of the Santa spanking pics that I have!! How does this rate on your fantasy list? It ranks pretty high for me and I actually own a Santa outfit đŸ˜‰ Have you been naughty or nice this year?

Pic #5 is of a good friend of mine. A wonderful lady who also was kind enough to give me the stage name ‘Richard Windsor’. I’m sure you may be asking the question, but the answer is no, I haven’t spanked her. We have been friends for a long time, long before we even knew what each other did in this wonderful scene of ours. I personally love this pic as it pretty much sums up her delightful nature, a really cool person.

Next on the list is a pic for the idealist’s amongst you. Two hot, horny girls fulfilling the fantasies of many a man đŸ˜‰

Number 7 is one of those pics from the old ‘Spank Hard’ magazines. It is the sort of pic that makes me think of two roommates playing spanking games.

There is a reason for this next pic. I actually watched the video that this pic is from and let me tell you, that lady can spank hard!! The very first swats on the girls jeans perked me up straight away, I knew it was a video I was going to enjoy.

Number 9 is yet another repost. The pic is perfect in every way. A naughty girl just about to get her just deserts.

And finally for the pics, I had done pretty well not delving into my vintage collection but I couldn’t resist for the final pic. The reason for it is simple, I just wasn’t sure exactly where I was going to post it in a vintage theme. So to save the chance that it was going to sit in my archive forever, I decided to add it to this little collection.

Richard Windsor.

6 thoughts on “OTK Spanking Pics

  1. Hi, Richard:

    That favorite OTK pic of yours is one of three that I’m aware of (and have), or have you got more? I agree, they are well-posed and shot, and the sepiatone finish does them justiice. Almost a shame to think an actual spanking didn’t accompany the photos. Also, what was the title and origin of that “rousing” video from your eighth pic, the one with the hard spanker?

  2. Hi Mike,
    I am going to scour my archive because I am almost sure that I have the complete set to my favourite OTK pic.

    The film was made by spankotronic which is no longer in business. I believe that SIN nows owns this particular film. Basically the Landlady spanks her college charge.

  3. Richard, I’d never seen that Judy Garland clip before but thought it was great. I loved Judy’s wariness about getting spanked… she looked like she knew what it felt like! After watching it a couple times, it’s really not clear to me that you’re meant to think a spanking actually took place. Judy doesn’t act like someone who was just spanked. Nonetheless, it’s a great, suggestive scene. Thanks for finding it.

  4. I would love to get the picture of me in the plaid shirt and not much else that used to be on the spankotronic web page and the videos that I did where can I find them or down load them? I would like to know the last name of the photographer Michael that did the shoots so I can find him and purchase the pics

  5. I’ve no doubt that I’m sending this note into the void of space and time….But, I do believe I know the photographer. Quite well in fact.

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