Streetcar Sundays – 107

Today I watched this interesting video on Youtube on Kawaii culture. The video is RIGHT HERE if you want to watch it  (turn on the subtitles). What is interesting is that while the direct translation is  ‘Cute’,  the broader definition is more of a concept rather than a physical trait. The underlying tone kind of applies to all of us really,  and that is to be true to ones self. It is an interesting video so it is worth checking out.

Speaking of being true to ones self,  I will make no apologies in announcing that I will be returning to Japan later this year to watch the band that I love over there. They are releasing an album in July so I am fully expecting them to do a winter tour to promote the new material,  and as soon as they announce that tour I will book a trip to Japan and my trip will also include 5-7 days in Taiwan. I’m really stoked about it.

When Japanese artists release albums they generally do so as three separate deals,  either the CD,  or a CD plus a DVD of a live performance,  or the ultimate first edition Blu Ray which is stacked. I’m not that much of a fan so I will go with the CD/DVD package. Now they haven’t announced what the live show is that is included on the DVD,  but I have a sneaking suspicion that the concert footage in the video below is what will be released. This concert was a special one off where they performed most of the tracks from the new album and the crowd just looks insane. You have no idea what it feels like to stand in the middle of people going crazy like you see in the video below. The trip isn’t just about seeing the band,  I will also be staying in Osaka and Hiroshima,  but it is a big part of the trip.

I lap this up and it is a wonderful hobby to have. In the video below they actually combine footage,  the crowd in the second song are actually jumping up and down to a different song called Beautiful Sa,  and the last song that they are performing is called Orchestra and not the one being dubbed over it. The blond haired girl is the captain of the group and she is normally a very stoic girl. While it is not unusual for any of the girls to cry during a performance,  it is rare for the captain to do so. So I really want to see what caused her to cry to a point that the audience had to sing her lines for her.

To be honest I can go to Japan any time that I want to,  so if July comes and they don’t announce a winter tour then I will go to Japan in August instead. There is a huge festival going on called Summer Sonic. While the girls from BiSH are also performing this event,  it is loaded from top to bottom with some awesome acts,  mostly on the Saturday.

This week is also my birthday,  in fact it is going to be the first birthday that I have had since my last family member passed away,  so it is going to be a strange time. I’m going to do something special on Thursday,  I’m just not sure exactly what yet. I always love giving away stuff so it will probably be a streaming video or something. I’ve got a few days to go before I fully decide but I do like to share the love.

The Streetcars image this week required a lot of attention by myself to make it presentable. The image was so dark that I had to try a whole host of filters to lighten the image to where it was visible. I think that you will agree that I did a reasonable job with it. When you consider that this production from 1952 had two performances,  plus the pose for this shot,  and lord knows how many rehearsals,  I would imagine that Barbara spent an awfully long time in the OTK bottoms up spanking position. Well,  it is the 1950’s after all,  I’m sure that she had more practice than we will ever know.

This will be added to my MEN ARE LIKE STREETCARS spanking folder. Click on the image itself for the full sized version.

Windsor Wednesday Classic – 143

If you go through my archive looking for post number 142 in this series,  you won’t find it in a post title,  you will only find it within the body of the post. The Windsor Wednesday classic for last week was this post… THERE’S NO SPANKING IN BASEBALL.

Over the next couple of days I am probably going to write an important piece on my current  (self imposed btw)  standing in the spanking world. Before saying anything else,  this blog isn’t going anywhere,  I already have enough material to post for another ten years  🙂

The thing is though I have gone through some changes over the last few years and my spanking desire has dissipated to a point that I barely even think about it anymore. That isn’t to say that I’m not still excited by the thought,  it just isn’t frequent and I haven’t even played for the last two years. A lot of it I understand,  in the last ten years I have lost both of my brothers and my Mother as well,  and my focus in life has changed. I actually think for the better as well to be honest with you,  I’m taking care of bucket list items before it is my time to go,  and long ago I stopped fighting things that I can’t control. I’m only in control of how I act,  how I respond and how I present myself,  for better or worse,  those are the only things that I can control. Right now I am very content with where I am. The last year almost destroyed me,  some days I was in a very dark place,  but I’ve pulled through it by setting goals for myself. There are still days that suck and I get a little overwhelmed,  but they no longer suck in a dark way.

Anyway,  more on that coming up shortly.

Today I am going to give you a world class over the knee spanking picture!! This picture was original sent to me a few years ago by will@gotham56 so the full credit goes to him for the discovery.

Now like I do myself whenever I post a rare find,  I always provide the information that fellow collectors need to find a copy of the image themselves for a couple of reasons. Firstly they may have different software than I do,  or different resources where they may be able to find a better copy of the photo. And secondly,  if collectors don’t like my presentation of my find,  then I lead them to where they can find the image so that they can satisfy whatever the criteria is that is important to them. It is also important to label the images correctly as well,  because more times than I care to count the work of either HARRY or myself is posted elsewhere and it is completely devoid of any identifying information. Should a question arise when the images are posted elsewhere,  we are then able to go onto that site and provide the historical information that is required/requested. My photos are labelled as such that if anyone needs additional information then I can go back to the location where I found the images and get additional information if required.

Anyway,  that was a long assed way of saying that will@gotham56’s original image that he sent to me is the bottom photo of the two copies here,  and the information that he provided allowed for me to find a different version of the same spanking photo in a larger size which is the first photo that you see. The image is from San Leandro,  CA in 1966.

This image will be added to my SENIOR SUPERLATIVES folder.

Streetcar Sundays – 106

A day late and a dollar short as always. Took a few days off from posting to refresh the mind,  I didn’t get much feedback on part 2 of the MOTHER SPANKS SERIES. I’m probably going to make the story into a book to put on Amazon with six chapters or so,  it will be free for Kindle unlimited readers and a nominal fee otherwise. Of course if there is more interest shown then I will happily write for free,  but if the interest isn’t there then to heck with it,  I will make a few bucks on the side  🙂

Please also remember that my VINTAGE SPANKING site is back up and running. Unless I take a few days off here and there I will be updating the vintage site daily. The difference between the two sites is going to be this,  on the vintage site I will be posting already known vintage photos,  even if some of them are on the rare side,  and on my main site  (this site)  I will continue to post my rare,  unique finds. So if anyone wants to piggyback off of my hard work you will now be able to do so from two sites  🙂

This weeks MEN ARE LIKE STREETCARS spanking photo is from Leechburg,  PA in 1951.

This Is The Life

I’m going to do something a little unique on this blog today,  and that is to post a well known,  seen many times before spanking pic. Obviously there is a little Windsor twist,  but I wouldn’t be unique otherwise.

Normally I try my best on this blog to bring you nothing but brand new material that has rarely been seen in the spanking world before outside of avid collectors. Or I may post my own photos or stories etc,  but I try my darnedest to be original in my presentation. Of course many of my finds serve to make other spanking blogs/photo sites popular,  which is fine,  that’s part of why I bring my collection to you all,  for it to be shared. The only times that I get annoyed is when I’m not linked back,  or,  the photos fall into that mysterious category  “I have no idea where these came from”. The reason for the annoyance is that while I am providing the material for other sites to become popular,  when there is no link back what the snafflers are actually doing is denying their audience the wealth of material that is on this site. That one really gets to me as it comes across as pretty selfish. There are sites that became very successful that virtually lifted every single photo that I have found and posted,  and they then took the plaudits off of the back of my work with barely a mention anywhere as to where that work was created.

Anyway,  enough of that,  I get myself wound up from time to time over the lack of respect and courtesy sometimes. In fact I am making this post today instead of writing my  “State Of The Spanking Union”  address,  lol. My plan was to write about where I currently am,  what my future plans are,  and probably most importantly,  how I gave my last fuck years ago. Something happened a few years ago where someone texted a spiteful comment to me,  and that was the last time that I was to tolerate being treated in a disrespectful manner. My approach has cost me many friends over the last few years as I don’t meet their expectations of who they want me to be,  so the address should be fun reading for you all. It isn’t something that I regret either,  I’ve lost my entire family now,  all that I have left is to enjoy the rest of my life with the people who want to enjoy it and share it with me,  I have not a single fuck left to give,  my life is all about happiness and pleasure moving forward. Perhaps I will have that post up tomorrow.

So my photo from today,  while it is not a new find,  this  ‘version’  of the photo should be. The reason that I say this is because yesterday I was looking through my vast archives for a private video that Pixie and I made in 2011,  and while I have yet to find the video,  I opened up one of my envelopes and realized that I had actually purchased this particular photo many years ago.

So again,  it isn’t new,  but,  I was able to scan the photo and make a copy that is 2724 x 2167 in size. So what you need to do is click on the image below for it to open up,  then right click on the image and save it to your computer. If you are like me and you like to analyze photos,  this copy will allow you to blow it up to full size and examine every pixel in high quality. For the record,  I also have other spanking photos that I have purchased.

Remember to click on the image above for the full sized version. From there you can find your favorite portions of the image to view. For me personally,  that is the defined posture of  Susanna Foster as she awaits her birthday spanking from Donald O’Connor.

Another item that I find particularly appealing in old spanking photos,  especially when there is an audience present,  and that is the looks on the faces of the women who are watching the spanking. This is one of those little tidbits that I like to study in depth. Many times people will cut out of the image the observers to the spanking,  which is a personal pet peeve of mine,  but it is hence why I like to find my own photos,  I want the whole story told.

When I see the faces of the three girls here who are watching the spanking,  well I could pretty much write a story on that alone  🙂

There’s No Spanking In Baseball

Today we have a wonderful photo that is directly tied to the title of this post. To save on the length of the title this is the Windsor Wednesday Classic – 142 version of my normal Wednesday post.

Before the image and story though,  over on my CLIPS4SALE STORE I put together the complete collection of the four spanking films that I did with Sarah Gregory and made them into one 60 minute video for $19.99. I will also be doing the same with my Amber Grey collection as well as putting together other segments. If all goes well I hope to make one final movie later this year.

Click here to go directly to the new collection —–> THE SARAH GREGORY AND RICHARD WINDSOR COLLECTION.

Now on to a wonderful historic spanking photo for this week. You may ask why the title of this post is so named,  well,  let me enlighten you as to why.

Over on eBay today I found a new spanking photo featuring a Female Baseball player from the 1940’s. Now I did some research on it and the photo comes from the 1946 AAGPBL  (All-American Girls Professional Baseball League)  Kenosha Comets team which were one of the teams featured in the film,  A League Of Their Own.

There is no indication as to who the spanker is,  and it will be hard to take a guess at this point even though I can access the faces of the players  (It is possibly Betty Fabac but that is purely a guess). It could be a friend for all we know. The person getting spanked however,  presumably for untying someone’s shoes,  is Margaret  “Poncho”  Villa who played for the Kenosha Comets for 5 seasons. It is worth pointing out that A League Of Their Own was set in 1943 and this image is from 1946.

Ordinarily I would link to the sale on eBay as an attempt to help the person selling it,  but in this instance it probably isn’t even worth it. The bidding on the photo is already at $34 as I am sure that it has the interest of baseball collectors everywhere. Below is the cropped version of the image,  followed by Marge’s baseball player profile image and then the full version of the image in its untouched form.

This will be added to my PLAYFUL SPANKINGS folder.

Streetcar Sundays – 105

Before I begin with today’s post I just want to make you all aware of something. Yesterday I spent a lot of time rebuilding my VINTAGE SITE so that the vast archive on there is now visible to everyone. Moving forward this will mean that the Vintage site will have daily posts being made to it,  so bear with me promoting it for a few weeks to get it back to where it once was. There will be a daily picture along with snippets to cross link with this site. Click on THE FOLLOWING LINK to see my offering for today. The image today is a guy sat on a picnic table in the 1970’s with a girl on his lap getting spanked,  only she is in the diaper position on his lap,  quite unique if I say so myself. Bookmark the site for daily posts.

I hope that everyone enjoyed my latest story,  MOTHER SPANKS DAUGHTER – THE BEST FRIEND. As the feedback to the story was garnered from a single,  solitary reply,  I think that what I am going to do moving forward will be to create something that has been a goal of mine for a while now. That would be to write all of the subsequent chapters and then make it into a mini novel to put on Amazon Kindle. Right now I have around 9,000 words so far in this story and ultimately I would want to be around 50,000 words to sell the book. A lot of work goes into writing,  for example on Friday I spent roughly six to eight hours writing this chapter of the story,  and I think that if I was to put them on Kindle then it might provide me with the motivation I need to keep producing stories. I envision a scenario where I will always give the first chapter for free,  but the full novel will go to Kindle unlimited. More on that later though.

My MEN ARE LIKE STREETCARS photo this week comes from Foxcroft,  ME in 1966. A little late for a Men Are Like Streetcars spanking pic, most of them happened in the early to mid 50’s,  but nonetheless there were still a few productions putting out the play.

All In The Family

Now nobody needs to run and report me to the spanking police,  I’m not claiming anything here,  no literary licence for a bit of fun. Here are the clear cut facts. This is 1943,  23 year old Jennifer Holt is bent over the knee of her brother,  Tim Holt. Standing next to them is their father,  Jack Holt,  showing Tim an unidentified object that is making him smile. Jennifer is already smiling,  reason not known as to why she is smiling. There is no mention of spanking,  the only writing along with the photo is that the family is clowning around.

**Edited** Harry from MAINSTREAM SPANKINGS has notified me that the date provided was incorrect,  it was actually 1943 and not 1942 and this is on the film set of Raiders of San Joaquin (1943). Thanks for the correction,  Harry. Being that I found this on Facebook of all places I spent an awful long time last night trying to confirm the date.  (I actually found half a dozen yearbook photos on FB last night that I had not seen before). Be sure to check Harry’s site out for a unique look at Mainstream Spankings.

It is important for the right films to be identified so I have completely removed my guess. It reminds me of that image of Natalie Wood from years ago that was labeled as being from  “The Burning Hills”  for many years. In fact I’m pretty sure I know who initially took the literary licence with that image because they also reported a  “Famous”  image that is supposed to exist of Natalie getting spanked on the bare by the King Of Rock and Roll. That was the one and only time I ever heard such a thing and I would be 99.9% certain that it is not true. As a huge fan of Natalie Wood,  and also being one of the first spanking bloggers,  I was able to correctly identify the Natalie Wood image as being on the set of The Girl He Left Behind,  and I’m happy to report that since that day it has been correctly reported. Ironically,  Natalie does get a birthday spanking on the set of The Burning Hills by her studio boyfriend,  Nick Adams.


I do appreciate the correction. Previously I have done it myself when I saw an image being presented as being a rare find from a neighborhood newspaper. In that instance I actually owned the mainstream,  NATIONAL publication from the 1960’s that the image appeared in. I do own a small collection of rare spanking images and that one happened to be in it.

**Disclaimer  –  The writing below is purely speculation**

What do you readers think is happening? I’m going to take a speculative guess that young Jennifer has been a little naughty and is about to get her bottom spanked,  what do you think? Would you agree with my speculation that a spanking may be imminent? I consider myself to be somewhat of an expert in the arena,  both from an observing viewpoint and also from a practical standpoint as an active player. It would seem to me,  Dear Watson,  a family tradition is about to continue.

Let me make sure I put the literary licence in the correct section. A reader on Twitter last night suggested that the Dad is handing his son a can of whoop ass,  that one made me laugh  🙂

You may all be happy to know as well that I have started part 2 of my MOTHER SPANKS DAUGHTER  –  OVERHEARD story. My hope is to have it finished and ready either by Saturday or by Monday. I’m really happy with the direction that I have started with for part two,  the focus for the opening of the story so far has been on Bri and Bri alone. I’m getting the feeling that Lainey’s best friend Bri is not likely to last the entire story without getting her bottom spanked. In fact when I stopped writing everyone is about to head to church on the Sunday,  and I’m about to introduce the rumor that the Minister has a paddle hanging on a hook in his office. I’m happy with what I have written so far and I hope that I am able to keep in this direction because I think that the story is likely to be a good one,  focusing more on people’s thought rather than the actual spanking.

Windsor Wednesday Classic – 141

The Boardwalk Badness party is over for another year and I am back home. In two weeks time it is the Lonestar party and I have looked into seeing if I can go,  but it is going to be really tricky as I am going to Japan/South Korea later this year and then Vietnam/Taiwan in early 2020. It seems a bit frivolous to alter my budget to attend another spanking party,  especially as my family estate is still in limbo.

Yesterday I started updating some areas on the website,  but unless you look for them you won’t notice them until I link to them. First of all I have started a promotional page under the title MEGA PASSES. Right now I only have one site listed on there,  DANA SPECHT’S,  but by the end of the week I hope to have about ten up. It is a slow and arduous task and I will be lucky to do two a day.

The other change is that I have made a new addition to my REAL LIFE STORIES page by adding the story FLASHING HER PANTIES TO THE BOYS. I’m going through my site trying to collect all stories that I have written that I have yet to add to their respective pages. I’m also hoping to write a new story tonight as a follow up to a story already underway. Just in case I can’t finish it I won’t say which story just in case I let you down.

The Wednesday Classic this week is from Yoakum,  TX in 1958. It looks like a young couple have found the school paddle,  and it looks like the girl is expecting a nice playful swat. If you could read the guys eyes though,  to me they are saying he has had enough of the little brat and is about to make the paddle sound like two clapper boards coming together when it lands on her bottom.

This will be added to my WINDSOR’S PADDLING’S folder.

Windsor Sunday Candids – 81

This weeks Sunday spanking photo is quite likely a birthday spanking photo,  but it doesn’t specifically say that. Either way,  with the information given on the photo,  this is either Martha Raye’s 22nd birthday spanking,  or she is likely either 21 or 22 at the time of the photo.

Before the photo though,  I am leaving the party in the morning so this will be your last chance to ask me a question and in return receive full access to THIS SPANKING MOVIE featuring myself and Ten. So far I have received about 15 questions which will be great for three future posts,  but I would love to receive more if I could as I love the idea of answering reader questions.

Now onto the spanking photo for this week. The other information provided with the image was that Martha Raye was seen as being close with David Rose. That would date the photo as 1938 being that she was married to someone else for her 21st birthday in 1937. The person delivering the spanking is her mother,  which leads us to wonder just how many times Martha’s hands were planted on the floor as her legs kick wildly under the firm maternal hand.

This will be added to my WINDSOR’S BIRTHDAY SPANKINGS album.

WC 140 – Up On The Roof

This is episode number 140 of my Wednesday Classic series. This week we have a rooftop spanking from around the 1950’s,  though I don’t have an exact date. I’m basing this on the skirt that the girl is wearing,  in the 1940’s skirts were shorter. It is possible that it could be very late 40’s,  but I think that it is the 1950’s.

Both images will be added to my PLAYFUL SPANKINGS folder.

This second photo I originally uploaded on my vintage site about 5 years ago. This one is definitely the 1950’s and it is taking place in my hometown of New York City.


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