Windsor Wednesday Classic – 260

The Windsor Wednesday Classic this week isn’t a classic in terms of previous entries for this topic, but I am trying to unload as much as I can from my hard drive to show you all. So while I normally post Grade A rare pics on a Wednesday, the entry this week was inspired by a comment that I received recently.

In that comment a reader had mentioned how he loved barefoot spankings, and as I was trawling through my pictures yesterday to finish off the 60 upcoming birthday pics, I saw this one that I found 4 years ago. As it is a barefoot spanking I thought why not, at least one person will be happy 😉

As for the birthday special that I am planning this year, I have now saved all sixty pictures that I am going to share with you all. They will be posted on twenty consecutive days with each post containing three pictures on a certain theme. Some themes are doubled, for example I have identified six birthday spanking pics so they will get two goes around with three pictures in each.

I wanted to start pre-posting all twenty posts today, but before I do that I have to run a back up of my hard drive. It is beginning to fail and as I haven’t run a backup for a year I do not want to risk losing everything that I have saved in the last year. If I was to lose those pictures then I would be more pissed than I was when I was betrayed in the not too distant past, lol, and I don’t want to get that angry ever again.

As I will probably at least begin the birthday posts today I have to come up with a title for the posts. What I have decided on is to name them BIRTHDAY BONANZA 1 through 20. To give you an example, the first post on my actual birthday will be three birthday spanking corkers that I have, so I will title the post as follows.


Then I will follow the same formula for all twenty posts by writing the numbered birthday bonanza post followed by the theme that it entails, themes such as “Unusual spanking implements”, “Beach spankings”, “Superlatives” etc.

The only problem that this will produce is that my hands will be tied for twenty days, because I would have already made a post for every day during that timeframe. You know the old saying, right, “Idle hands are the cause of the devil’s work” 😈

What is just as important is that on these twenty posts there will be very little waffling on my part. On the 22nd of May I will make a pre bonanza post, the last day of my 50s, and that post is likely to have reams of me droning on mindlessly. I mean I will be entering a new decade, and I sure as heck want to have something to say about that. For the bonanza post themselves though, I will keep the prose solely to the pictures being posted, with maybe a paragraph or two as an intro. There’s no need for me to talk your ears off when you want to look at bottoms being spanked.

So let’s get on to today’s picture.

It is almost, but not quite, a hundred years old. This spanking image is from 1928 and features two flappers of the era, both Catholic one would assume with the names of Mary and Grace. In fact the spankee is wearing what could pass as a sailor suit in the modern spanking world.

You also get a throwaway pic today as well. The quality of said pic is bloody awful and would never get posted otherwise, not unless I threw it in as an addition to an already made post. So here it is, a brutally low quality image that one assumes is showing a birthday spanking taking place. The screencap was taken from a home movie and posted on Ebay, so the picture isn’t getting any better than what I am giving you right now.

4 thoughts on “Windsor Wednesday Classic – 260

  1. Yes you are right the quality is awful,but there is something compelling about it anyway.
    This would not be a greatest spanking you have posted,but as you have said even bad ones evoke a memory or something so thank you for sharing these lost spankings as that is what is so exciting about it.thanks for the research and the commentary. Enjoy your day.

  2. Jim,

    I speak from experience, there are bound to be hundreds, if not thousands of images that were taken that were never posted from spanking companies. This I know for a fact as I once had Janus write to me, thanking me for my praise of a particular set, and they then sent me images from that set that had never made it into the magazine, and in my opinion these images were even better than the ones that went in the magazine, lol. Unless they are Kiss Me Kate pics which I rarely collect, I will always save what I find because I know that someone, somewhere, will love them, even if the quality is piss poor.


  3. Thank you Richard for remembering my predilection for lovely female feet.
    It was fairly uncommon for ladies to expose their bare feet in public in 1928 – – Most
    beach pictures from that era show them wearing bathing shoes.
    Again, appreciate you acknowledging my ‘special niche’ in our ‘special world’.

  4. Dale,

    It is one of those things that I am likely to remember for whatever reason. Now, whenever I see a barefoot pic I’m like “I bet Dale would like that”, lol. It was a comment that stuck with me.


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