Emily And Tom (Part 1)

Emily and Tom (Part 1)

The drive was arduously long for Emily. It wasn’t necessarily the distance that made it long, it was the pent up feeling inside, knowing that this drive was being taken to meet someone. Someone who was finally going to spank her bottom like a naughty girl, something she had wanted and desired for years.

The weeks of contact had seemed like an eternity, each email or phone call just increasing the desire to be spanked, each one feeling like additional torture. She had even practiced placing pillows on a chair and laying over them like she was OTK, looking at his picture on her computer screen as she lifted her skirt, blushing as she imagined how it would feel for real. Then inserting her fingers into the waistband of her panties and drawing them all the way down to her knees. My God is this going to be embarrassing, she thought to herself, as she tried to clench her cheeks to protect her modesty. Emily laid there for ten minutes trying to imagine the scene unfolding, looking behind her to try and see what view he would have.

One final stop on the drive at the last service station. Time for a little composure, some deep breathing exercises, a final check in the mirror. This was it; the time was now for the final short leg. She flounced across the parking lot like she was walking on air, her flared white skirt answering the call of the breeze as it fluttered. Sitting down at the steering wheel she emitted a deep sigh, this is it girl, no backing out now.

Emily approached the strange Town, the one she had never been in before and reached for her cell phone. He was going to guide her in. “Hello Emily” his voice resounded on the other end. OMG, the butterflies crept back into her settled stomach, that damn voice, it should be outlawed for someone to have a voice like that. A mixture of emotions came over her again, deeply anticipating, and highly arousing. “I haven’t even met the guy and I’m beginning to get wet already” she thought to herself “Compose yourself Emily, compose yourself girl”

The ride did not take long at all, lots of silly little turns but he got her there safely. Emily parked up and awaited her first sight of Tom; she caught that first glimpse in the rear view mirror. Her mouth gaped at the burly man approaching her car. Did she make a mistake? Should she throw it in gear and take off? The guy looks like a freakin’ bouncer for Chrissake. While he only stood five foot six, his upper body was huge. In fact from the waist up he was big, but those shoulders and chest!!. She almost, almost started the car up, but the indecision rendered it too late.

Here we had the classic tale of beauty and the beast, chalk and cheese, Kane and Able. She was highly attractive, demure, and petite, he was a street thug. A leather wearing, cigarette smoking, tattoo covered bad guy who was obviously from the other side of the railroad tracks.

Nervously, Emily opened her car door and was met with a loving warm embrace of a hug. The old thoughts of wrongly perceiving someone entered her mind, who would believe that upon first sight this streetwise guy could charm the socks off the Queen of England. It was clear very quickly that despite the appearance, this was a very polite and respectful human being. He took her bag and led her to his apartment.

Emily felt safe entering the apartment, it wasn’t much, just the regular items a guy needs. Pictures of his favorite actress adorning the walls, and flags of his homeland hanging up, fluttering with the breeze of the fans. It is all so uncomfortable to settle in these situations, you are there to be spanked by someone who you have just met for the first time, even though you may know them from talking to them. The pair of them sat on the couch, trying to get the conversation going at the same speed and intensity as it was on the phone. Both trying to make the other comfortable without adding any undue pressure.

Tom was the Top, so he knew it was up to him to break the ‘spanking’ ice. It is a tough call; does he wait for her to start making sassy comments? Has enough time passed for her to be relaxed enough if he decides to prompt a spanking? It is a hard position to be in. Thankfully he was prepared with a plan if he needed to kick start things.

Emily was relaxed and feeling comfortable in Tom’s company as she sipped her lemonade and continued to talk. For his part, Tom decided that now was a good time to try and break the ice, he felt sure that once this was out of the way, things would move much more smoothly from here on in. As Emily relaxed, Tom stood up and turned on the computer. It was almost like Emily sensed something was up, but she wasn’t sure what. Tom sat down at the computer and clicked a few things, and then he addressed the mischievous girl who was sat there wondering what was going on. “Emily, can you come here please?” he asked.

Her heart sank. Oh my God, this was it. What did I do she wondered. A wonderful feeling swept through her body as she sat the glass down and walked to him, carefully straightening her skirt as she did. Standing beside him, she watched as he clicked on a picture and brought up the image of her sat on a motorbike. Her stomach churned, she knew what this was based on a conversation that she had had with him, the image alone brought out the feeling of repentance immediately. As much as she wanted a spanking, the submissive feeling of having done something wrong was still with her.

“Young Lady, would you like to explain this picture to me?”

Emily subconsciously grabbed the hem of her skirt and fumbled with it, quietly replying to his question “Well Tom” she stammered “You wanted to see another picture of me so I sent you that one”

“Indeed I did Emily, but I wasn’t expecting a flirtatious picture like this, you… sat on a motorbike… in a short dress… pulled up over your thighs”

The first sign of a blush drew across the girls face and her voice was little more than a whisper “But I have my panties on”

“Yes, I can see them quite clearly in the picture Young Lady. Are those the type of pictures that good girls send Emily?”

Emily bit her bottom lip and didn’t answer, wishing that the question would just fly away and disappear.

“I asked you a question missy, do good girls send those types of pictures?”

“No Sir” she whispered.

“Then I can only infer that it is Naughty girls that send those type of pictures, is that so?”

“Please Tom, I’m sorry, I just wanted to tease you a little bit”

“Well that you achieved young lady, and that wasn’t very nice, was it?”

Emily head lowered as she murmured “I guess not”

Tom stood up and took the chair with him to the middle of the room; Emily remained focused on the imaginary threads at the hem of her skirt. Peering from the corner of her eye she watched Tom sit down. Emily knew she wanted this, it had been so many years since the last time it had happened, but at this point in time the reality sat in. No matter what her desires, she was about to be spanked, and spanked soundly at that. Fantasies are fun, but the reality is a spanking bloody well hurts, and as long as it had been, that was something that Emily remembered all too well.

The voice came again, with a little more authority attached to it this time. “Emily, come here please”

Emily’s tiny stature felt even smaller at this point. She was resigned to a spanking, but there was no hurry for her to take it. Slowly, Emily dragged her feet as she walked to him, wondering why he moved the chair so far away in the first place. Finally, she arrived at his side.

With his hands on his knees, Tom looked up at Emily. “First things first young lady, I want you to take your skirt off and place it on the couch”

“WHAT!! Oh no WAY. I can’t do THAT”

“Emily, as your picture indicates, you obviously have no problem with me seeing you in your panties, therefore, it is only appropriate that you remove your skirt. You wanted me to see you in your underwear, well now you can show me in person”

“Please Tom, that is WAY too embarrassing, please let me keep it on”

“I won’t tell you again Emily, take that skirt off right now young lady”

Emily pouted and blushed furiously at his demand. Slowly resigning herself to the task. Pulling the zipper down she let the skirt fall to the ground and scooped it up in one go. Her face as red as her bottom was soon to be as she stood there in her blouse and a flimsy pair of white nylon panties. Emily walked to the couch to put her skirt there as Tom watched her tiny bottom bounce beneath the white material.

After laying the skirt down the young girl returned to his side, subconsciously slipping a finger into each legging of her panty in a vain attempt to make them cover more area that they were intended. Her only wish being that he would get on with it instead of making her stand there, the pervert she thought, fighting hard to stifle a smile creeping on her face, all the while feeling totally vulnerable.

“When were you last spanked Emily?” he asked her.

This was a question she didn’t care to answer and sighed her reply “Not for a few years”

Tom grasped her by the hand and guided her over his lap “Well, I dare say that this is long overdue then”

No matter what her age was, Emily felt just like a naughty girl feels as she laid there over his knees, her bottom up high feeling overly exposed as she reached for something to grab hold of. Finally settling with one hand on the leg of the chair and one hand on his ankle.

Tom studied the pretty sight beneath him. Her cute little panties struggling to contain the cheeks that were ready to pop out. Tom placed his warm hand on her right butt cheek and began to lecture the girl about the values and the consequences of sending pics designed to tease somebody. Even though he had witnessed her straighten her panties, he wasn’t going to pass up the opportunity to do so himself as well. If only to see how the young lady felt about being teased herself.

Making sure to take his time, Tom first started by inserting his finger into the right side of her panties and slowly running it down. Emily’s toes curled up at this and her legs bent slightly in the middle. It was going to be a fruitless task as she was highly aroused as it was, but feeling his finger rub over her bare skin as he adjusted the panties just made the wetness more intense. Once he was satisfied, Tom rubbed his hand over the silky material, thoroughly admiring the femininity as his rough hand straightened the flimsy nylon covering three quarters of her little butt. Emily was in a tortured state and slowly moved her legs as she almost begged for him to start spanking her.

Her wish was soon realized as his hand slowly starting to land firmly upon her bottom, making sure that he alternated each cheek. Emily’s body relaxed, basking in the gentle warmth that started to resonate in her bottom. For a good couple of minutes this continued, his hand landing on her rear, not too hard, just enough for her to take short intakes of breath. The warmth steadily building in her pinkening cheeks.

Tom’s grip on her waist tightened slightly and he started to spank a little bit more firmly, firmly enough for Emily’s right leg to start involuntarily raising off the ground. As the spanks continued, both her legs were leaving the ground at regular intervals, each one reacting to a hard spank until it looked like she was kicking. Every now and then both silent and vocal OW’s were leaving her mouth.

For about 5 minutes Emily’s backside was spanked, not overly hard, but enough for it to be no picnic either. This was by Tom’s design as he had plans for her spanking, she might think that this is a completely pleasurable experience, but it was also promised that she would get a sound spanking, and that she was about to get.

Tom took a pause from spanking Emily and rubbed over her flaming cheeks, a feeling that Emily simply adored. Resting his hand on her bottom she felt the heat build up underneath it to an almost unbearable level. He looked down at the back of her head and asked her “Emily, I want you to walk over to the dresser and bring me the cracker barrel paddle that is on top of it”

This wasn’t something that Emily had wanted to do, but she knew that it was something that was going to be required of her based on the many conversations that they had had. Gingerly easing her shaking body up off his lap she headed to where the nasty little paddle was. For Tom, this was one of the most visually exciting moments that he got when spanking a naughty girl, watching her walk away from him with her flimsy panties still in place, admiring the contrast of the bright white material and the red cheeks present both below the panties, and shining through the thin material.

Emily took hold of the paddle and very slowly shuffled her way back to Tom. When she had picked it up her first thought had been that it didn’t look so bad and that she had had much worse than that before. Little did she know what was about to happen.

The paddle was grasped firmly in his right hand as the girl repositioned herself back over his lap. He then made a strange request “Emily, please put your right arm behind your back”

The first thoughts that entered her mind was that she hadn’t even tried to reach back, so why is he asking for my arm. Nonetheless, she complied with his wish. A wonderful feeling of being safe and secure entered her as he took hold of her arm; she in return grasped his wrist. The smooth wood rubbed over her deep pink cheeks and Emily clenched them together at its coolness. Tom raised the paddle and landed it firmly on her right cheek. Emily’s eyes widened, it wasn’t unbearable, but that stung like a bitch. Then one on her left cheek, right again, left, right, left…. The attempt to remain stoic lasted all of a few seconds as the wicked little paddle started to sting her entire bottom. Emily’s legs flailed every which way and her vocal noises grew louder and louder.

Emily didn’t know this, the fire in her bottom was her only concern, but Tom had counted to 50 spanks with the paddle as he had mentioned he would. The knuckles on her left hand had turned white from the way she held on to the chair leg, and her right hand had left claw marks in his wrist. When the spanks stopped landing her body relaxed but her teeth remained biting her lip. Finally, it was over, at least she thought it was. A shot of adrenalin rushed through her body when she felt his fingers enter the waistband of her panties, instinctively her hand reached back and grabbed them “No PLEASE Tom, PLEASE, I’m SORRY, not on the bare bottom, PLEASE”

“Young lady, this will be the end of your spanking. Now unless you remove your hand, I will finish your spanking off with the hairbrush”

Emily’s hand flew off her panties and it joined the other one in front of her, holding them both tightly to her chest. That was the magic word, the only one that counted, she would do anything not to be spanked with that wicked hairbrush, she didn’t care how much the CB paddle hurt.

Tom very slowly began to draw the flimsy material down over her flaming cheeks. Emily’s face flushed, the combination between the cool breeze sweeping over her warm bottom, and the fact that she knew he was witnessing her panties soaked through as he slowly drew them down.

“Hand please” he requested sternly.

Emily gingerly put her hand behind her and bit on her other thumb as he grasped it. It was with good reason; the feeling of the smooth wood soundly landing upon her now bare bottom was intolerable, the 50 spanks in 30 seconds felt like 500 spanks in 30 minutes… That damn paddle stings like the dickens. Her body was still bucking and her legs still kicking in an unladylike manner when she heard the wood hit the tiled floor.

Tom’s hand now caressed the bright red bottom while Emily still held on tight to his left wrist, her eyes watery from the first spanking she had received in years. Her head bowed at the catharsis of the spanking and the now soothing hand easing the sting from her flaming mounds. Tom’s original goal had been to put Emily in the corner after her spanking, but as he soothed her bottom he felt that this was enough for this time. Being a gentleman he slid the damp panties back up her legs so as to provide her as much modesty as he could, as modest as a girl could feel with a guy pulling up a wet pair of panties anyway.

With the spanking over, Tom eased Emily up, he then took her in his arms with a warm hug, his arms reassuring her that everything was okay. Wiping the dampness from her eyes she headed to the bed and grabbed a pillow to hold. Tom went with her and rubbed her bottom all over as she laid there. He pondered, should I get the ice out to soothe her bottom down?

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  1. Oh I loved this story, every part! The little details, your understanding and description of her feelings, the contrast of her feminine to his masculine and the spanking itself…breathless.

  2. Wonderful story, you know what is going to happen but the trip to the end was very erotic. I just loved this story and will be waiting on more of the same. Thank you.

  3. The character development is nicely done. I was drawn into the feelings that were happening back and forth it was very much an enjoyable ride. Keep writing you have talent keep writing!

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