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Windsor Wednesday Classic – 266

A switch in time spanks nine!!

In a short while I will give you all an update on the blog. It isn’t over by any means, I’m just taking a bit of an extended break for now. In a nutshell I have lost interest in spanking, can you believe that? A lifelong obsession just disappeared.

Something happened a while back that turned me off of the scene, but who knew at that point that it would also lead to me not even thinking about spanking for days at a time?

In a short while I will give you a full update but do keep in mind this, I still have reams and reams of spanking pics that have barely been seen before, and I fully intend on providing those to you. Hopefully in years to come many new spanking blogs will arrive and my site can provide a foundation where they can build their own sites off of the back of my hard work. Something that I have been providing for years as it is.

Anyway, I will update you all very soon on how I will progress from here.

Windsor Wednesday Classic – 264

Can you imagine if this image had made a mainstream publication back in the 1940s or 1950s? Depending of course on when the picture was taken. I’m thinking 1950s because a flared skirt was more popular in the 1940s whereas the pencil skirt became popular in the 1950s.

The 1950s were also the time where it was more common for a person to be curvaceous, so a photo like this in a 1950s magazine would have probably set the magazine on fire. Of course the image never made a magazine, it is simply from someone’s personal collection that is now being sold to the highest bidder, but it is always interesting to visit olden times.

I mean it’s not exactly a great spanking pic, certainly not with what the guy was holding. Now, if he was holding a big old paddle then it might be a different story 🙂 In fact I am pretty good at photoshop, maybe I will create an image from this one 😉

Letters To The Editor

There wasn’t anything that I had planned to post for today, but as I was sorting files I figured why not share some clippings that are unlucky ever to get posted unless I make a conscious effort to do so.

So again, no need for me to blather on, you can all read 🙂 Do the clippings represent real life? Debatable in my opinion, but back then nobody had any spanking magazines to send their fantasies to 🙂

F/M Friday 61

Imagine there’s no spanking!!

This image was one that I posted way back in 2009, but the copy that I originally posted was dreadfully poor. Thankfully it was recently uploaded to Ebay and as you can see here, it is a crystal clear image.

I have no idea who is paddling John Lennon here, nor do I care much. Click on the image itself for the full sized pic and I will add this to my F/M COLLECTION folder.

Birthday Bonanza 19 – Canoe Paddle

The penultimate post in the series of 60 spanking pictures to celebrate my 60th birthday. Today our theme is canoe paddles and I will add these pictures to one of my folders, I just haven’t decided which one will go where yet.

Join us tomorrow for some brand spanking new Men Are Like Streetcars spanking pics as our final birthday spanking post, which is kind of appropriate being that I always post the Men Are Like Streetcars spanking pics on a Sunday. (Edit: this post was bumped back a couple of days due to the Roger The Sixth post)

Birthday Bonanza 15 – Stoop Spankings

I really hope that you guys loved the first time running of the pic that I posted on Tuesday, likely the BEST SPANKING IMAGE that I have discovered to date. I’ve made a tiny change to the website, if you look over to the right there —-> I have added a new widget called “FEATURED POSTS”. On there I will link ten posts that I am particularly fond of which will change as is needed. The first three are likely to remain, but the rest will rotate with other awesome discoveries that I have made over the years. It is like a little private pat on the back that I am giving to myself. The Roger the Sixth one will remain on top and I will point to it frequently when the need arises, lol.

Now you have heard me talk about not getting a lot of bang for my buck with my most recent $35 purchase, even though the Roger The Sixth spanking find does make up for it a bit, but one thing that has been really good with this purchase is that I am discovering spankings in plays that I was not aware of. For example, the film ‘Pollyanna’ with Mary Pickford, there was also a stage version of that film.

There is one play in particular from the 1930s that I am frantically searching for at the moment. The review of the play states that one of the actresses gets spanked in every act of the play, with the hardest spanking coming in the final act. As unlikely as it is, I’m hoping to find a picture from the play, but at the very least I will have a review to share with you.

I’m always hesitant with a single review though, knowing that there is such a thing as literary license. So while it says that she was spanked in every act, could they mean that she was verbally spanked and then actually got a physical spanking in the final act? I’m sure over the years I have inadvertently provided misleading information at times, so I do try to get more than one newspaper clipping before I try and make an informed judgement.

As I have mentioned, I have found a pile of spanking pics from British plays that are new to me. The knowledge of a spanking being in the plays isn’t new, but the spanking images that I have found are, and I am still hoping to come up with more.

This topic has pretty much been presented throughout the birthday bonanza posts because there seems to be an awful lot of spankings taking place on the stoop. A very popular location it seems for those on the spot spontaneous spankings.

Birthday Bonanza 13 – Playful Spankings

One of my favorite topics enters the discussion for the 13th episode of the birthday bonanza posts, all of which will be added to my PLAYFUL SPANKINGS folder.

I may interrupt the Birthday Bonanza posts this coming Tuesday by swapping the amazing image that I have scheduled for June the 14th. There is a user on one of the archive sites who is sharing his finds publicly as clippings, and I’m a little fearful that he might discover the rare find that I have scheduled for next week, lol.

While many of his finds are new to me and are wonderful to look at, I did not include them in the number of new images that I found on my most recent purchase. His images are in addition to that. Plus, we may have some duplicates, but I download images in a different way to include far more detail than he does. In fact he only just clipped one image two days ago that I already have included as part of my Kiss Me Kate post tomorrow.

What is funny though is that he is providing clippings for free (with his own crop of course) while I am trying to get as much juice out of the $35 that I paid, lol. It might end up with him finding every new find that I have saved already, hence why I might bump up next Wednesday’s post. In fact now that I think about it, I am going to swap the posts from Tuesday through Thursday of next week and swap them with what I have scheduled for this week.

The first image is actually a two part posting. First of all a St. Trinian’s lass is getting a mock caning, and then in the second image she is sat on the right with the guy who caned her.

Birthday Bonanza 12 – Doctor In Spite Of Himself

Yet another new addition to my VARIOUS SCHOOL PLAYS folder, this time it is “The Doctor In Spite Of Himself”. For the purposes of showing the actual spanking portion, the first image is in two parts. Firstly just showing the spanking, but I have also included the entire image for those of you who, like me, enjoy seeing the entirety of the scene, not just the spanking portion.

Birthday Bonanza 11 – Beach Spankings

Today is day number 11 out of 20 of the birthday bonanza posts that I promised you. Today we are featuring three beach spankings. As it is Friday the first of these images is an F/M spanking one as that is what you would normally get on a Friday, but next Friday there won’t be any F/M ones on day 18 of the series.


Birthday Bonanza 10 – Non Traditional Implements

Are you enjoying the birthday spanking bonanza so far? Feel free to add your comments to any of the posts if you are. Today we are sharing some spankings featuring non traditional implements. In this case this means a spanking with a Ukulele, a set of Books and a Tennis Racket. This is what is upcoming, I have posts scheduled all the way to June the 14th and I can’t seem to slow down, lol.

You will see that the post on the 14th is blocked out. That’s because I don’t want to ruin the surprise, but it truly is an outstanding image, one of my best spanking discoveries to date.

In this first image, and I may be mistaken, but does it look like to you that someone ELSE also got a spanking? A two for one if you like 😉