CANE-IAC Spanking Toy Store

Not just for all your caning needs,  though there are dozens of varieties of canes on offer,  but also the maker of lexan products,  leather goods and the tried and trusted OTK wooden items. Perhaps the largest collection of spanking implements on the Internet as well as BDSM and Bondage equipment. Caters to all budgets so you are sure to find something affordable that you like to fit your budget. I personally own many CANE-IAC items and they are frequently used. Try the 18″ wooden spoon,  if that doesn’t get the attention that you desire then nothing will. It is my favorite toy from CANE-IAC. CLICK HERE.

I couldn’t begin to do justice to the vast selection of spanking toys on offer,  just suffice to say that you should visit the website yourself and browse through the hundred’s of different spanking toys on offer. Remember,  everything is affordable,  as an example the wooden spoon that I mentioned is only $11.99,  and that alone will have legs kicking wildly!! CLICK HERE

Here are a few select items on offer,  but you best bet is to click on the banners and visit the site for yourself. Budget friendly and a huge selection to choose from.

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