The Scantest Of Protection

The times when a spanking over the panties isn’t really a spanking over the panties at all. Let’s hope that she got dressed in her fishnets for the special occasion because I am sure it would have been uncomfortable walking around in that attire all day long. The wedgie Olympics!!

Yesterday I had a very lucky day in terms of finding new spanking pics for you all. Some days I can search for hours and only find one or two really crappy pics, but yesterday, for whatever reason, I struck gold and found over a dozen pretty good ones.

I have started to prepare for my 60th birthday blitz of spanking pics, and I think what I am going to do is post three pics a day for twenty days straight. Each post being on a different topic. For example right now I have three birthday spankings, three act your age pics and three Kiss Me Kate pics. I just need to come up with seventeen more themes.

Several times I have mentioned it in the past, but I think that a small amount of pics is the way to go where they will be fully appreciated. With three pics I feel that people will observe them each individually, whereas if I posted all 60 images in one shot then the viewer is just going to skim through the lot and maybe only study one or two that stand out.

Two of the spanking pics that I found yesterday are birthday spanking pics and both of them will be posted on May the 23rd, my actual birthday, along with an additional birthday spanking pic. One of the images that I found yesterday is an absolute corker.

Many times in spanking stories you will read that the spanker is a former tennis player, obviously to build up the idea that she has a powerful spanking arm. Well guess what, that is EXACTLY what I found yesterday, a female tennis coach giving a birthday spanking to one of her students.

The picture is really clear, from the 1990s, and it is taken from the rear side of the spankee. She has her tennis outfit on (as does the coach) and the short skirt barely covers her knickers. If for nothing else it would make for a great image to build a story upon. You know that old saying “A picture is worth a thousand words”. It is a really awesome mainstream spanking image.

Anyway, my plan is to run three spanking images a day for twenty days each with their own theme. If you have an opinion on that or any suggestions then I will happily entertain them. BTW, another thing that surprised me yesterday was that almost all of the finds that I found yesterday were from Texas. Perhaps I need to go old school and search the thousands of Texas books one by one for images that won’t show up in the search window. That’s how I find most of my images, without the help of the search engine.

2 thoughts on “The Scantest Of Protection

  1. Love otk photos and this was a great find.I do think it was outstanding and I would have loved to have seen a whole series with her.thanks for all you find and share. Have a great day.

  2. Jim,

    It is just a personal choice but I try to avoid nudity on the blog as much as I can. The rest of this set I feel pretty assured would be a bunch of spread eagled pics that really have little to do with spanking, lol. The image was from Swish magazine and they were well known to feature spanking material with overt adult themes.


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