So you like 1950’s pics huh?

As the pics from the 1950’s seem to be a popular feature I figured I would give you 6 more to salivate over. More about them in a minute though. This first pic was taken by Chichi on Saturday when we went to Coney Island to celebrate her birthday. Not only was it a fantastic day out, but my head swelled twice its size when I saw how this pic turned out. This is me strolling down the Coney Island boardwalk in my cowboy gear, looking totally out of place in New York City. I just love this pic!! Want to know the great thing though, Chichi and I were suffering from a long night out the night before, heat exhaustion, and from the knowledge that we had a 12 hour day ahead of us. It wasn’t until two days after this pic was taken did we realize that we were a part of a 7 member team that hit $10,000 on the lottery the night before this picture was taken!!! Okay, after taxes not one of us cleared a grand, but still, what a great way to end to a birthday weekend.

Now on to the next set of 50’s pics. Somewhere in my collection I have dozens of pics just like these, for some reason I can’t get enough of them. The first one is a Mother/Daughter one taken from Jupiter images. Make sure you click on each pic for the full size version!!

This next pic was from a story pictorial. Eloise is the girl being spanked by her Sister’s boyfriend.

This next pic is from the magazine, Beauty Parade from the Feb 1949 edition. A Husband spanking his Wife.

Not sure of the magazine this time, but it is yet another Husband/Wife scene.

I’m afraid I don’t know the story on this next one but you can bet your bottom dollar it is yet another Husband and Wife.

And the last pic this time around is a Betty Page styled pic, though once more its origin I am unaware of.

Richard Windsor

9 thoughts on “So you like 1950’s pics huh?

  1. Great picture on the boardwalk, Richard!
    (Ok, I like the vintage pictures better….but hey, I’m a guy…whaddya expect?) LOL

    Dr. Ken

  2. You are a great collector of magazine and picture of old good time. Beautifull a wife on the knee. I visit you every day!!!

  3. some real nice pictures đŸ™‚
    Surely something for my spankings of the week !

    Imagine some of the womens’ magazines nowadays publishing pictures like this – I guess you can’t…


  4. Hey congrats on the big lottery win!! It’s better than a slap in the….uh…never mind…


  5. yee haw…pppfffftttt hahahahaha… hehe cute…You make a good cowboy…spanko girls love that…you should advertise as a spanking cowboy!


  6. Love the pictures. Women in the 1950’s really knew how to kick their feet around during a spanking.


  7. Richard I know we live way out in the country in Westren Ireland but what amazes me is that my mother was spanked well into her late teens in the early 50’s and it wasn’t looked on as being strange so where or when did it all change.
    Some great pictures by the way

    Padddy P.

  8. Those were the really ‘good old day’s’. Wnen men found their naughty ladies, wearing garter-belt and stockings, when these ladies dresses or skirts were raised. And what a joy it was to take down, their knickers, and panties, and spank their tender bare bottoms, bright red, with hand, paddle, hairbrush, birch, cane, or whip.

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