F/M Friday 40

I need to get a post of some description up as I haven’t posted for a while, and as it is Friday then why not put up an F/M Friday spanking? As you all know, I gave up on keeping to a regular weekly schedule, rather I will just post when the mood hits. It is also April Fools Day today, so make sure you get them pranks going today. Just don’t use it as an excuse to annoy the fuck out of your partner though, just something playful to get you a spanking.

So what is going on in this cartoon? I’m imagining that this young man has paid a visit to the neighbor to get some semi fictitious spanking action, but the look on her face tells me she is startled. Has somebody just walked through the unlocked door? If so, who has stumbled across this spanking? Her husband? Another neighbor? Her daughter? The young man’s mom? Or maybe the Fuller Brush woman 🙂 You get to decide.