The Fake Rat

The Fake Rat

Linda walked into the small wooden hut wearing her white camp T-shirt and grey shorts. “You asked to see me Ral” she said to her camp counselor who was sat on an armless chair.

Ral beckoned her over to his side and stared at the little minx. Reaching into his pocket he pulled out the plastic rat that was found in the girl’s cabin. Linda winced as she saw it as she realized that she was going to need to talk her way out of this one with a series of little white lies. “Do you recognize this young lady?” he asked.

“No sir, I have never seen it before” Linda replied, blushing at her own mistruths.

“This was found in the girl’s cabin last night, and it caused quite a display of screaming young lady”

“Oh I know Sir; it frightened the life out of me”

“But you just said that you have never seen it before”

“Err, well I didn’t see it, I just heard the girls telling me about it”

“And that frightened you?”

“Well yeah, it is big and scary looking, it looks very real”

“Well whoever is responsible for it is looking at a trip across my knees for a good spanking

Trying to be brave Linda responded “Oh I agree, Sir, that is a very naughty thing to do, if you find out which girl did it you should spank them”

“Who do you think the naughty girl is Linda?”

“I don’t know Sir, Missy has always been around when it has been found. She was in the kitchen, the cabin, the swimming pool; she was even in the counselor’s dorm when I put it in there”

The shivers went through Linda’s body as she realized what she just said. Ral peered over his glasses at the naughty girl “So YOU were the one who put it in the counselors’ dorm?”

“All the girls were doing it Sir; it was only a little bit of fun”

“I will deal with all of the other girls in due time, as for now, there is only one naughty girl standing next to me.”

Instinctively, Linda’s hands went to her bottom “I’m sorry Sir, I won’t do it again, please don’t spank me”

“It’s too late for that Linda, not only did you scare the staff with your little prank, you also lied to me about it”

“I’m really sorry Sir; I didn’t want to get spanked”

“Well you are going to get spanked Linda, you should just consider yourself lucky that I am not allowed to spank your bare bottom, because that is what you really deserve for being so naughty”

This came as a little reprieve to Linda and she sassily replied “That’s too bad then”

“Don’t worry; you will still be swimming this afternoon with a red bottom showing beneath your bikini”

Linda pouted as she realized that she wasn’t getting out of the spanking, but at least it wasn’t going to be on the bare.

Ral continued “Ok Linda, take down your shorts and bend over my knee young lady”

“What? No way, you said that I wasn’t going to get spanked on the bare”

“That’s correct Linda, but I am going to give you a good sound spanking over the seat of your panties.”

Suddenly feeling very self conscious, Linda said “But I don’t want you looking at my panties Sir”

“I have all day Linda and the longer you make me wait the closer you will be to getting my hairbrush on the seat of your panties”

Linda sulked as she heard those words; very gingerly she inserted her fingers into the waistband of her shorts and lowered them to the floor. Standing there in front of this man who was about to spank her little bottom, she had no idea where to put her hands. At first she shyly held them in front of her, and then she reached behind her and tried to stretch the flimsy nylon material of her white bikini panties to cover as much of her bottom as she could. A rather fruitless task really as they still left a lot of her bottom cheeks bare, then she switched them back to her front.

“You are a very bad girl Linda and you totally deserve this” he said as he reached and took Linda by the wrist to guide her over his lap.

Being less than 5’ tall, Linda felt every bit the naughty girl that she was. Her hands could almost touch the floor but her feet were well clear of the ground. The cool air breezed over her bottom as if to emphasize the near nakedness of her bottom. Her nose scrunched up as she stared at the wooden floor, she wasn’t happy at all to feel her bottom sticking up so far.

Now Ral had spanked many a naughty girl so he knew how to get inside of the girls mind. He gently inserted his finger into the side of Linda’s nylon panties and straightened them out a bit, then rubbed his palm over the flimsy material. Linda’s toes curled as she peered over her shoulder, she pouted as she saw her bottom sticking up and this mans rough hand rubbing over it.

Finally satisfied, Ral lifted his hand up high; Linda tensed in anticipation over what was to come. The first spank caused her to take a sharp intake of breath and she bit her lower lip. Ral quickly applied another firm swat to her left cheek before settling in to a steady rhythm of alternating cheeks. It didn’t take very long before Linda started to feel the heat build up on her bottom, she involuntarily started to make noises as the firm hand descended on her pinkening bottom. He was up to about 30 spanks and Linda was starting to feel like the naughty girl that she was, every spank was met with an ouch or an ow and her legs kicked just like a naughty girl’s does when she is being spanked.

The spanks started to get harder and Linda’s hands grasped the legs of the chair firmer, her bottom was on fire but his hand just wasn’t stopping. Her bottom was now starting to get very red; Ral was able to see this clearly as every movement Linda made just seemed to cause her panties to creep up further. He wasn’t allowed to spank her bare bottom, but it was pretty much bare now anyway, not that the panties offered much help in the first place.

The spanking was drawing to a close, Linda felt every bit the naughty well spanked little girl as she yelped and whined, her bottom was glowing red. Deciding on a final 20 firm spanks, Ral applied them to her sit spot and upper thighs, if Linda thought she was pouting before you should see her face now!!

Once finished, Ral helped the naughty girl up off her lap. Linda’s hands immediately shot behind her and she started to rub away at her flaming red bottom. With a wagging finger, Ral warned her that this would happen again if he found out that she was putting a fake rat out to scare people, and with that he took her arm and marched her to the corner. Linda stood there and winced as the elastic snapped against her bottom as she straightened out her panties, then she pouted for five whole minutes as she tried to rub away the sting.

After 5 minutes, Ral walked over to Linda in the corner and applied one final hard spank to her bottom. Linda yelped as she listened to him tell her to pull her shorts up. She fairly ran to the cabin, pulled her shorts down and laid face down on the bed. The cool breeze provided a nice relief to her hot bottom. As she laid there the thought came to her mind “Swimming sure is going to suck today”

Richard Windsor

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  1. I do enjoy otk spankings. I love how she tripped herself up and the spanking description was excellent. Thank you and have a great day.

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