Plus One For Luck And One To Grow On

I did promise a while back to give you 58 spanking pics, right? Well let’s not forget about the one for luck and one to grow on. Of course I should add interest being that it is so late, lol. If you play along at home and need a reason for a spanking, that’s 60 to each cheek on your pajamas, 60 to each cheek on your panties and then 60 on each cheek on your bare bottom πŸ™‚ Otherwise, just enjoy 60 spanking photos covering all generations. Shoot, just as well go to 500 if you go that far, haha.

Here is how these images work as they are a gallery. Click on the image that you want to see and a medium preview page will show up, if you want to see the full sized image then just click on that preview image and it will open up into a full sized one. I will respond to all messages that I am behind on tonight.

7 thoughts on “Plus One For Luck And One To Grow On

  1. Hi, still alive then, I was getting rather worried.
    Did you try that film I suggested?
    Anyway, as I went straight for the comments box I haven’t seen the pics yet so I’m going to do that now.

  2. Yep, I’m still here, Colin πŸ™‚ Nothing major but I had a medical procedure this past week, perfect birthday present, eh? That delayed me putting things together as I had originally planned. I’m back now though, even though follow ups are required. So normal service should return soon πŸ˜‰


  3. Great really outdid yourself on this one. Thanks again for all you share and research for us.have a great day.

  4. Dear Richard,

    I hope you are recovering well from your medical challenge and wish to thank you with this trip through spanking media time, back to the seventies, pre-net, and when we lived through mags like Swish, Kane, Red Cheeks, etc. Remember all those terribly posed scenes with spanking implements they found outside the shoot in the trash, Hairbrushes that would brush hair and fly swatters that wouldn’t hurt a fly. Oh, those were the days. I remember scouring the library for spanking references, perhaps a stray pic and looking over my shoulder, waiting to be busted for some imaginary offense and ruined for life!

    Those scenes from old yearbooks are priceless and I would have almost had a heart attack if I ever found one. Your generosity over the years has been unmatched and you are greatly appreciated!

    Your collosal post here was very much appreciated, but don’t make this work. Remember, seeing the one pic of you with Lilly Anna was great enough! Heck, it was your birthday, afterall! You should ask for 58 pics from fans and then share those! That is what you deserve for all your years of hard work and generosity!

    Be healthy. Be happy! Be content to be one of the greatest!

    Thanks and a belated Happy Birthday!


  5. Thanks a lot, Jim!! Many of these images have been sat on my hard drive for years so I decided to put them all together so that everyone had a chance to see them. They might not have been posted otherwise.

  6. Fatherjim, thank you so much for your kind words, I really appreciate them.

    Goodness me yes, I remember the days long before the Internet, travelling to London to buy magazines and that was it, you would use those magazines as your only source material until you could go and get some more. In a way though I think that those of us who grew up in that time appreciate what we have more. For example the old yearbook photos, I can see a single one of those and write a whole story about it.

    In today’s age there seems to be a heavy lean of genital exposure and age play, but back in our day we could find a fully clothed, Conservative image and think that we had struck gold!! Despite the many years and several decades of making our own spanking world in our imagination, I have to say that I am happy to have grown up in a time where we didn’t have the Internet, it allowed us to form our imaginations and take great pleasure in even the simplest spanking reference.


  7. Rich, I totally agree with you that today’s spanking pictures are too concerned with genital exposure. When I was a creator of spanking images, you can bet that my spankees were always properly attired, even if their skirts occasionally had to be lifted. To this day, I collect only “clean” spanking pics. I thank you for being on “our side.”

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