Windsor Wednesday Classic – 183

We are going through a period of hazy and humid weather here in New York, with temperatures reaching the 80’s over the next three days after today. I really need to get out and shoot some footage today because I won’t be able to for the next three days as not only will it be hot, but it is going to rain for the next three days so it will be really humid as well. Time to install that AC today as well I think, then sit back and buy some streaming minutes on HOT MOVIES and watch some Samantha Woodley spanking action. Click on Samantha’s face for a list of her Hot Movies. Or just click this HOT MOVIES LINK to be taken straight to the spanking section where there are thousands, yes, you heard that right, thousands (almost 5000 in total) of spanking films to choose from.

On the subject of links, being that I am a giving person, I have another link for you today. I’m always linking into one site or another trying to spread the spanking love and a sense of community spirit. The link today (if you haven’t bookmarked DANA’S SITE already) is to a new survey that Dana Specht has over on her new blog starting today. The survey consists of 12 spanking related questions, though you don’t have to answer them all. You also don’t have to leave your name or email in order to fill the survey out, it will be totally anonymous if you so choose.

To take Dana Specht’s survey CLICK HERE.

Now it’s time for our weekly Windsor’s Wednesday Classic spanking photo. I don’t need to tell you to come here every week, you should be coming here every day to see what I have to offer that is new to the spanking community. The goal of my blog is to provide you with spanking pics that 99% plus of you have never seen before, that’s why I do this, to be fresh and original and to bring you unique content.

Today is no different!!! Today we will add to the WINDSOR’S PADDLINGS spanking folder. As I mentioned, most everything that I post gets its first run on a spanking blog right here, so most of what you will see in the Paddling’s folder was new at the time. Of course over time virtually everything that I post will be appropriated from this site to be used elsewhere, but if you all come here anyway to see what I have to offer, why do I need to worry about that, eh? So enjoy today’s gift, and remember my motto……… “THERE’S PLENTY MORE WHERE THAT CAME FROM”!!

2 thoughts on “Windsor Wednesday Classic – 183

  1. A striking feature of all the photos you publish from these earlier times is how trim, attractive and appealing the women were. These are just candid pictures and not posed models, yet they outshine by some margin any similar photo taken today. Now may be I am just showing my age and preferences. However, even wartime pictures of women just going about their daily business are several levels of attractiveness above similar pictures taken today.

  2. Sam,

    I have always been a lover of vintage photography no matter what the genre or subject is. You may be aware that I used to sell vintage pictures and I still have a collection of over ten thousands images stored in one of my cupboards. There is nothing I like more than when a discovery is made of a large collection of photos from a known photographer, where the pictures have never been seen before.


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