Streetcar Sundays – 110

In all of the MEN ARE LIKE STREETCARS pics that I have,  they are divided into two camps. An OTK spanking given with the hand,  or an OTK spanking given with a newspaper. Obviously as a spanko then I will take the hand over a newspaper any day of the week,  and indeed I have shared virtually all of my Streetcars hand pics already.

When it comes to being  “Spanked”  with a newspaper then it is nothing more than symbolic. From an embarrassment perspective I guess that it has a place,  you know like the whole ritual other than the actual spanking itself.

Thankfully,  with the tools at this young man’s possession,  he does at least make an attempt to improve on the spanking by using a copy of the white pages  🙂

The image is from Milwaukee,  WI in 1953.

*Disclaimer*  –  It isn’t definitive that it is a copy of the white pages!!

Saturday Spanking Picture Show

Are you likely to find anything new here today? The answer is no,  all of the pictures shown here today have been posted in one form or another either on this blog or on other spanking blogs over the years. What I do present to you though are new copies of these already known spanking images.

Like any collector out there I spend a lot of time researching spanking images and many times I am fortunate enough to find improved copies of known spanking photos,  or alternate presentations of said photos. What you need to do to get the full version of each picture is to click them individually and they will open up to their full size,  you can then download them for your personal pleasure. Like I said,  none of them are new finds other than the fact that they are different versions of known spanking photos. Some of which as you will see are very clear in their definition.

These will all be added to my WINDSOR’S STAGE SPANKINGS album where I collect all mainstream spanking finds that I discover.

First up we have Walter Abel spanking Shirley Temple in the lobby card for the movie Kiss and Tell. There was no spanking in the film. This is a new and improved copy of a photo already out there. Click THIS LINK for other images that I have previously shared of this spanking pose along with various articles. Click on the image for the full sized version.

Another updated spanking image,  this one of Susanna Foster getting a spanking in the lobby card for A Hard Boiled Canary.

George Murphy spanking Gloria De Haven in a promotional photo for Broadway Rhythm.

An Argentinian movie magazine cover featuring Elvis spanking Jenny Maxwell in Blue Hawaii.

Walter Pidgeon spanking Rita Johnson in Stronger Than Desire.

And finally,  a spanking scene that I love in the movie itself. Robert Benchley warns his daughters that he will spank them if they don’t stop interfering,  with both girls replying  “Yes Papa”. Within seconds Ann Gillis is leaning out of her bedroom window gossiping to the men below. Her father comes in and without saying anything he heads to Ann who is already stating  “I’m sorry,  Papa,  I didn’t mean to”  in lieu of the spanking that she knows is about to be delivered. One of the oldest PAJAMA SPANKINGS that you will find.

I think what I like about it is that the window is not closed,  therefore the guys that she was gossiping to probably all heard the subsequent spanking  🙂

All Of Me

Just another part of me trying to relieve some of my spanking material onto you all.

This isn’t a new addition to the spanking world,  though some of the images might be a slight variation of what has been seen so far. I’m pretty sure that when I originally posted this years ago it became one of the countless contributions that I made to the Chross’ database.

This isn’t one of the all time great spanking scenes,  but there is a little story to it. I was working in the UK in 1981 and an incident happened where it was one of the women’s birthday’s with whom I worked with. She was around 40 at the time and her colleagues chipped in to get her a present. When she opened it the present consisted of a white camisole and white french knickers. I can only hope that my eyes didn’t bulge out of my head when she opened it as I imagined her wearing it  🙂

So fast forward just a couple of years and the movie,  All Of Me,  came out. While the spanking isn’t a classic by any means,  the only thing that I could think of at the time was the colleague who I still worked with when the movie came out. The reason obviously being that the camisole and french knickers that Victoria Tennant wore was virtually identical to  the one that I knew my work colleague owned an exact set of. Being that the women was also on the posh side it was very easy to replace Victoria Tennant with her in ones imagination. It was an image that was long lasting on me and even to this day I can picture her.

Anyway,  here is the spanking clip for you,  and below that is a set of various images from the scene that I have collected over the years. I’m also not the biggest Steve Martin fan,  but for some reason I thought that he was hysterical in this film.

Streetcar Sundays – 109

This weekend I took off to enjoy the lovely weather,  but I am back now and there will be a new post every day this week so keep checking in. I’ve come to the realization that if I don’t start increasing my production then you guys are never going to see my complete collection. It also keeps growing so there are some weeks where I find more than I post.

I’m a day late for the Sunday post,  but that will give me some time to clear one of the lesser MEN ARE LIKE STREETCARS spanking pics. The quality is poor,  but the angle is great. All I could think of is that if the guy raised his right leg then we would have been treated to a wonderfully shaped booty. It looks nice and round from this angle as it is.

This pic is from Ainesworth,  NE in 1957.

School For Snobs Spanking Comic

This is a rarity for me,  for once I am going to post some material that IS on another spanking website. My source for this material is actually the Comics UK website,  though I had to edit the images to try and make them as presentable as I could,  but an alternate,  albeit the same story,  copy can be found on the SPANK COMICS website. If you haven’t done so already you might want to check out spank comics if you are a fan of old comic book spankings,  they have a massive archive going on which also includes lobby cards and newspaper clippings. They even have some that are new to me and that is quite an achievement  🙂  They also cover all genres over there.

Here’s the deal though,  you are going to need your reading glasses to read each panel though. I’ve done as good as I can to make the images to a point that you can read all of the panels,  but even then you will be squinting your eyes.

First of all I will give you the spanking panel if that is all you want,  and then below that is the entire comic in three images. What you have to do is click on each image to open it up,  and then make sure that you click it again to enlarge it to its fullest size.

Also,  below the comic is the image that I posted on Twitter today. As I have mentioned already,  FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER because I post images on there that I don’t post on this website.

And here is the funky image that I posted on Twitter today,  a court jester spanking either a spaceman,  an alien or a deep sea diver  🙂

Windsor Wednesday Classic – 146 Part 2

Are you feeling spoiled yet? Stick around and check in every day,  chances are there will be something new on this website every day during the month of June. I’ve got too much material already and I always seem to find more photos than I actually post every week.

Yes,  I know it isn’t Wednesday,  but hopefully you won’t mind me doubling down this week to post the second image from the play that I discovered entitled  “Merry Christmas,  Mr. Baxter”. Let me emphasize once more though,  I’m not claiming that it is an unknown play containing a spanking scene,  just that it was unknown to me when I found the pics. Below the spanking image I have also included the synopsis that was attached to yesterday’s photo.

Before I get to that though,  I asked a friend today to do a quick keyword check on my site and she found two errors. The first being that one of my biggest hits is the term  ‘Spanking stories’,  but I lose traffic to other sites because I don’t use the term  ‘FREE spanking stories’. So that has to change today,  all of the stories on my website are FREE SPANKING STORIES. There are two collections of them,  firstly my FICTIONAL SPANKING STORIES,  and secondly my REAL LIFE SPANKING STORIES. So moving forward you can expect to see the term  ‘free spanking stories’  used a lot  🙂

The second error is a little trickier,  the other keyword favorite for the second error are the variations of the term  ‘Mother spanks daughter’. While variations of that term bring traffic to my site,  I still lose traffic to other sites that use variations of the phrase  “Mother spanks daughter bare bottom”. The reason that it is trickier is because most of the spankings that I write about are not on the bare bottom. The direction for part 3 of the  “Mother spanks”  series is pretty much set and isn’t going to involve the Mother,  but I have a feeling that Mom is going to have to dish out a few bare bottom spankings come part 4 of the series.

Right,  now time for part two of the photos that I gathered from the play,  Merry Christmas,  Mr. Baxter. This photo which is from Vicksburg,  MI in 1959 will also be added to my VARIOUS SCHOOL PLAYS spanking folder. Click on the highlighted link,  there are some awesome photos in that folder. Below the spanking image there is also the synopsis from the previous image which denotes the adapted screenwriter’s name.

Windsor Wednesday Classic – 146

Today I had a look at which posts had been the most popular for the year so far,  and the top two just so happen to be the two stories that I wrote this year. Seems to me that I would be foolish not to churn out stories more frequently. If you want to add your suggestion for part 3 to the story MOTHER SPANKS DAUGHTER  –  THE BEST FRIEND then please do so. When I posted the first part I got a lot of suggestions for part two,  and even though chapter two was a very lengthy addition,  for some reason there was very little feedback left for the direction of part 3,  even though I provided a lot of avenues that the story could go down. Not that it matters as the story is open for me to choose a direction,  it was just my attempt to involve my audience.

You may have noticed as well that my posting frequency is increasing by the month. I’ve come to the realization that I have so much material that I have to up my production in order for you all to see what I have in my collection. So my suggestion to you would be to either bookmark my website,  or check in each day so that you don’t miss anything. Or you could FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER as I announce on there each time I post something new. I also post stuff on Twitter that I don’t post on the website. Plus,  if you come here each day you can get to see my offerings first hand.

Today I did a little search through an archive and I was fortunate enough to come up with three photos. Two of the photos came from a play that is new to me,  now that’s not to say it is a new discovery,  just that is was new to me as I had no pics from this play previously. The play in question is  “Merry Christmas,  Mr. Baxter”.

The book of the same name by Edward Streeter was published in 1956 and there was even a television adaptation of that book that same year. The TV production seems to have a reduced cast so I doubt if there was a spanking in the show,  and as this is a new find for me I have yet to come up with who adapted it for the stage. This is the same deal that I mentioned yesterday though,  the thrill of the chase is the fun part,  finding something new and then searching for details about it. So far I have worked out that Mr. Baxter is spanking his  “Granddaughter”  with a switch/stick/cane of some type. Likely a switch as this was set in America.

I have two images so far as I mentioned,  the image shown below where it looks like a switch being used,  and I also have a much clearer image but in that one it looks like he is using a broom handle. It’s a damn shame because the quality of the other image is much higher,  but the spanking doesn’t look as realistic.

This image is from Osage City,  KS in 1967 and will be added to my VARIOUS SCHOOL PLAYS folder. When I post the second image from 1959 I will have some updated information to share with you once I have scoured the Internet for background information. I’m also fortunate that the image was taken from my favorite angle to view spanking pics. By the way, I worked really hard trying to improve the quality of this image for you all,  so I hope that you can get a good visualization of the spanking being shown here. Click the image for the full sized version.

Some RealSpankings movies for you to peruse.

Streetcar Sundays – 108

If you are only here for the pictures then scroll down because this week I am doing a combination post. Not only will you get the weekly Streetcars pic,  but Chas from SCARLETT HILL left me a wonderful message yesterday that I wanted to use the blog to respond to. Coincidentally they also have a MEMORIAL DAY BLOWOUT special that is worth checking out. I would do it soon because I doubt if there is much time left. They have a stockpile of 29 years worth of spanking magazines that our now all in digital format. You can see the latest releases in the image below.

Before the days of the Internet I used to buy magazines from this company all the time. Stories,  letters,  features,  you name it then these publications have it. Check out the SCARLETT HILL website today and browse around there vast collection of vintage and modern online spanking magazines.

To read the full version of Chas’  reply to my SPRING CLEANING post simply click on the recent comments to the right,  or CLICK HERE to read Chas’  response to me. In the image below I have cropped out just a small section of his reply just to give you an idea as to what I am responding to in this post,  though I would recommend reading the entire response first.

So this is directed at Chas,  though obviously it is for all of you to read if you so wish.

A few years ago I actually said this to friends of mine after a particularly memorable scene,  that everything that I have ever wanted to do in the scene I had just done. There is this vision in my head as to what spanking means to me,  and while they may overlap with others in the basic principles of it,  EVERYONE has their own idea as to what spanking is and what it does for them. My views are far,  far out there when it comes to spanking,  and I would say that 90% of the time people do not understand where I am coming from because it doesn’t correlate with their understanding of spanking. Neither view is the one size fits all by the way,  it is different for each individual.

What Chas said above about the flame flickering out has been very true for me,  but the flame does still flicker on. In terms of spanking I am a prude concerned to a great many people,  and perhaps in a party atmosphere I would say more so than most. As all of you who read this blog are going to be fully aware,  a spanking given on a clothed bottom is more genuine to me than a bare bottom spanking. Right from my early origins having watched spankings on TV,  read in the comics,  observed playful spankings in print,  and on those very rare occasions actually witnessed a spanking in person,  never once did I see a bare bottom spanking when growing up. The two most memorable events of my life in regards to spanking were one spanking in particular that I witnessed,  and the other being the FIRST SPANKING that I gave.

The origins of my MOTHER SPANKS series does include some memories that I have incorporated into the story,  albeit with some literary licence added. The spanking that Tim observed through the basement window is a combination of a spanking that I observed,  and the memory of a reader of this blog. I actually observed the spanking through an open door and the mother in question of that spanking was only using her hand. The point is though, it was the first time that I had witnessed a girl getting spanked with her skirt pulled up,  to me it was the coup de grace. Like the girl in the story,  the girl that I saw getting spanked had on a pair of sky blue panties. I’ve always considered the exposure of ones underwear to be the most embarrassing part of a spanking,  it is deeply ingrained in me. Anything that goes beyond that gives me a different mindset. The same goes for Bri’s spankings from her father. While I never once witnessed the girl in question getting the belt from her father,  I do remember the tales about them from the girl in question. A part of me thinks that she was just cock teasing,  but I would be lying if I didn’t say that I savored every minute of it and wanted to hear even the minutest of small details regarding the belting.

Now I’m not saying that there shouldn’t be any bare bottom,  I do love pajama spankings and for some reason I fully expect that a pajama spanking ends up on the bare bottom. But when we are talking full leg spreadies,  naked shower scenes,  vagina cam to a point that you don’t know if you are watching a porn movie or a spanking film,  that is far beyond my concept of what spanking is. Again though,  don’t get me wrong,  I understand that the pinnacle for some is when the panties are pulled down. Because of the intense feeling that I have that a real spanking is when ones underwear is exposed,  it is why I can fully understand and appreciate that to others that when the underwear is being pulled down over the red bottom,  to them that is the pinnacle moment that makes the spanking film a spanking film.

I can still appreciate a good bare bottom pic. Over on Twitter yesterday I posted the image below which is an old Nu-West spanking photo. It has turned into one of my most liked Tweets ever on Twitter. If you don’t FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER already,  you should do so,  I often post material on there that I don’t post on this blog.

The reason that I typed what I did above is in relation to my withdrawal at spanking parties. Everything evolves and I am not saying that it is a bad thing in any way. When I first started going to parties the things that I liked were very prominent even in a public room,  as time has gone on though the focus now has evolved into a different presentation at parties. I want to stress that I don’t see this as a bad thing,  it is just that I have outgrown it. My flame was very small to begin with,  and in the spanking world as a whole it is nothing more than a pin prick anyway. The desire is still there in the background,  but I have become more and more private as the years have gone on.

While I am on this subject I would like to address something else that comes up quite often,  and that question is how do I get to play with so many girls.

First of all it is a bit of a myth,  at spanking parties I play far less than most men in attendance,  the only difference is that I write about my adventures and most other men don’t. This isn’t lip service either,  I play far less than the average man. Secondly though,  and I am most adamant about this,  but I believe that one of the reasons for my success is that I am very vocal in what it is that I like in a spanking scene and what I don’t like. Many times a woman will say to me that whenever she asks a guy what he wants,  his response is along the lines of  “Whatever you want is fine with me”.

It isn’t for me,  I have very strong opinions as to what works for me in the spanking world,  what my spanking turn on’s are what makes a scene special for me. From my experience women seem to appreciate that confidence and desire to fulfill ones desires,  and more times than not will go out of their way to ensure that they give of themselves in return. I’m very straightforward,  this spanking isn’t just for your enjoyment,  it’s for my enjoyment as well. Conversely,  you tell me,  or indicate to me that you are not going to take my opinions into consideration,  then I couldn’t care if you are the hottest model on the planet,  I have no desire to play with you. And you know what,  that is another secret to my success. You tell a girl that you are not interested in playing because of a conflict of styles,  and you see what she does in return. There are occasions that she will see you as the demon seed,  but more often than not they are willing to compromise for mutual satisfaction. I’m not talking about playing at a party here,  in a party setting most people are there to play in a group atmosphere,  so I’m not talking about refusing to play with someone and I would quite happily play in public without any criteria attached. What I was referring to was in regards to meeting potential play partners for private sessions.

My funniest story there I think that I have mentioned before,  when talking about possibly playing and a girl said to me,  and I quote  “I’m not buying a pair of panties just for a spanking”. So I politely said that I wished her well and that we weren’t compatible,  and the next day in my inbox was a photo from the girl showing her underwear covered bottom with the caption  “Look what I bought”  🙂

Going back to my original point though in relation to Chas’ comments,  the light does still flicker,  but he is 100% correct,  there are only so many ways to serve our preferred delicacy,  and after so many adventures I probably don’t savor it as much now as I once did before. Or at the very least I now treat it as the delicacy that it once was to be enjoyed on special occasions. I’ve reached that stage in life where I am questioning my own mortality and I look at the things that I still want to do. When it comes to a spanking party and I look at all of the costs involved,  then once I reach the $1,000 budget I end up saying to myself,  that would pay for your flight to Vietnam,  or to Laos or to Helsinki or somewhere else on my never ending bucket list of cultures to explore.

I think one day I will return to the spanking scene full time,  but for the next few years my focus is going to be on travel,  and most of my play moving forward is going to be private one on one play.

Now it is time for the MEN ARE LIKE STREETCARS spanking pic for the week. This image is from Greenville in 1952. I do believe that the guy in the background is supposed to be attempting to stop the spanking,  but in this case he looks like he is going to take his time in doing his job  🙂

Spring Cleaning

Hopefully what I am about to write translates well to my audience and people don’t get wiggy about it. You have probably read already that my interest in the active party scene has dwindled to an almost non existent state. Spanking still interests and excites me,  but the truth of the matter is that real life events have had an affect on my mental state. A lot has happened over the last few years in which I have evolved a great deal. I’m not always saying that it is for the best,  but I have evolved. In the last ten years I have lost both of my brothers at a very early age and also my mother during that time. This is on my mind because this week it will be a year since my last brother died,  and my father also died 20 years ago this week as well.

The reason that I bring that up is because one can’t help but think about their own mortality as well. Now don’t get me wrong,  I expect to be around for at least another couple of decades,  but my focus for the time that I have left has changed to a point that all I am looking for in life is positiveness. I bear no ill will or malice towards anyone,  in fact quite to the contrary,  I wish nothing but joy and happiness to everyone. At the same time my last days of giving a fuck have also long since departed. There are goals that I still want to achieve,  spanking scenes that I still want to do,  and people that I still want to meet and become friends with. You don’t realize just how short our time is until someone important in your life is no longer there.

Despite what I have said above though,  I am okay. There are still days where I get sad,  and there are days when I feel incredibly lonely. I’m not saying lonely from a physical point of view,  just lonely from the mental aspect where the most important people in my life are no longer there for me to reach out to in any form. It is also why I can’t look back though,  and I have to plan ahead for what is to come. I can’t change any of the events that have happened,  none of them,  nor do I want to. There is still so much ahead and I’m looking forward to it.

Obviously you have seen my travel exploits so far over the last year,  New York,  London,  Tokyo and Reykjavik,  and there are probably even more to come in the next calendar year. I’m 56 years old now,  why wallow in misery when there is so much excitement ahead,  this is probably my last shot at doing it all so I am going to take full advantage of it. This year I have two trips planned where I am going to visit 4 countries,  but as of yet I don’t know which countries are going to be paired with each other. More than likely it is going to be various cities in Japan combined with a trip to Taiwan,  which will also include a few days in Busan,  South Korea. The other trip will be to Hanoi,  Vietnam with a stopover in Seoul on the way back. There are other countries in Asia that I would like to go to but if I’m honest my plus sized body won’t cope well in tropical climates.

This brings me onto the topic at hand though,  Spring Cleaning. You know that one thing that I have thought of? If anything happens to me then I have nobody left to take care of my belongings,  and as any spanko will be aware,  that contains a ridiculous amount of spanking material. I’ve got a box of toys of which many have never even been used,  spanking mags all over the place,  and more DVD’s that you could shake a stick at.

When I first started blogging,  virtually every spanking website out there would send me DVD’s to review online,  I mean a stupid amount of DVD’s. Plus I have a collection of my own,  but the toys,  holy moly there is a pile of them.

What I am going to eventually do is give everything away. Some of the items I might be able to sell on eBay like the magazines shown below,  but not until I have scanned them all first. Below is just a sample of the vintage ones in my collection.

The next photo which is in the magazine that is second to the right,  is a photo that has been seen online before,  but hopefully I will be able to add updated versions to the Internet. While I initially thought that a great many people have had this vision of the boyfriend getting spanked by his girlfriend’s mom for part three of MOTHER SPANKS DAUGHTER  –  THE BEST FRIEND,  I also asked myself the question  “Am I the only person in the spanking world who notices the rotary phone in the photo”?  LOL.

As I am going through the spanking magazines it has also occurred to me that many of the photos in these magazines aren’t online yet. Like I said,  what you see in the image is just a sampling of the collection that I have. I’m going to have to put a block of time away where I can start to scan everything for online preservation.

I would like to continue but the Champion’s League final is on soon. Maybe I will expand on this tomorrow,  or perhaps for my Sunday classic I will scan some pictures for you!! At least you will have something to look forward to over the coming weeks. I wanted to write more but I have run out of time so I had to truncate this. Keep your eyes peeled though,  I’m going to be giving a lot of stuff away this year.

Q And A Part 5

Time for part five of my QUESTION AND ANSWER series. Being honest here,  from a personal standpoint this has been one of my favorite features to do so far,  I love hearing your questions and putting some thought into answering them all.

As I mentioned in the previous Q and A session,  I am not answering all of the questions in chronological order,  I’m basically grouping them into sets of five. If I kept them as they came then some of the questions would be very quick to answer,  by grouping them in sets I get to mix in some longer answers with the relatively shorter ones.

This will be the last time for this promotion,  on Sunday I will close the form and the free video giveaway and then do another free promotion around the July the 4th weekend,  so if you have a question for me then this is your last chance for this go around. CLICK HERE for the form where the video giveaway is linked.

1: Who is your favorite spankee? Say you can only spank one girl who would you chose?

The first part of your question isn’t something that I am really able to answer because every interaction brings something new to the table. It is a very diplomatic way of looking at things but I would never want anyone to think that they weren’t on a par with someone else. Just like I don’t like competitions in the spanking world for a  “Best of”  type of deal,  it isn’t my thing. Before anyone runs to tell teacher,  I understand why competitions take place,  I get the reasons behind them,  they are just not for me.

As for the second part of your question I can interpret it as being that if I could give one final spanking then who would I choose. That question is much easier to answer because I can go to my bucket list.

Again,  I wouldn’t select anyone that I have played with already,  I would have to go with someone who I would have really liked to have played with. For me that answer would have been Mischa from PUNISHED BRATS. There are certain characteristics that I look for from a fantasy perspective and Mischa darn near hits them all. Completely mischievous,  even when she is getting spanked,  super playful off camera (I have the raw footage of a couple of her shoots) and during the actual scene itself she is vocal,  fidgety and cute all in one. She is playful and cheeky,  but doesn’t cross any lines in being disrespectful. I just know that if I was to have a scene with her then it would meet all of my triggers quite easily,  she is adorable.

If I could choose someone from the modern day then that person would have to be Kiki Cali. I’m very simple when I play and my enjoyment comes from an OTK hand spanking,  and while the work that KIKI CALI does is quite broad,  I have focused on just the OTK hand spanking aspect of our lifestyle.

I’m fortunate enough to have bought a couple of clips featuring Kiki Cali where she is getting an OTK hand spanking,  and like Mischa above there is so much to like. There is certainly a difference between the two personas of each girl,  but Kiki’s cheeky demeanor in the OTK position is also adorable. I’m the type of person that can point at my computer screen whilst watching a scene and say out loud  “Now that is what I like”

If I was to make one final film,  and I am likely to do so,  Kiki would certainly be the girl whose services I would seek to fulfill that void. The contrast between my deep English accent and her playful American nature has me thinking of all types of scenarios. In my mind the first scenario would be Kiki as the girl next door who is over at my place one day acting sassy,  flirtatious and boisterous,  and once she is informed that if she would have been my daughter then she would be getting a spanking,  she pushes it until she actually does get a spanking,  albeit a somewhat playful one. Not sure what the second scenario would be right now in regards to the main spanking,  but we can play that by ear for now. To tap into the pouty submissive side of her then I would imagine that it would be an uncomfortable confession of sorts.  It is a gut feeling that I have that Kiki would be perfect for the type of old fashioned OTK hand spankings that I like to film,  a very cute girl. So from this day forward,  if I could only spank one girl,  then it would have to be Kiki Cali. I’ve also seen her in a super cute pair of white nylon panties during one of her scenes,  so my audience especially would have something to really look forward to.

Check out her site RIGHT HERE to see the various work that Kiki performs and heck,  buy something while you are there!!.


2: Apart from your preference for spanking over panties,  which I share,  do you prefer your spankees in dresses/skirts (and if so what type) or trousers/slacks/jeans?

One of the biggest issues that I have with the Curious Cat app over on Twitter is that I don’t always believe that the questions being asked are genuine. It almost feels as if the question being asked is being asked by the same person answering the question. Besides that it is an incredibly annoying feature that completely dominates your feed if you allow it to. I mute every single person who uses the app save for some long term scene friends who don’t abuse the app.

The reason that I bring that up though is quite simple,  I could have easily asked this question myself!!

This is an area that I am really old fashioned in,  and as this question has been asked for MY preference I shall answer it. I emphasize the MY because I always tend to piss people off with my views,  lol.

Absolutely I prefer the ladies that I play with to wear dresses/skirts,  in fact I even go one step further than that in saying that in an ideal world a pair of stockings,  a suspender belt and a slip or half-slip is the full house for me. As for type of dress/skirt,  my preference would lean towards the lightweight summer type clothing. I’m not a fan of a woman is any type of trousers/jeans in a spanking scene,  again that is just a personal preference. However I will say this,  if the pants in question are pajama bottoms then I am all for it. I have a big fetish for pajama spankings,  and that encompasses any type of nightwear worn by the woman. Whether it be pajamas,  a nightshirt,  nightie,  you name it,  I love spankings of that type.

Image of Ellee and myself.

3: Does being English in America change you’re spanko attitude one way or another?

3a: As an obviously British bloke living in the US, how do you think that influences your spanking adventures?

I’m not sure if it is solely being English that does it,  or whether it is the style of play that I prefer,  but I can pretty much guarantee that if I spent my adult life in the UK then I don’t think that my active spanking life would have been even 1% of where it is now.

When I grew up in England and first explored the adult world of spanking as soon as I was old enough to do so,  what I saw was almost primarily unappealing to me. The focus at the time seemed to be more on corporal punishment than it was to do with spanking,  and the whole visualization around it was not what I was looking for.

There is a chance here that I am about to piss some British people off,  but there is a premise that I have to live by. If you can’t be honest with yourself,  who can you be honest with?

There were three main areas that had a big effect on me,  the biggest of which was the role of the submissive in written and visual print. A significant portion of the photo plays depicted a schoolgirl. This also extended to film of the same era though perhaps not as much as in print. Now don’t get me wrong,  there is absolutely nothing wrong with that and it plays a role in the fantasy life of many spankos,  myself included. The area that was a massive head space turn off for me though was the underwear from a different era. The big assed bottle green knickers,  or variations in navy blue,  brown or even white,  even to this day I find it a big turn off. I’m not even able to watch a spanking movie that features knickers of such description,  it has such a negative effect on me.

Before anyone gets all wiggy,  remember that this is a personal preference,  I’m fully aware that there is a huge portion of the spanko world where this one item is AS important to them as it is unimportant to me.

The years that I started to purchase spanking material was shortly after I had left school in the late 70’s/early 80’s,  and I’m not professing to have been a young Romeo by any description,  but that simply wasn’t what girls were wearing at the time. There is such a disassociation with girls wearing traditional school knickers that I can’t even begin to comprehend putting the two together,  it completely ruins the concept for me. Trust me,  other than for P.E.,  girls were wearing flimsy,  silky undergarments,  I remember clearly,  my hand felt many of them,  lol. You can see the difference,  right?

The second area that I couldn’t relate to was that virtually everything was related to the cane,  a headmaster and a cold demeanor. Lastly,  I have to say as well,  and this was primarily in film,  it was the severity. I’m into spanking,  not cruelty.

The first American spanking magazine that I purchased was in the early 80’s,  and my first exploration of spankings in the States was when I first came to America in 1985,  and then moved here two years later,  virtually everything about it was everything that I had always been looking for in the spanking world. Guys and girls in regular street clothes,  and even if it was a schoolgirl roleplay then the girl had on cute panties,  just as she would have done in real life. The very few spankings that I engaged in during my first few years here were all playful and erotically driven. The way that America portrayed spanking was vastly different to the UK,  and it was everything that I was looking for. It is why I simply adore Shadowlane’s early videos.

I’m sure that the original questions weren’t perhaps expecting that type of answer,  but what I described has a huge influence on me. To answer the question does it change my spanko attitude,  the answer is yes,  and very much for the positive.

Now from a personal standpoint I learnt very early on that my voice was a weapon. Especially during my first few years of my life here in America,  I lived a life with the opposite sex that I could have never come close to dreaming of back in the UK. My voice doesn’t work for everyone mind you,  I’ve had people who seemed to have made it their mission to tell me each and every single time that I am in their presence that my voice does nothing for them,  and they are quite happy to inform everyone around them of this fact as well. From a scene perspective though, my voice is a tool that I have spent many years perfecting,  and that is something for certain would not have been able to happen in the UK. So again,  being English in America has increased my ability to play dramatically. When the voice works with a female,  it can produce some of the best play scenes out there. I couldn’t even begin to tell you about some of the phone calls that I have had where the girl I am speaking with is being rather naughty on the other end of the phone line.

4: Spanking fiction is rife with detailed descriptions of the post-spanking “war dance” frantic rubbing,  hopping,  and so on. . . but this is almost never depicted in videos and rarely in spanking photos. Why is that?

Yet another excellent question!!

I think that this is more of which came first,  the chicken or the egg. I’m pretty sure that cartoon and written spankings predated the visualization of said spankings,  and I personally think that is why there is such a difference between the two. There is the fantasy component in the written word that doesn’t translate on film,  however that is not to say that it shouldn’t. Perhaps this is one area where producers could spend a little extra time including this aspect of our lifestyle in their films. More often than not,  a spanking film ends when the spanking is finished,  and if you are lucky you might get a corner shot for a few seconds.

Many years ago I wrote about my favorite all time spanking movie,  TONY AND EVE  –  A COLLEGE FANTASY. Do you know a big part of why that film is my favorite of all time? It is because every time that Eve is allowed to stand,  she rubs her butt for virtually the entire time that she is stood. Even through clothing it is as sexy as hell and adds so much to the film. It is natural as well,  no camera zoom in to emphasize the point,  as a viewer you are allowed to see and appreciate the big picture.

You are correct though,  it is an aspect of the spanking movie industry it is something that is sorely lacking.

5: Which spanking model got the cane from you the most?

First of all I guess we have to define model. In the literal sense the answer to this question would be a girl by the name of Aurora. She has filmed spanking content for three producers,  two of which are now defunct. You can still see her remaining Amateur Spankings work online RIGHT HERE. Aurora and I have known each other for a long time and I don’t think that it is even close that she is the one person to have received the cane from me the most. She is also the person who has taken the cane the longest and the hardest from me,  in fact she is the only girl with whom I have stopped a scene entirely because she was so far into sub space that I didn’t think that she could make an informed judgement about the level of play that she was receiving. Here is Aurora and I in a lighter scene,  in public as well.


Please keep the questions coming guys,  I’m really loving them.

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