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Top Ten Of 2023

If I’m being really honest I hadn’t planned on creating the list this year. Then I figured that I have done it every year for so long now that it would be a shame if I didn’t keep the tradition going, just so that you guys can see what the most viewed posts were on this website last year.

Before moving on, if you want to support me, simply watch one of my videos on my vanilla YOUTUBE CHANNEL. If everyone who views this post watched a short video of mine then I would have a good week myself. In fact here you go, here is a very short video, less than 4 minutes long. It is a story that I narrate about a Korean Independence fighter who was buried just up the road to where I live for 100 years. Earlier this year his remains were flown back to South Korea where he was repatriated with honor. His story was immortalized in the Korean drama “Mr. Sunshine” if anyone watched it on Netflix.

Thanks in advance to anyone who is kind enough to watch the video by clicking the red button in the center of the video.

Right, time for the top ten spanking posts of 2023. The rules are simple, I only look at the number of views from posts that were made after January the 1st, 2023 onwards. There’s no cheating, no bumping up of my favorite posts, no alternate slate of electors, no tinfoil hat conspiracy theories, no space lasers, nothing like that. This is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, whether I like it or not, lol.


It wasn’t my personal favorite post by any stretch of the imagination, however, it was the most viewed post on this website in 2023 by a country mile. I don’t remember the exact number, but it had something like 4 times the amount of views that number 2 on this list had.

Now don’t get me wrong, I grew up in England so to see old Babs from the Carry On films getting spanked by Terry Scott from “Terry and June” was certainly a delight, especially as it appears that she had very little on under her tunic. Click here for more…

Number 2: Windsor Sunday Candid’s – 138

Without a doubt a very worthy contender for picture of the year, and I will say that even if I compiled the list myself, this image would have had a decent chance of making the top ten regardless.

A visit to the barracks proved to be a rather hot affair for this young lass. Read more…

Number 3: Birthday Bonanza 1 – Birthday Spankings

Back in May I made 20 posts back to back, each featuring three spanking photos in honor of my 60th birthday. Let’s be honest, if any of those posts were likely to crack the top ten of the year then it was likely to be the very first one.

Thankfully it came in third on the year for most viewed posts, and this particular entry has three awesome spanking photos that I brought to the community. It even features an actual tennis coach giving a birthday spanking to one of her students. Make sure you click the link here and check the photos out, they really are some of the best that I have posted this year. Read more…

Number 4: Roger The Sixth – An Outstanding Spanking Image

Now if I had my way, this image would have been hands down my favorite spanking image of the year. Until I discovered this image it was previously unknown to the spanking world. I mean we knew there was a spanking in the play, an English guy wrote about it on the SpankStatement site back in like 2009 or something, it’s just that nobody had ever seen an image of the spanking.

Earlier in the year I paid for a subscription to the British newspaper archive and BANG, I came up with this delightful image!! There were many others that I discovered and I alerted the community to the website for them to search as well. I’m nowhere near finished posting all of my finds, I still have some awesome spanking images that I believe haven’t been seen before.

But that all pales in comparison, in all my years of running a website, this image is up there as one of the top five spanking images that I have discovered. It is right up there with the Elvis spanking a smiling Jenny Maxwell image that I purchased to share with the community, and the rare Natalie Wood spanking image that, until I paid for it, the community only had a piss poor version to see.

Be sure to click this link to see this wonderful spanking image. Read more…

Number 5: Windsor Sunday Candid’s – 145

For shame, for shame!! One of the rarest of events occurred on this blog earlier this year, I actually pilfered the work of someone else!! Yes, it’s true, I took one of the spanking images from SPKCOMICS to share with you all on my blog.

Of course I went overboard in praising their effort and providing them with the credit that they deserve by linking back to their work! Now if only I got so much as a single link back to the 100’s of images that get sucked up by the globload from my site and repackaged elsewhere 🙂

It’s all about personal ethics though, and I was happy to share the love with the original source of the find.

The image is a lobby card from the movie “The girl who couldn’t quite”. From my time on the British site I do have other images from the play version of this movie, some that I believe are new to the community. Look out for them in 2024. Read more…

Number 6: Windsor Sunday Candid’s – 146

Exactly a week after I posted number 5 on this list, the Sunday Candid that I posted the following week also made the top ten posts of the year.

Now I don’t know how British people feel about this image, whether it is just me or if it is just the age that I am and what this means to me. When I was a very young man I lived in a bedsit, and my girlfriend at the time lived in a girls home for troubled youths. Not exactly what is pictured here in this image and article (other than the bedsit part) but for some reason this picture reaches me on an emotional level. There is something decidedly British that speaks to me here, a part of my former life.

It isn’t a perfect image by any means, but the story means the world to me. Read more…

Number 7: F/M Friday 59

I’ve mentioned it many times in the past, the F/M Collection page on this website is the most viewed page every single year. Don’t ask me why, it’s not like I post any F/M content other than the odd F/M Friday post, but people flock to the page. Maybe it’s because nobody else posts this type of material?

My other work is often purloined which in turn dilutes the need to see them on my site. Not so with the F/M material though. I mean every now and then you can find the odd one added to someone’s site, but in general they aren’t touched much. That’s one theory that I have anyway. Obviously I haven’t posted many of them this year, but one of them still found its way into the top ten of 2023. Quite likely because it fulfills the fantasy of getting an OTK spanking from the teacher quite nicely. That’s Texas for you. Read more…

Number 8: Windsor Wednesday Classic – 265

This is one of my personal favorite photos of the year, and it isn’t even that good of an image! With that said though, I think that because it isn’t a very good image that is what makes it a real classic.

Now I’m not one to embellish what I am seeing, however, in this this instance I truly believe that we are seeing a genuine spanking.

Of course I could be wrong, but if they are playing for the camera then they are doing a mighty fine job. This spanking image prompted a lot of discussion in the comment section, with each of us exploring the nuances of the spanking. Read more…

Number 9: The Scantest Of Protection

Every year there is always a post that makes me ask “How did that make the top ten”?

Number 9 on this list fits that bill perfectly. I mean it is just a generic spanking pic from an old magazine, and unless you are a lover of silky panties and fishnet stockings then it isn’t really that remarkable a picture. However, like I said, I’m honest about this list, and as this is the 9th most viewed post on my site it 2023 then it will have its place on the list reserved. Read more…

Number 10: Birthday Bonanza 9 – More Birthday Spankings

The final entry on the list of most viewed posts of 2023 takes us back to my 60th birthday spanking bonanza, and ironically this set was also specifically birthday spankings as number 3 on this list was as well.

Again, all three images are unique and feature genuine birthday spankings. The first of the images had been shared elsewhere before, but it was misrepresented as being something that it actually wasn’t. So I was happy to share the full context of the spanking which included the image above the spanking image where the girl was blowing out her birthday candles. Be sure to click this link to see all images. Read more…

So there we have it slapnuts!! One more year is down and we move on to year 18 of this humble little spanking blog. I mean if you followed along this year you will know that I have questioned whether or not I wanted to keep doing this, but then I did some self reflection and convinced myself that I could keep doing it, and if I felt the need to take a month off every now and then I could do that as well.

There are still mountains of images that I need to share with you all before my number is called, though I do expect to at least live another decade or so. Even though my entire family died relatively young, I’m the only member of the family that didn’t eat meat. So being meat free for 37 years now has probably been good for the heart, and as all of my male family members died of a heart attack that has to be a good thing, right? 🙂

I hope that you enjoyed the top ten list this year. Do you have a personal favorite image from the previous year? Maybe it didn’t even make the top ten list?

A happy New Year to you all and may 2024 be a fruitful and peaceful one for you all.

Don’t Believe Your Eyes

One thing that I try really hard not to do on this blog is be negative in any way, shape or form, but there is something that I have to address.

99% of all emails that I get concern one of two things. Firstly it is people asking me about Pixie (and other models from 20 years ago to a lesser degree) or, people send me a pic and ask me to identify it. It’s the only communication that I have in the spanking world.

Just recently I had a very well known spanking producer ask me about Pixie, which was combined with other comments that were made on this blog. Thankfully someone told me why these questions might still be coming.

There is a spanking page out there that is modelled on Wikipedia. Just like Wikipedia though, don’t believe everything that you read.

There is a dreadfully irresponsible notice about Pixie that is completely untrue. Someone in their infinite wisdom found an article online about an Amber Wells from the Lonestar state, a state that our East Coast Pixie doesn’t live in. They found an article and rather than even remotely try and verify it, they just slapped it up online and attributed it to our Pixie, just because the person from the Lonestar state’s REAL name matches the STAGE name of Pixie.

At what point, and I don’t think I am telling tales out of school here, but at what point did anyone think that Amber Wells was Pixie’s real name? There’s a famous journalist for the Guardian whose name is Richard Windsor, I’m surprised that this Wiki page hasn’t posted that he and I are the same person! Just for the record, we’re not, Richard Windsor also isn’t my REAL name!

If anyone knows who edits that Wiki page please do me a favor, tell them to edit it and take down the irresponsible notice that they posted about Pixie!

Now I haven’t spoken to Pixie for a couple of years, we just naturally drifted apart, but I have nothing but good memories about her and she still means a lot to me. We are friends on social media and while I may see her post from time to time, I generally just leave her be. So please don’t believe that nonsense regarding a person in the Lonestar state as being our Pixie, it’s not. That woman’s REAL name was Amber Wells, which is NOT the real name of our Amber Wells.

Over and out, and a little bit angry I must admit.

Windsor Wednesday Classic – 269

Unfortunately the picture this week isn’t very clear, however it is still an important addition to the spanking world. You just have to use your imaginations a little bit.

Now to me this looks like a classic birthday spanking, but I have to be honest as well, there was no information attached to the image. It was found on a page that contained several dozen photos.

Let’s look at what we can see here in the image. It appears to be a classroom and there is a typewriter on the desk, but I think that would rule out an office secretary. If you look very closely (you might need to click on the image to get the full size) you can actually make out the lower half of the spankee’s body. She isn’t slumping as it may first appear, she is bent way over the desk, lol. You can also, if you look hard enough, see the hand of the guy doing the spanking.

Like I said, there is no guarantee that this is a BIRTHDAY SPANKING, but a pretty good educated guess would suggest that it is. The only question that remains is this, is this the teacher getting the spanking? Leave your thoughts below.

Windsor Sunday Candid’s – 152

Now come on girls, line up properly and wait your turn 🙂

This is one of my new finds from yesterday, 7 girls spanking the birthday girl all at once! I managed to come up with about a dozen spanking new finds yesterday, it is good to be back.

This will be added to my WINDSOR’S BIRTHDDAY SPANKINGS folder.


Birthday Bonanza 9 – More Birthday Spankings

What is a birthday spanking bonanza without some birthday spankings? Here are three more selections that will be added to my WINDSOR’S BIRTHDAY SPANKINGS album.

The first image is somewhat unique in that Sheila, the lass getting spanked, also appeared in the school play that year called Damsels In Distress. In that play two female characters get spanked, but it is unknown if Sheila played one of those two characters or if she played someone else.

If Sheila was one of the sisters then she sure would have got spanked plenty in 1956, what with rehearsals, the play and of course a birthday spanking. As you can see from her outfit, her hairstyle, and of course the setting, then this is almost certainly a birthday spanking, especially as both images are on top of each other. I could be wrong on that, but her clothing and hairstyle match, plus in the play two girls are getting spanked simultaneously and normally with shoes. I wouldn’t want to present things to you that are out of context, so you guys can decide for yourselves if you think that my thoughts are correct as to whether this is a birthday spanking or not. BTW, that birthday spanking chair looks wonderful, doesn’t it? The little details that one can see if they look hard enough.


Birthday Bonanza 2 – Beach Bums

Day two of twenty for the birthday spanking bonanza, and today’s theme is Beach Spankings. With summer just around the corner things sure are heating up on the beach 😉

BTW, you know that I paid $35 to access an archive? Well, have I got 35 notes’ worth of new spanking finds? The answer is probably not, but gosh darn if I haven’t found some absolute gems. One of the images is worth at least $3, lol, it is so stunningly clear that you wouldn’t even know that it came from a newspaper. It is the best of the bunch so far and it is likely to blow the roof off of the spanking world 🙂

Birthday Bonanza 1 – Birthday Spankings

Yes, the day that I have posted about for a while now has arrived. Today I turned 60 years old!! As noted yesterday I will keep all posts short for the next 20 days as I know that you are here for the photos, but this is it, I am officially an old man now.

I ask for nothing, only that you enjoy the next 20 days where I will be sharing 60 spanking pics in honor of my 60th birthday. As I haven’t been active in the scene for four years, if you want to give or get 60 swats as an excuse then by all means use me as one, lol. Now, on with the show.

(*Thanks for the message, Beginninganew, it was so good to hear from you after all these years, I really appreciate it.)

The first image is a genuine birthday spanking, and not only that, but the lady doing the spanking is a tennis coach!! I am sure over the years that you have all read about the female spanker who was a tennis coach, it is quite the staple of spanking stories. Well here is the proof in the pudding, an actual tennis coach giving a birthday spanking.

All pics will be added to my WINDSOR’S BIRTHDAY SPANKINGS folder.

Next up we have two more classics. While I have no proof that this is an actual birthday spanking, I am taking an educated guess based on the fact that we are getting a double spanking. Yes, the same lady is being spanked in both images. Like I said, I have no proof, for all I know she might have forgot to pick up the mail, lol, but I am sure that you will agree that the images make a great addition to the opening post of my birthday bonanza theme.


Windsor Wednesday Classic – 260

The Windsor Wednesday Classic this week isn’t a classic in terms of previous entries for this topic, but I am trying to unload as much as I can from my hard drive to show you all. So while I normally post Grade A rare pics on a Wednesday, the entry this week was inspired by a comment that I received recently.

In that comment a reader had mentioned how he loved barefoot spankings, and as I was trawling through my pictures yesterday to finish off the 60 upcoming birthday pics, I saw this one that I found 4 years ago. As it is a barefoot spanking I thought why not, at least one person will be happy 😉

As for the birthday special that I am planning this year, I have now saved all sixty pictures that I am going to share with you all. They will be posted on twenty consecutive days with each post containing three pictures on a certain theme. Some themes are doubled, for example I have identified six birthday spanking pics so they will get two goes around with three pictures in each.

I wanted to start pre-posting all twenty posts today, but before I do that I have to run a back up of my hard drive. It is beginning to fail and as I haven’t run a backup for a year I do not want to risk losing everything that I have saved in the last year. If I was to lose those pictures then I would be more pissed than I was when I was betrayed in the not too distant past, lol, and I don’t want to get that angry ever again.

As I will probably at least begin the birthday posts today I have to come up with a title for the posts. What I have decided on is to name them BIRTHDAY BONANZA 1 through 20. To give you an example, the first post on my actual birthday will be three birthday spanking corkers that I have, so I will title the post as follows.


Then I will follow the same formula for all twenty posts by writing the numbered birthday bonanza post followed by the theme that it entails, themes such as “Unusual spanking implements”, “Beach spankings”, “Superlatives” etc.

The only problem that this will produce is that my hands will be tied for twenty days, because I would have already made a post for every day during that timeframe. You know the old saying, right, “Idle hands are the cause of the devil’s work” 😈

What is just as important is that on these twenty posts there will be very little waffling on my part. On the 22nd of May I will make a pre bonanza post, the last day of my 50s, and that post is likely to have reams of me droning on mindlessly. I mean I will be entering a new decade, and I sure as heck want to have something to say about that. For the bonanza post themselves though, I will keep the prose solely to the pictures being posted, with maybe a paragraph or two as an intro. There’s no need for me to talk your ears off when you want to look at bottoms being spanked.

So let’s get on to today’s picture.

It is almost, but not quite, a hundred years old. This spanking image is from 1928 and features two flappers of the era, both Catholic one would assume with the names of Mary and Grace. In fact the spankee is wearing what could pass as a sailor suit in the modern spanking world.

You also get a throwaway pic today as well. The quality of said pic is bloody awful and would never get posted otherwise, not unless I threw it in as an addition to an already made post. So here it is, a brutally low quality image that one assumes is showing a birthday spanking taking place. The screencap was taken from a home movie and posted on Ebay, so the picture isn’t getting any better than what I am giving you right now.

Windsor Sunday Candid’s – 144

Back to what I do best on this blog, locating and posting playful spanking images. This one took a bit of work to make it presentable, the image was so dark that you could barely make out the spanking. Thanks to those wonderful photo editing tools though, I was able to increase the brightness by like 100%, lol.

What is going on in the image though? Unfortunately I have no idea. I discovered this image the old fashioned way by painstakingly going through many books. The image is discoverable, but like I said before, the image is so dark that there is a good chance that it could be easily missed on a search.

Of course the favorite suggestion would be a birthday spanking, but there are no indications anywhere else in the room, so it could just be a PLAYFUL SPANKING. In a way it reminds me of the famous Ann-Margret spanking photo where she is being spanked by her uncle. Obviously this spanking isn’t being given with the same gusto that Ann-Margret’s Uncle was applying, but it is left handed and it appears that the girl is wearing tight black pants as well. Anyway, happy Sunday to you all.

If you wish to see the Ann-Margret spanking photo then I have an awesome version that I personally colorized, it looks fabulous. You can see that image RIGHT HERE.

Windsor Sunday Candid’s – 141

In a few weeks time the renewal for this website is due. I’m not going to beat around the bush, I will be paying the $150 renewal fee and this blog will enter its 17th year.

It has been a while since I have posted but that is something that is going to happen from time to time. You still have 16 years worth of free material to peruse whenever you visit my spanking blog 🙂 Every now and then I will be taking a break though, but I still have bucket loads of unseen spanking pics that I have yet to post, and I’m determined that before my final day my wish is to share them all with you.

Also worth mentioning, I only have a couple of months to go before I turn 60 years old. Not I’m not an ageist by any stretch of the imagination, and I have played with women many times who were in their 60’s or 70’s. But I do have to admit, 60 years old just sounds so bloody old, lol.

Obviously those of you who are already there will understand, it is just a number, your mind doesn’t really change all that much and things that you found exciting when you were in your 20’s still excite you no matter what your age. Obviously if you have read this blog at any length you will know that my outlook in the spanking world has changed dramatically over the last few years, but the actual interest is still there, just maybe not as prevalent as it once was.

It is something that I have evaluated over time, and I really believe that I understand why this happened. Having been to spanking parties for the better part of the last 20 years I got to experience things that I never imagined were possible in my 20s and 30s. It is fair to say that the experience exceeded my expectations a hundred fold, and I got to experience some scenes with some very special partners over the years that I never imagined were possible. I truly feel blessed for what I got participate in.

It doesn’t mean that the journey is over, far from it in fact. It is just that my outlook on how I will achieve that going forward is different. I’m older, I quit drinking years ago, and I now spend a significant portion of my time building a vanilla Youtube channel. I just don’t party in any way, shape or form anymore. So it is just something that I have outgrown, and I have not a single regret, and that applies to both the good and bad in our world. My journey isn’t over, it is just more selective.

Anyway, it is about time that I made a spanking post, that’s what you all come here for, right?

This time we have a genuine BIRTHDAY SPANKING but one wonders, just how many spankings did she get?

 By the way, the other week I heard from Chross after all of these years. He wrote to me to ask me to plug his new bulletin board/forum on my website. Well to be honest I never removed his link from my website, it has always active. Regardless, in case you have forgotten it, you can find his new forum which is located at the same website address as his former blog by clicking RIGHT HERE.

Pretty soon I will also update all of the clips4sale sites that I promote. I’m no longer on spanking social media so I’m a bit out of touch, but I will do my best to trawl through clips4sale and see if there are new stores that I can add for your enjoyment.

Of course if you want your spanking clips site added you can always feel free to contact me here and ask me to add it. I’m always happy to use my blog to promote other sites.

And just as importantly, if you DON’T want your spanking clips store to appear on my site then just ask me to remove it, I will be just as happy to do that. I realize that not everyone wants to be associated with me being that I’m such a dick and all 😉