The Missing Natalie Wood Clipping

It was back in 2008 that I made my first post regarding Natalie Wood entitled… NATALIE WOOD – WAS SHE A SPANKO ? In that post I spoke about that picture featuring Nick Adams spanking her and wanting to know more about the background story behind the image. For the last 12 years I have searched high and low for the picture,  in fact it was only last year that I stated on this blog that there had to be a clear cut copy of the image somewhere,  though in 12 years of searching I had yet to find it anywhere. To start with I didn’t even know which publication the image came from,  and the only copy that has existed online,  which is in the post linked above,  looks to me like it originated from a copy of a digital newspaper. As the years went on I cleaned the image up to make it as presentable as possible,  but I was still no closer to ever seeing the actual image in a high quality form.

My last post on Natalie that I made last year,  in which all spanking images and articles that I have collected about her over the years,  I consolidated them all into one post and it includes an updated article which can be read here. NATALIE WOOD REVISITED. I’ve spent a lot of time on Natalie Wood over the years and I will make a further post in a few weeks times to reflect the newest addition to the collection.

So we come to the topic of today’s discussion,  the lost magazine clipping/photo of Nick Adams spanking Natalie Wood. Now let me put a disclaimer out there first,  somebody may well have this image in their private collection,  but other than the one grainy image that has circulated online for the last 15 years,  I have never seen this image anywhere on the Internet. There was no indication as to whether it was a photo,  a magazine clipping,  or even a newspaper article. Trust me, I have searched for the image more than you can imagine so I know that there isn’t another copy on the Internet. It was during my research that I was able to determine that the spanking was done on the set of The Burning Hills,  and somebody had once posted that grainy clipping to state that it was a birthday spanking. Now I’ve never posted it as a birthday spanking on my blog before because I had no proof that’s what it actually was.

This past weekend I was once more searching through Natalie Wood pics,  hoping amongst all hope that I could find something new,  when all of a sudden BAM,  there it was,  the long lost high quality image of Natalie Wood being spanked by Nick Adams. Here’s the thing though,  it was posted on a third party auction site and when you clicked on it,  it was a dead link. Oh the pain,  to be so close and yet so far. It didn’t even state which auction site it had been auctioned on,  the only thing that existed was the title that the image had been auctioned as. Funny enough,  the description of the auction didn’t mention spanking once. I literally started from scratch searching through pages and pages of vanilla Natalie Wood pictures,  and just stumbled across this one by pure chance. But all I had was a dead link,  though at a bare minimum I did copy a medium sized jpeg that still would have been an improvement over what the spanking community had so far for the image.

The problem that I now have though is I don’t know which auction site had it,  and none of the auction sites had it listed. My search went on for several hours into the wee hours of the morning. What I ended up doing was using an obscure search engine with the title of the auction,  and after several hours I finally found the name of the person who had originally listed the clipping. Once I had the username then I was able to find the original auction page with relative ease,  but sadness descended,  the auction had been pulled by the owner. That normally means that they have sold the auction via another platform. Once again though,  even if my journey ended there,  I still managed to get an even better shot of the spanking from the auction page. However the image wasn’t scanned,  it was taken with a phone so while the quality was better,  the image was out of proportion.

There was only one chance that I had left,  and that was to message the owner of the auction and ask if the item had sold or whether it could still be purchased. I was finally able to go to bed at like 4am with a feeling of satisfaction having searched for something for 12 whole years. Even if I wasn’t successful in my pursuit,  I at least knew that the clipping existed for future searching. When I woke up the next day there was a message in my inbox which read  “I have relisted the auction for you”. My 12 year search was finally over!! When I picked up my mail yesterday guess what had arrived? That’s correct,  the entire background story to the photo of Nick Adams spanking Natalie Wood.

What I am now going to do is share the entire article in full so that you can appreciate every morsel for yourselves. At this point can I just say,  I spent hours on this project,  in fact you could even argue that I have spent years on it,  plus I personally paid to bring this spanking image to the spanking world. Images are being copiously taken from my website as of late by multiple sites with not so much as a single acknowledgement from anyone. I remembered my DISCUSSION WITH SPANKBOSS years ago and it was because of that discussion that I am presenting everything here in full. So in this instance I would just politely ask that if you take this photo for your own site,  please recognize the time,  effort and finance that I put into bringing this to you. Not only would it be a courtesy to me to provide a link back,  but it will also be a courtesy to your own audience by allowing them the pleasure of seeing my collection. I’ve never understood this desire to refuse acknowledging the source of ones material,  it seems to me that it would be a basic fundamental courtesy to extend!! I link to people even when I don’t have to,  the whole thing drives me crazy.

And for the collectors out there,  these images are reduced in size for the blog,  if you want the full sized version then just shoot me an email. Tomorrow I am hoping to scan them at 600dpi to see if I can’t get an even better image. The color of the image in unaltered,  what you are seeing is just as the image appears on my own physical copy. Going back to my discussion with SpankBoss there was also one part that I wanted to continue,  but you have to choose when to end a discussion sometimes. He raised the point about  ‘cropping’  of images and that is something that also grates my nerves,  lol. I want to see everything that the original photo presented,  yes,  including the wallpaper,  the TV,  even the darn rip in the image  🙂  If I ever crop a rare pic for presentation,  I almost always include the original as well.

Without further ado here is every portion of the two page magazine clipping that I just purchased. The pages come from the September 1956 publication of Movie Life. So not only do we have the image in all its glory,  but we now also know where it came from.

6 thoughts on “The Missing Natalie Wood Clipping

  1. Bravo! I’ve got a few of these “white whales” that I’ve been chasing for years so I know damned well how gratifying it is when you finally get your harpoon in one. Excellent work!

  2. That was my immediate thought, there is still so much to discover. My next search is going to be finding the photographer outtakes from this photo shoot, I’m sure they exist somewhere, and also likely to include yet another spanking photo. I was so delighted to find this one, especially as I was so close to missing it. On the auction itself, spanking wasn’t even mentioned, which made it so much harder to discover. However, because spanking wasn’t mentioned, it probably made the purchase much cheaper than it should have been!!


  3. Well done – it’s not quite the quest for the Holy Grail, but it’s certainly been a long, determined search!

  4. I agree that it may not be the pinnacle of the spanking world, for me it is certainly up there as one of my best finds to date. There are plenty more that I still want, in fact in an upcoming post I have a sliver of a morsel to update regarding Ann-Margret. Not world shattering, but an extra element of truth that I pieced together from a known spanking pic. Emphasis on the word ‘Truth’, not some made up fanciful tale 😉

  5. I’ve always liked these rowdy horseplay spankings between friends. Strange that they both
    died in tragic, mysterious circumstances and may even have been murdered.

  6. Likewise, ChardT, I’m also a huge fan of horseplay spankings. It is why I am always hopeful that there will be another Natalie Wood photo somewhere as she is known for frolicking during photo shoots (as observed through numerous of them). This week I spent my time going through photo shoots that she did in the 1950s solely for Japanese magazines. I didn’t come close to finding anything new, however a number of the photo sets were new to me, even if they were vanilla.

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