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A couple of days ago over on MY TWITTER, I was posting a series of photos as I was doing some spanking research. One of the items that I got caught up on was the famous OTK spanking photo of Ann-Margret from the Jan 27th, 1961 edition of Life magazine. Now this copy of the magazine used to be housed for free on Google books, but unfortunately they have pulled the full magazine now, all that is left is a preview copy.

During my research I was able to come up with an interesting fact, but let me warn you first that this fact is only related to the fact that I am a perfectionist. It isn’t exactly earth shattering news, it is only a tiny sliver of information, but in order to document the real facts I thought that it was important to share, as minor as the information may be. Remember, this is the Internet, there is a lot of false information out there.

Now a lot of my information came from THIS SITE,  though I also read through some interviews both in Swedish (translated of course) for earlier articles and English for the later ones. Ann-Margret Olsson was born in 1941 and in 1942 her father, Gustav, emigrated to the USA. Due to the war and the subsequent safety concerns of travelling with a child, Ann-Margret and her mother, Ann, didn’t move to the USA until she was 5 in 1946. They lived in the same town as the two sisters of her mother between 1946 and 1952, and when she was 11 years old her Father moved the family to a different town due to the emerging talent of his daughter. Her parents were closely involved in all aspects of her life growing up, she continued to live with her parents when she became a star and when she became famous they moved to Beverly Hills with Ann-Margret and continued to live with her. I think that it is important to note that her family moved away from the extended family when she was 11 years old.

Anyway, the famous spanking picture of Ann-Margret in Life magazine from 1961 with her Uncle Roy isn’t technically 100% correct. Now I know that I’m being finicky here, but he was actually the husband of one of Ann-Margret’s blood relation Aunts. So technically he wasn’t her real Uncle at all, he was her Uncle-in-law as he wasn’t a blood relative. Now I know that it isn’t exactly earth shattering news, but it did catch my interest that he wasn’t an actual blood relative. When I shared this on Twitter someone replied “LUCKY BASTARD….. I mean, oh?”. That actually cracked me up as I have a weird sense of humor. Let me just add that in the image below I have lightened the picture just a little bit for a better presentation.

Also on MY TWITTER this week I shared a fun photo that got a lot of positive feedback. You should maybe consider following me on Twitter as I am always posting items on there every day, including items that will probably never be good enough for this blog. In the photo below I attached the following description,  and I will bet you a dime to a dollar that nobody came anywhere close to finding my description of the photo as funny as I did  🙂

Peter Sellers and Britt Ekland demonstrating their “When your guests have outstayed their welcome” pose

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