Windsor Wednesday Classic – 239

Y’all have me for another year!! Yesterday my credit card was charged over a hundred bucks for the renewal of this site for another year, so I will reach year 16 at Christmas time. So there is still more to come from me just yet.

Over the last few weeks I have been working in the background tidying up the site a little bit. A DCMA company contacted me (very politely) and asked if I could clean up some old material that I used to promote. It was all amicable, I removed about a hundred posts from the archive and the job was done. Last year I did the same thing, I was appalled by someone’s behavior and therefore decided to remove every mention of them on my blog. All pictures, videos, stories, posts and comments were completely erased, not just on the blog but on my external drives as well. Everything, both spanking and vanilla related dating back years were all sent to the trash. I don’t need to spend my time being vindictive or vengeful, that door is permanently closed and will never be reopened, so I trashed everything as I don’t wish to ever see any of those pictures or videos again.

During these purges I also discovered something else, so much of my archive is now outdated. There are tons of dead links, spanking companies that no longer exist, personal blogs that closed up to 14 years ago, there is just so much still to get rid of. I’m not sure how I am going to manage it, I will probably do it year by year starting with 2006, and then I guess instead of cherry picking little snippets, I might just throw a lot of the old posts into the garbage where they belong.

Anyway, time is moving on so I had better get to the picture for the week. Every morning before I start work I pop next door to help out my 90 year old neighbor who is bed bound, just to get him washed, changed and dressed in the morning. It only takes about an hour a day but it really cuts into my online time, which I think has caused me to slack with the blog a little bit lately. Sometimes there are things that are far more important in life though, and giving this guy some dignity in his final months is very important to me.

So the image this week is from the late 1960s and features a two on one spanking. The observant amongst you will notice that one man is spanking the girl with the other mans shoe. I wonder if the shoeless guy already had his turn, lol πŸ™‚ I will add this photo from the play “More the merrier” to my WINDSOR’S STAGE SPANKINGS folder.