Windsor’s Stage Spankings

As with all of the other pages that I put together,  this page is for the unique finds that I make in the spanking world. The premise of this page is for actresses getting spanked whether that be on stage,  film or those wonderful publicity stills. You will find other stage spanking pics on the Windsor’s finds page,  but those ones are going to be from amateurs,  this page is for known actresses. Now there are a lot of avid collectors out there and these pics get shared a lot,  what my goal is though is to add the pics that I find,  and what I mean by find is that I didn’t find them on another spanking blog or a yahoo group. Of course that won’t be perfect and I will probably use the cream of pics other blogger’s find,  but I will be sure to tag them in the pic if I do use someone else’s work.

1953 Anne Vernon Roland Culver THE LITTLE HUT    

7_davidandjune dan riv $_57 (14) Victor Jory spanks Evelyn Venable Streamline Express    THE HARD-BOILED CANARY GettyImages_97261479baby_snooks_spanking $(KGrHqV,!lEE6pthV22-BOuvtrjUo!~~60_3 fannybrice Elaine Barrie second time around a colonel handymaitledScanned01 spite  hollywood30fawc_0395a 1343631769a John McIntire spanks Deborah Walley Wagon Train Nancy Styles Storya Farid Al Atrash Spanking Shadia - Egyptian Film Enta Habibi  Tell Me Whom To Kill 65  00eba211351 $_57 beloved bachelor Clipboard01dg  STEFANIE POWERS  Pistoleros Time Are You There OGLA BACLANOVA Spanked RUSSELL HAYDEN SPANKING SHIRLEY PATTERSON AUDIE MURPHY SPANKING KATHRYN GRANTstampede senorita 17616      PRINCESS CINDERELLA 1941 danish_too_young_to_kiss_JC06627_L  How to Hold Your Husband College of Knowledge s-l1600

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