Lodger’s Regret

“Well if you were my daughter you would get a good sound spanking”

The words were still registering as her landlord closed the door behind him.

Mallory took her coat off and hung it up “A spanking,  pfft”

She was a little flustered as she made her way into the kitchen to prepare some food,  of course that was one area that she was covered in. The money issues mainly were revolved around frivolous activities,  like a new phone,  party gifts and a great night out. And then there were the car issues,  that one is genuine. Okay,  so what if he would have been more than understanding if her car trouble had left her short,  as he had in the past.

There was like a running conversation going on in her head,  mostly revolved around the guilt that he had always been really accommodating towards her,  it’s not like she takes advantage of his good nature all the time.

The horrible feeling of guilt didn’t leave her that evening as she still tried to make excuses in her head to justify her decisions. Maybe she could make it up to him somehow,  is it worth calling on daddy to wire her $300 to cover for her actions?

That thought quickly left. There would be even more guilt borrowing money from her Father knowing it was to cover her having been irresponsible. Who the hell does he think he is anyway? I’m 20 and a college junior for Christ’s sake,  not some snot nosed 10 year old.

The following day she made her way to her car and Mr. Watson happened to be in the garage,  her offering of  ‘Good morning’  went unanswered,  clearly it wasn’t as good a morning for him. Mallory put her purse in the car and made her way into the garage.

“Brian,  I’m really sorry that I am short with the rent,  I promise I will get it to you by the end of the week”

“And meanwhile I carry on paying the mortgage out of my own pocket,  huh?

Mallory looked sullen

Brian continued “It might be okay for you to saunter around without a care in the world,  but I have a family to care for. I give you a good price on an apartment to help you out and that’s how you repay me. There are plenty of students who would kill for an apartment like this and would happily pay a lot more than you are paying. Or not paying as the case may be”

Mallory looked like a scolded puppy as she apologized and turned towards her car. His words stung as she turned the key. Yes,  it was a great price,  a phenomenal one in fact,  well within her budget. That’s of course when you don’t go and spend that budget on a phone when you already have a good one.

Mallory spent the day at college in a haze,  it really bothered her that for once she got direct feedback from Brian,  instead of his usual accommodating behavior. What if he had planned to use that money for something important? This awful feeling came across her,  what if he had planned to take his wife and daughter out and now couldn’t afford to? It was really awful feeling this guilty,  more so than anything that she deserved to feel guilty,  and there was a strike against her right now in keeping an apartment that is virtually a gift comparatively speaking.

Driving home that afternoon she had to see Brian,  it will be so much easier if he can show some sympathy and accept a genuine apology.

The butterflies swam in her tummy as she walked up to press the doorbell,  and the wait for him to answer was dreadful. When he finally answered he almost appeared shocked to see her standing there,  and the disappointment was still clear on his face.

“Brian,  I’m truly sorry,  really I am,  it was really irresponsible of me and I promise I won’t let you down again”

The reality had set in by now that she could actually lose her apartment because of this.

Brian showed no wavering in his disappointment “Until the next time,  right? And then we go through this charade again”

“No,  I won’t do it again,  I promise. I feel really awful and I spent the day regretting what I had spent money on this month”

“At least I am finally seeing some contrition”

“I’ll make it up to you,  I promise,  I’ll have the money by Saturday”

Brian sighed  “Very well,  but we might have to come up with some type of agreement to ensure this doesn’t happen again”

“I can assure you that it won’t”

“Well it had better not,  otherwise you might be looking for a new place to live”

Those were the words that Mallory did not want to hear,  and a valuable lesson was being learned. “I understand” she replied

“Very well,  I expect the money by the weekend”

His demeanor had changed little throughout the whole conversation,  and while Mallory had some satisfaction that she was able to convince him she really was sorry,  he was still upset,  that was easy to see.

As he stepped back to go into the house Mallory offered up a final line “Please don’t be mad at me,  Brian”

He stepped forward again in an authoritative manner “Well those are the consequences of your actions. As I told you earlier,  if you was my daughter I would have spanked you,  so expect an little despondency on my part”

Mallory walked dejectedly upstairs to her apartment and thought to herself “And I deserve a spanking”

The following day Mallory was flitting around the apartment when the doorbell went. When she opened the door she was greeted by Mr. Watson. Before she had a chance to greet him he said “That shelf we wanted for your balcony has arrived so if you have time I can put it up for you”

For the first time this week Mallory smiled “Oh sure,  that would be great”. He even offered a slight smile as he came in.

As Brian set to work Mallory set about making him a nice cool drink. She went out on the balcony and put it on the table and in a relieved manner said “I’m so glad you are not mad at me anymore”

His expression changed “I’m still plenty mad at you,  but we can just put it aside and let time take its course”

Mallory became agitated at this “Damn,  I would rather take a spanking than have you act like this”

All of a sudden the words had come out. The two warnings he had given and her own self-realization that she deserved a spanking and there it was,  unable to be pulled back.

Brian was unfazed by the comment,  he simply added to it “Well you deserve a spanking for the way you acted”

There was an uncomfortable silence for a few seconds before Mallory turned to go back in with a blush on her face.

Twenty minutes later Brian had finished putting the shelf up on the balcony wall,  and once done he entered Mallory’s apartment. She was sat in a chair and quietly thanked him. Brian looked at her and asked “What’s wrong”?

Mallory fidgeted in the chair and replied “Your reaction has been like a cold hard truth to me and I’m disappointed in myself”

Brian went to wash his hands and when he returned to the silent room he said “Okay,  stand up”

Mallory had no idea why she didn’t fight his words as she stood on her feet. Brian began to sit and already Mallory pleaded “Do we have to,  Brian,  it’s not going to happen again”

“It’s your choice. We can either handle this now or you can bring the money to me at the weekend,  it’s entirely up to you”

Mallory dropped her shoulders and edged slightly closer

Brian held firm as she neared “If you decide to go through with it I’m going to spank you soundly,  to a point that you will have trouble sitting tonight,  and I won’t stop until I see some contrition from you”

Mallory sighed deeply and moved to his side,  then gently eased herself over his lap.

Like a well-seasoned parental figure he reached for the hem of her summer dress but stopped at the sound of the screech “Wait,  NO!!”

“A spanking isn’t a discussion,  now you can either get up or let me get to business”

Mallory dropped her head with a whimper,  then fidgeted really uncomfortably as she felt her dress come up over her panties,  the cool air breezing across her globes. Brian lay his hand of the thin pink nylon that only covered half her bottom and spoke once more “We have come this far,  now when I start spanking you I am not going to stop until I have finished,  do you understand”?

She had come this far and somewhat defiantly replied “Yes!”

Brian wasted no time,  he raised his hand and brought it down smartly on her right cheek. Mallory gasped for air but before she could even do that another had landed on her left,  and again and again. There was no formality about this,  Brian’s hand went back and forth,  back and forth,  covering every inch of the parts of her bottom covered by the thin nylon,  and equally the healthy expanse of bare cheek exposed at the bottom.

Mallory forgave any attempt to remain ladylike and composed,  instead she wriggled like a snake over his lap and tried her hardest to avoid the slaps the best she could. Of course she couldn’t avoid any and soon her luscious white bottom had turned into a deep pink hue.

At about the 90 second mark Mallory started to become vocal “Oww,  I’m sorr-ouch-y,  Brian,  I’m  owww,  sorry”

Brian only paused for the briefest of time to grasp the waistband of her panties “If I have to spank you again,  these will come down”

Even though the next volley of spanks landed Mallory had already decided that there wouldn’t be a next time,  but she still had to get through this and it was almost becoming unbearable.

As stoic as she had tried to remain she felt two tears run down her cheek,  it was almost like that was her cue to allow things to take their natural course and soon the tears flowed freely.

Brian had waited for them,  and once they started he knew what to do. He didn’t stop spanking right away,  he just kept going until he felt her go limp over his lap with her body heaving. It was finally over.

Brian helped Mallory up and then sat her in his lap,  and while she wouldn’t have thought of it at the time,  later on she realized that she had gone pretty much into fetal position once perched upon his lap as he held her.

They stayed where they were for as long as it took for her to compose herself. Once she had done this she even offered a faint smile through her tear stained face. Mallory climbed off of his lap and very gently rubbed her buns,  Brian asked her if she wanted him to stay but she shook her head and said “I will be fine”

She wanted him gone right away so that she could strip off and go to bed,  which is exactly what she did. Mallory lay on her bed face down for a full five minutes with just her thoughts to keep her company,  and then just to check she lifted her head to peer over her shoulder at her naked butt,  which was still as red as an apple. Grabbing hold of her favorite teddy bear that was it,  she fell fast asleep for a long nap.

After showering and checking her bottom a 100 times,  Mallory finally got ready for her afternoon class. She looked for Brian as she left but couldn’t see him anywhere. The first time that she allowed herself a proper smile that day was when her shorts covered bottom made contact with the hot car seat  “EEEPPP!!”  she yelped,  and then the first of many smiles appeared.

Brian was certainly right with what he said earlier,  sitting sucked for the whole day,  every traffic light was treated to a bum shuffling dance as Mallory tried to get comfortable. The main thing for her though was the catharsis. It was a well-deserved spanking and she got every ounce of it,  and while she vowed that there wouldn’t be a repeat performance,  she also knew that one would happen if she screwed up again. Quite silly when you think about it,  she thought to herself,  getting spankings at 20 years old.

When she finally caught up with Brian two days later they were like two old friends,  she even thanked him and kissed him on the cheek. As they parted the smile was back on her face as she started to leave,  but before she completed that a little sass appeared  “By the way”  she said,  “I’m hiding from you on my birthday”. They both laughed and Mallory headed upstairs.

“Some chance”  he said to himself

“Some chance”  she said to herself.

5 thoughts on “Lodger’s Regret

  1. A very well written story and I truly loved the premise. I only wish there were a lady of any age that honest with herself and able to take what she truly needed and deserved! I would love to give the female of our species the benefit of the doubt here, but I fear she would fail as miserably as her male counterpart in this respect. Accepting one’s own blame, let alone consequences has all but been trained out of the human species these days! Nevertheless, it is nice to dream and believe there are still people of true character in this world of ours. Oh, I know there are plenty of characters, but things like honor, honesty, fair play, patience, kindness, discipline, respect, need I go needlessly on?
    That is perhaps why stories like yours fall so easily into the realm of fiction. We all know we fail so miserably in these areas daily and probably most deserve and need what this 20yo woman accepted as just!

    Keep ’em coming, Richard! A tale of a sore tail never gets old and will always be needed and appreciated!

  2. FatherJim,

    When it comes to spanking stories I try to eliminate any personal feelings and I simply stick to the “This is a fictional spanking story”. I would never claim that my fictional stories are based upon an ingrained feeling, or a belief that this is the way that it should be, it is just fiction. For the most part my fictional stories mirror my personal spanking preferences, a playful spanking that may or may not lead to something a bit sterner down the line. But when it comes to a discipline related spanking story then it is purely fictional, because it isn’t a lifestyle that I practice.

    I do believe in personal accountability, but in actuality that has little to do with spanking. Even though I have been an active player for twenty years, I still have a hard time wrapping my head around someone who enjoys being spanked, being ‘punished’ by being given something that they enjoy, lol. Don’t get me wrong, I fully understand why people say that it is different and I have read all of the discussions on the topic, and yet I still have a burning question in my mind “Is it really punishment”?

    Unfortunately my belief in the human race has dwindled so badly over the last few years, to a point that I barely even want to know people anymore. I understand that there are many people who think and act like I do out there, so there is always hope, but the hate in our society sickens me. In a way I am glad that I am as old as I am, because in twenty years time I feel that it will be worse. Compassion and kindness are two of the old school traits that I miss desperately, and each year they both drop even further down the list of priorities for people. The Internet is going to destroy us.

    When you throw politics in there as well in the current climate, there are days when I truly hate this world. I sink further and further away from reality and immerse myself in my fantasy world where people are kind to each other. It is probably the reason why I like visiting Asia so much, there seems to be way more kindness and humanity over there. Obviously there is hate around the world, but in Asia it seems to be the exception rather than the rule.


  3. I do believe there are people out there who knowhen they are wrong and know they deserve a spanking, I am one of those people, even at my age I know I would benefit from a good spanking, that being said very few people has told me or even hinted at the fact that they would be happy to give me a well deserved spanking. Which is why i never got one. This story was amazing and very much could be a reality if there weren’t so many people that would look at you as if you are nuts if you admit that as an adult woman or man you need a spanking.

  4. Joan,

    In the past I have been criticized for writing the thoughts of a female. Most people just enjoy the stories for what they are but there are some that will find an issue with anything they can find. This isn’t normally the genre that I write, I tend to stick to more playful types of spankings, but occasionally I will up the ante a little bit and get a bit more serious.


  5. I really enjoyed your story it hits home for me and is very well written. Thank you for going out of your comfort zone and writing it. It could very easily be a real experience, one that many could benifit from.

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