20 Is The Goal

This morning I thought of writing a really long article on the status of this blog and what has led up to where we are now. I’m going to save it for later in the week though because I have a lot to say. This is what my goal is though!!

Right now this blog has been going for thirteen and a half years, and my committed goal is to make it to twenty years before making a further decision then. Things have changed a lot of the last few years, none more so than my waning interest in spanking and an even bigger waning interest in the party scene. However, one thing has never changed and that is my love of sharing rare pictures with you all.

Yes, I understand that I have dilly dallied for the last year or so concerning the longevity of this blog, but when I look back over the years it is totally understandable. I have had many life altering events happen in a relatively short period of time, and I have dealt with some mental health issues that were caused by those events. It will be a struggle for a long time I have no doubt, but I am getting better mentally. At least now I no longer have a desire to draw the final curtain, that has to be a positive, right?

Perhaps later in the week I will put my thoughts down in writing as to where I am and what I have to look forward to in the future, but rest assured, while there may be times where I don’t post as frequently, either due to interest level or due to travelling, my goal is to still be operating this blog until 2026 at the least. If I never found another spanking picture then I probably have enough in my archives to last until 2026 anyway!!

More on that to come though. For today I have a picture for all of you who went to Catholic school. Does this bring back any memories? 🙂

What is the girl spanking her with? A Yardstick or a switch?

6 thoughts on “20 Is The Goal

  1. It is hard to believe your blog has been around that long. Through your blog i have found many great spanking pics and your blog has led me to other sites as well. So I do thank you for all that you have shared and researched for us. I have always been amazed at how much material you and other researchers have found on mainstream spanking and exposed us to some of the great classics that we did not know even existed. I have not had a waning interest in spanking,but i also have not had the spanking life that you have. When I think of your career just as a spanko i can count at least 20different things and still not touch them all. I really have enjoyed coming to your blog and reading about your life and hobby. So as a selfish person I hope that your blog continues for a long time as you have said you could probably just post your archive and have enough material for at least that long. Thanks again for all your amazing research and all you have shared over the years. I really wish there was more that I could do other than just post comments occasionly.Have a great day.

  2. Well it looks like a yard stick to me. But I can not say my judgement in these matters is very good. I do like these pictures that provoke deeper thought. Are these girls just acting out some joke drawn from imagination, or are they reenacting some real experience? Of course I hope it is the latter. I attended a decidedly backstreet secondary modern school in an unfashionable part of England. But even there the girls were treated with exaggerated kid glove delicacy, while the boys endured unthinking harshness. Even then this was obvious to me and I resented it bitterly. There were occasionally some exceptions to this pattern of behavior, but they were slight. So does your picture help redress the balance? My thinking can not decide if this is so or not.

  3. Non-sequitur Sunday

    Hi, sometime in the eighties there was a small piece in one of the Brit newspapers concerning a play in which a spanking occurs, the girl being spanked being played by Raquel Welch!
    No other details available, I don’t know the name of the play or even if it happened at all and I’ve never found another reference to it anywhere.
    It might make an interesting article for you if you can find out more. Good luck.

  4. Jim,

    I am going to write about it someday soon, but with everything that has gone on with my life, losing one family member after the other, which was then exasperated by unethical behavior and even a betrayal, it took me a while to get back to where I wanted to be. The waning interest doesn’t mean that there is no interest, it is just that my interest level is lower than what it was and it makes it even easier for me to walk away from toxic behavior.

    Thanks for your kind words. I put an awful lot of man hours into my hobby, and now that I have made changes because my kindness wasn’t being reciprocated, I feel much better about moving forward with my hobby. There is still so much that I have to post and I find new material every week!!


  5. You know what, Sam, we must be from around roughly the same time. When I went to secondary school it was the same thing, it was completely unheard of for a girl to get corporal punishment, but for the boys it always seemed like it was open season. This was like the late 70’s, and while the neighborhood was filled with well smacked bottoms of both genders, in the schools there was only one gender. One time I saw a girl get one swat with a plimsoll, but that was only done in fun (albeit quite hard) and everyone but the girl laughed out loud.

    Obviously I have seen documentation for both genders, but for the time frame of the late 70’s it was only one gender getting caned.


  6. Hi Colin,

    I am not familiar with that, though for some reason I am having a flashback to when I lived in England during that time. Didn’t Raquel Welch appear in a newspaper wearing a schoolgirl outfit? This is something that I will have to try and dig up again, I do like a challenge 🙂


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