An Excellent Spanking Video

Yesterday I was going through some spanking blogs to see what was new out there and to see what I may have missed. To be honest I don’t really visit spanking blogs too much, mostly I think because the blog dynamic has changed. A lot of people nowadays use Twitter and Tumblr as a sort of quick fix blog. I do try my hardest though to see actual spanking blogs in the same format that they were about a dozen or so years ago.

One of these blogs posted a link to an absolutely awesome spanking video on SpankingTube. It doesn’t take much to please me, I don’t need face cam, vagina cam, nudity, full spreadies etc, all I like is a good sound spanking. So watch this quick two minute video of spanking perfection to me. Whenever I write a spanking story, especially the part of this video where the young lady is getting spanked on her panties, this is EXACTLY what I am envisioning when I write a spanking story. So if you ever read a story of mine and you like it, then come back to this post because this is the type of spanking I am imagining whenever I write a story about a woman getting spanked on her panties. I can’t believe that the video has been on Spanking Tube for 18 months already and I haven’t see it before. Mind you, that would also coincide with the timeframe as to when I was completely turned off of the lifestyle.

Be sure to come back tomorrow because I will have a brand spanking new Men Are Like Streetcars photo for you. On that note, here are another half a dozen spanking pics that have sat in my archives for years, and these are pics that would otherwise probably never be posted because the quality of them is just not good enough. As I mentioned the other day though, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

7 thoughts on “An Excellent Spanking Video

  1. Loved the video immensely, and the pics were great. Seeing these pics from pre-war days makes me wonder when adult spanking actually began. I am a history major and have read countless accounts of soldiers spanking their wives or loved ones when they returned from war. So, we know it was prevalent before and after the great wars. I’ve read that the camp women who followed the troops going into war against Napolean were all soundly whipped with a ropes end prior to the battle of Waterloo to prevent them distracting the troops. I have, likewise, read that a common soldier soundly spanked Cleopatra before the entire Senate of Rome following Caesar’s betrayal. Do you think spanking has been around as long as humans had backsides?

    I would think so! Wonder what the earliest reference to adult spanking is and where did it happen? Just an idle thought!

    Thanks for the wonderful pics, as always, so appreciated!

  2. FatherJim,

    The video is right up my alley, I just love simple spankings like that one. From a historical standpoint I am not sure whether some of the early mentions that you make qualify as spanking, rather they are whipping. Though I agree with you, I also wonder when the first signs of adult spanking began, and even more so, when consensual adult spanking began. Unfortunately we will probably not know that date because I very much doubt if it was recorded, and wuite likely it was a much earlier time than anyone of us would care to imagine.


  3. Hi, loved the video. I’ve tried finding it on spankingtube to see if the same profile has uploaded similar. Can you tell me which profile uploaded it? many thanks

  4. Thanks Richard!

    Sorry but I seem to have confused things by posting to two different threads at the same time but I was actually wondering which spankingtube channel the jeans video above is from…in case the same artists have any similar ones?

  5. sabbyjon,

    My goodness, that was completely my mistake, lol, I should have checked the video that you were asking about first instead of just assuming 🙂 I will check and see if I can find it again, but, do know that I obviously checked for other videos on their profile and this was the only video. However, I will still look for it so that people can bookmark the page/video etc so that they can know when newer videos get added.

    I just double checked and I found it, here you go my friend


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