Sorority Spanking – 116


I’m sorry about venting!!

This week I am bringing to you another in my series of vintage sorority spankings. This is number 116 in the series and if you wish to see all 116 sorority spanking photographs that I have brought to the community then fear not, I have them all collected in one folder. Simply go to WINDSOR’S SORORITY SPANKINGS and that is where you can get your fill of sorority spankings.

The image this week is from Hollins University in 1958.


6 thoughts on “Sorority Spanking – 116

  1. Vent anytime, you still have many friends. It is true many people seem to delight in doing harm to others and it is also true you have to take care of your emotional health. Do what you need to do to survive and prosper. The good that you do will outlive all of your enemies.

  2. Thanks guys, it’s all good, was just having a down day. Yesterday happened to mark the 11th anniversary of my little brother passing away as well, so it all got on top of me a bit. I’m mentally strong, or at least a lot stronger than what I was a year ago anyway!! It was probably the lack of sleep that contributed the most to having a down day.

  3. Thanks, Theo, I have to admit that I loved finding this pic. It was inadvertent, as most of my recent sorority finds are. That’s the reward for spending hours searching page after page though.

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