Mixed Bag Of Spanking Comics

Yet another week where I try to clear some of the stuff in my miscellaneous folder,  this week I have rounded up just some of the spanking cartoons I have. If you are a lover of spanking cartoons then you should check out Web-Ed’s massive collections of spanking comic pages and art. I bring you rare stage spankings,  Web-Ed is the guy who provides the Internet and other spanking blogs with rare spanking art.



This first picture has long been a favorite of mine,  so much so that I once had it printed on a T-Shirt. I’m not sure if Alan Lawrence is the artist or not. I thought that it was a Leonardo drawing but quite honestly I don’t know,  maybe they are one and the same.

I often wondered who the girl was. Is she a daughter coming home late,  a misbehaving wife after a dinner date,  or perhaps a niece learning the new rules of the house.

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3 comments to Mixed Bag Of Spanking Comics

  • Thank you so much for the accolades and the links to my comics spanking galleries, Richard! You’re one of the very few people who brings original (rather than reposted from other spanking sites) spanking content to the spanko world. Of course, it’s nearly impossible to feature 100% original material unless you’re an artist like Nik Zula, and there’s nothing wrong with reposts, without which many spankos would never have seen the items in question, but it’s through our original material that I think we contribute most.

    As to the above drawings, I can only help with two. Alan Lawrence is indeed the artist on the first one. He’s an Australian who was born in the U.K. and posts his work on DeviantArt under the name ArtBoy62. Interestingly, I’ve never seen him bare the spankee’s bottom – she’s always wearing old-fashioned cami-knickers, as here.

    The penultimate one, with the secretary bending over the chair for swats, had been seen around the internet for several years. I was finally able to identify it as coming from Venus #2, an American comic book from 1948.

  • jimc

    Mainstream spanking would not be the same without comics. CSR has a large Database for many of our favorite comics(Humorama; DC, independent, etc.) like all collectors you have the patience to sort through all of the sites and find the gems that many have seen once but have lost or never seen and marvel at how they missed it. Thank you for sharing these beauties. I enjoyed them very much. Have a great day.

  • Richard Windsor


    Because cartoons and comics are not my forte, nor do I post a lot of them, I rarely get the opportunity to link to you. The thing is though, if someone likes what I have posted and I know that someone else has that as their forte, then I would be denying my audience a wealth of items that they would probably enjoy if I didn’t link out. As you probably know, that is something that I find bothersome that the spanking audience can be prevented from seeing what they might actually like should a link not be shared. Of course that is something that you, yourself, are very good at. You have always been courteous in adding a link back when I am able to contribute something to your database.


    That is what I enjoy about CSR. Comic spankings are perhaps not my favorite thing, however, when the mood strikes I know exactly where I need to go to find them.


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