Streetcar Sundays – 112

Time that I got back to posting some MEN ARE LIKE STREETCARS pics,  isn’t it? Well I have a treat for you today,  especially the collectors. I have cut out the spanking image from the page,  but,  if you scroll beneath my latest project video below,  then I have also added the full page that the image came from. All you will need to do is click on that image,  right click and then save.

Here is my latest vanilla video up on Youtube,  I am much happier with this effort than I was the last one. In this video I do a tour on the outskirts of Madison Square Park filling the viewer with a bunch of knowledge about the surrounding area. If you have a spare couple of minutes it would be a big help to me if you guys could watch just a small portion of it.

And here is the full page of the image at the top that includes all 6 photos from the MEN ARE LIKE STREETCARS spanking image.

Her Boss Spanked Her

Before the days of the Internet,  you were lucky if you could find a story like this in a girlie mag. Not exactly brimming with truth,  but people were more ready to suspend belief back then.

As you all know already,  I have started my video project. For the first couple of weeks I will share the videos here as well,  as addendum’s to spanking posts. My first proper tour video is up right now. I still have work to do,  mainly with keeping the camera steady and my vocal presentation. I got distracted by people talking around me,  people staring and even people following me as I talked. It is something that I will get used to though. Please enjoy my first effort.

Windsor Wednesday Classic – 153

Keeping it in the family!!

As you are all aware by now,  I have been working on my video project and I am ready to go live as of tomorrow. This website has had to take a backseat for a couple of weeks as I have set up my new working environment. More than likely I am going to have the first proper video up tomorrow night,  and below you can see a 5 minute test video that I did to learn about the lighting and voice controls,  as well as the post editing. So when I start creating my history films as of tomorrow I hope that you will all head over to Youtube to watch the vanilla side of my work. I’m really excited about what I have planned.

Keeping with the theme above,  one item on my agenda tomorrow is going to be the location of the first ever televised Roller Derby matches in the 1940’s. So with that in mind,  how about a Roller Derby spanking?

In this image you will find Billy  ‘Flash’  Bogash spanking his own Mom,  Josephine  ‘Ma’  Bogash. I hope that you enjoy the image,  and my test video is below the image. Please subscribe to me on Youtube if you wish to watch my videos moving forward.

Windsor Wednesday Classic – 152

So I have been a bit lazy on the blog the last couple of weeks,  mostly because of the lovely weather and of course the heavy research work that I have been doing for my vanilla project that will start next week. It’s funny that I placed my order last week and I received the camera today and the chest harness a few days ago,  but I can’t do squat until the accessories package arrives which is not due until next Tuesday. The good news is that I have got a head start on the planning phase and I already have the first eight videos mapped out,  though due to my ability to talk non stop it will probably extend to ten videos.

The first few videos I will post on here,  and even though they will be vanilla videos I will of course only post them as an addendum to the spanking content that I post on that particular day. That actually will be good news for you all because I am looking to churn out four to five videos a week so there will be an equivalent number of posts going up on this blog. This is something that has taken front row for me for now I’m afraid because this is going to be a main source of my self employment moving forward,  so I have to focus on it at least for a couple of months.

The photo this week comes from the images that Pygophilous1 shared with me the other week,  and I have to return the favor to him as soon as I can. This image is a classic and falls right into collection of images where the old saying  “A picture is worth a thousand words”  really takes effect.

To me I am witnessing a 1950’s traditional paternal spanking. It is a strict conservative household and despite the warnings of dressing modestly for her date,  the daughter has decided to spice things up with stockings,  suspenders,  high heeled shoes and a pair of silky panties. Mom tried speaking with the daughter to no avail and  “Waited ’til her Father got home”.

Dad was not too impressed when he heard of his daughter’s disobedient plans,  and despite her protests that she wasn’t fully dressed when her Father arrived it made no difference to him,  for she was going to remove that flirtatious outfit the moment that he was done. It looks like we have joined the spanking during the lecture stage,  that would be the point where her Father is reminding her that as long as she lives under his house she lives by his rules,  and this lecture is accompanied by the sound of his hand applying some Paternal justice to the seat of her silky panties.

Despite the indignity and how she doth protest,  pretty soon the lecture will be over and with it her warmed up panties will leave her bottom. Only then will she begin to understand the wisdom of her Father’s knowledge when her bare bottom starts to turn into the color of a ripe tomato. She will indeed go on her date tonight dressed as a conservative,  church going lady,  but how long will it be before the devil on her other shoulder decides to test the boundaries of decency again?

*Disclaimer, and I hate to have to do this due to grumpy people. This prose is made up, it is the vision that I have created for the image that I saw. None of the writing above is factual in any way*

Now that we have addressed the party poopers,  here is that wonderful image. What do you see in the image below?

Windsor Wednesday Classic – 151

Here is a set of spanking pictures for you that I once found on Ebay.  Unfortunately I don’t have any background info on this set,  however we can see an old style phone on the desk and a Rolodex,  so I am thinking that this is the 1980’s. I’m also having a chuckle here imagining all you youngsters Goggling  “Rolodex”,  lol.

If you are extra observant,  while the girl is getting spanked with a strap,  pointer and ruler,  you will also see a paddle and a large wooden spoon in the background. I do love a good wooden spoon spanking,  it always gets a young lady’s attention fast.

Samantha Woodley spanking videos.

Windsor Wednesday Classic – 150

Today I was going through my files for a post for today and I found one that I particularly like. The photo isn’t truly a spanking in progress,  it is about a girl in an OTK position having a discussion with her spanker. The photo is an excellent example of a time gone by where a girl lying over the knee seems just as natural as spring water.

However,  when I went through the site to see what the number was for this week’s Wednesday classic,  I noticed that it was number 150 in the series,  so that deserves something a little special,  right?

The image this week comes from Ballard,  KY in 1957 and is from the play  “Act Your Age“. The image itself has been presented before where Norman Craig spanks Patsy Terrell over on Harry’s Act Your Age spanking page. In this instance I believe that we have different copies but you have a link where you can review both copies.

I’m always a big fan as you know already of witnessed spankings. That is a part of the motivation that I have for the MOTHER SPANKS DAUGHTER series that I have of free spanking stories. So in this photo we have 6 witnesses,  5 of which are female. You could be mistaken for thinking that the girl third from the left is taking a photo of the spanking. I don’t see a camera but her hands are positioned in a way that she does have one,  I also see a slightly opened mouth of joy on her face. It also doesn’t look like it is Patsy’s first trip to the rodeo either  🙂

What I also found interesting is that Patsy was also the co-editor of the Ballard Beacon newspaper that year. I would be interested in finding some copies of that newspaper to see whether Patsy included anything about the play in the newspaper.

The Last Layer

I’m back from a short hiatus,  I don’t have any excuses really,  it was just a lack of motivation and enjoying some fun in the sun. So to kick start the next set of posts,  let’s go to my favorite subject,  a spanking given on some panty clad bottoms. I understand that a vast majority of people see a bare bottom spanking as the epitome of a spanking,  but to me,  and it is ingrained in my mind deeply,  a real spanking is one that is given over the seat of a pair of panties. I’m strange,  I know,  but it has always appeared as a more realistic scenario to me.

To start us off with,  let us visit ENGLISH SPANKERS for a wonderful set. As much as I am a big fan of WHITE NYLON PANTIES,  light blue panties also have a big part of my enjoyment. The very first spanking that I ever witnessed was many moons ago when I watched a small portion of a mom spanking her daughter OTK with her skirt up and her light blue panties on display for anyone who happened to stumble across the scene to see. That would be me. The memory of that spanking was relived in my MOTHER SPANKS DAUGHTER – THE BEST FRIEND free spanking story.

As a spanker it is a joke that never gets old,  where the spankee is given the option of retaining her panties for protection. Of course as anyone knows,  and is demonstrated here,  panties generally offer zero protection!!

It has been many years since I have seen it,  but I once owned the following film on a VHS cassette. I keep hoping that the films from this company one day make it onto HOT MOVIES. Something tells me that they will eventually be on there along with the 1000’s of current spanking films on that streaming site.

This is another film that I also once owned on VHS. This was an awesome film where a dad spanks his daughter OTK with a good portion on the seat of her white nylon panties. Later in the film the girls best friend is also spanked by this dad and I was loving every minute of it. Right up until the point that the girl who was watching her dad spank her best friend started to masturbate. That was a bit of a scene downer,  though the spankings themselves were fun.

The next image is from one of the personal sets that I own. Many years ago I did post the set,  but I only posted it once so the images may appear new. In the background are the legs of cheerleaders Lily Anna and Pixie.

And finally,  to round out the set,  yet another spanking pic from the very early 1990’s.

Back To The Eighties

I’m sat here at home today going through some old spanking magazines,  and it occurred to me that many of the pictures that I was looking at in old spanking magazines are not on the Internet just yet. One magazine in particular that I have contains photos from known sets,  but the photos that were never published were bundled together and stuck in a magazine of random images. Back in the 80’s they used to have similar magazines entitled 303 spanking images,  this is where they would take the scraps from photo shoots and sell them as a random magazine.

The magazine that I have scanned these random images from is not called 303 spanking images,  but the concept is the same. If you are a collector and you have any images from these sets,  look very carefully before you discard these images. The chances are that these images will be new additions to your sets as they are extras that weren’t originally printed in the same magazines that the sets appeared in.

I’ve got so many vintage spanking magazines here that I need to start scanning them for you all. All of the images below I have scanned myself and the commentary attached to the images is not factual,  it is a literary interpretation of what I believe we are witnessing.

I’ve got to admit,  I’m a big sucker for witnessed spankings. Rarely do I not get a thrill whenever I see a smug looking face on the person not getting spanked. It is rare to see in spanking films nowadays where there is a passive observer not involved in the spanking. I’m sure it goes back to ones younger days when everyone would take great delight in knowing that someone was going to get a spanking. Even today in serious D/D relationships one can still get a thrill when one finds out that a well deserved tanning is due. Be sure to click on all of the pics below for the full sized version, they are all huge.

Normally I can look at a spanking photo and tell you immediately if it has either been enhanced,  or flat out colored to appear that a spanking has taken place even when you can clearly see that an actual spanking hasn’t happened. This is one of those images where I’m not actually sure if it is genuine or not. On initial look I would say that if the color has been added,  then they have done a bloody good job because they have definitely captured what would be the spank areas. My realistic guess for this image is as follows. I believe that it is genuine,  however I also believe that filters were applied to enhance the color prior to production.

Out of the four images today,  this is probably the most known set. It is some type of party,  though we don’t know if it is a birthday or an anniversary. The image is from the late 80’s or perhaps the early 90’s,  but the young lady in the yellow pajamas has had her images displayed across the spanking world numerous times. Again though,  if you have her collection,  double check first to make sure that this isn’t a new addition to that collection,  I believe that it will be.

And finally,  for those of you with the following spanking preference. Do you all remember that time when the spanking mom in the neighborhood gave you a choice of reporting your behavior or dealing with it herself? Though if we are honest it was probably an imagined offer that you wished were on the table. So like a brave young man you accepted a spanking from the woman next door. The image below was probably the very point that you thought that the spanking was over,  but you quickly realized that it had hardly even started yet.

Remember to click all pics for the full sized versions.

Windsor Wednesday Classic – 149

So I disappeared for a week,  but I have no excuses though. Part of the reason that I was away for a bit is an exciting reason,  I have finally found out my travel dates for Japan this year. As I anticipated,  the band that I want to see again and that I am building the trip around,  did indeed announce a winter tour upon the release of their new album as I expected. The album debuted at #4 of the Japanese album charts just so that you know.

As I want to go to Taiwan on this trip as well,  while also visiting Hiroshima,  Osaka and Nara,  it requires a lot of planning,  especially as I have to take into account the tour dates as well. Early in the tour the band are playing Tokyo and then three days later in Hiroshima,  which sounds perfect but that would affect my trip to Taiwan. So what I am going to do is select two dates in the Tokyo area,  fly to Taiwan afterwards and then back to Tokyo for a couple of days before returning home.

That’s not all though,  In January 2020 I will also be going to South Korea,  Vietnam,  Laos and Thailand. That trip is a nightmare to plan,  especially arriving in Laos where you have to either get your Visa upon arrival or prior to this in Hanoi. Of course as a British citizen  (I’m only a permanent resident of the USA,  not a citizen)  I also have to keep my eye out on Brexit as this could affect visa requirements in various countries.

Finally on the vanilla front,  I’m going to be starting a Youtube channel soon where not only will I document my travels for all to see,  but I will also be doing various New York based vlogs that I’m pretty excited about. The goal is to do a daily vlog or at the very least a vlog every other day. I can’t reveal my full plans yet but my goal is to see if I can’t sustain being self employed for the next few years. I’m hoping to build an audience before I travel overseas and then see whether it takes off or not. If it is mildly successful then I will also plan a trip to Eastern Europe in the spring of 2020. I’m ready to start the channel right now,  but the heat for the next week is really oppressive in New York and I don’t want to be walking around in it  🙂

Anyway,  you aren’t here for my vanilla exploits,  you want some spanking material right?

Before sharing the photo discovery for this week,  please do yourselves a favor by heading on over to Harry’s Mainstream Spanking website where he details this particular movie spanking in detail.

If you click the link then you will see that this spanking photo isn’t brand new,  however,  this version of the photo is new. This is a sepia-tone version which is larger than other versions that are out there,  so you can get to see minor details on the image that you may not have seen on other images. As I have mentioned before,  I only tend to post spanking material that has been posted before only if I am able to bring something new to the table.

Over on eBay the image is listed as Jerry Miley spanking Olive Borden in the 1927 film,  Pajamas. As Harry rightly points out though,  the spanker is actually Lawrence Gray. It will cost you a titload,  but if you want to own the image then the auction can be found right here.

This will be added to my WINDSOR’S STAGE SPANKINGS album where you can find a small sampling of my contributions to the spanking movie world.

July The 4th Spankathon

July the 4th spanking sale!!

It is time to spread the love and point you in the direction of other spanking material that you might not be aware of,  or perhaps it is a while since you have visited. It always makes me really happy to send the love to other people,  so based on a promo email that I received I decided to take it upon myself to share the love.

A long time ago,  well before the days of the Internet,  us spankos had to search far and wide to get our spanking fix. These were the days where a simple image in a newspaper would stay in your personal collection for years. In the very early 1990’s,  and we are pretty much talking 1990 itself as the exact date,  we would visit our favorite adult shop that sold spanking merchandise to get our fix. In the late 1980’s you could actually start to get spanking specific material written for and by spankos.

In 1990 SCARLETT HILL ENTERTAINMENT started to produce their very own range of spanking material. I’m not sure which came first as I used to go to my favorite store,  Kinematics in New York primarily for NuWest and Shadowlane spanking videos,  but there was the collection of Scarlett Hill related magazines and the Good Old Fashioned spanking stories booklets that were around at that time. Like I said I don’t know who was first and to be honest with you,  I can’t even remember who produced the dozens of Good Old Spanking stories booklets that came out. (Just looked it up,  it was N.C. Publications)

Over the years I bought so many of these spanking magazines that I couldn’t even begin to tell you how many I once had. As the years went by and the Internet became prevalent,  the need for hard copies dwindled. However,  like any good company,  SCARLETT HILL ENTERTAINMENT moved with the times and started to add their collections online as digital downloads.

Right now they have their annual July the 4th spanking sale,  all of the details of which you can discover RIGHT HERE. In a nutshell,  you can get up to 50% off of their publications,  of which the ordinary price is only $7 or $10 anyway. How did I find out about the sale? Well,  I am part of their mailing list as I am still a customer of their products to this day. So please,  do me a favor and head on over to their site and check out the 270 plus spanking publications that they have. They cover most genres both from a female and male spankee perspective,  so you are sure to find something that you like. Take a trip down memory lane to see how spanking was presented before the Internet,  and go ahead and buy something to support a wonderful site. I will be doing so myself.

CLICK HERE to visit Scarlett Hill’s spanking sale.


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