Learning The Trade

Spanking photo is below the video. Here is my latest vanilla history video,  this time in the neighborhood that I live in. It will be a big help to my Youtube channel if you can spare a couple of minutes to watch the start of the video. The more hits that I get on the video then the more likely it is that my videos will start to get featured as recommendations on other videos. So do you have a spare minute or two? I would really appreciate it  🙂

Keep practicing girls,  this spanking thing ain’t easy you know. Who knows,  maybe this will soon show up in a spanking video,  I know that producers are always looking for something new. This will be added to my PLAYFUL SPANKINGS folder.

More From The Eighties

The other day a fellow collector,  Pygophilous1,  shared a few images with me. As I scanned through these images a rather innocuous one caught my attention. Back in the 1980’s when I first came to America I was beside myself with all of the spanking material that was out there that touched my buttons. You see I came from a place where 90% of what was presented to me was a schoolgirl in either bottle green knickers or navy blue knickers and almost always she got the cane. None of that has ever,  or will ever be appealing to me. When I got to America it was your typical girl next door getting spanked,  normally over the knee and she was wearing everyday clothing. That is what I had always wanted to see and I was getting it by the bucket load.

The image that I stumbled upon is one of those long lost videos that I once owned,  which I doubt even exists anymore. The funny part is,  from what I remember of the video it was very much a video made by actors who had probably not made a video before. However,  with that said,  I would love to watch the video one more time.

Here’s the thing though,  one of the aspects of the spanking scene is,  to me,  just like the British schoolgirl scene described above. By that I mean it is so unrealistic to me that I can’t even comprehend it. Now I am not judging anyone,  every single person has those triggers that work for them and make a scene so vitally important. The aspect that I am referring to in this movie is that of the daughter spanking the mother,  it is just a scene that I cannot wrap my head around at all.

When I wrote the first two installments of my MOTHER SPANKS DAUGHTER series I left each episode open ended,  which meant that readers could submit their own preference as to what they would like to see if the third installment of the series. While the number isn’t huge,  at least half a dozen people requested that the daughter or the boyfriend spank the mother. It just isn’t something that I am able to comprehend,  when I watch a spanking video ideally the spanker has to be older than the spankee,  or at the very least around the same age.

So I don’t remember everything about this movie,  in fact I remember very little,  which is kind of surprising as the daughter is wearing WHITE PANTIES which normally gets my attention. I think part of the reason that I want to see it again though IS where the daughter spanks the mother. If for no other reason as is depicted in the images below,  it would be because I would want to know why,  and for what reason the daughter decided to stop spanking her mother halfway through just so that she could strip down to her white lingerie. The mother only gets spanked once,  that I remember,  so at some point the daughter said to herself you know what,  I’m just going to take my kit off for old time sake. If anyone knows where I can get a copy of this video I will be happy to pay for it.

(The image is huge btw,  so click on the image for the full size version)

Let me just add that in person I am happy to play with any woman,  age bears no relevance whatsoever on our scene. More than once I have played with women in their 70’s. Being that I am 56 myself though,  it is getting harder to find spankees older than me  🙂

The other image that I posted over on TWITTER this week is an old Blushes photograph which garnered a lot of likes. If you don’t already you should follow me on TWITTER as quite often I will post stuff there that I don’t post on this blog. The image below is a delightful little trick that I hope to make a video on one day. To follow a girl who has been told that she is going to get a spanking,  and then be with her alone as she waits for the spanking. Alone with just her thoughts as she ponders her behavior.

The Last Layer

I’m back from a short hiatus,  I don’t have any excuses really,  it was just a lack of motivation and enjoying some fun in the sun. So to kick start the next set of posts,  let’s go to my favorite subject,  a spanking given on some panty clad bottoms. I understand that a vast majority of people see a bare bottom spanking as the epitome of a spanking,  but to me,  and it is ingrained in my mind deeply,  a real spanking is one that is given over the seat of a pair of panties. I’m strange,  I know,  but it has always appeared as a more realistic scenario to me.

To start us off with,  let us visit ENGLISH SPANKERS for a wonderful set. As much as I am a big fan of WHITE NYLON PANTIES,  light blue panties also have a big part of my enjoyment. The very first spanking that I ever witnessed was many moons ago when I watched a small portion of a mom spanking her daughter OTK with her skirt up and her light blue panties on display for anyone who happened to stumble across the scene to see. That would be me. The memory of that spanking was relived in my MOTHER SPANKS DAUGHTER – THE BEST FRIEND free spanking story.

As a spanker it is a joke that never gets old,  where the spankee is given the option of retaining her panties for protection. Of course as anyone knows,  and is demonstrated here,  panties generally offer zero protection!!

It has been many years since I have seen it,  but I once owned the following film on a VHS cassette. I keep hoping that the films from this company one day make it onto HOT MOVIES. Something tells me that they will eventually be on there along with the 1000’s of current spanking films on that streaming site.

This is another film that I also once owned on VHS. This was an awesome film where a dad spanks his daughter OTK with a good portion on the seat of her white nylon panties. Later in the film the girls best friend is also spanked by this dad and I was loving every minute of it. Right up until the point that the girl who was watching her dad spank her best friend started to masturbate. That was a bit of a scene downer,  though the spankings themselves were fun.

The next image is from one of the personal sets that I own. Many years ago I did post the set,  but I only posted it once so the images may appear new. In the background are the legs of cheerleaders Lily Anna and Pixie.

And finally,  to round out the set,  yet another spanking pic from the very early 1990’s.

Back To The Eighties

I’m sat here at home today going through some old spanking magazines,  and it occurred to me that many of the pictures that I was looking at in old spanking magazines are not on the Internet just yet. One magazine in particular that I have contains photos from known sets,  but the photos that were never published were bundled together and stuck in a magazine of random images. Back in the 80’s they used to have similar magazines entitled 303 spanking images,  this is where they would take the scraps from photo shoots and sell them as a random magazine.

The magazine that I have scanned these random images from is not called 303 spanking images,  but the concept is the same. If you are a collector and you have any images from these sets,  look very carefully before you discard these images. The chances are that these images will be new additions to your sets as they are extras that weren’t originally printed in the same magazines that the sets appeared in.

I’ve got so many vintage spanking magazines here that I need to start scanning them for you all. All of the images below I have scanned myself and the commentary attached to the images is not factual,  it is a literary interpretation of what I believe we are witnessing.

I’ve got to admit,  I’m a big sucker for witnessed spankings. Rarely do I not get a thrill whenever I see a smug looking face on the person not getting spanked. It is rare to see in spanking films nowadays where there is a passive observer not involved in the spanking. I’m sure it goes back to ones younger days when everyone would take great delight in knowing that someone was going to get a spanking. Even today in serious D/D relationships one can still get a thrill when one finds out that a well deserved tanning is due. Be sure to click on all of the pics below for the full sized version, they are all huge.

Normally I can look at a spanking photo and tell you immediately if it has either been enhanced,  or flat out colored to appear that a spanking has taken place even when you can clearly see that an actual spanking hasn’t happened. This is one of those images where I’m not actually sure if it is genuine or not. On initial look I would say that if the color has been added,  then they have done a bloody good job because they have definitely captured what would be the spank areas. My realistic guess for this image is as follows. I believe that it is genuine,  however I also believe that filters were applied to enhance the color prior to production.

Out of the four images today,  this is probably the most known set. It is some type of party,  though we don’t know if it is a birthday or an anniversary. The image is from the late 80’s or perhaps the early 90’s,  but the young lady in the yellow pajamas has had her images displayed across the spanking world numerous times. Again though,  if you have her collection,  double check first to make sure that this isn’t a new addition to that collection,  I believe that it will be.

And finally,  for those of you with the following spanking preference. Do you all remember that time when the spanking mom in the neighborhood gave you a choice of reporting your behavior or dealing with it herself? Though if we are honest it was probably an imagined offer that you wished were on the table. So like a brave young man you accepted a spanking from the woman next door. The image below was probably the very point that you thought that the spanking was over,  but you quickly realized that it had hardly even started yet.

Remember to click all pics for the full sized versions.

July The 4th Spankathon

July the 4th spanking sale!!

It is time to spread the love and point you in the direction of other spanking material that you might not be aware of,  or perhaps it is a while since you have visited. It always makes me really happy to send the love to other people,  so based on a promo email that I received I decided to take it upon myself to share the love.

A long time ago,  well before the days of the Internet,  us spankos had to search far and wide to get our spanking fix. These were the days where a simple image in a newspaper would stay in your personal collection for years. In the very early 1990’s,  and we are pretty much talking 1990 itself as the exact date,  we would visit our favorite adult shop that sold spanking merchandise to get our fix. In the late 1980’s you could actually start to get spanking specific material written for and by spankos.

In 1990 SCARLETT HILL ENTERTAINMENT started to produce their very own range of spanking material. I’m not sure which came first as I used to go to my favorite store,  Kinematics in New York primarily for NuWest and Shadowlane spanking videos,  but there was the collection of Scarlett Hill related magazines and the Good Old Fashioned spanking stories booklets that were around at that time. Like I said I don’t know who was first and to be honest with you,  I can’t even remember who produced the dozens of Good Old Spanking stories booklets that came out. (Just looked it up,  it was N.C. Publications)

Over the years I bought so many of these spanking magazines that I couldn’t even begin to tell you how many I once had. As the years went by and the Internet became prevalent,  the need for hard copies dwindled. However,  like any good company,  SCARLETT HILL ENTERTAINMENT moved with the times and started to add their collections online as digital downloads.

Right now they have their annual July the 4th spanking sale,  all of the details of which you can discover RIGHT HERE. In a nutshell,  you can get up to 50% off of their publications,  of which the ordinary price is only $7 or $10 anyway. How did I find out about the sale? Well,  I am part of their mailing list as I am still a customer of their products to this day. So please,  do me a favor and head on over to their site and check out the 270 plus spanking publications that they have. They cover most genres both from a female and male spankee perspective,  so you are sure to find something that you like. Take a trip down memory lane to see how spanking was presented before the Internet,  and go ahead and buy something to support a wonderful site. I will be doing so myself.

CLICK HERE to visit Scarlett Hill’s spanking sale.

Windsor Sunday Candids – 83

Diving through my collection of eBay spanking pictures and I thought that this one would make for a good upload. There was no date added to the photo but an educated guess to me looks like the 1940’s. Of course I have no earthly idea why three girls are spanking the other,  but with the beautiful Americana house right behind them one would be safe to assume that this is a family affair. Perhaps extended family?

This will be added to my PLAYFUL SPANKINGS folder.

Friday Cartoons

What have I been doing for the last few days? I’m not going to lie,  I’ve spent all of my spare time trip planning. In a few months I have two big Asian trips planned with a minimum of 3 countries per trip and I am of course naturally excited about these adventures. I’m expecting to know the dates of the first trip in about two weeks time and I’m pretty certain that the first trip will be to Japan,  Taiwan and South Korea. The cool thing about Asia is that you can pretty much get a one way flight on the continent for about $100,  so Tokyo to Taipei to Busan to Tokyo would only cost $300. Figure in that hotels in Taiwan and South Korea are less than half the price of Japan and it actually works out cheaper than staying in Japan the whole time,  lol.

Anyway,  I’ll be back to posting spanking material every day going forward,  and today we will start with some 1950’s cartoon art spanking images. I’m sure none of these are new to collectors,  but they were new images for me that I don’t recall. All of them are currently up for sale on eBay.

School For Snobs Spanking Comic

This is a rarity for me,  for once I am going to post some material that IS on another spanking website. My source for this material is actually the Comics UK website,  though I had to edit the images to try and make them as presentable as I could,  but an alternate,  albeit the same story,  copy can be found on the SPANK COMICS website. If you haven’t done so already you might want to check out spank comics if you are a fan of old comic book spankings,  they have a massive archive going on which also includes lobby cards and newspaper clippings. They even have some that are new to me and that is quite an achievement  🙂  They also cover all genres over there.

Here’s the deal though,  you are going to need your reading glasses to read each panel though. I’ve done as good as I can to make the images to a point that you can read all of the panels,  but even then you will be squinting your eyes.

First of all I will give you the spanking panel if that is all you want,  and then below that is the entire comic in three images. What you have to do is click on each image to open it up,  and then make sure that you click it again to enlarge it to its fullest size.

Also,  below the comic is the image that I posted on Twitter today. As I have mentioned already,  FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER because I post images on there that I don’t post on this website.

And here is the funky image that I posted on Twitter today,  a court jester spanking either a spaceman,  an alien or a deep sea diver  🙂

The Thrill Of The Chase

Today I did a quick scan of eBay to see what I could come up with,  and I found THIS IMAGE that was labelled  ‘1970’s copy photo Ginger Rogers maybe getting spanking unknown film’

Gingers Rogers you say,  huh?

Now if I was a betting man I would say that the actress is actually Priscilla Lane and not Ginger Rogers. Let the thrill of the chase begin.

What is the thrill of the chase? It is having limited information to go on,  in fact in this instance all I had was incorrect information,  and then starting from scratch trying to find the origin of the image and what movie that it came from. In the clip below you can see Priscilla Lane getting spanked in Love,  Honor  and Behave.

So now I have to start from anew and search through Priscilla Lane’s movies to find out which film that this image came from. Fortunately,  in this instance,  I didn’t have to wait long as I found the film pretty quickly. The movie in question is the 1939 film  ‘Daughters Courageous’. The woman with her hand raised in a spanking motion is May Robson.

But did a spanking happen or was this just a staged studio spanking image? It’s a bit of both really. I was able to locate a copy of the film online and while the quality is atrocious,  it was good enough to confirm that Priscilla Lane did slide down the railing and once she had landed she was met with a hearty swat from the Housekeeper. It wasn’t a spanking per se,  but there was definitely one good spank delivered as seen in the poor quality images shown below. Just something else for us to add to the list of one swat spankings in mainstream movies. The reason that I say the image is staged is because the actual swat as you will see took place several feet from the railing.

Streetcar Sundays – 108

If you are only here for the pictures then scroll down because this week I am doing a combination post. Not only will you get the weekly Streetcars pic,  but Chas from SCARLETT HILL left me a wonderful message yesterday that I wanted to use the blog to respond to. Coincidentally they also have a MEMORIAL DAY BLOWOUT special that is worth checking out. I would do it soon because I doubt if there is much time left. They have a stockpile of 29 years worth of spanking magazines that our now all in digital format. You can see the latest releases in the image below.

Before the days of the Internet I used to buy magazines from this company all the time. Stories,  letters,  features,  you name it then these publications have it. Check out the SCARLETT HILL website today and browse around there vast collection of vintage and modern online spanking magazines.

To read the full version of Chas’  reply to my SPRING CLEANING post simply click on the recent comments to the right,  or CLICK HERE to read Chas’  response to me. In the image below I have cropped out just a small section of his reply just to give you an idea as to what I am responding to in this post,  though I would recommend reading the entire response first.

So this is directed at Chas,  though obviously it is for all of you to read if you so wish.

A few years ago I actually said this to friends of mine after a particularly memorable scene,  that everything that I have ever wanted to do in the scene I had just done. There is this vision in my head as to what spanking means to me,  and while they may overlap with others in the basic principles of it,  EVERYONE has their own idea as to what spanking is and what it does for them. My views are far,  far out there when it comes to spanking,  and I would say that 90% of the time people do not understand where I am coming from because it doesn’t correlate with their understanding of spanking. Neither view is the one size fits all by the way,  it is different for each individual.

What Chas said above about the flame flickering out has been very true for me,  but the flame does still flicker on. In terms of spanking I am a prude concerned to a great many people,  and perhaps in a party atmosphere I would say more so than most. As all of you who read this blog are going to be fully aware,  a spanking given on a clothed bottom is more genuine to me than a bare bottom spanking. Right from my early origins having watched spankings on TV,  read in the comics,  observed playful spankings in print,  and on those very rare occasions actually witnessed a spanking in person,  never once did I see a bare bottom spanking when growing up. The two most memorable events of my life in regards to spanking were one spanking in particular that I witnessed,  and the other being the FIRST SPANKING that I gave.

The origins of my MOTHER SPANKS series does include some memories that I have incorporated into the story,  albeit with some literary licence added. The spanking that Tim observed through the basement window is a combination of a spanking that I observed,  and the memory of a reader of this blog. I actually observed the spanking through an open door and the mother in question of that spanking was only using her hand. The point is though, it was the first time that I had witnessed a girl getting spanked with her skirt pulled up,  to me it was the coup de grace. Like the girl in the story,  the girl that I saw getting spanked had on a pair of sky blue panties. I’ve always considered the exposure of ones underwear to be the most embarrassing part of a spanking,  it is deeply ingrained in me. Anything that goes beyond that gives me a different mindset. The same goes for Bri’s spankings from her father. While I never once witnessed the girl in question getting the belt from her father,  I do remember the tales about them from the girl in question. A part of me thinks that she was just cock teasing,  but I would be lying if I didn’t say that I savored every minute of it and wanted to hear even the minutest of small details regarding the belting.

Now I’m not saying that there shouldn’t be any bare bottom,  I do love pajama spankings and for some reason I fully expect that a pajama spanking ends up on the bare bottom. But when we are talking full leg spreadies,  naked shower scenes,  vagina cam to a point that you don’t know if you are watching a porn movie or a spanking film,  that is far beyond my concept of what spanking is. Again though,  don’t get me wrong,  I understand that the pinnacle for some is when the panties are pulled down. Because of the intense feeling that I have that a real spanking is when ones underwear is exposed,  it is why I can fully understand and appreciate that to others that when the underwear is being pulled down over the red bottom,  to them that is the pinnacle moment that makes the spanking film a spanking film.

I can still appreciate a good bare bottom pic. Over on Twitter yesterday I posted the image below which is an old Nu-West spanking photo. It has turned into one of my most liked Tweets ever on Twitter. If you don’t FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER already,  you should do so,  I often post material on there that I don’t post on this blog.

The reason that I typed what I did above is in relation to my withdrawal at spanking parties. Everything evolves and I am not saying that it is a bad thing in any way. When I first started going to parties the things that I liked were very prominent even in a public room,  as time has gone on though the focus now has evolved into a different presentation at parties. I want to stress that I don’t see this as a bad thing,  it is just that I have outgrown it. My flame was very small to begin with,  and in the spanking world as a whole it is nothing more than a pin prick anyway. The desire is still there in the background,  but I have become more and more private as the years have gone on.

While I am on this subject I would like to address something else that comes up quite often,  and that question is how do I get to play with so many girls.

First of all it is a bit of a myth,  at spanking parties I play far less than most men in attendance,  the only difference is that I write about my adventures and most other men don’t. This isn’t lip service either,  I play far less than the average man. Secondly though,  and I am most adamant about this,  but I believe that one of the reasons for my success is that I am very vocal in what it is that I like in a spanking scene and what I don’t like. Many times a woman will say to me that whenever she asks a guy what he wants,  his response is along the lines of  “Whatever you want is fine with me”.

It isn’t for me,  I have very strong opinions as to what works for me in the spanking world,  what my spanking turn on’s are what makes a scene special for me. From my experience women seem to appreciate that confidence and desire to fulfill ones desires,  and more times than not will go out of their way to ensure that they give of themselves in return. I’m very straightforward,  this spanking isn’t just for your enjoyment,  it’s for my enjoyment as well. Conversely,  you tell me,  or indicate to me that you are not going to take my opinions into consideration,  then I couldn’t care if you are the hottest model on the planet,  I have no desire to play with you. And you know what,  that is another secret to my success. You tell a girl that you are not interested in playing because of a conflict of styles,  and you see what she does in return. There are occasions that she will see you as the demon seed,  but more often than not they are willing to compromise for mutual satisfaction. I’m not talking about playing at a party here,  in a party setting most people are there to play in a group atmosphere,  so I’m not talking about refusing to play with someone and I would quite happily play in public without any criteria attached. What I was referring to was in regards to meeting potential play partners for private sessions.

My funniest story there I think that I have mentioned before,  when talking about possibly playing and a girl said to me,  and I quote  “I’m not buying a pair of panties just for a spanking”. So I politely said that I wished her well and that we weren’t compatible,  and the next day in my inbox was a photo from the girl showing her underwear covered bottom with the caption  “Look what I bought”  🙂

Going back to my original point though in relation to Chas’ comments,  the light does still flicker,  but he is 100% correct,  there are only so many ways to serve our preferred delicacy,  and after so many adventures I probably don’t savor it as much now as I once did before. Or at the very least I now treat it as the delicacy that it once was to be enjoyed on special occasions. I’ve reached that stage in life where I am questioning my own mortality and I look at the things that I still want to do. When it comes to a spanking party and I look at all of the costs involved,  then once I reach the $1,000 budget I end up saying to myself,  that would pay for your flight to Vietnam,  or to Laos or to Helsinki or somewhere else on my never ending bucket list of cultures to explore.

I think one day I will return to the spanking scene full time,  but for the next few years my focus is going to be on travel,  and most of my play moving forward is going to be private one on one play.

Now it is time for the MEN ARE LIKE STREETCARS spanking pic for the week. This image is from Greenville in 1952. I do believe that the guy in the background is supposed to be attempting to stop the spanking,  but in this case he looks like he is going to take his time in doing his job  🙂


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