Windsor Wednesday Classic – 193

The last few days I have been a busy little bee. Yesterday I tried my hardest to finish a post called pajamas and panties but I couldn’t get it posted in time, so hopefully I will have it ready for tomorrow. Then on the vanilla front, MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL has really started to take off over the last couple of weeks, going from 200 subscribers to over 400 in the last 40 days or so, it is getting hard to keep up with.

The Wednesday spanking classic this week is exactly that, a real classic. Unfortunately the image isn’t as clear as I would like, but that is quite normal for these types of photos. Now there was no writing attached to the image so everyone is free to draw their own conclusions. It looks like the principal is trying out his new paddle, but on whom? His secretary? His daughter? His top student?

If you are an avid observer like I am, you will also notice a rather whippy looking cane type instrument in his left hand. Perhaps he is trying to see whether the paddle or the cane is the most effective spanking implement!! What are your thoughts on the image? This will be added to my WINDSOR’S PADDLING’S spanking folder.