Cartoon Knickers

When I stumbled across this image it reminded me of a couple of fun events that have happened over the years. This is what I term the fun level of bratting. Normally I associate bratting with an attempt to emasculate the person a brat is playing with/annoying, but in excruciatingly tiny doses it can on occasion be fun. Way back when I FIRST PLAYED WITH PIXIE, there was a moment in the initial meeting where I had left the room. When I returned I resumed spanking her, flipped up her skirt only to find out that she had taken my underwear from my overnight bag, and slipped them on over her panties đŸ™‚ I also recall playing with a friend at a party who specifically wore a pair of “London” panties to play with me. That caused an uproar of laughs from everyone in attendance when I flipped her skirt up.

So imagine this situation below. Can you imagine a play partner getting your face printed on the panties she is wearing? Now that would be really funny.

2 thoughts on “Cartoon Knickers

  1. Getting any image printed on a T-Shirt is very easy and can be done on-line. I have never come across customized printing on knickers but for sure it must be out there somewhere. May be this is a business idea. I certainly like the thought.

  2. Sam,

    You know what is funny, many years ago there was a website called Cafepress (it probably still exists) where it was possible to do a bulk order of custom made items. One item that they used to have in stock was white cotton bikini panties. At the time I didn’t have the financial means to do a bulk order, but my plan was to get “Spank me” printed on the back of them and sell them at parties, they would have sold like hot cakes. When I was in a position to finally do it, they stopped selling bikini panties and only sold things or boyshorts. The boyshorts it is possible to do it on, but they really don’t look very sexy. The bikini panties would have been perfect.

    If you look at my banner image you will see a red pair of panties with the words ‘Spank me’ printed on them. I gave them away in a raffle once but on occasion they do still show up on Ebay. The panties are from Van Halen’s 1991 “For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge Tour”. I would love for someone to have a box of them somewhere, I would totally buy them and sell them. The panties are red nylon and they would fly off the shelf đŸ™‚


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