The Last Layer

I’m back from a short hiatus,  I don’t have any excuses really,  it was just a lack of motivation and enjoying some fun in the sun. So to kick start the next set of posts,  let’s go to my favorite subject,  a spanking given on some panty clad bottoms. I understand that a vast majority of people see a bare bottom spanking as the epitome of a spanking,  but to me,  and it is ingrained in my mind deeply,  a real spanking is one that is given over the seat of a pair of panties. I’m strange,  I know,  but it has always appeared as a more realistic scenario to me.

To start us off with,  let us visit ENGLISH SPANKERS for a wonderful set. As much as I am a big fan of WHITE NYLON PANTIES,  light blue panties also have a big part of my enjoyment. The very first spanking that I ever witnessed was many moons ago when I watched a small portion of a mom spanking her daughter OTK with her skirt up and her light blue panties on display for anyone who happened to stumble across the scene to see. That would be me. The memory of that spanking was relived in my MOTHER SPANKS DAUGHTER – THE BEST FRIEND free spanking story.

As a spanker it is a joke that never gets old,  where the spankee is given the option of retaining her panties for protection. Of course as anyone knows,  and is demonstrated here,  panties generally offer zero protection!!

It has been many years since I have seen it,  but I once owned the following film on a VHS cassette. I keep hoping that the films from this company one day make it onto HOT MOVIES. Something tells me that they will eventually be on there along with the 1000’s of current spanking films on that streaming site.

This is another film that I also once owned on VHS. This was an awesome film where a dad spanks his daughter OTK with a good portion on the seat of her white nylon panties. Later in the film the girls best friend is also spanked by this dad and I was loving every minute of it. Right up until the point that the girl who was watching her dad spank her best friend started to masturbate. That was a bit of a scene downer,  though the spankings themselves were fun.

The next image is from one of the personal sets that I own. Many years ago I did post the set,  but I only posted it once so the images may appear new. In the background are the legs of cheerleaders Lily Anna and Pixie.

And finally,  to round out the set,  yet another spanking pic from the very early 1990’s.

10 thoughts on “The Last Layer

  1. Richard,

    As usual, you were greatly missed! Welcome back!Love that your globetrotting as of late! great to see the world!

    As to seeing the world, I agree with your “view” on panties in spanking. The panties add an air of whimsy. color,and the unknown, just what’s under that flimsy material?

    I sometimes laugh when a spanker yanks down a thong that looks like dental floss anyways. On a negative note, however, the wrong pair of panties can really kill a great scene, especially some granny panties, or freaky styles and freaky colors. Then again, the same can be great! HMMM?

    Anyways, thanks for sharing some pantied blasts from the past!

  2. Rich
    Great post. As we have agreed on this we would the last layer is the best and sexiest layer. Great pics. Ah LilyAnna and Pixie two of the absolute best sweetest and nicest ladies in the scene. Both have bottoms created for a nice panty. Miss them both.
    Great post thanks

  3. I hate to be finicky, but I believe that the image of Darla Crane spanking Lira Ross is from Office Politics 1. In episode 2 Chelsea Pfeiffer spanks Lira 🙂 When I originally purchased the VHS tape I believe the company was called Harmony Concepts, but were also known as Camera Art.

  4. I couldn’t agree more, Jim. It is something that is ingrained in my mind and I can’t escape it.

  5. Ron,

    I will have to see if I have any pics where you actually see Lily and Pixie. I’m sure I have some but as I didn’t ask their permission I haven’t posted any that their faces are in.

  6. Don’t recall seeing part 2 with Chelsea Pfeiffer. I might have. Her videos are simply delicious. I save a so so quality vid of Office Politics 1 in my collection. shame they have not re released it. It is a hot one. Darla Crane has a bottom that was just made for……………you know what I mean!

  7. Hello Richard, my name Manny and I been a spanking enthusiasm for many years, I from Australia not much of a spanking community down under but reading your blog for few months now very informative can’t believe how much spanking site are out there. Yours is the best of them all I especially like the old photos of yesteryear great work richard,i stay in touch and tell you more about myself by for now.

  8. Hi Manny,

    Welcome aboard and thank you for introducing yourself. Unfortunately Australia is one of the places that I have yet to visit, and I have to admit that I am always surprised that Australia has very little in the way of a spanking community. You would think that they would be right up there with the USA and the UK, right? I look forward to your contributions in the future.


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