Windsor Sunday Candid’s – 146

Have I made a mistake I ask myself?

Recently I told you that as a birthday treat to myself this year, I was going to pay for a subscription to a British archive to go on a spanking picture hunt. Well yesterday I did just that, I slapped down the 35 dollars and settled in for the evening to begin my search.

Very quickly I think I realized that I have probably made a big mistake, there is no way this archive is going to be worth $35. My initial thought process when I did this was as such. If I could find 35 brand new finds to share on this blog then it would have been worth it, you know, $1 an image to give to the community, and who knows, maybe I would find many more.

That’s not the case guys, I am going to struggle to find 35 pics in the next three months. Now I can find 35 pics no problem, but what I am talking about is brand spanking new pics that have never been seen before. Of course I was able to find new versions of pics that are already known to the spanking community, but in the two hours that I searched I think that I found four new ones, and that is a dreadful start believe me. I was hoping to at least get double digits on the first day.

All is not completely lost, there are some frigging corkers that I found, but $35 worth, I’m not too sure about that.

Here is one of those super awesome finds that I came up with though. For my American audience, a bedsit is a room in a boarding house that has shared facilities. Now can you imagine also having a bedsit in that house? Hearing the nightly sound of that well worn slipper smacking down. If for nothing else, the image below is an awesome inspiration for a spanking story.

What is really funny is that the story that I wrote 20 years ago that I just found, that has a similar theme to the image below. My story is about two lodgers who meet the wooden butter pat of the landlord, but now I am thinking, how about making those women roommates in a boarding house who keep each other in check. The landlord of course can be brought into the mix after he listens to the spanking sounds. I have to rewrite chunks of the story anyway and it wouldn’t take much to shift the direction to a bedsit.

Anyway, I hope that you guys enjoy this fantastic image as much as I do, it is definitely worth $2 towards the 35, lol. I will add this to my WINDSOR’S SPANKING FINDS album.

I will be back tomorrow with one final post before you get 20 days in a row of three pics a day, which will add up to 60 pics to honor my 60th birthday.

At the end of the three months I will go for the low hanging fruit and stock up on generic Kiss Me Kate spanking pics. There are bound to be new ones from that play, but unfortunately the thought doesn’t excite me much 😉

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