Windsor Wednesday Classic – 184

This week I am not able to post the full sized photo because it is just too big!! This was one of these rare occasions where I opened a book and bang, right there on the very first page was a full page spanking pic. I forget the entire caption now but it said something like “Upholding our principals”. I had to download the pic in two stages, first the upper half and then the lower half. Now I still need to put them together, but I also downloaded a smaller copy for you guys.

The guy doing the spanking looks like he has the American flag over his shoulder, and the girl getting spanked does appear to have some type of gown on. Now I am not saying that this is a graduation spanking because other graduations pics didn’t match up, but there does seem to be some special occasion going on. Either way it is a great spanking pic to look at and I will add this to my PLAYFUL SPANKINGS folder. Be sure to check the folder out for a whole lot more of never before seen spanking pics.


7 thoughts on “Windsor Wednesday Classic – 184

  1. Great picture. I also was able to watch your history video. Well researched and the pics you added were great finds i loved the firehouse story the best. I am familiar with some of the places as I did live in New York for a couple of years. My biggest complaint which does happen on most of these tours not just yours ,but the wind blowing does distract and there were places that I could not hear you over the wind. It is odd to see it without traffic although you would not be able to hear you at all if it was normal traffic.Thanks for sharing and have a great day.

  2. Jim,

    Thank you so much for your feedback, I really do appreciate that. I was trying to find the balance between my voice over and the natural street sounds, and I think that my mistake was by increasing my voice over sound, what I should have done was decrease the natural sounds during the periods that I spoke. It was a tough video to film anyway because I had a mask on and it made my breathing labored as I was gasping for air the longer the video went on.

    Thanks so much for your honest feedback, that is going to help me more than you know for future videos.


  3. I love her position on over the lap.

    I will check out your vanilla work it is always educational



  4. Yes the mask does create other problems that you don’t think about like it does make t hard to breathe and talk at the same time. I thought your voice level was fine,but the wind through the microphone as you walk is a problem that I don’t know how you can fix it. Another thing was the lighting while it was a beautiful day sometimes it looked like it was nights and /or twilight or dawn and another time like it was very bright.I really did enjoy your before pictures as that did make the your better as you can only imagine so much on history and most of us are visual people and sometimes the periods of silence while you catch your breath or just walk can be distracting as well. On the other hand that may not be very accurate as I have adult ADD and I can get easily distracted. I did really enjoy this one and I hope it does well. Have a great day.

  5. Hi, the guy seems to be sitting on a piano stool as there is what looks like a piano on his right and a large urn and perhaps a lamp on top of the piano, the whitish triangle we can see being a flattish, conical lampshade.
    When you give us the large photo I’ll try photoshopping it.
    TTFN Colin

  6. Jim,

    Actually the audio is something that I can fix. What I do is record, and then afterwards I read a script and add that to the video. All I need to do is decrease the natural sound and increase my added audio. This video was a learning process so I know better for the next video. As for the light that is the hardest thing. I use an automatic filter but sometimes the sun just disappears and by the time the application sorts out what the lighting is like then the sun comes back up, lol. I really appreciate your feedback though, it helps more than you can know.


  7. That is an excellent observation, Colin, it does indeed look like a piano stall and a piano right next to it. Just under his right elbow it does look like a graduation cap, however, just the simple fact that the girl is wearing jeans under the gown it tells me that it isn’t a graduation pic. Not that there is a hard and fast rule, but back in the 1950s I think that it would have been a complete no-no to wear jeans for graduation. More than likely this is either some type of variety show skit, or just plain and simply a staged opportunity to take a spanking pic!!


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