Group Spanking

Normally I’m not exactly an expert on cartoon spankings, but I found this group spanking image this week and I really loved it. It is that old adage, a picture is worth a thousand words, and because my schedule is normally busy, I prefer that you guys create your own one thousand words than actually bore you to tears with my thousand words, haha.

So create your own story here. My first observations are that at least 3 of the girls have already taken their turn in the spanking machine. You can deduce that because three of the girls in line seem to be rubbing their bottoms. But, the question remains, how many licks does each of them get to inflict?

The story in my mind is that each girl takes a turn landing one lash of the martinet, sort of like a community spanking. You not only share the punishment if one of you does wrong, but you also carry out the punishment on each other. Maybe it is two or three licks.

However, looking at the strict lady observing, and the fact that the girl bent over is tied to the stool, one is led to believe that once each girl has landed her required lashes, the mistress then takes the martinet herself and rather sadistically administers a good old fashioned leg kicking, body twisting whoopin’ on each girl in turn 🙂

That’s my story, what do you guys think? Is your story different to mine?

3 thoughts on “Group Spanking

  1. The First Strike – La Maitresse is schooling the girls on the finer points of administering the martinet. Each girl has a single strike and then the last one in the line releases the girl bent over the stool, before taking her place. The released girl secures her classmate and delivers the next swish of the martinet. If the Maitresse is displeased with their efforts she will administer an edifying punishment to all her charges. In fact,she will do so even if they were all stroke-perfect.

    BTW do you know who the artist is?

  2. David,

    Thanks a lot for the wonderful synopsis!! Unfortunately if an artist’s name was given I didn’t catch it, the image was from Ebay. The good news though is that the image never sold, so there is a likelihood that it will be relisted soon.


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