Vintage Spanking Photos

Did you ever get a birthday spanking? CLICK HER FOR A SURVEY

It is about time that Windsor went deep into his archive to give you all a nice collection of grade a vintage spanking pics. Some of these should be brand new to you as they were to me when I found them. I had planned on writing a nice lengthy piece on evolving in the spanking world and opening you eyes to others needs, but that will be in my next piece.

Okay, first up we go to 1923. When I found this pic it was said that it is two girls in the pic. One of them I think is Charlie Chaplin while the other is clearly Baby Snooks. What I like about this is how the spanker has taken the liberty of lifting the skirt up. Was it real? Clearly the girl is familiar with the position and her face is looking like it is about to be real.

A little historical fact for you, the very first spanking that I witnessed in America was in 1985 at Summer camp. It was a birthday spanking and it was given with a broom just like the one in this pic. Want to know something else? I never even knew about birthday spankings until that day.

On the subject of birthday spankings, it has been around for decades 🙂 I always love seeing a girl adopt the position as if she has done it before.

Probably the only spanking that this girl got from her dad that was fun.

Finally for today, a complete vintage article on should wives be spanked?

6 thoughts on “Vintage Spanking Photos

  1. I love the “chastising a naughty girl” cutout! My favourite things are the faux-journalistic style for something so clearly intending to be titillating, and the head shot inset as if it were a spread in a glamour magazine 🙂

    Plus, with the broom and all, I can pretend they aren’t chorus girls but trainee witches. HOT.

  2. A caption for the first picture: “Early planking enthusiasts were often punished during training sessions. It helped them to keep their concentration.”

  3. Anyone else notice that the man in the last article, second picture looked like he was strangling her? Just an odd observation!

  4. Of course wives should be spanked. The minute after a bride says’s “I do”, at the altar, the bridegroom should raise his bride’s wedding gown, pull down her silk panties, to bare her bottom, then spank it ‘blushingly red’. This should be repeated every day of their married life.

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