The Grace Video Is Back

So a while ago, as things do sometimes in real life, the video of GRACE’S BEDTIME SPANKING had been taken down due to unforeseen circumstances. Well I am happy to announce that the video is back online, and the owner of that video dropped me a line to let me know so that I could update the video link.

This post is very popular on this site so what I had done in the interim was replace the video with a spanking still from the movie. Thankfully now though the video is back up and running and you can watch it by clicking on the following link. GRACE’S BEDTIME SPANKING.

I’m a huge fan of the video personally and I have watched it many times. For me the angle is perfect, perhaps maybe the camera could be just a few more inches higher, but I’m not complaining either way. The spanking is great, just exactly how I like to see them. A spanking over the nightdress, panties and then the bare. Nothing excessive, just a good solid hand spanking and a young girl in distress. Please watch it, if you  “get”  the movie then you get me.

On that note I paid for my porn this week!! How do you expect producers to keep producing spanking movies if you don’t pay them? This week I joined DANA SPECHT’S website to see what I have been missing over the last few years.

Now for the most part I am a self confessed picture whore. Normally the spanking itself doesn’t meet the image that I have created in my mind for it. One of those images in particular is the one below of Dana spanking Adriana Evens in Pajama Party Punishment.

The image itself is taken from the SARAH GREGORY PASS network of spanking sites. Now I don’t know why I have never downloaded and watched this film before, but my goodness is it right up my alley.

The spanking shown in the image just blows me away, in fact both of the OTK hand spankings do. It follows the same pattern as the spankings in SPANKED SOBER. The spankings start on the pajama bottoms for each girl, then on the panties of each girl, though in fairness you can see the panty lines on Adriana in the image above, when it comes to her turn for a panty spanking it is only done in theory, her panties are so tiny that NONE of the spanks actually land on a panty covered bottom, lol. Then of course we have the angle as shown, it is the perfect angle that I love watching spanking films from. If half the spanking is shown from the angle above, then I can pretty much watch any spanking.

Anyway, while I noticed it in spanked sober, I don’t think that I ever realized just how good of a spanker Dana Specht is, especially when it is done in stages as these films are. 100-150 spanks to one of the girls on her pajama bottoms, then the same to the other girl, then another 100-150 spanks on each girl’s panty clad bottoms, and then a final switch of positions for the bare bottom spanking. I’ve mentioned it before, using this approach the viewer never gets tired of the action because it is always changing, and because it isn’t continuous then each spanking just seems well, harder. I love the approach so much and Dana Specht plays it perfectly, a short, sharp shock being given repeatedly. Each spank seems destined to sting and more importantly, it looks like it actually does sting.

Now I think that I am going to go to clips4sale to see what other spanking clips that I can find of Dana Specht spanking two girls at once, because what I have seen so far comes as close as it can to a perfect spanking in my eyes. I’m very fussy about what I like in spanking films, and if two thirds of a spanking are given over outer clothing and panties first then I am all over it. It is hard wired in me that spanking over a clothed bottom, even if it is the flimsiest of panties, is more realistic to me than a bare bottom spanking. It is an internal psychological barrier that I am stuck with, but I don’t mind, it works for me each and every time. And further to that, the spanking style of Dana Specht I also find to be just about as perfect as it gets.

There is a chance that I will get to interview Dana again at some point this year, and if I do I will be sure to share my thoughts with her. So if you have a little spare change in your pocket, consider joining either DANA’S SITE, or by joining one of SARAH GREGORY’S SITES.

2 thoughts on “The Grace Video Is Back

  1. Gracie is a nice spanking.

    I agree with your hard wire but I often wonder watching Dana she always pays attention to clothing and panties but my wonder is if the producer wants her to go right to the bare.

    I was always taught to pay attention to a ladies clothing after all she got dressed for the spanking. Seems rude to just plow into the bare. Of course for me paying attention to a lovely panty is very easy.


  2. I’m only assuming here, but I think that a portion of what Dana does is for other producers, or even custom videos. When it is a custom video then obviously you have to be at the mercy of the person paying for it. Then you have to take into account that a model may show up for the film and the panties she is wearing is everyday wear, so it could be a thong, boyshorts etc.

    In one of Dana’s videos, I believe that it is called “Stolen Panties”, Dana spanks her daughter in law who is wearing 5 pairs of panties, and she does it by layers, so her daughter in law gets spanked over 5 pairs of panties, then four, then three etc.

    Personally I have a story in mind that I would like to shoot one day with Dana as the top. It would mean that I would have to pay for two models and Dana, and I have no doubt that I will make the film for a loss financially, but, if it is something that I could personally watch over and over and love every minute of it for the next ten years, am I really losing?

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