Spanking The Maid On A Ship

Yesterday was one of those days where I was searching old newspapers to see what I could come up with. Surprisingly I found quite a number of images, cartoons and articles, ever a cartoon story that makes up today’s post. There is one image that I would love to get a hold of that will make a complete set of images that I have posted before. Since posting what I had, I have found a new image that is a great set up picture, and then there is also a spanking picture that appeared in The Baltimore Sun. Unfortunately I don’t have a subscription to the newspaper archive, it is bloody expensive, but maybe they will do a special offer on July the 4th. I would love to do a great little picture story comprising of the 5 images from the same shoot, but also include images from the film that would fit right into a picture story.

As for this cartoon spanking, it is from 1915 and I have included the entire story as well if you are so inclined to read it. My only critique is this. The artist has shown us the maid in her high heels, stockings and even suspenders tugging tightly, and he also included someone peeping in from the porthole and he drew a line to separate the bum cheeks. Well hell dude, couldn’t you have flipped that skirt up? I guess we are left to our own imaginations again!!